How Much Sugar is in Your Favorite Fruit?

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Fresh fruit boasts a high amount of fiber, water, and a slew of other vitamins and minerals--but it can also come with a good amount of sugar. Even though fruit contains only natural sugars and is a healthy choice in moderation, it's a good idea to watch how much sugar you're taking in regardless of where it comes from. Have you ever wondered just how much of the sweet stuff is found in nature's candy? If you were to choose the fruit with the least amount of naturally-occurring sugar, which would be your best bet: Bananas, apples, or oranges?
The Winner: Oranges!
Per 100 grams of edible fruit, juicy oranges contain 9.35 grams of natural sugars. Apples are a close second at 10.39 grams, and bananas weigh in at 12.23 grams. Want to know how some of your other favorite fruits stack up? Check out the chart below!

Fruit (100 grams of edible portion) Sugar Grams (4 grams = ~1 tsp)
Raspberries 4.42
Strawberries 4.66
Blackberries 4.88
Papaya 5.90
Watermelon 6.20
Grapefruit (pink) 6.89
Cantaloupe melon 7.86
Honeydew melon 8.12
Peaches 8.39
Kiwi 8.99
Apricots 9.24
Pineapple 9.26
Oranges 9.35
Pears 9.80
Plums 9.92
Blueberries 9.96
Apples 10.39
Bananas 12.23
Cherries (sweet) 12.82
Mango 14.80
Grapes 16.25
Figs 16.26
Pomegranate 16.57
Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture

One last note about fruit and sugar: Don't let those numbers scare you too much! Keep in mind that all fruit is great for you in moderation, just like any other food. Plus, a piece of fruit is always a better choice than a candy bar that's packed with processed sugars and additives. Aim to enjoy 2-3 servings of fruit per day to reap the sweet benefits of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants!

What's your favorite fruit? Do you monitor your sugar intake, even from natural sugars?

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LEANJEAN6 11/26/2019
excellent article! Report
PATRICIAAK 9/12/2019
thanks Report
RAPUNZEL53 8/23/2019
Thanks. Report
Being diabetic I am always cautious, but now I enjoy a good fruit versus a processed snack now. Report
Raspberries are my go to fruit. But, tomatoes are also a fruit. I stick with fruit high in alkaline and less acid aka sugar.
But, on occasion I enjoy a banana, slice of pineapple. I keep my natural sugar intake to 28 grams a day. And zero processed sugar. Report
Surprising numbers for the pomegranate, even with its tart taste. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
I am surprised to see that pineapple is lower in sugar than other fruits! Report
WOW! I didn't know grapes were so high! I enjoy frozen grapes in the summer, but now I know I need to watch my portions. Weight Watchers says fruits are zero points, but you sure could get into trouble with all that sugar! I agree, moderation is KEY! Report
Nice blog please have a look at Malas manufacturer Leading Fruit products in India Report
Love grapefruit! Report
Good info thx SP Report
Great! Thanks! Report
I have to push to get sufficient fruits, and veggies, into my daily nutrition plan. I prefer juice but the sugar becomes too concentrated and you can have such a small serving at a time. I am a work in progress. :) Report
LOVE kiwi fruit! But they seem to take so long to ripen. I wish I could find more kiwi that was ready-to-eat. (Does anyone have any tips on how to ripen kiwis faster?) LOVE apricots too! All berries, melons. I also enjoy Asian pears. I have one Halo tangerine per day, plus 1 serving of another fruit on most days. Thanks for this article! Report
I wonder why blueberries are double+ in sugar content than blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. Hmmmm ... might have to look that one up. Report
If you hang out with eagles, you're going to fly. - Steve Maraboli ~ 3/5/18 Report
Thanks for this article. It is very informative. Report
Much rather get my sugars with fruit. In the depths of winter it is oranges and clementines all the way! Report
Berries of all kinds!
I enjoy fruit. Report
I eat a banana almost every day. If I don't, I get leg and foot cramps Report
I love my fruit every day! Thanks for sharing this article. :) Report
Of the three I usually choose a banana for the potassium. Report
Science has proven the sugar from fruit does not effect your body the same as added processed forms of sweeteners. The way this article is written it could lead people to eat less fruit instead of more. The human body was designed to eat fruits-lots of them! Report
helpful info! Report
Great information. Report
Great article. I love fruit and often have a great big bowl of fruit salad that consists of 1 cup of grapes, 1 cup of pineapples, 1 cup of blueberries, 1 cup of strawberries, or whatever else I have in fridge. Right now my kitchen is overloaded with fruits and veggies. I never monitor my fruit intake. Just makes no sense to me. Report
I love blackberries & strawberries when I am craving something sweet. There are also many even lower sugar fruits you can eat like avocado, pumpkin, tomato, cucumber, zucchini, summer squash, peppers, olives, and eggplant. Report
It's always going to be better to eat a bit of fruit than a chocolate bar... vitamins, minerals and fibre. Report
Thanks so much for this font of USEFUL information! Report
Just eat some fruit guess is most people are not overweight because they didn't eat enough fruit!! Report
"Plus, a piece of fruit is always a better choice than a candy bar that's packed with processed sugars and additives."

Always? No.

I've seen too many people overeat because they decided to go with healthy snacks instead of having an occasional piece of candy. Candy bars often come in minis now and can be eaten on occasion as part of a healthy diet. Report
I love fruit! I put it in my smoothie every morning and then usually eat a couple more servings during the day. Report
Love my bananas! I also love a good fruit salad. Made a new recipe for Easter which used lime juice,zest and poppy seeds for the dressing. YUM! had it for breakfast this morning with my yogurt.
Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are all favorites of mine. Put them all together and you have one really tasty fruit salad! :) Report
I like the article..but it would be better if it included what constitutes a 'serving' size..

I have seen it posted 2-3 servings a day on one site and 4-6 servings a day on other sites!

I eat my fruits based on the ANDI ( Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) for optimum health. I blend them all up in a smoothie so I can consume them over the course of the day with each meal..I do the same with all of my veggies!

I stopped eating all processed sugar once I learned what it does to the body and looking at myself to see what it has done to my body! Report
Thank you for the chart as I now know what certain fruits contain, and which one's I will stick to most. A fruit salad is always good when you want to enjoy several fruits without having whole entire fruits in front of you. A fruit salad is very convenient, and much more enjoyable while reaping the benefits. We know if it is not very manageable we will soon leave and or continue to go back and forth between a less healthier diet. Report
it is all in moderation....... : ) Report
I really love those berries too! I only wish that the prices were better. At least I know that it's something I can do once in a while. Report
That's a nice number for *raspberries* :) Report
I don't really understand how pomegranates can be that high in sugar, given that most of a pomegranate is seed. I knew that figs were high, oh well, I do love them though. Report
It's nice to know that the fruits with the higher amounts of sugar are not one's that I eat that often. Actually, I feel that I have a pretty good rotation / balance in my fruits as I usually buy what's on sale or in season. I wouldn't be too worried about the sugars in fruits in my diet, as I don't really eat THAT much sugar. Plus I'd rather stick with the fruit than something more unhealthy. As with everything, you need a good balance. Report
Usually I eat all fruits of the season for my health and fitness and to fulfill my calories of the day and now through this post I got so much knowledge about the sugar in fruits and it help me to maintain my calories of the day more efficiently thanks so much for posting this type of useful information. Report
I'm allergic to 13 of them, so macht nichts to me. 8-) Shouldn't be flip; it's important to know what is in what we eat. Thanks for the info. When I eat the fruit I can, I keep it to 80 calories, thus keeping the sugars fairly equal. Report
I think as long a you eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water you'll be fine even if you eat the more sugary fruits. I wouldn't recommend store-bought fruit juices as they usually end up with less of the natural nutrients and more sugar than the fruit itself. And if you juice at home, just be aware that many juicers remove the skin of your fruits. While that can be helpful for some it is removing the portion that contains most of the fiber and nutrients for others. So if you juice at home, I recommend cutting up fruits like pears & apples (with the skin left on) by hand rather on in a blender than using a juicer.

Again though, just focusing on a balanced diet with plenty of dark & leafy green veggies, lots of water and the right kinds of fats, carbs and proteins will help to balance out the sugar from fruits. Report
I am not a diabetic, so I don't have to use oj, or oranges to pull my sugar up cause I am not eating right. I don't think cutting out fruit is the answer to sugar problems in general. If you eat a lot of chocolate, or drink a lot of pop, coffee, or tea, well you will be craving more synthetic foods that have sugar in them And red meet also does this. If you were to eat only a few or one fruit, you wouldn't be doing your body justice as far as health: apples have pectin in it that is good for the heart, Bananas & apricots are potassium, figs are iron, pineapple have enzymes in it,
melons help with digestion, ect... You need fruit so you won't get scurvy, have strong veins, strengthen eyes, and the sugar from them nourishes your body. Report
Is this person a dietitian? If not then why is this article even published? Is there facts to back up these claims? Report
It just tracks them as calories under carbs. The other categories are protein and fat. So while at least with fruit sugars you are getting vitamins, minerals and fiber, obviously a better source of sugar than say cookies or candy, you do still need to take into account those calories. Report