Great Article in Good Housekeeping

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Remember last week when I mentioned some big news and an article in a major magazine? I couldn't divulge details then, but that magazine is now on newsstands, so I can share: I wrote an article for Good Housekeeping (in the February 2010 issue with Amy Grant and Vince Gill on the cover). The article is a cover story! (Can I get a Woo-Hoo?)

When I was in New York, I had the honor and privilege of meeting GH Editor Rosemary Ellis--and got a tour of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. It was really impressive to see all the research that goes on there, and it's an incredible honor to have such a respected magazine give us such amazing coverage.(Happy 125th Anniversary, Good Housekeeping!)

While I won't tell you exactly what's in the article (you'll have to pick up a copy to find out), I will tell you it's a six-page spread, with photos of members D710DANCE, PUMPKINFACE73, and BEMORESTUBBORN. It starts on page 138.

Good Housekeeping is also sponsoring a SparkPeople contest: Enter to win an autographed copy of The Spark and a SparkPeople Super Fitness Kit. Click here for details. NOTE: You do have to sign up for a trial membership of the magazine to be entered in the contest.

Thanks for helping me Spread the Spark, Good Housekeeping! All of us at SparkPeople are thrilled to have our story in such a well-respected magazine.

Have you seen the story yet?

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A 2010 article..... Report
I haven't read the article, but I plan to pick up a copy of Good Houskeeping so I can do just that! I love SparkPeople! Report
This is where I first heard of sparkpeople and it has changed my life and my family's. I started at the end of January 2010 and I'm down from 169 to 151 and I'm just getting started. So if you wondering if you should give it a try I would say "Go for it" Report
I am a Sparkperson today because I read this article last month. Report
I read the article and now I am a member! Thank you! Report
I read that article in GH and that's how I got introduce to spark. Thankfully so =) Report
My mom subscribes to this magazine and I read the article it was really good. I kept it! Report
It's thanks to this article in GoodHousekeeping that I discovered SparkPeople!! Report
This was the article that brought me to the site. I was waiting in line behind people who wanted to argue the price on everything they bought so I started looking at the magazines. The title of getting thin for free from an online program that works got me interested so i bought it on a whim. I held onto the magazine for a week before I finaly read the article. My only regret is that I waited so long to find out what a great site/program/community this realy is. Report
Great article... more like it please... Report
This was the article that brought me to Spark People. I was in line at a store when the words "Get Thin for Free!" caught my eye. By Gods Grace, I decided to buy the magazine and read the article. After joining Spark Peole, I am 4 lbs. lighter and 100% happier with myself. Report
Woo-Hoo!! Report
The article is what brought me to Spark People - I joined a few days after reading the article (I have a subscription) and have lost my first 3 pounds. Report
I picked up a copy a few days ago. Great article. Signed up on this web site right away. Jump started me into tracking my food intake! Whooo Hooooo!!!!!! Report
I saw "Get Thin for free" on the cover yesterday at the grocery store. As soon as I saw that, I knew it was an article about Sparkpeople! Love it that so many people have used that article to find this site! Report
I'll be sure to pick up a copy!!! Report
Awesome. SP deserves the recognition! Report
I just want to take a moment to say that LOTS of people read this magazine !! Tons of the new members in the SP Class of Jan 24th-30th have said that the reason they joined Spark People was because they read this article !!

I saw the article while standing in the grocery store checkout line and then decided to find out more about SparkPeople when I got home. Report
I think Ill get the magazine hopefully tomorrow! Report
This is how I found the Spark just a couple days ago. Report
I joined because of the article - Report
I love that you are getting this marvelous site more publicity. People can't join until they know the site exists. I'm just so thrilled that a friend of mine told me about it 3 months ago. Wish I had known years ago!!! Report
After I read, I joined...and am soooo happy I did!!! I feel motivated and excited! Report
Good Job Sparkpeople! Report
Look at what that one little Spark started!!! This little Spark of mine..I'm going to let it have started an epidemic!! Thank you!! Congrats on the article!!! I will have to read it as soon as I can get my hands on one!! Woo Hoo!!! Report
Woo Hoo!!! Report
I read the article, and joined SP yesterday because of it! Report
Read the article today. I'm really glad this is getting 'out there' - I know I pretty much tell everyone I meet about SP! Report
YAY!! I am definitely gonna pick up a copy. I'm so glad Spark is getting the coverage it needs. I also saw another article in ALL YOU, smaller magazine but it makes me smile. One more thing to beat the obesity epidemic. :)

Tamm Report
WooHoo, if I do say! I subscribe to Good Housekeeping and was thrilled when I got my copy a few days ago. I devoured the article and was so proud to be a SparkPerson! :) Report
I'll make sure to pick up a copy tomorrow!! Report
Great article Report
I have only subscribed to Good Housekeeping for a couple of months. I was very excited to see the article. It seems like every where I turn, everyone is talking about Spark! Report
I subscribe to the mag and was excited to see the article. I've been noticing almost all magazines I read have a Spark ad in them now. Making it so much easier to spread the Spark!!!
Congrat! Great way to spread the Spark! I entered the sweepstakes and will look for the current issue at the store. Report
Can't wait to go out tomorrow to buy the magazine. Woo Hoo! Report
I saw the article, and read it. I am a Good Housekeeping subscriber, and was excited to see the Spark article in it.


MzSPB1 Report
I picked up a copy of Good Housekeeping at a bookstore in Tokyo. They had that article in the U.S. edition, but for the Spark member in England, I didn't see it listed on the cover of the U.K. edition of Good Housekeeping that I saw there. Maybe you can get a copy of the U.S. edition of Good Housekeeping somewhere. (Thanks for the article, by the way.) Report
Go Team!! Report
Totally awesome! Way to go, Chris and everyone at SparkPeople - including you awesome Sparkers that were featured! :) Report
I get GH and was so thrilled to see this article. Way to go SP! Report
Are we able to get this article in the UK?? would love to read it and pass it on for others to see. Report
I'm going to look for it myself!!! Report
Picked up a copy at the store and read the article. I was so anxious to read it that I bought the magazine before I realized I had a subscription. Then one came in the mail the next day. I guess more to share the spark with. Great article super promotion hopefully more people will catch the spark. Report
Congrats, chris. That's great! I found it at the grocery store and will be reading it shortly. Report
BRAVO It is a great article and my intro to SP. I read the article and immediately joined right away. That was January first weigh in was today and I have lost 6, yes 6 pounds! Thank you SP and good for me! The site is always there, natch, and never ending! Really helpful for those of us who are compulsive...are we compulsive? :) Report
would love to read this article. Report
I get this magazine. The article is actually what inspired me. Report