Have You Started Your Experiment of One?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I get asked all the time: ''How did you do it?  How did you lose the weight?''

If you know me by now, you know that I’m perfectly willing to share my story with anyone who will listen.  I share my story with the hope of inspiring others.  One of the things that I always try to share is that there is no quick fix.  Let me rephrase that: There is no healthy quick fix for weight loss.  It took me time and effort--yes, effort--to put the weight on.  The best way to lose that weight was with time and effort.

Now, it’s time for some confessions.  How many of you have ever purchased ''how-to'' weight-loss books or the latest fad fitness equipment?  I’ll admit that I have bought some fad equipment in the past that promised abs of steel.  Wasted that money, right?  How many of us have ever decided to do what a friend did to lose 20 pounds, only to falter and not lose any in the long run?  Have you ever found a nutritional plan that worked for your favorite celebrity, only to find that it didn’t work for you?

We all do it.  We may not admit it at first, but we do it.  We follow the latest trends with all the hope in the world that it will work for us.

News flash: You, my friend, are an EXPERIMENT OF ONE

You are an experiment of yourself, and guess who is running that experiment? You! I heard Greg McMillan say this at a seminar a year ago, and I’ve used this phrase over and over since then because it’s true.  What’s the first thing you must decide when running an experiment?  Typically, the first question you ask is something along the lines of, ''What will the end result be?''  You are doing the experiment in order to find a result of something, right?  In this case, the result will be something very personal to you.  You are not looking for a result of celebrity X, or a result of a machine that somebody developed. You are researching what your results will look like.  If you are looking for your results, why are you still trying the processes of others? 

The next step in an experiment is laying out the steps involved to find the results. This is where you might rely on books, friends and other means of collecting data about this journey.  I encourage you to do all of the above.  Read other stories--there are hundreds of success stories on SparkPeople. Seek out the members that have succeeded and ask them questions.  Read a book or two if you feel the need for that.  Talk to a doctor if you have a concern that requires a professional opinion.  This entire step of the experiment involves preparation, which is very necessary; however, don’t let this phase linger on too long.  Research as much as you feel necessary to formulate your plan.  This is your experiment--there is no wrong process here.

The next phase of this experiment is execution!  Yes, you have to actually execute the plan if you wish to see results.  Reading, talking and researching are all good things, but if you really want to be seeing results, you will have to take action.  Your experiment will require adjustments as you move forward.  That is the awesome part of your experiment.  This experiment is all about you and nobody else.

As with any experiment, you must collect data as you go. This is the part of the journey that you may not like to do.  You may think that it takes too much time, or you might not like doing it. Well, now is the time to get over those excuses. Collecting the data required to change your life is critical.  The data you need to collect is actually quite simple. There are two parts to the data collection: nutrition and fitness.   You have the Nutrition Tracker and the Fitness Tracker at your fingertips.  It’s simple and critical to have this feedback to understand how the experiment is evolving.  These tools will help you see what/where you need to make adjustments in your experiment.  All the tools you need to collect and analyze this data are available and are absolutely FREE at SparkPeople.com. I recommend it! Start your experiment today to start seeing results!

How is your experiment going?  Are you collecting the data necessary data to have successful results?

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FRAN0426 7/17/2019
Thanks for the info Report
FISHGUT3 7/10/2019
thanks Report
KAYAHSLOANE1 6/29/2019
good suggestions for experimentation~ Report
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Absolutely Report
Absolutely great Report
This is such a helpful reminder! Thank you! Report
thanks this is a help Report
I think this "Experiment of One" idea fits across all aspects of life.Whether it's exercise or nutrition or physical health or mental health. What works for you, might not work for me.

I've spent the last 3 years growing unexpectedly and sometimes painfully in my personal life. I've used a myriad of techniques gathered from more than 25 self-help books. I had to tailor my own solution as my input to get where I am is different.

When you're stuck, try a little self kindness. It's hard at first and may be hard for a long time (ask me how I know.... ). Being kind worked better for me than kicking myself in the butt. I'm now going to apply that to taking better care of myself and reducing my weight and improving my health. Report
What a great explanation !!!!!! Learning never ends. !! Report
Your article has pushed the start button for a lot of us! Thank you!!! I've started using my research to start my "Experiment of One". Report
As someone involved in the yoga and movement arts, it all started with an experiment in what works, and elimination of what doesn't work (I am not talking weight reduction, directly--but other things). This is true even if you have an expert, private instructor, learn online, or are completely a do-it-yourselfer. The paths, terrain, and scenery may be different, but the destination may be always a little out of reach ... this is a journey that takes a lifetime ... but it's worth it ... Report
I am an Instructor by trade and use a lot of analogies in my courses. When I read your entry it just clicked for me. It is definitely an example I will be using in the future. thanks Report
Right along with every one else I have been in research mode for too long, have progressed to the actual experiment and am taking it one day at a time. Great blog Report
just made me realise i have been in reseach mode for years-time to move on. Report
just made me realise i have been in reseach mode for years-time to move on. Report
GREAT article!! I will be forwarding this on to a couple of people :) Report
You are one of my favorite writers. Please do a book! Report
Excellent blog! Report
Great Blog! What in life is easy? Do your research and collect your data, then start your journey. You have to do it yourself and keep trying even if you fail, because sooner or later it will work. You must think positive, You Can Do It! Report
Great blog. Keep them coming. Report
Thanks...great blog! I get asked why Weight Watchers a lot. Why not just calories. WW didn't always work in the past. It took 5 tries. WW changes as nutritional info changes. Their latest plan with the bonus points did it for me. Everyone has to experiment to find out what works! We are an experimental work in progress....ongoing lifetime research! Report
Great blog! Too bad more people don't realize that what works for one person may not necessarily work for them. We are individuals, so making the weight loss process fit the individual is what will work. Report
Great blog my friend. We are responsible for ourselves. How we eat and how we exercise. The buck stops here. Report
I tend to get stuck on the research and often fail to execute and follow through, thanks for the blog post. Report
This is so fantastic, I am in research and this makes so much sense to me. Thank you for sharing. Report
I read the information to inspire me and to make me move forward. Of course, I have brought my share of fitness equipment, and books, but that is part of the journey to educate yourself about how to use this gift of a body. Report
Thnx good job Report
I constantly collect data. I get emails from Shape magazine and body building.com. I read articles about nutrition and working out. I take the data and apply it to my life where necessary. It's not just about collecting data it's using that data to change your life for the better. Report
I used to buy lots of fitness magazine, especially when the covers has some screaming topics towards me. I guess it was a part of research, collecting data :D Report
Great article. I conduct experiments for a living so why am I not doing this in my weightloss journey. Having an ah ha moment! Report
A light bulb has clicked on for me thanks! I have to remember that Experiment of One! Report