Did Your 2009 Wishes Come True?

By , SparkPeople Blogger

As we close out 2009, many of us review the year and take inventory regarding what we have or have not accomplished throughout the year.

Last year at this time, I suggested we list 3 wishes and resolve to make them come true during 2009.

Here where my three wishes for 2009:

  1. Redecorate my dining room
  2. Take the family to New York City
  3. Run in at least one race

To make my wishes come true, I resolved to:

  • Set time and money aside each month for the dining room project until it was complete.
  • Change my weekly/monthly budget as necessary to save money for our trip while planning a trip based on the money saved.
  • Eat, exercise and live a Spark life that allows me to be at the fitness level necessary to run in a race.
How did I do?

Last March, I provided a New Year's Wishes Check Up that provided a brief update and some before and after pictures of my completed dining room project. We have enjoyed the space a great deal throughout the year with highlights of use including my daughter and her friends enjoying a wonderful dinner before attending their high school Homecoming dance as well as family dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

As I also shared in my update, a trip to New York City did not really work for the time we had for vacation this year. Instead, we took a wonderful trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes and the Holland area of Michigan. We were able to take many hikes and enjoy time as a family and with two busy teens, it made this vacation wonderful.

I also shared in my update that as of March I was running several days a week and sticking to my Spark plan pretty well. That continued to hold true throughout the remainder of the year and I am happy to say that as of this week, I have successfully accumulated 52 Spark Streaking weeks of cardio activity, strength training, and eating right! Although I have maintained a great streak with cardio activity, I found that running was becoming increasingly more painful for me. During the summer I discovered race walking provided many of the benefits of running without the pounding that was bothering my legs. I have found that learning to race walk not only provided a new challenge but also a great cardio workout as my form, speed, and intensity continued to improve. Our hectic family schedule (remember two active teenagers in the home, neither of which are driving without a parent in the car!) did not allow me much time for a race commitment but that is definitely on the list for 2010 for sure.

Here are my wishes for 2010 as well as how I resolve to achieve them.

  • Continue my Spark Streak of healthy living for another 52 weeks - While some weeks have included more intense cardio workouts or strength training routines than others, maintaining a consistency in my workouts and healthy eating commitment for an entire year is something I haven't done since volleyball training in college. I have been surprised by how proud I am of this accomplishment and reaching this goal. While I do not know what 2010 will bring in my life, my goal is to keep the streak going for another year. Do you think I can do it? I resolve to achieve this goal by managing my time continue planning for workouts as well as continually changing my workout routines, meals, and snacks to prevent burnout and boredom that could lead me astray.
  • Include my family more intently in weekly meal planning and preparation - My husband and I continually watch our teens and monitor where we are succeeding at preparing them for life on their own and where we still need more focused attention. Cleaning up after themselves and taking care of their needs seem to be in good order as they successfully do their own laundry, maintain their room, and help with home chores each week. As they helped me grocery shop before the holidays, I realized meal planning and preparation was an area that we still need focused education and experience. I resolve to achieve this goal by including the family more in the purchasing and preparation side of meal planning instead of simply the 'what do you want to eat' portion of meal planning.
  • More family exercise and physical activity time together - As a family we do pretty well doing things together. My husband and I are thrilled that our teenagers still enjoy going to movies as a family or willingly participate in a family game or movie and pizza night. However, it seems we are not so good about being physically active as a family unless we are away from home. My husband and I do a good job of balancing our daily schedules to include time for work, volunteering, teen's activities, personal workout time and family time. Our teenage children are learning by example to include physical activity and exercise into their schedules as well. Since finding time to fit everything in and spend time with one another is becoming more and more difficult, being more physically active as a family this year is a great goal. I resolve to achieve this goal by helping plan/coordinate family time together to include physically active things such as hikes, walks, bike rides, strength training, or a quick game of one-on-one regularly to balance our less active favorites.
  • Participate in at least one race - I have participated in many races over the years including several half-marathons and marathon relays as well as 5K, 10K and 15k races. Those were all running races for me but while I may participate in a short-distance running race, I am anxious to try out an event race walking. I resolve to achieve this goal by finding and registering for at least one event by the spring. Making the commitment by registering is likely my best key to success.
  • Regular date time with my husband - Every year this is a stated or unstated goal and every year it becomes the LAST thing on our long weekly list of 'to-do's' that by mid-year seems to just completely fall off the list altogether. With a daughter that will only live in our home for a few more years and son that isn't far behind, preparing for daily life as a couple again has to be planned for as well. I grew up knowing families where the parents split after the kids were grown and gone and always prayed that this would not happen to my parents. I am happy to say that my parents will celebrate 50 years of marriage next year, God willing, and have been a wonderful example to me of how you have to work to make marriage last for the long haul. It is strange to be on the other side of it. Ten years ago at the start of this decade, my children were six and three and it seemed like our family life was just entering its prime. Now as the end of a decade draws near, I look forward and realize that family life as I have known and loved it over the last ten years will be ending very soon and entering a completely new chapter. As a planner and organizer by nature and someone that loves spending time with my family, I have cherished all the time we have spent together and the memories that accompanied them and look forward to a few more along the way. However, just as we have to prepare our teens for life on their own, we also have to prepare for life as a couple again without them. So, on that end, I resolve to achieve this goal by regularly planning and participating in activities and time for just my husband and I.
What about your wishes and resolutions, did they become a reality this year? If not, do you know what stood in your way and what resolutions are necessary to achieve them next year? If you are not someone that has routinely stated yearly wishes, goals, or resolutions but also struggles to live the life you dream, maybe 2010 is the year to try it.

List 3 (or more) wishes you have for 2010 and how you resolve to achieve them.

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Great Topic!!

I was happy with my year ~ I lost 25 for 2009 ~ and to be honest it surprised even me! Even more fun, two friends have joined me in my fitness efforts ~ another amazing surprise.

I do have some goals for 2010: 1) Continue with my nutrition goals and better hydration with SP 2) Lose 20 lbs by June 30 3) Complete 5K in April 4) Complete 5K in September. 5) Lose 20 lbs by December 31. 6) Put money into savings every month. 7) Finish unpacking boxes from moving by March 30. 8) Have garage sale May 30 to get rid of overload.

Good luck to everyone out there with goals to achieve -- hope we all have a great 2010! Report
wonderful, since I started really trying to lose weight in October I have lost 7 lbs. Since I have joined Spark People I feel more confident I will reach my goals for next year Report
I didn't really have any goals in 2009, but I did set myself on the path to where I want to be in 2010 so I am ready to set and achieve them. Report
I started off OK but got tied down because of 5 surgeries this year and having to take it easy afterwards and then getting a bad case of pneumonia and winding up in the hospital for a week. I was so weak after I got out I had to take it easy and also had to be put on oxygen. So now I lug around a big tank of oxygen every day. This year I know will be better than last and I'm taking precautions not to get pneumonia again. My weight is coming down and my blood sugars are coming down gradually. My knee pain finallly left me from my arthritis due to a healing at church and now I can get around a whole lot better than before. Hurray for Christ! I really think I can get my eating in control this year as well as drinking less pop and I'm drinking plenty of water already. Report
Very insightful blog. I need to get as detailed with my aspirations. Report
I really loved your blog a lot! It made me think of things that I would not ordinarily have thought of as goals (I like to think "goals" rather than "resolutions" as I am more likely to carry through on them. 2009 was a very good year for me and I'm hoping 2010 will be even better.

I guess 3 things that will be on my goal list for 2010:
1. Volunteer at least 2 days per week for a community service.
2. Take a month-long vacation during the hottest part of the summer to anywhere cool (that would be OUT of Phoenix!)
3. Plan on cleaning one room each day so my week-ends are free! Report
No. It was the worst year I've had since 1994. I sure hope 2010 is a better year. Report
Great blog! Very inspirational. Report
My hope for 2009 was to have a good year but my husband lost his job and
had shoulder surgery; my daughter health went crazy, I had knee surgery,etc.
Everything went downhill. I'm hoping for 2010 to be a better improved year.
1. Do a headstand, forearm stand or other challenging yoga inversion that I haven't attempted before.
2. Travel out of the country on an active vacation (Costa Rica, Spain and Italy are in the running)
3. Try 15-20 new fruit & veggie items I haven't eaten before (harder than it sounds - I eat a LOT of produce). Report
Thank you for this article. I am another one who does not make resolutions, just mini-goals. Your article was an inspiration on how to dream and how to achieve that dream. I am going to set one "wish" for myself on something I'd really like or something I'd like to do this year with my husband and set up a way to achieve that. I am so glad I took the time to read this, it may be life changing. Report
Goal setting has been a tremendous help in my weight loss. I had planned to lose twenty five pounds in 2009 without any structured plan; just doing it on my own. I joined SP 11-11-09 and have done much better with tracking and goal setting. I lost 23 pounds in 2009 and my goal for 2010 is 50 pounds. Report
1) Buy the restaurant my sister & I are trying to buy. Make the menu healthier
2) loose this stupid weight I've gained
3)run in the 2 races I've been saying I want to run in for years! Report
Well, thanks for the article. Somehow it's motivating to hear someone share the same dreams, or similar to having wholesome, meaningful family relationships. Too much of our time is spent chasing Hollywood fads, or material things. My three goals:

1. Run 1/2 marathon

2. Date night with my wife-and try to not end up you know where as my end game-make her the important one.

3. Investigate and maybe start a home rental business.

God bless Report
To answer your question:NO, my wishes did not come true,, things that are out of my control, hta tis why they are wishes.. perhaps this year.. Report
I have found that resolutions give me something that I eventually break and then give up on, so I am trying to do better with goals.
1. I will become more healthy through activity, starting with my physical therapy evaluation this week and getting better each day, working towards 7days of activity a week.
2. I expect to be at my goal weight by mid-year and will make appropriate goals for maintaining which I have never succeeded at before.
3. I am working on the renewal for my National Boards Certification and I will share my strengths with others in this process, focusing on the positive in my career.

I am proud of where I am going and will have success this year! 2010 has a lot to offer each of us! Report
I love to make New Year's resolutions! I make sure that they are achievable and don't beat myself up if I don't make it. Last year Breast Cancer made itself front and centre so some of my goals got put on hold. I did make some "part way through 2009 resolutions" (because of the BC) and I was very pleased to achieve these: 1. Maintain a sense of humour 2. Help others deal with my illness by staying positive 3. Write down & acknowledge the "silver lining".
This year my goals are:
1. 100 lbs. (10 lbs. at a time) I know this is a biggie!!!
2. Continue to declutter my home
3. Get a good job
How I'm going to achieve this?!:
# 1: Joined SP bootcamp, use the all the wonderful tools and support available here, make visual cues
#2: When a charity calls for used items say "yes" then find things that need a new home. Have an empty box available for easiliy tossing donatable clutter into
#3: Study hard and finish my Office Admin w/bookkeeping diploma work, practice interviewing techniques, dress for success!
We can do this! We are SPARKTACULAR!
Jo Report
Last year I didn't make any resolutions and not much changed. This year I plan on making them and sticking to them:) Report
I really liked your thoughts and congrats on a successful year!

My three wishes for 2010 are:

1) To redecorate our basement living room
2) To work out more than 90 minutes per week for 52 weeks
3) To have a date night with my husband atleast 6 times this year plus our no children vacation

How I will achieve them:

1) Commit to a design and solicit help from handyman families to lay tile and drywall.

2) Work out at the same time daily to create a routine and expected activity

3) Continue to swap babysitting with friends so that we can go out and enjoy some quality time together. Plan our summer vacation and arrange grandparent sitters. Report
I've been giving this a lot of thought, and my top 3 resolutions for 2010 are:

1) Saying NO in a kind, but firm way without feeling guilty when asked to do things that would require me to sacrifice precious personal time, of which I have very little. If I don't use it wisely, I'll never reach my other goals.

2) De-cluttering my home and giving away the things that I don't need so I am no longer "drowning in stuff." Eventually it would be really nice to have a place for everything, and everything in it's place.

3) To claim some of the recovered space and finally put together the workshop I've been dreaming of.

I also like the idea of date nights with the husband.
I really didn't have any resolutions, don't usually make them. Maybe I should do.
1. Reach goal weight of 150 pounds.
2. Track food and exercise faithfully daily.
3. Treat people with respect always. Report
Congratulations to you on your accomplishments! My three goals for 2010:

1. Run my first ever 5K (I've already started training towards it)
2. Continue to post my nutrition and fitness honestly on Sparkpeople -- daily!
3. Continue to nurture the very special relationships that have come into my life in 2009 - my new husband, my friends from high school to whom I've reconnected, my cousin who I've also reconnected with and my beautiful older sister and her family, from who I'd been estranged for over 25 years, and had a lovely reunion last year!
4. Lose the "hate" towards the family member responsible for a lot of self-esteem issues and hurt over the years.

Wish me luck. It's was a most eventful 2009 and I'm looking forward to see what surprises and challenges come my way in 2010!

Happy New Year! Report
I need to work on that date night with my dh---at least once a month---weekly is not in the budget.
My wishes for the year are
!. To reach onederland---I can do this by getting back on track with monitoring my food intake and back into a fitness routine.
2. Since we just moved into our house in NOvember, we left some boxes at my son's to be unpacked after Christmas---so my wish is to keep my house uncluttered and neat as I have now---soooo much more peaceful
3. To get that closet built in our bedroom so that we can have a peaceful calm place where we will enjoy being in. Report
Great blog! It's very encouraging to me to see someone who set concrete new year's resolutions, had a plan on how to achieve them, provided updates, was flexible when things weren't working out, and eventually achieved their goals.

I didn't make any new year's resolutions in 2009. It was an extremely difficult year for me, not only because some of the goals I'd been working towards didn't work out, but also because the death of my sister on Christmas day.

This year I would like to exercise at least 10 minutes 6 days a week, ideally doing at least 90 minutes of activity per week. That's a spark streak I would really like to start and maintain. I enjoy doing SP's videos and plan to incorporate them into my routine more, especially when I'm not able to get to the YMCA to workout.

I also want to systematically clean and organize my house, listing many things that I don't need on freecycle.org or donating them to the Salvation Army. My list begins with my kitchen, and I hope to start today.

Those are the two most doable goals for me, and I think that they'll keep me plenty busy until I can think of other, sustainable goals that I want to meet.

Happy new year to everyone! Report
Great I didn't have wishes for 2009 will have to make them for 2010 Report
Great blog. It certainly gives each of us something to think about and plan for 2010. Report
I did not have a wish at the beginning of the year, but in July my husband kept hounding me that WE needed to join a gym. SO, we did in July, and I hate to waste my money and time so healthy choices for food, tracking what I ate and how much I exercise and we both lost 40 pounds. Now, my body is looking athletic (still with a lot of jiggle)..

My goals:

1)Get rid of the jiggle!
2) run a 5K
3) do a military push up
4) do a pull up!!
5) Learn how for me to maintain my goals Report
Like this alot.

1. lose 40 pounds at the least
2.encourage better eating habits in my whole family
3.try a new recipe once a month Report
This is a really great idea!
1. Workout at the gym 5 times a week
2. Drink at least 64 oz of water a day and eat fruits and veggies with every meal.
3. Log daily all food and activities, follow up with rewards if accomplished Report
1. Loose 100 pounds
2. Once a month have a mommy me day.(no kids or husband)
3. Use relaxation techniques when I am feeling stressful Report
My health and fitness goal was to start an exercise program, which I did in July and have kept at it at least 6 hours a week. My mental and spiritual goal was to read the Bible every day, and I've been doing a pretty good job at that (although some days it was just a chapter and some days it was hard to put down!) Report
Live healthier-exercise and watch what I eat
Graduate college-make time to study, learn to relax more do I can focus better
Buy a house-continue improving my credit score and finances, set aside money in a special household account Report
My wish/goal was to graduate college with my BSN - and I did! Report
Great blog! Here are my 3 wishes for 2010:

1. Run at least one race each month.

2. Attend the Essence Festival in New Orleans with my best friend in July.

3. Run a mile without stopping. Report
I thought I was on the right track in 2009...and by Jan. 2, it was obvious that I wasn't. This year, I want TRUTH! Not sure exactly how to get there...but that is my biggest wish. Report
I don't do resolutions/wishes, however, after reading this blog I think this year may be different. If nothing else, it can't hurt to stop and think of what I want out of life and how I truly plan to get it. Report
thanks for the blog. i am going to do this. i am going to think very hard on my 3 wishes.then write them down and put them were i can see them Report
My wish for 2009 was to have a baby...and I did! =) And doing so has brought me to this website making my wish for 2010 to lose the baby weight! Lol I don't have an official goal list yet, but it's a good idea to start one! Report
This is a GREAT blog!

My three wishes:

1. Read The Spark from cover to cover!
2. Plan date nights(or days) with my hubby
3. Get my cholesterol numbers down!

Happy accomplishments everyone!!! Report
Congrats on your achievements! My 3 wishes? lose my last 2 pounds, get closer to God, and no more road rage!!! Report
Congrats on achieving your goals!!
Mine for 2010:
1. Lose those last few pounds
2. Go back to school
3. Since my ortho surgeon said I can start running again - Start running again! Report
Congratulations! I'm looking forward to 2010 as this year has had more than its share of ups and downs. Report
Congrats here are mine

1. Get my GED and plan on going to college to be a baking/pastry maker
2. Get a job working for that or start my own business
3. Have date nights with my husband.
4. Get my weight down to my goal weight
5. Get my diabetes in control Report
1. Rein in my finances. I plan to create a budget and stick to it. Over the past few years I have just been spending and doing whatever I wanted, and not only has this contributed to my weight gain, it has also thrown me 20,000 in credit card debt.

2. Rein in the alcohol. I think #1 will help me accomplish this. I am tired of being hungover all the time, and I gained back half the weight I lost because of my struggle with alcohol. My first goal is to stop drinking on work nights.

3. Complete the couch to 5K program and run a race!! I attempted C25K 3 times last year and injured myself each time. I obviously need to get my muscles stronger before I even start C25K. So that is a major goal of mine to work toward.
I'm going to have to think about what I want my goals for 2010 to be. Right now I have 2, but I'm going to have to think about it and I'm also going to post it so I can be accountable and keep everyone up to date as to when and what I accomplish. Thanks for such a great idea. Report
Here where my three wishes for 2010:

1. Finish redecorating first floor of our home, 2 bedrooms and bath to go.

2. Visit son and his family and daughter and her family both in Ca.

3. Reach my goal weight

To make my wishes come true, I resolved to:

* Set time and money aside each month for each room until it is complete.

* Save money for our trip while planning a trip based on the money saved.

* Eat, exercise and live a Spark life that allows me to be at a healthier fitness level. Report
I am hoping for a better 2010. 2009 has been a challenging year with many setbacks and disappointments..... Report
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