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It's the best time of the year for football fanatics: Super Bowl Sunday! But it's not just about the football (and hilarious commercials)--the festivities also typically include a smorgasbord of salty and fatty snacks galore. You've probably indulged in the common 7-layer Mexican dip and wings with ranch dressing, but have you ever thought about how these snacks compare, nutrition-wise? The 7-layer dip doesn't sound so bad—it's made with a lot of healthy ingredients like beans, olives and guacamole. And how many calories could really be crammed into just 6 tiny wings with ranch dressing?

Between a cup of 7-layer dip (made with beans, cheese, guacamole, black olives, sour cream, and onions and served with baked tortilla chips) and 6 wings with 1 ounce of ranch dressing, which is the lower-calorie game day snack?

The Winner: 7-Layer Dip!

Even though this dip comes out on top, it's certainly not a ''light'' snack—one cup with one serving of baked tortilla chips clocks in at 562 calories, 42 grams of fat and 824 mg of sodium! But the wings are even more shocking—just 6 wings with one ounce of ranch dressing tips the scales at 752 calories, 64 grams of fat and 836 mg sodium. If you were to indulge in both snacks over the course of the game (not including beers or any other nibbles), you would consume 1,314 calories, 106 grams of fat, and 1,660 mg of sodium before the final touchdown!

Intercept your snack attack by choosing some of the game day recipes from the collections below. They're still full of all the traditional flavors you crave, but for a fraction of the calories, fat and sodium.

12 Healthy Game Day Recipes
15 Healthy Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday
Nutritious and Delicious Super Bowl Recipes

And finally, don't forget to work out while you watch the game to help burn off some of those calories!

Do you have any snacking traditions for Super Bowl Sunday? 

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DEE107 5/13/2021
Thanks for the information Report
DIVAGLOW 3/30/2021
Thanks! Report
SUNSET09 3/7/2021
Chips and salsa, SparkFriends. oh yeah Report
CECELW 2/28/2021
thanks Report
ROBINRS 2/24/2021
Planning ahead and knowing the nutrition before the party starts is a great help. unfortunalty I often try to "wing it" which nearly always leads to disaster. Report
MARTHA324 2/10/2021
The date on this article is the day that I had a heart attack at a Super Bowl party! Thought it was the snacks and very happy I decided to go to the ER! Report
Thank you! Report
CKEYES1 12/25/2020
I Don't eat wings Report
GEORGE815 11/2/2020
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PATRICIAAK 9/29/2020
:) Report
Thanks for the information. Report
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Thank you . Report
I probably would've eaten both of those... Report
Too bad the method of prep and type of wing aren't mentioned in the calorie count. Are they breaded? What type of sauce? Baked or deep-fried? Boneless (aka chicken mcnugget) Or bone-in? Report
Some of the folks who posted what they thought were better recipes, are not even on this site anymore.....went back to normal. Report
Good information to know. Thank you. Report
Bake those wings, people! You can still get them crispy and if you put some dry rub on them then throw a little hot sauce over the top once you take them out - delicious! Report
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thank you Report
A cup of dip is a huge amount. Report
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Thanks. Good to know before this weekend's Super Bowl Report
Portion control? Report
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It’s amazing that sugar and fat are uncontrolled Report
The wings one was really SHOCKING! Report
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Great information............Thank You. Report
I make a layered bean dip with homemade vegetarian refried beans, cheese, guacamole, black olives, onions, jalapenos, & tomatoes that is no where near as high in calories, fat or sodium but tastes amazing. I also serve it with both baked chips and with sweet peppers as a dipping alternative. Are people really that surprised that wings are not usually healthy. Report
Thanks for the great information! :) Report
Thanks for the info Report
thanks for the I know I need to watch for those calories or they will get Report
Good tip. Report
I guess I'm lucky that either one of those snacks sound disgusting to me, wings are a joke, no matter what is done to them...and I don't "dip". Report
WOW!!! I love both of those and not too long ago I would have ate both. That's like my whole day worth of calories. YIKES~ Report
Thanks for the info. I love the 7 layer dip but didn't pay too much attention to the calories or the servings. Big eye opener. Report
Thanks for the tips! Report
Those nutritional numbers are a real eye-opener! This year all those commercials before game day were making me crave pizza, so I bought a frozen Smart Ones pizza and ate that. I had a lot of nice unsweetened iced tea with that and felt great. Wings and all the sugary bread sticks leave me feeling hungry and unsatisfied; I am sure that led to binges in the past. Report
It's one of just a few days a year that I will eat ruffles and dip. I don't normally eat chips but something about the superbowl screams "you need to eat a bag of chips and a bucket of dip" Not a great habit year round but the one day of the year when it happens, I indulge and say no the rest of the year. Report
Wow, what an eye-opener! Report