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Food Showdown: Greek Yogurt vs. Cottage Cheese

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Over the past few years, Greek-style yogurt has skyrocketed in popularity among health-conscious dairy fans. It's become almost impossible to pass by the dairy case without spotting multiple flavors and brands of the creamy treat. While Greek yogurt has been busy making a name for itself in the high-protein snack category, cottage cheese, its distant, long-lost cousin, has been pushed to the side. But is Greek yogurt really nutritionally superior to cottage cheese? Ounce per ounce, which of these snacks will give you more protein bang for your buck?

The Winner:

It's a Tie!

When it comes down to it, Greek yogurt and cottage cheese both have about 3 grams of protein per ounce. Cottage cheese is slightly higher in calories, at 20 calories per ounce, vs. 16 calories per ounce of Greek yogurt. However, cottage cheese is also much higher in sodium: 400mg per serving as opposed to just 65mg in a serving of Greek yogurt. If you're watching your sodium intake and are willing to pay a little extra cash for your protein, Greek yogurt is an excellent choice. However, if sodium is not a concern for you and you're looking to save a few bucks at the dairy case, cottage cheese remains a great old standby for a protein-rich snack.

Do you prefer Greek yogurt or cottage cheese?

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PATRICIAANN46 2/3/2019
I love both but have had more Cottage Cheese lately. Thanks for the article. Report
ALEXTHEHUN 12/18/2018
I like both and use both. Report
NELLJONES 11/22/2018
I use them both but for different things. Report
ALUKOWSKY 10/26/2018
I like both equally, and always buy the fat-free versions. I like Breakstone's fat free cottage cheese with a couple tbs. wheat germ and a cup of fresh berries for breakfast, and Dannon Light & Fit fruit-flavored containers for a quick, convenient lunch, along with a salad. Report
KATHYJO56 7/17/2018
Good article. I like both, but I really love Greek yogurt for eating and cooking. Report
NASFKAB 5/3/2018
I prefer yogurt to cottage cheese any day Report
ARMY_MOM17 4/6/2018
... have not developed a taste for cottage Greek yogurt for me... Report
ANHELIC 3/1/2018
Thanks for the information. Report
I love both! Report
One thing the article doesn't mention is that better quality real yogurts (not just gelatin mixed with milk/solids) have protobiotics they usually have it noted on the label.

Also, a personal recommendation: regular (don't think it comes in greek) maple brown cow yogurt, the full-fat cream top has really rich mouth feel, the flavor is sublime. I wouldn't try it forever, but a friend loves it & I finally tried hers. A really good, very small splurge. Not affiliated with the company (my work is in computers). Report
I like them both and you can do different thing to them. So I will eat both. Report
I can't stand cottage; I think it's gross! Obviously, I'm going to choose the Greek yogurt!!! Report
I can't stand cottage; I think it's gross! Obviously, I'm going to choose the Greek yogurt!!! Report
I love 1/3 yogurt with 2/3 cottage cheese and eat for snack with crackers; lot's of different textures and filling Report
I much prefer cottage cheese. Saying that yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, has a slight sour taste is the understatement of the year. I will eat flavored regular yogurt but that tang is incredibly strong, and nothing completely hides it. Report
I like cottage cheese mixed with applesauce. Report
Not to take anything from a well written article, but I think the comments were better. Great ideas... putting cottage cheese in a blender until smooth and then mixing with cocoa and Stevia... Drying cottage cheese and making your own Greek yogurt by straining yogurt. All the recipes that people mention...

I think Sparkpeople should do an article on the comments alone! Report
I never thought of cottage cheese being so high in sodium. I use it in lasagna, and sometimes I use it as a salad dressing. Report
I really like Greek Yogurt, and it can take getting used to. The thing not mentioned though is that the active cultures in yogurt are so beneficial for a healthy gut, and to me that is just as important as the amount of protein. Also, if you can find and are willing to get the organic cottage cheese (from grass fed cows) there is more benefit.. from Omega 3's. Report
Try "Dry cottage cheese". Very high in calcium, protein and low in sodium & lactose. (You can also make regular cottage cheese into DRY cottage cheese by washing it, removing the liquid whey portion)
curd-cottage-cheese Report
That's funny, I was just comparing them in the grocery store last night and noticed the exact same things! I like Greek yogurt plain, and I don't like cottage cheese plain. I do like it blended into things.

Everyone seems to like Greek yogurt plain - it's like a war zone trying to get my hands on some plain nonfat Fage lately!!

Does anyone know how to track "make your own" Greek yogurt? By which I mean, if you buy plain nonfat yogurt and strain it. I know you lose some of the macronutrients (carbs from the milk sugars & protein) in the whey, but I don't know how much. Report
Also, the greek yogurt substitutes for sour cream very nicely in dips like spinach dip, in baking as a substitute for cream or 1/2 & 1/2. The greek yogurts that come with fruit in them are usually lower in protein and higher in carbs. Report
I mix 1/2 C Trader Joes 0% fat greek yogurt with 1/2 C TJ's nonfat cottage cheese, a little vanilla and some stevia, add fruit, and you have a high protein, low fat, reasonable carbs breakfast or snack. The yogurt makes the nonfat cottage cheese creamier, and the cottage cheese gives the yogurt texture. For a real treat, use about 1/3 c Special K protein cereal on top for another crunch layer. Report
benefit to Greek yogurt: You can make it. Actually, it's just strained regular yogurt, so you can buy plain yogurt of whatever kind you want and strain it through cheesecloth or coffee filters. However, I make my own yogurt entirely from local, whole milk then strain it Greek style and it is the best tasting yogurt ever, no sodium, no sugar, shockingly easy. I just add berries, maybe honey, and eat. Also, the yogurt has the benefit of active cultures, which the cottage cheese does not. Report
Greek yoghurt is one of my favorite things in the world. I love the taste, I love the texture and I use it as a substitute in a lot of recipes that call for sour cream or crème fraîche. I don't really like cottage cheese but that might be because ever since I was a teenager I've associated it with "diet food".. Report
I have Greek style yogurt in my breaky with rolled oats and also add chocolate protein powder mixed with the yogurt to flavor it it is yummmy Report
I hate when you get duplicate entries! Report
I have both in my fridge at all times. However I only buy no-salt added cottage cheese since I watch my sodium very carefully. With the no-salt added c.c. You have to get used to it, since it is sweet and not salty. I love to mix in with my cut up fruit, or eat it plain. While I cannot eat Greek yogurt plain, I do love it mixed with hot chocolate powder, crystal light or similar powdered drink mixes, for dessert. And my breakfast staple, mixed with fresh blackberries & a combo of high fiber cereal and a Kashi cereal. Report
I've always hated cottage cheese so it's lovely to have an alternative. I think it's the saltiness I don't like! Report
I LOVE cottage cheese!. I always have....But for those who think they may not like it, try this. Mix the cottage cheese with some unsweetened applesauce and a few slivered almonds. It is very tasty and it will satisfy my sweet tooth and give me protein to boot. I hope you will try this and enjoy it as much as I do. Report
fantastic lunch:
put lettuce in bowl, banana, scoop of cottage cheese (or greek yogurt) and top it with fresh strawberries or other fruit in season. close your eyes and you think your eating a banana split! used to be on a restaurant menu years ago before greek yogurt hit the market. evening snack skip the lettuce.
I enjoy them both. Seems I eat more of the yogurt because my husband loves the cottage cheese. I love Fage no flavors included. Report
I absolutely love greek yogurt! I usually get Fage or Chobani in plain, since the fruit/honey ones can be a bit steep in sugar... I usually mix it with a little of my own honey, some walnuts and sometimes a little bit of granola sprinkled on top when I'm craving something sweet or for a post-workout snack. I also add it to my smoothies (I've tried adding it to soup, but for me, the greek yogurt taste was overwhelming) for added protein. I've actually never tried cottage cheese (I've had an aversion to it, due to its texture), but I'm actually tempted to try it... I found a vegan "cookie" recipe made with cottage cheese that I've been wanting to try. Report
I wonder if the Greek yogurt is no longer equal in calories when compared to the 0% fat cottage cheese. Report
I like both but I just started liking cottage cheese. I think it was the texture I had to get around Report

Our Costco carries the really large containers of Fage 0% for about $4. Can't beat that.

I didn't like plain yogurt either - until I tried the Fage - I do sometimes put fresh blueberrries, strawberries or blackberries in it and top with a few shopped almonds for a treat.

Also love cottage cheese and also agree it hits the spot when you have a craving for a salty snack while yogurt seems to soothe a craving for a creamy treat (or sweet if you add your own fruit)

As far a sugar - fruits, vegetables and dairy all have some natural sugar but their in a package that nature intended not refined.

PS Try a few spoonfuls of either blended with eggs in an omelet - outstanding. Report
I love Fage Greek Yogurt. I can tolerate cottage cheese if it's mixed in a recipe. However, I cannot eat it on it's own - purely a texture violation thing. Report
I love love greek yogurt, mostly because of the huge amounts of protein I can get from it. It was an acquired taste. I can't eat the plain type by itself, I usually use it in smoothies but I like oikos and chobani(the ones mixed with fruit). Now, cottage cheese, never had it before. Perhaps now is a good time to try it after reading this article! Report
Both are great. I usually buy fat-free cottage cheese, & good fat-free Greek yogurt is available too. Report
For those who don't like Greek Yogurt - try it with honey! Report
Love both, but lately I've been eating Greek yogurt like it's going out of style :)

I love plain Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream on nachos or on a baked potato - so yummy!

Both Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are yummy with fruit or preserves, but I tend to like cottage cheese as a salty snack, and Greek yogurt with fruit as a satisfying dessert. Report
I am not impressed by the greek yogurt taste yucko! I'd take the cottage cheese and choose breakstone reduced sodium version and be done with it. Report
Greek yogurt is my choice by it! I have always eaten non-fat plain yogurt. Switched over to non-fat plain greek yogurt and loved it. I have often heard that most folks who try it at first don't care for the slight sour taste. I add just a very small amount of organic maple syrup, cinnamon or fresh fruit and it is delicious! Give it a try, you might just like it :) Report
Yogurt has way too much tastes nasty if it doesn't. Sugar is the enemy for the flabby belly...even if the yogurt has natural sugar in it...I try to stay away. I wanted to buy some greek yogurt for my kids the other day...11g of sugar was the lowest I of them had 18g of sugar! Watch out. Report
I don't like cottage cheese plain or with fruit , pepper , sweetner I can't stand the texture of cottage cheese Fran Report
I haven't gotten used to the taste of the Greek yogurt yet. Report
I love both. For different things. I love adding plain greek yogurt to sauces and smoothies or anywhere you want a sour cream-like consistency. Or eating it for breakfast. I like eating cottage cheese by itself with some black pepper on it. Report
I am thrilled at the results...I have never been able to tolerate cottage cheese and now I really am not motivated to try!! Report
I absolutely abhore Greek yogurt! Horrible tasting stuff! I really like other yogurts, like Activia, but couldn't finish the Greek yogurt I tried after hearing so much good stuff about it. So in this survey I picked the cottage cheese. If the question had been yogurt in general, I would have said I prefer yogurt. Report
I voted "I like both," but I eat more gk. yog. because of the sodium in cot. cheese. I'll use that in cooking (where I don't add any salt) but for just eating, gk yog (REAL greek yog, not the ersatz stuff with added proteins) all the way. Report