8 Healthy Apple Dessert Recipes for Fall

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Now that fall is almost here, are you looking for some new apple dessert recipes that won't break your calorie bank? We've rounded up some healthy and delicious apple recipes for you to try.

Apple Crisp

Fresh Apple Cake

Chef Meg's Mini Apple Tarts

Quince Apple Sauce

Apple Pockets

Autumn Spiced Apples

Baked Cinnamon Apples

Oatmeal Apple Cookies

Which of these recipes will you be trying? Do you have other favorite apple dessert recipes that you enjoy in the fall?

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All of them sound good to me. Certainly will be trying a few of them. Report
It's too bad that I only like my apples raw because these are some great looking recipes. Report
I love the apple crisp and the baked apple. Report
Love the apple cake!! I took someone's advice and baked at 325 with my glass dish. It turned out perfect, and my whole family loved it. Thanks for the recipe. Report
oh this is EXCELLENT - i absolutely LOVE good crisp, fall apples. Report
PLEASE give the quantity of each serving when posting a recipe! Report
Just found this recipe. OMG...Love it. I did make one substitue and that was for the oats, I used the Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar Instant. All I can say is WOW...brings a great addition to the wonderful flavors. May use the Splenda as mentioned above next time since I'm doing Weight Watchers. Report
Look on the bottom right: There's a button that says "log in to save". Report
I don't know where to begin, these all look delicious and I just LOVE apples. Looking forward to trying these. Thank you for sharing. Report
Last Thanksgiving I made a vegan feast (just for myself, my husband was out of town but I couldn't go because I had to work the next day). Part of it was an amazing apple crumble. I photographed the meal, and people who saw the pictures were jealous ;) Report
I want to save, but can't. Will have to come back for this. Report
My family loves apple desserts, I will be trying ALL of these. Report
These recipes all sound fabulous! I want to save this, but there is no longer a SAVE option?! What happened to it? Report
Ummm, I plan to try several of these. I'd really like to try the apple pockets when my granddaughters come to visit (bet they enjoy helping make them). Report
I love making fall recipes so I saved all these recipes to my cookbook... Report
I have been wanting some apple crisp....guess I will be making time to bake some up now....yummy!!! Report
Makes it all feel and smell of Fall Report
They all sound good and I can't wait to try them! Report
Thanks for the recipes. We are going to have a bumper crop of apples from the yard this year. I'm going to cook up a storm. Report
I copied all of these recipes into my own online cookbook. I, too, love apples and cinnamon together - the baking smell fills the whole house, reminds me of my mother, and makes the whole family smile!

Thanks for putting these together, SP! Report
All of them. They all sound yummy. I like to make an Apple Cake recipe that I got from Weight Watchers years ago. I am looking forward to see how this other Apple Cake is. :) Report
I miss the cold crispness of a fresh apple! My stomach refuses to properly handle such things. I can eat them if they cooked, but soft apples just aren't the same! Report
They all sound delicious; will try them all in the next few weeks. Thanks for sharing! Report
I think I'll try the apple pockets. Report
So I guess you can't SAVE these entries anymore? Or am I missing the SAVE button? Report
I think the apple pockets sound delicious. I will definitely try them.
The baked apple sounds good, but is pretty high in calories. Report
I love apples but due to my ulcerative colitis I can't eat them that often. But I might try one of the recipes. Report
apples are a staple in my kitchen--I will be trying the apple crisp!! Report
Mmmm... fall apples! I think I'm going to try the apple pockets. Mix it up by trying different apples... golden, MacIntosh (MY FAV!), or maybe a Jonathan.... mmmmmmmm..... Report
I love apples so I will be trying the apple cake sounds delicious. Report
Hey MEL_UNRAU - you can email the link to yourself with the "email" button. That's what I do when I want to go back to something. Report
I'd love to be able to save this and come back to it when I am ready to do some apple baking! Why can't I save to favorites anymore?!?! Report
Funny--no recipe for apple sauce! That's such a standby for me...cooked with peel left on, a dab of honey and warm spices, it's a winter cereal-topper, yogurt-mate, and general feel-good food. Report
I'm sticking with apple butter for my apples... can't beat it - and it lasts all year long! Report
will be making apple crisp and apple oatmeal cookies.Thanks for the recipes. Report
I think I'll try the oatmeal apple cookies with unsweetened applesauce and honey crisp - can't stand gala.
I'm going to take another look at my apple crisp recipe with total cereal and see what the nutritionals would be. Report
I love just a plain ORGANIC apple. These recipes do look good, though. Report
These all sound DELICIOUS!!! Report
I love apples raw, cooked, baked, almost any way, so I'm excited to try all of these- especially the apple crisp! Report
my favorite apple dish is apple strudel ... but need to rework the recipe, so won't be making it until then! WILL try one or more of these as calories permit. Report
We have an apple tree that is giving us more apples than I have recipes for. These will be very handy and I plan to make most of them. Report
Look great, will have to try soon. Report
Will definitely try the apple crisp. Sounds delicious. Report
Apple crisp, Autumn spiced apples and Apple pockets. I will be making these at the weekend for a family get together. Report
Putting these in my cookbook!
I love baked apples so this will be a welcome addition to my cookbook. Report
I copied the apple cake & apple crisp for future baking. Report
I copied the apple cake & apple crisp for future baking. Report
I make apple crisp and baked apples all the time. In the summer I switch the apples for berries. My kids LOVE Blueberry crisp. Report
I look forward making some of these recipes. I love the smell of apples & cinnamon baking. The first I will try will be the Apple Pockets. Sounds easy & delicious. Report