Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Sometimes coming up with unique ideas for your family can be the hardest part of gift giving during the holiday season.
Perhaps some of these family gift ideas will help making your gift list less stress filled this year.

Compact Juicer


We know we need to increase our servings of fruits and vegetables, but it can be hard if you really don't like them very much. A juicer can be a great way to get the wonderful nutrients you need in a different form. Using a favorite fruit with a few vegetables can turn drinks, smoothies and popsicles into a new options to meet your daily serving requirements.

Shooting Star Pop Molds

($12.95 for a set of 6)

Popsicles can be great in the winter as well as the summer. Making your own ensures you are getting nutrients and not just colored sugar water. Think about freezing your favorite sports drink for a cool after-workout treat. Kids love popsicles just about any time. Use 100% juice drinks or juice from your juicer for a fun way to get a fruit/veggie serving into your children or grandchildren.

USB Turntable


Tired of buying songs for your MP3 to work out with when you already have them on vinyl? Me too! Perhaps a USB turntable would be a great way to save all your favorite songs from yesteryear into a format that will work with today's technology. Working out to Nat King Cole (a favorite of my mother's) or the Eagles could be just around the corner, and you can share the wonder of vinyl with the next generation.

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream

($6.99/3.4 oz container)

If your family is like mine, the chapped hands set in as soon as the cold weather. We found Working Hands cream years ago and have never found anything that worked better for my husband's problem hands. New to the product line is "Life Out There," which will be great for the cheeks/face of those running or biking outdoors all season long.

Children's Cookbook


Teaching young children how to cook can be one of the best ways to help them learn about healthy eating. It can also be a great way to spend time with your children or grandchildren. Selecting an easy to follow and picture filled children's cookbook for your favorite young chef will get them started learning the basics. Add a chef's hat and an apron and they will really enjoy the role.

Stackable Cupcake Carrier

($24.95/$19.95 on sale)

Cupcakes have become a growing trend since Carrie Bradshaw and "Sex and the City" made them the new sweet treat of choice. Whether you make cupcakes for a child's birthday treat at school or low fat muffins to share at the office, transporting them can be a challenge. A stackable cupcake carrier is a great solution gift at a great price.

AMA Family Medical Guide


Today, many of us find the health information we need online. But what about when your family is out for a hike or camping and the internet isn't available? Keeping a handy health reference in your car trunk or camper when you are away from home can be a valuable resource and perhaps even a lifesaver.

Marshmallow Launcher


Sometimes it can be hard to find activities that adults can engage in with teenage children. Paintball can be fun but tends to not be something you can go out and do spur the moment on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. However, a marshmallow war with dueling launchers just might be the ticket. My children had great fun with their cousins and grandfather a few summers back using homemade versions. So if you are looking for a unique idea to get your teens off the couch and interacting with you, this might do the trick.

Stick Dog Toy


You don't want to forget the family pooch this holiday season. Picking an active toy for them can help keep both of you active during the winter months. Spending ten minutes each day running and playing with your dog can be a great way to get in your daily activity while helping them meet the same goal which will help you both stay healthy.

Water Filtration Pitcher


Many of us buy bottled water to take to the gym for our workouts or to the office. Not only do all these plastic bottles have an effect on our environment, they also have a negative effect on our budget. Filtration pitchers provide clean water in a cost effective and environmentally friendly container. Perhaps 2009 is the year your family switches to a reusable aluminum drinking container and a water filtration pitcher in your refrigerator.

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