Connect Apple Health to Your SparkPeople App and Automatically Track Your Fitness

By , The guy who's just super excited about Apple Health.

iOS SparkPeople Mobile users, it’s time to dance on the rooftops and shout in the streets: Starting right now you can connect your app to Apple Health!

Since we launched Google Fit integration for our Android users a few months ago, one of the biggest requests we’ve received from our members on the Apple side was that we open the iOS version of our app to Apple Health; today we’re happy to bring that integration to you.

Why Apple Health? Because it automatically tracks your steps and movement.

Apple Health is a baked-in part of Apple’s iOS operating system--if you have an iPhone, Apple Watch or iPod, it’s likely already on your device. With Apple Health, your iOS device can automatically count your steps, how active you are, and how many calories you burn throughout the day. It's a wonderful functionality that allows Apple users to track their fitness without having to buy a dseperate fitness tracker.

Apple Health also lets app developers like us to tap into the exercise data your device gathers for you already and send that data to our app. Instead of manually entering your exercise data into our app, you can now just let your device track for you and push the data right into your SparkPeople account.

How do you connect Apple Health to SparkPeople Mobile?

It’s easy! The first time you visit the log screen in your SparkPeople Mobile app, we’ll push you a full screen popup that will ask you which types of data you’d like to share from Apple Health to our app. We ask for your permission to track: steps, distance walked, active calories burned, active minutes and flights climbed. You can grant us access to as many of these data points as you’d like by toggling the little switch to the “on” position (the switch will turn green).

When you’ve decided what you’d like to share from your device to our app, click the “Allow” button at the top right of the window and you’ll be good to go. Your information should start flowing into the SparkPeople Mobile app within minutes and you won’t have to do anything else except experience a better picture of your total wellness. :)

A few things to keep in mind though, Apple users. 

In order to take advantage of Apple Health, you have to be running iOS 8 or more recent; this isn’t our rule--Apple only has Health enabled for iOS 8 or above. And Apple Health only comes with iPhones, iTouch and the Apple Watch. So if you’re using an iPod Nano or Shuffle when you’re out running, you’re out of luck.

If you’re an Android user, don’t feel left out: Our app already connects with Google Fit. To find out more about how Google Fit can fit into your healthy lifestyle journey, check out this blog.

We hope this change makes you as happy as it makes us!

Let us know if this Apple Health integration makes it easier for you to reach your goals and how. And remember, this is just one of the many data sharing connections we have available for the SparkPeople app. To see a full list of all the devices and apps we can share data with, check out this page.