Giving Thanks For My Body

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I have so many things in my life to be thankful for. I have great kids, a supportive husband, good friends, a job I love- the list could go on and on. But I don't always take the time to think about those things because it's easy to get caught up in the negatives. I didn't get enough sleep last night, the kids were cranky today or my pre-pregnancy pants don't fit. Those are a few of the most recent "complaints". That's why I was glad to have the opportunity to do this blog, because it made me stop and think about some of the things I should be thankful for that I often overlook.

My body is one of those things that I'm not thankful for enough. It's easy for me to complain that I don't look exactly like I did before I had kids (no, that's not actually a picture of me you see), or that the lack of sleep has started to age me more than I'd prefer. But if I stop to think about all of the things I ask of my body and how much it does for me, I consider myself lucky.

If I look back at just the past 6 years, there are some big things I've asked of my body. I've trained for and completed 5 marathons, with my two fastest times being after I had kids. I've pushed through pain and fatigue to reach those goals, and my body has never failed me. I've never been sidelined with a running injury serious enough to keep me from completing what I've set out to do. I've had two children and been their primary food source for the first year of their lives. I've never had any serious diseases or medical problems.

I've done all of these things without always treating my body with the respect it deserves. I don't take much time to relax and get easily stressed out over small things. I don't always make the best food choices, sometimes opting for the less-healthy option because it's easier. I have a hard time not being critical of myself when I look in the mirror.

So maybe it's time for me to start appreciating my body a little more. It might not be perfect, but it's tough, and it's helped me do so many things I never thought possible. When I think about it, I know I'm lucky. So in this season of giving thanks, I'm thankful for me.

What are you thankful for this year?

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Thank you! Report
EVIE4NOW 11/25/2020
I am thankful for too many things to count. Report
USMAWIFE 11/6/2020
thank you Report
_CYNDY55_ 11/5/2020
Thank you Report
I am thankful for my healthy and everyday I am given the blessing to work on making it better. Report
VHAYES04 9/8/2020
Ty Report
thank you Report
Very insightful article. Report
I am thankful that, although my body is aging and sometimes does not do as it is told or feel how I would prefer it to, it is whole and complete. Not everyone has that luxury and I am very thankful that I do. Report
I am grateful for the dog that adopted me this past July, when I brought him home he gladly walked twice a day with me, he got me outside in the yard by grabbing a toy and heading to the door. He got me up in the morning instead of sleeping late, he gets me outside, he makes me laugh and play, I haven't done that in a long time. He might be a old dog and I might not have him for long but we love him dearly and he brightens our days and we'll keep him as happy as we can for the time he has left. Report
I am thankful for my hubby and his feeling better, my doggies, family and that I am still going strong with my commitment to loose more weight. God and positive thinking is the key to success. Report
I am thankful for my family, my newest journey as a grandma, my job, my friends, my liberty, my life!!!! Report
I journal daily and always begin with writting down 10 reasons I am grateful for that day, sometimes small and then sometimes the reasons are life changing. It helps me to start my day.
Barb Report
Why is it so hard for us woman to treat ourselves with the respect we desire. It's so hard for me to make the time every lunch hour to get away from my desk and take the time to listen to music and walk. Report
I am thankful for the freedom to worship my Lord and for my family, friends and our health. Report
I am thankful for a healthy life, a healthy family, a decent job, and the love of a good man. Report
What a beautiful revelation Jen...we all could stand to be a little more thankful for what we have and who we are--and treat both with the respect they deserve. Thank *you* for reminding me that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made and that I owe it not only to myself, but also to my Creator to realize and appreciate my full potential.

Happy holidays everyone! (: Report
I'm thankful for the ability to shape our bodies into what God intended for us to look like. Our bodies are miraculous in how they respond to what we do to them. If we eat too much, our bodies expand to give us room to store it, if we exercise and make healthy choices our bodies are lean and strong. I'm so thankful for God's wisdom in our human design! Report
A blog post that really made me stop and think. You are so right, Jen, I too focus on all the things I don't have, all the instances where I fall short of perfection etc. etc. And I just take my body (and so much else, no doubt) for granted. Until I have a massive 3 day migraine or a flu and then realise just how useful good health is. Report
well said MAYBER Report
Fantastic Spark People Report
I am thankful for the ability to get up in the morning and be happy with where I am now and what I am doing. Report
I am thankful to get up early this morning on Thanksgiving Day and be willing to go to the gym and run 5 miles before I cook and meet with family today. I am grateful that I care that my body and health are more important to me this year. Report
I agree with the others who said what a great blog this was! It does give us food for thought and has inspired my own blog on the subject. The #1 thing I am most thankful to my body for this year is being able to walk again! I spent 10 months in a wheelchair and faced the real possibility of losing a leg and here I am walking at least 1 mile a day, doing water aerobics and even kick boxing! Life is good! Report
good article Report
I joined a team here which, even on days I don't post, has already been making me mindful of all the gratitudes there are to be found daily, even within things you might initially look at as "negatives." So TG, or giving thanks, is an every day, moment to moment thing and not just an American once a year holiday for me!
Have a good one, Jen ... tomorrow & all days.
Carli Report
Of course I am thankful for family and friends

I also want to thank that my brain for remembering me and I'm thankful that I am capable of functioning in the real world. I am thankful that I can walk and talk; laugh and cry; see, hear and smell. I am thankful that I am stronger and more flexible than I used to be and that I'm on the road to a long, happy, fit and healthy life. Report
I started hiking again this spring after being forced to give it up 5 years ago to take care of my son and one of the first things I did was take a really bad tumble down a mountain side. Well, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and have been doctoring for my shoulder ever since. Now I use my new trekking poles or a cane. That young body of mine is not there anymore, but that is not going to stop me! I am so thankful for the body that I do have because my good health helped me recover from that bad fall! Report
Good blog Jen. I'm always surprised having been plagued with a few this and thats health wise of the number of people who not only take their health for granted but dismiss their health all together. Our society makes too much money on the desair factor and not enough on the well being. Great Thanksgiving message for those who may have larger issues in the works to perhaps give them something to think about as well.

Great blog! My body has been serving me well for 64 1/2 years now. I'm VERY grateful for my health, my family, my friends, and the grace of God! Report
I too am thankful for my strong healthy body this year. I loved reading this blog as a reminder of how much my body has done for me even when I have mistreated it. I am so glad that my body has taken care of me and that it has rebounded so will with being treated well.
I am also thankful for my family and all the many blessings we have. Report
What a great blog Jen. We all sould be proud of our body no matter what its shape. It has got us to where we are. Report
I think we always see our bodies through distorted glasses. Even someone with what we think of as having the "perfect" body, has something to be critical about. Think of it this way...there is someone looking at you, wishing they could look like you! Report
I am thankful for good health, freedom, a job, great family, and good freinds. And I too, like many here, stand amazed at the Awesome God I serve. He loved me so much that He sent His only Son to die on the cross for me, an undeserving sinner. I love Him with my whole heart, and mind, and soul. Amazing Grace how sweet the sound! Report
Jen: This reminds me of a Spark blog I wrote when I was pregnant.

We should all appreciate and love our own bodies. Happy Thanksgiving! Report
I too am thankful for everything posted, also for my Salvation through Jesus Christ. Report
I'm thankful for my families ... genetic and SP!
I do appreciate my body ... could be better, could be worse, but I always get by. Report
You look really good but I don't want the muscle look just good looking body and thin but with all the exercises I do I might end up with muscles Report
I'm grateful for friends near and far and for the unconditional love they show me. I'm grateful for the wonderful man that I met this year who shares my faith in Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for my health and the health of my family. Report
I am thankful that my husband has a job, we have a roof over our heads, we have enough food to eat.
I am thankful both my parents are still alive, not in good health but still alive.
I am thankful my sister and nieces are doing ok
I am thankful for my 2 grown adult kids.
I am thankful for friends to spend the holiday with. Report
I'm so thankful to GOD that I live in the United States. I'm also thankful for this free website where we can learn so much and strive toward reaching our goals in a community full of support and encouragement. Thank you, SparkPeople! Thank you! Report
I'M thankful for my family and friends my kids my mother my husband, and this body that the lord gave my while i am here on earth. Report
I am also thankful for my family,friends,co-workers and the ONE that died for us all.My body has gone through a lot of changes since my birth.Growing pains,staying thin until the children came.Now,it's my turn to love me and my body more.I had an ICD (pacemaker)put in last week and I'm back at work because my body allowed it.I'm healing well and can still do 90% of the things I did before.Our bodies helps us without us realizing it.I'm thankful for the odd shape of my body.Thin legs,a flabby stomach,big breast and normal shoulders.I just love it. Report
I am thankful the Lord gave me a body that is sturdy, even if it's not sexy. He gave me a body that carries weight well, even if at times there has been too much weight put on it. He gave me a smile that He loves to see me use, and He blessed me with health so that I can get out and enjoy the wonders He has created. I am so thankful! Report
Thank you for you! Report
I'm thankful every time I get on my bicycle. We don't have a car and my bike is an important means of transportation for me -- and I so enjoy riding it! So when I first get on and take off on two wheels, I feel thankful that I have the strength and balance to do this amazing feat of powering a healthful, environmentally friendly mode of transportation and having fun too. It's still almost as joyful as when I was a kid first learning to ride a two-wheeler. Report
It's easy to complain about the flaws and imperfections in ourselves. Being pregnant really made me change gears though - creating life is a big freaking miracle! And yep, nursed both my girls for two years. After those experiences I am simply awed by my body. Now I'm doing my best to take care of what I've got and appreciate it!!! Report
What a wonderful blog - I have not given thanks nearly often enough for my body. I appreciate the reminder! Report
Nice blog. I am thankful to God for being alive and in good health. I am thankful for a wonderful family.:Thanks be to God for allowing my mother to come out of an intensive surgery this August. I am so thankful for the small things we take for granted each day : a new sunrise, new mercies and grace extended towards us. Report
I am thankful for so much. Family, the other positive people in my life, my job, school, my crazy kitties... television (lol)... and my body for allowing me to do the things that I want to do. Life is hard right now, but it is good. Report