Have Fun and Get Fit at a Local SparkRally

SparkPeople recently launched City Teams, which allow you to connect with members who live in your area. One of the greatest features on City Teams is SparkRallies. Local Team members (and leaders) can plan Rallies so that members who live near one another can meet up in person. So far, SparkRallies have been a hit from California to Florida! We believe there are endless benefits from getting involved with your City Team and its SparkRallies.

Check out how these members got involved with their local SparkTeam by hosting SparkRallies!

SparkNashville: Team leader OILPAINTER hosted a SparkRally at a local Urban Active gym so members could try out a ZUMBA fitness class. Team members arrived to find balloons in the lobby, placed there by Urban Active, and an enthusiastic exercise instructor who was ready to dance. SparkNashville Team leaders purchased and greeted every member who attended with a SparkPeople prize! After the workout, the Team went to a local Mexican restaurant and helped one another order healthy foods! Below is a group photo of the SparkNashville Team taken at their SparkRally.

SparkMinneapolis: Team leader NVR2HEALTHY hosted a Cross Country Skiing SparkRally! The Team members braved the freezing weather (just 3 degrees Fahrenheit) to hit the slopes. They had skiers of all levels and even recruited some other skiers from the slopes to join in the fun. They took a healthy lunch break and reviewed SparkRecipes, shared tips on navigating the SparkPeople websites, and exchanged phone numbers. The Team had an adventurous outing and learned new things about themselves and one another. According to NVR2HEALTHY, “These ladies had the desire and motivation to learn and overcome their fears. They were determined and committed to achieve their goals on the slopes that day.” Below is a picture of the brave women who hit the slopes and conquered the cold in the name of fitness and fun.

Wondering how you can get involved in SparkRallies? It’s simple. First, find out if your city has a local Team. You can look on the, to find it, or search for your city name on the. You can attend SparkRallies that your Team leader creates or suggest hosting one on your own. In addition to SparkRallies, you can post or read about local events, restaurants, parks and other healthy resources in your city via your City Team page. Simply getting involved with your City Team can help you build friendships and cultivate the tools you need for success!

Whether you go mall walking, visit a museum, plan a healthy picnic or take on another physical pursuit, attending or hosting SparkRallies with your local Team is a fun and exciting way to get support. Plus, you have the ability to meet local members near you who share in the same goals. We’ve heard countless stories from our members who have told us that they feel more complete, confident and closer to their Teammates thanks to City Teams and SparkRallies. In the words of OILPAINTER, “Cyber friendships can indeed motivate us to succeed!”