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Food Showdown: Greek Yogurt vs. Cottage Cheese

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Over the past few years, Greek-style yogurt has skyrocketed in popularity among health-conscious dairy fans. It's become almost impossible to pass by the dairy case without spotting multiple flavors and brands of the creamy treat. While Greek yogurt has been busy making a name for itself in the high-protein snack category, cottage cheese, its distant, long-lost cousin, has been pushed to the side. But is Greek yogurt really nutritionally superior to cottage cheese? Ounce per ounce, which of these snacks will give you more protein bang for your buck?

The Winner:

It's a Tie!

When it comes down to it, Greek yogurt and cottage cheese both have about 3 grams of protein per ounce. Cottage cheese is slightly higher in calories, at 20 calories per ounce, vs. 16 calories per ounce of Greek yogurt. However, cottage cheese is also much higher in sodium: 400mg per serving as opposed to just 65mg in a serving of Greek yogurt. If you're watching your sodium intake and are willing to pay a little extra cash for your protein, Greek yogurt is an excellent choice. However, if sodium is not a concern for you and you're looking to save a few bucks at the dairy case, cottage cheese remains a great old standby for a protein-rich snack.

Do you prefer Greek yogurt or cottage cheese?

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If you make yogurt at home - strain it thru cheesecloth (doubled) overnight - voila - Greek yogurt! Much cheaper, and you know exactly what went into it! Report
I love Greek Gods Yogurt and I doubt very much if it is an equal in calories and fat to cottage cheese. Cottage cheese definitely works with Italian dishes but I prefer yogurt with fruit. Report
You really need to add to this blog post that not ALL greek yogurts are created equal... All the popular US yogurt brands are now putting "greek" on their labels but they STILL include high frutose corn syrup, (which means it is NOT true greek yogurt). Read your labels and don't be fooled! Report
I like to whip cottage cheese in the blender until all the curds are gone and it's almost like mousse! I add stevia and other flavoring such as cocoa power and it's my "pretend dessert"! Report
Lucky me! I am able to make yogurt with goats's milk at home. It is just as creamy as greek yogurt and has no added ingredients. I use it in recipes, with fruit and make wonderful dips. Report
It depends on my mood. Cottage cheese is salty and great with fruit or with Italian dishes with tomato sauces. Greek yogurt is great is great with fruit or when using plain to make a savory dip by substituting it as a sour cream. It's a great source of high protein. I do have brand dislikes and favorites. I like Dannon fruit on the bottom, some Chobani flavors, a few Brown Cow some others I can't seem to think of right now. The flavor matters.

Happy eating!

rumbamel Report
That is good news because I don't care for cottage cheese but I love Greek Yogurt. Report
I was about to leave the same comment as ADVENTURESEEKER. I find dry curd cottage cheese very bland as is, so I doctor it up with some flavoured vinegar or salsa. Haven't tried a little maple syrup over it but seems that might turn it into a dessert choice, which would add variety to its uses. Report
I think it's the Lucerne brand that has a lower sodium cottage cheese. That's the one that I buy and it tastes great with pears :) I like the Greek yogurt but it's so expensive. Report
Cottage cheese is the one for me. Greek yogurt leaves a funny taste in my mouth. Report
Greek yogurt all the way! I have never been a fan of cottage cheese, no matter the brand or how it's prepared, but Greek yogurt fits into my menu in some form or another almost every day. BTW, to get the benefit of the probiotics, be sure that the yogurt you buy contains LIVE yogurt cultures. BTW, you can make yogurt-like cheese or kefir cheese by straining your yogurt through a coffee filter in a strainer overnight. The liquid whey drips through, and you are left with a thick spreadable 'cheese." You can use this like cream cheese on an English muffin or 1/2 bagel, stir in some chopped fresh chives to top a baked potato, mix with 1 TBL vinaigrette to make a LC creamy salad dressing, or use it to make homemade muesli. Report
I eat both but wish I could find a lower sodium cottage cheese. Supposedly Earth Fare stores carry a brand but it's a 20 min. drive for me and I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

For those who don't like the texture of cottage cheese, I have pureed it and added spices (sweet or savory) and it's worked great for a topping. Report
Cottage cheese. Report
My favorite cottage cheese, by far, is Land o Lakes. It is creamier and just has a better flavor. Definitely worth a few extra pennies per serving. Report
I like both cottage cheese and yogurt. Both are good for you too. Try them with fruit and in cooking in recipes etc. That goes for baking too. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. Report
Oh yeah, I also use plain Greek yogurt as a sour cream substitute sometimes. Can't tell the difference. Report
The only cottage cheese I like is made by Anderson Erickson and is available only in Iowa. It has a nice, almost savory, salty taste where every other cottage cheese I have tried tastes too sweet and like mush. Report
I like cottage cheese with bacon bits on top. i have to be careful how much dairy I eat. It goes right through like prune juice, but I love it. (cottage cheese) that is Report
I'm surprised the article didn't mention the higher sugar content of the Greek yogurt in comparison to the the cottage cheese. I happen to like both pretty much equally, and it depends if I'm have a sweet or salty tooth as far as what I select. I have both in my refrigerator most of the time. Report
I prefer Greek yogurt, but not just because of the difference in sodium - I'm trying to limit my sodium intake. I buy Fage 0% fat free plain yogurt. It's so versatile. I can have it for breakfast with some meusli, use it as a sour cream substitute on a baked potato, and it makes a great smoothie with frozen fruit. The only sweetener I use is agave nectar, because I also don't use artificial sweeteners. Report
I have a "texture problem" with cottage cheese--ick! Report
Cottage cheese has casein in it which Greek yogurt doesn't. Report
I like both, depends on my mood. LOVE oatmeal (cooked) with apple slices, cinnamon and splenda. After its cooked, add 1/2 c cottage cheese. It sort of melts into the oats and apples making it really creamy and yummy. Report
I'm always running too late in the morning to have as much breakfast as I should, so this is my mid-morning snack almost every day: equal parts plain Greek yogurt and cottage cheese seasoned with cinnamon and maybe a touch of agave syrup, with a handful of blueberries and a handful of almonds that have been soaked overnight. Yum. Report
I only like yogurt loaded with fruit ... I just don't like that soury taste. That said, it would have been nice to know if there were other benefits like those stomach bugs that yogurt is supposed to have ... Report
i eat both just about every day Report
I tend to avoid or severely limit my use of cottage cheese because of high sodium content. However, when the single serve Knudsen cottage cheese and fruit combos are on sale, I may buy one for a change of pace. I more frequently get the greek yogurt because of the variety of brands and flavors that have entered the market - the only brand I will not buy again is yoplait. Report
I eat Yogurt everyday for lunch. Greek yogurt is my favorite, I use homemade jams to flavor. Yum! Report
I've been making a cottage cheese breakfast treat for my self. I layer cottage cheese, fresh strawberries, granola and a small amout of chocolate in a dish. Love that for breakfast. Report
I pick up Greek yogurt when it is on sale, otherwise it is too expensive. I love cottage cheese, I've been having it for breakfast everyday this week with fruit. Report
I like both but I am low carb and the cheese is much lower. I like to add some cinnamon and some berries. Sometimes some Splenda to sweeten. Yum! Report
I too find that it's easier for me to digest yogurt than it it is cheese (of any sort). But here's the other thing, I LOVE Greek yogurt (even though I was initially wary of it) but I HATE cottage cheese. Cottage cheese just doesn't appeal to me at all in flavor or texture. I'll stick with Greek yogurt. Report
I love both depends on my mood which I'll pick. Report
dry curd cottage cheese doesn't have all the sodium that regular cottage cheese does. Thought I'd toss that in there :) Report
I am lactose intolerant, and I've found that for me, the acidic process that yogurt (Greek or otherwise) goes through makes it safe for me to eat without side effects. I can't say the same thing about cottage cheese, because it blows me up like a bloated balloon.

Plus, the probiotics in the yogurt calms my digestive tract. Since the Greek yogurt tastes so mild, I can enjoy it the most by just stirring in some fresh fruit, no sweetener required. So, plain organic fat free Greek yogurt is a win-win-win situation! - Claudia Report
I am lactose intolerant, and I've found that for me, the acidic process that yogurt (Greek or otherwise) goes through makes it safe for me to eat without side effects. I can't say the same thing about cottage cheese, because it blows me up like a bloated balloon.

Plus, the probiotics in the yogurt calms my digestive tract. Since the Greek yogurt tastes so mild, I can enjoy it the most by just stirring in some fresh fruit, no sweetener required. So, plain organic fat free Greek yogurt if a win-win-win situation! - Claudia Report
I eat both just about every day. Report
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