Poll: Did You Get a Flu Shot This Year?

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Every year, especially since having kids, I go back and forth about getting the flu shot. My family is generally healthy and we don't usually get much more than a routine cough and cold during the winter. My husband works in a hospital where the flu shot is mandatory, and since my daughter started preschool, I've gotten them for my children, too. But I've never gotten the flu shot, which I might live to regret some day.

This year, my daughter got pretty sick about a week after getting her flu shot. She had a fever and ended up not eating (only drinking) for almost a week. It takes about two weeks for your body to gain protection after being vaccinated, and I think she probably caught something during that time. What she had was really no worse than an average case of the flu, so I was a little frustrated that she got sick anyway. But maybe it will keep her from getting sick again this season.

The Centers for Disease Control recommend than anyone over 6 months of age get an annual flu vaccine. Thousands of people die from the flu each year, and certain groups (like the elderly and pregnant woman) are more at-risk than others. The CDC estimates that 200,000 people are hospitalized from the flu each year. For more information on the flu and how to protect yourself, check out the CDC's website.

Did you get a flu shot this year?

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I gave for the past 11 years, I work in Healthcare & it's required. I get mine at work shortly after the vaccine is available. Knock on wood, I've not been sick in over 14 years. Report
I have to get the shot because it is required where I work. If I had the choice, absolutely NOT. Unfortunately, I can't get a job that will pay the bills as well without requiring me to get this shot.

Every year, I have numbness in the arm that I had it in, it'll go away after a few hours, but I am always worried that one year, it won't go away and I'll be stuck with one arm that doesn't work (the numbness runs down through the thumb of the affected side.

I also can't use hand sanitizer (the resulting rash and oozing open sores is more likely to be a breeding ground for germs than anything else). But plain mild soap (like you would use for a baby) and water kept me from getting ill with the flu for over 20 years before I got roped into mandatory vaccination.

I don't believe the flu shot is a good idea. Common sense hand-washing does just as well and doesn't leave me worried that some day I'll be paralyzed in one arm and it won't go away. Report
The last time I had a flue jab I was really il for two weeks, never again ! Report
My doctors advised against it. Report
I do get the flu shot every year. All except for one year, I have had body aches, a slight fever and fatigue afterwards. The shot is not a live virus, but if you read side effects, it's all normal. You feel as though you have the flu...That said, it has protected me time and again from getting the flu even though I have tons of others around me getting sick. Since I am in family's homes and with preschoolers all day, I just think it's the responsible thing for me to do. Report
NOPE & can't remember the last time I've had the flu w/o getting the flu shot. In the the late '90's, Every yr I got the flu shot, w/in 2 wks I had the flu. GOD's honest truth. Since I quit getting them, I haven't gotten the flu. I ALSO don't eat a lot of processed foods, so my nutrients come in natural form. Report
Nope, I'm allergic....the first (and last) one I got nearly killed me.... Report
I have gotten the flu shot every year for the last 20 years, ever since My preschool son and I had it so bad that I wanted to die. At that same time our small town did have a guy in his 20's that did die from complications of the flu. I have not had the flu since then. Report
To each their own...I get one every year, I have asthma and fall into that class of "have to". In my 20's I skipped a few years, my son and I did NOT get the flu, but we both ended up with bad pneumonia and hospitalized for a week, my poor baby, he was only 7 months old, I thought I was going to die, so I stopped taking chances, for both of us!
I worked for the fed. prison system for over 9 years, and for the last 2 years I work at a college, both are jobs that put a person in contact with multiple persons that don't care or think much about germs! LOL! Report
I volunteer in a hospital, so I get the shots for free.
I don't think vaccines are likely to be dangerous. Many people think vaccines are dangerous because of that British doctor who apparently lied about the connection between vaccines and Alzheimers. (The papers were full of the story of his fraud recently.)
My only objection to flu shots is I think they're a waste of money for most people unless they have impaired immune systems. Report
I never had one, and I'm lucky that I haven't had the flu in my entire adult life. Now that I've said that, I probably will. I actually got a coupon for a free flu shot through my insurance company, so I really don't have a reason not to, other than my intense dislike of needles. Report
Nope, for a number of reasons. 1. My Doctor doesn't want me to despite having an auto-immune disease. 2. Don't trust them 3. unemployed and can't afford one even if I wanted to. Report
After two of my pets nearly dying and requiring emergency hospitalization due to their vaccines, and living my entire 30+ years sans vaccinations and sans any health issues - it'd take a police state to vaccinate me for anything. Report
We volunteer in a hospital and all employees and volunteers are required to have them (the hospital provides them for free). Report
I choose not to get one for personal reasons, I am not against vaccinations, but I don't like the idea of yearly flu shots. If I had to get one for my job I would. I dislike people telling me that I am wrong and/or stupid for not getting one (my family included). I vaccinate my daughter who is in school, but not myself. It is my body and my choice. Report
The only year i got one is the only year I came closest to getting the flu. Haven't gotten one since and haven't come close to getting the flu since. Report
I can never have a flu shot again. Although I am a big advocate of vaccines, I had a severe reaction to a flu shot (very rare) that left me in a doctors care for a long time. To SUGARPLUM85 I did not know that pertussis vaccines expired, until I myself contracted whooping cough. Why don't the doctors tell you this, especially if you work in a school system? Report
Although I truly believe in vaccinations (And all of you adults who are around children and have not updated your Pertussis vaccine-Shame on you!!!) I tend to be resistant to getting the flu vaccine for no good reason. All my other vaccinations are up to date and when I work and they require me to get one I do. However, I wash my hands, take care of myself and do not seem to get the flu. (Now I am asking for it!) I may change my mind as I age but we'll see. Report
btw, people who say "I got the flu and then I got the flu" do not understand the current science of flu shot production. And people like my mother who say "I never get the flu anyway" are simply haven't gotten the flu YET. It is very unlikely that they are Supermen who are immune to a very contagious disease. They have simply been fortunate. Report
I have had the flu. I don't understand people who don't get the shots. My elderly mother is one. It's foolish. Report
Don't ever get a flu shot even though I work at a elementary school. I don't like shots and got very tired of getting poked when I was pregnant. I wash my hands alot and I haven't sucuumbed to the flu. Report
I have been getting the flu shot for the past few years, but I didn't do it this year. Most of my life I've very rarely gotten the flu and only once before I had my daughter did I get the flue shot. Report
I always get a flu shot. I work at a college, and dorms are a breeding ground for germs. Every year, there's at least one "plague" that spreads like wildfire across campus but thankfully it's usually not terrible severe (stomach bugs, colds, etc rather than bacterial meningitis, for example). I caught the H1N1 (swine) flu last year before the vaccine was out and it was awful; I ended up with a secondary bacterial infection from my immune system being weakened by the flu. Don't want to go through that again! Report
I always get a flu shot even though I hardly ever got the flu. Guess it is an age thing, I know a lot of people that do not get the shot. Report
I never get the flu shot, and never get sick. Maybe I have a good constitution, but I like to believe it's partly because I wash my hands and don't touch my face. I have 3 teenagers (18, 18, 15) who have never had it also and hardly ever get sick. Report
I didn't get a flu shot this year and wish I did! First year we skipped as a family and it's already impacted us. Report
yes, I get it every year Report
i got the flu shot in October, so far so good!!!!!!!!!!!! No flu Report
i am surprised that FluMist hasn't been discussed here, especially for all of you afraid of the needles. You take it thru a mist squirted in your nose, it's easy, quick, and it works! My children and I have gotten it for the last several years, and we have not gotten sick at all. Report
i am surprised that FluMist hasn't been discussed here, especially for all of you afraid of the needles. You take it thru a mist squirted in your nose, it's easy, quick, and it works! My children and I have gotten it for the last several years, and we have not gotten sick at all. Report
The only time I have ever had the flu in my life was after having a flu shot. That was many, many years ago and I have never had another one. My company shamed me into it, they were giving it for free and started in about "if you get sick and miss work after we have offered you the flu shot . . . . . " In the 16 years I worked there THAT was the only time I ever missed work. Took the shot on a Thursday, started feeling sick on Friday and missed almost 2 weeks of work. I have never been that sick in my life. That was long before I had weight to lose, but I lost down to 97 pounds. They never asked me to take it again. And I have never taken it again. If I worked someplace that required it, I would quit. Report
I got my flu shot in October and at the end of December I got the flu. Report
I began getting annual flu shot when I began my first job out of college in 1990, as my employers have offered them for free. My OB/Gyns recommended them with my pregnancies, and now my allergist recommends it because of my asthma. Both kids have gotten them every year, and now my husband does too. Anything I can do to reduce our risk is worth it. Report
I always get flu shots; my employer provides them free. This year our shot was for both the regular flu strain & H1N1.

I have had really debilitating flu in the past, & I'm thankful not to be vulnerable to it nowadays. Report
Because of my allergy to eggs, I can't get a flu shot. Report
No I am much more concerned about the flu shot and additives in it then the very low chance of my suffering long term negative effects in the unlikely case of my contacting influenza. Report
not everyone is a "cookie cutter" and for me I don't take it because the side effects..people forget it's toxins~ hint man made not grown from the ground, chances are you Will end up playing roulette~ my uncle after the shot he got so severe , he end up hospitalized with pneumonia yes pneumonia!!!! I go natural and yes I end up with the flu and I have an autoimmune disease, I didn't die...I already have enough pharmaceuticals and doctors shoving me pills down my throat~ people in America are destroying themselves because of greed and keeping everything under the rug...for crying out loud there is vaccine now (no lie) for crack addicts LOL... Report
One problem is many people don't know the difference between the "flu" and a "cold virus" and cough, think they are the same thing. No thanks to all the ads on tv for over the counter meds to keep people going out and about, spreading their germs everywhere. I get flu shots because my dh, who had a liver transplant several years ago, and is diabetic from the anti-rejection meds he must take, he HAS to get the flu shots, and since I'm his caregiver, I have to have it too. So far, we haven't had anything, but you never know what will come around next. Like chicken pox and mumps is beginning to spread around again. Report
Having worked with small children all of my adult years I get at least 1 flu shot every year. This year our doctor recommended 2 shots. So far, so good. Report
I use to get the flu shot before 1985, and then I was sticken with Guillian Barre Syndrome tht same year. It is not recommended because of the outbreak with GBS in 1976. Report
I have never had the flu shot and never plan on getting it. My hubby got it 20 yrs ago and was deathly ill for a week afterwards-that is 2nd time for him so he won't ever get it again either even though he has many health issues. Not worth the risk to us. Neither of us have had the flu in the ensuing years so....think we are better off without it. Report
I hadn't had my flu shot in years, and every year I would get horribly, horribly sick for at least a week, several times a season. Finally, last year I got my flu shot and didn't get sick once. I'm a believer now. Report
The toxins contained in these vaccines (not the virus) cause all kinds of autoimmune and and neurological disorders. Big Pharma has paid big bucks to keep this quiet. If you don't research it for yourself, you will never hear the truth. Report
I certainly did. I get a flu shot every year, never mind for yourself......if you get sick, and carry it to an elderly person or an immune compromised person, shame on you. I used to work with the public, and I started getting the flu shot then. I believe it is a must. you cannot get sick from the flu shot, it is a dead virus. Report
No, I never do. I have not had the flu in about 18 years. I have a good immune system as I used to work in a grocery store with people coming in coughing and sneezing all over the place and still never got the flu. now I am retired and don't see many people so figure if I didn't get it then I probably won't now. Report
I haven't gotten it yet, but probably should. I'm a student and kids just looooove to come to class hacking and wheezing with no regard for the health of other people. I don't really blame them, though, I blame the unrealistic pressure that businesses and universities place on students and employees to work while they are sick. Report
The part they don't tell you is that the shots contain mercury (thimerosol), aluminum, and formaldehyde. No one is going to inject me with these neurotoxins! Report
I get the flu shot every year!! Report
I have never gotten the flu shot either. I have a great immune system and don't need an artificial one! Report
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