'How the Spark Activity Tracker Changed My Life'

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Now that thousands of people have had the chance to use the Spark Activity Tracker, we decided to find out how SparkPeople members were enjoying the Spark. We were wowed by some of the reactions we received from everyday people who used the Spark to reach goals and stay motivated. Here are three stories of our favorite "success stories" so far.

Fran (SPARKFRAN514) received her Spark Activity Tracker as a Christmas gift from her brother. She had recently rededicated herself to being more active and was looking for motivation to add more fitness into her day. She was already going to the gym two or three times a week, but since using the Spark, she has added a walk to her routine every day, too. "When I started, I was excited to get 10 minutes of exercise in at a time. I set my daily tracker goal for just 3,000 steps at first, but I've already increased that to 8,000 steps!"

Now, when Fran discovers that only a couple of lights are still "missing" from her tracker (the Spark lights up fully when you've reached your daily step goal), she finds herself walking around the house or riding her stationary bike to accumulate the steps she needs to reach her daily goal. Even better, her walking speed has increased dramatically. "When I started walking at the mall it took me 90 minutes to do one and a half miles," she says. "Now, I can do the same four loops in an hour." The Spark also motivated her to challenge herself more thoughout the day. Now instead of "stopping," she aims for bouts of 10 minutes at a time and pushes herself to add 10 more minutes every week. 

Fran says she feels lost if she ever forgets to clip her Spark on in the morning (which has only happened twice since Christmas). "It's such a great tool to see how far you walk each day. It's so much better than a pedometer. And much more rewarding when you see the green lights on your tracker and the trophies and medals appear on your Spark Activity Tracker page!"

Janet (JMOSESRN) is a mother of five who recently became a registered nurse. Her goals are to be strong and healthy and have the energy to enjoy her family. She received her Spark Activity Tracker in December as a gift from a friend. And since then, she has found herself taking extra walks throughout the day to see all the lights on her Spark glow. "My Spark has kept me moving to get those 10,000 steps in each day," she says. "I have even used it while snowshoeing. I go out of my way to light up those lights! And the tracker has been a fabulous conversation starter for 'Spreading the Spark' to others."

She's found the extra bit of motivation she gets from her Spark to be invaluable during this very cold winter. In the past, she'd usually gain 10-20 pounds during the cold months each year, but this year, she's managed to lose 5 pounds instead! "Those little green lights are so satisfying," she explains. "And it's helpful to see that every single step you take during the day can really count for something. You'll find yourself taking the long way around more often than not, just to rack up those steps!"

Kim (MIFITNOW) is a busy wife and mother of four who started using the Spark Activity Tracker in January. She was already very active with a weekly walking routine, kettlebell classes, yoga, Pilates and playing sports with her kids. But the Spark taught her to look for new ways to add 10-minute fitness bouts to her day. She now finds herself cleaning more often (hey, it's activity!), parking farther away, taking her dog for extra walks and shoveling snow--including her neighbors driveways. Instead of sitting in the car while her kids are at a sports practice, now she's out walking while she waits.

Photo by Belle & Blanc Photography, 2013
Even better, Kim says that since she starting using the Spark, her mood has improved and she's lost 4 pounds! "Plus, our house is cleaner and our dogs are happier," she says.

Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

Have you tried the Spark Activity Tracker? Has it helped you be more active?

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Since they are no longer useful, are not synced to anything, and we spent $$ for something we could only use for a year or two, why post this?????? Report
Can’t buy one so how is that motivating anyone Report
This article needs to be removed since this tracker isn't sold anymore AND the 3rd party company who did the syncing to SparkPeople went bankrupt and the trackers stopped working quite a LONG time ago! I was very disappointed that my tracker wasn't broken, but it couldn't be used anymore. Report
What's the point of posting this, when it's not even available anymore? The people that already have this don't need to read about it again. The people that don't have it but are interested in getting it just pissed off now. Report
Shame you can't buy one any longer. Report
Shame you can buy one any longer. Report
How sad!! To read all about the Spark Activity Tracker and decide I really want to get one, only to find out I can't get one! Boo. I wish now I hadn't read about it at all. Maybe you should consider not keeping this one in the list? Report
I'm new to SparkPeople "again" after many years and many pound up. Now I'm on track, but I just heard of the Spark tracker. How do I get one? Report
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Spark Tracker! It totally makes my conscious of how much I ave done and how much I still need to do....... I actually will do the extra steps just to try and make my goal.....I just upped my goal from 6000 steps to 10000 today....... I will try to do my best to accomplish this!!!! : ) Report
I keep my tracker inside my sock right next to my ankle bone, but I clip it to my professional dancing shoes when I practice ball room and line dance and to my ballet slippers when I practice belly dance. On Saturdays I can log more than 20 to 25k's my whole day is filled with zumba, belly dance, ballroom and line dance, love it.
I have had the tracker and just had not determined how to use it.... these comments have given me the push I need to get started as I need all the help I can get to be motivated! Report
I already use a pedometer but feel it isn't always accurate as I am on my feet all day at work. Am looking forward to the tracker being able to tell me how many steps I take per day. I know I walk 5000 steps in am but am really wondering how many steps at work. Also like that it will sync to my computer. Report
I got my spark tracker about 2 weeks ago. It has really motivated me to exercise and get out of bed in the morning. I love to check it to see where my lights are. If I don't have enough lights I try to exercise. I use to exercise only once a day 4 times a week. Since I have the tracker I have been exercising at least once to two times a day. It has really motivated me. I also feel like using it with the spark coach and that really helps me. I feel motivated and excited about my new routine. Report
I had Fitbit One and thought I lost it. This one was less expensive so I treated myself to it. Could not get it to work. Technical support tried to help me to no avail. My daughter tried to help me out. Ugh...over the time limit to return it. Found my Fitbit and am happy again. Upset couldn't return it for my money back. Report
I just got my tracker. I hiked 8 miles today, took 17,628 steps in 239 minutes and got just 13 workout minutes. WTH! Report
I got my SPAT several months ago, and I love it! It really encourages me not only to walk more, but to become more disciplined in other areas of my life. I am more active. I started out walking slowly back in April 2014 to become more healthy. So I eat healthy and live an active lifestyle. I am down 26 pounds. Slowly but surely I am sleeping better, my skin is clearer, and my blood pressure has dropped considerably. I am never without my SPAT! Report
I got the tracker as a gift for Fathers' Day. I wish I could say how great the tracker is but I can't get it to work. Unless Tech Support can help me, I just have an expensive decoration on my running shoe.
I am ready to send it back for a refund. Report
I love my tracker! !!! I lost 35lbs 2 years ago and are still using my tracker to maintain my weight! Just cleaning my house for a 45 minutes burns about a 100 calories! If you are able to walk up some stairs instead of taking the elevator! I love salads with low cal dressing! I eat a ton of fruit! That does add up but that is in place of my breads! I have Psoriatic arthritis which is a autoimmune disease and eatting cherries is supposed to help with the pain and inflammation from the disease and it does work! I swim with my husband at the Y! Report
Sounds great I am new here I am ready to get one. Love the small size!! Do you offers discounts or special periodically for the spark activity tracker. thks

Michelle Report
The Spark Tracker is a great way to help keep you motivated. I decided it was time to make my purchase and I am glad I did. I love it. It's so small and I can clip it to my pants and go. I am going to try and clip the tracker to my shoe when I go to the gym tomorrow. Will let you know! Keep tracking "Spark Members". :) Report
I love my tracker! It holds me accountable for my activities. I can't fool myself into thinking I was active when I really wasn't. I don't "put off" a workout until the next day. I do it every day now. It was the tool I needed and I have it on everyday! Report
My favorite thing about the SparkTracker was confirming what I have known for years ... my grocery-shopping trips are a workout! As long as I keep my feet moving while I shop, I can get in an hour of "workout minutes" while doing my weekly market shopping!! Love it! Report
Spark tracker lover, too!! Glow getter, very cute and very appropriate. I have one and I gave one to my mom for Christmas and that's all she uses SparkPeople for - tracking her steps. :) My aim is 10,000 steps a day. When I'm alone in the elevator, I walk in circles. I put it on my house shoes, change it to my gym shoes and put it on my work shoes. IheartSparkPeople.com. Report
Love it!!!! I wear my Spark tracker everyday and it has help me increase my activity level. I started at 1000 steps per day in January and have already increased my average to 3000 steps per day. I feel better and can't wait for Spring so I can get going!! Report
I'd LOVE to have a Spark Tracker, but we in England are unable to buy them!! :(

Why, when Fitbits are sold here, can't we buy Spark Trackers????

Please Sparkpeople, make them available to ALL your members, not just those in the US & Canada, it's just not fair for them to get the help and not us!

Sue Report
I also like my Spark. I aim for my goal everyday. Love to see the lights all lite. My goal is 6000 steps per day but I am now aiming for 10,000 per day for the month of March. Not reached it yet but working on it. Report
Please put the Tracker on sale. I really want to purchase it! Thanks! Report
Ordered!!!! Already wear a pedometer, but the auto sync looks like it will be great...looking forward to the extra boost I hope to be motivated towards at the end of the day. Report
I love the spark activity tracker. It really has helped me stay on track with exercise proving to myself I do more than I thought I was doing. It also helps me improve and set harder goals. Report
I just got mine and am really excited! Great price for this amazing little too! Report
I have had mine since january 26,i walk 4 mi.every day about 65min.in 29 days i walked 100mi.could not believe it.Now i can't stop.75yr.old...love it... Report
What is involved in the set up? Report
Thank you so much for this blog post! I just bought mine, and it came yesterday! Cant wait to try it! Report
I had a lot of issues getting it to work, but now I love it. It makes me do lots of at least 10 minute walks throughout day so when I get home I can see it all add up. I also love it when I see all the lights go on, I check it out through out the day to see how I am doing and love it when it is all lit up, but still try to push it more even when it is. I find I will be motivated to get up and get something myself than ask kids to do like I used to because I know my step count will be higher! Report
I love my tracker keeps me motivated to keep moving. Tonight I am going to get a treadmill this will help me to get even more steps in. I love to walk/jog but this winter with all the snow and ice I am taking it inside and keep on moving. Report
Just bought mine. Today is my first day setting it up. We'll see! :) Report
Right before Thanksgiving of 2013 I suffered a Heart Attack that by rights, should have been the end for me. I started Spark in March of 2011 and had done my best to exercise to get healthy. I learned from the Cardiologist that the arteries in the heart had started forming collateral circulation. Learning this I decided once I could begin exercising again I would increase my effort with exercise I purchased my SPAT last of January and once given the Okay by the Cardiologist I started with increasing my steps as tolerated. Then each week to increase my exercise workout as tolerated also. As of the last week in February, my blood pressure is stabilizing, blood sugar stabilizing and stress level is lower than it has ever been. At present my steps have been determined by the Cardiologist until the next two months. I am hoping I will be at Spark's recommendation by May or before. Thanks Spark, belief you have saved a life with this Sparker. Report
It looks great, I hope I can get one someday! I wish it wasn't so pricey, I'm on such a tight budget. It's a fabulous idea, though. Report
I love mine as well!! Got mine for my birthday in November and am constantly trying to find ways to get steps and minutes AND miles in. It is such a great motivator and encourages me to keep pushing even on the hard days! Thank you for giving us yet another great tool to keep moving towards our goals and healthier lifestyle!! :D Report
I have used the tracker not only for my exercise ..but also to see who many hours a night I am not wandering the house and therefore not sleeping. I have been recovering from a total knee replacement. Terrific physical therapy tool in many ways! Report
I love my tracker too! I'm learning so much about the importance of movement ALL DAY LONG - not just my "official" workout. I have found myself on my treadmill at 8pm on more than one occasion trying to make my step goal for the day!! Report
I love my tracker! Seeing all the lights on makes me happy! Report
I love my Spark tracker. Having Sparky around motivates me to keep moving. Report