Confession: My Sugar Addiction has Returned

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Back in May, I wrote a blog titled "Confession: I'm Breaking My Sugar Addiction". At that point I had significantly cut back on the amount of candy, cookies, cake, etc. that I was consuming. I felt better (both physically and mentally) and had more energy. I thought I had finally changed my eating habits, only eating treats now and then (instead of daily.) But since then, things haven't exactly gone as planned….

Basically, I fell off the "less sugar" wagon. Back in September I suffered a running injury and had a few other things happen in my life that threw me for a loop. Instead of staying focused on my goals, I started to get off track. It wasn't until a few months later that I realized I had fallen back into my old sugar addiction habits: I craved sweets after lunch and dinner, and instead of being satisfied with something small, I wanted bigger things- like a giant piece of my son's birthday cake instead of a reasonable slice. I've gained a few pounds back, but I try not to stress about that too much. What has disappointed me more than anything is that I know exactly what I need to do to get back on track. But so far, I haven't done it.

Every day I wake up saying "Today is the day where I will feel good instead of guilty about my food choices." But every day I find one reason or another why I need that extra handful of M&M's. I know that my body can quickly get used to cutting back on the dessert and I won't crave it so much. So what is it going to take to get my mind onboard? I felt like writing this blog is making me put it out there, and publicly say that enough is enough. My diet is generally very healthy, but sweets are my downfall. I'm tired of feeling guilty, so it's time to make the changes necessary for me to feel better about my food choices. It's time for me to get back on the wagon and start practicing what I preach.

So here we go…….

What do you think? Have you recently fallen off-track with your goals? What are you doing to get things moving in the right direction again?

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Just get rid of all candy from the house ..When you have a craving for sugar or sweets , eat a fruit .. you need to cut it at the source ..Works for me . Report
Thank you for this blog. Even though I know that I am not alone in this struggle, it is nice to read about others tackling this problem. Report
I am in the exact same boat. I have a wicked sweet tooth. Report
I can completely relate. I'm simply disgusted with myself. Report

I can totally relate. That has happened to me. I not back on the wagon yet, but it has slowed way down. Report
Sugar creeps back into my food plan. My mind says " A little won't hurt." We know where that leads us! When I eat sugar one day, I crave it the next day, too. It takes me about 2- 1/2 days to wean myself off of sugar. I find by having lots of sugar fee jello around really helps, even with a touch of milk or half/half gets me through the cravings. I also cut back on bread as well. Tomorrow is another day, and I'll do the best I can. We all will. Report
I like so many others could have written this blog word for word.I was never bad r sugar up until about a month ago.Now sugar is all I want ,and want ,and want.I also am not geting the exercise I need.I need t start,but don't quite know how. Report
I was just telling my husband this afternoon that my sugar addiction is so bad that I don't even want real food anymore. Once I start eating the healthy food, it tastes good, but I have to force myself to make dinner. I'd rather graze on sweets all evening. I had cut my dessert intake by having hot tea at night with honey first. It usually suffices! Tonight was an apple instead of the candy and cookies! Thanks for sharing, EVERYONE! Report
I could have written this blog exactly like it is for myself! Every day I say it's a new day, and then I go right ahead and eat that sugar anyway. What's even worse, I can't get into a consistent exercise routine.
So, how do we fix it????? Report
I could have written this blog exactly like it is for myself! Every day I say it's a new day, and then I go right ahead and eat that sugar anyway. What's even worse, I can't get into a consistent exercise routine. Report
I'm in the same boat. It's been hard with so much temptation around the holidays. Report
OMG.........did I write this blog??? This sounds so familiar. It's exactly what I've been experiencing my whole life. I have fallen off my sweet free wagon too and little by little I've reverted into my old ways. I know I felt better when I was limiting my sugar. I've just got to find what works and dig myself out of this hole. Report
Like so many others, it is good to know that I was not alone in my struggle. I have been trying hard to stay conscious of everything i put in my mouth- i eat more fruit and veggies during the day so if I do go a little over on the sugar i find i am still not too far out of my calorie range, but the downside is - i am not losing but maintaining! I have made a decision though that I will work through this and win this battle it will not have control of me! Keep fighting, victory will come! Report
I find it very hard to get back off sugar, although everything you say is true and I have experienced it. But knowing that soon the sugar cravings will lessen and I will feel more energy - well, that's delayed gratification and I'm REALLY NOT GOOD AT THAT! (My inner child shrieking there.)
All that works for me is running. Every time I run, I swear off sweets so that running will be easier. Plus, I get energy from running right away - immediate gratification! I think swimming or biking, anything that you can pursue like running, would work the same way. Best of luck and get moving! Report
I am a sugar addict too. Nothing is ever too sweet or too rich. I can be OK till I get a small taste in my mouth. Then it's on and God help me. Maybe I should pray before I take a bite. Ask for help. Something has to help. Report
Wow, Jen, you've struck a nerve here. Lots of people are going through what you are, including me! I recently finished reading The End of Overeating, which discusses the chemical reactions that occur in the body when a person eats food, and it seems so logical that some people would be addicted to alcohol, some to drugs, some to food, including sugar. I struggle with it daily, so I empathize. My advice is not to give up, and recognize that when you are ready to take the first steps towards controlling the sugar intake, don't be hard on yourself about falling off the wagon. Look ahead, not back! Report
I too can relate, It is a tough time of year and sugar is definitely an addiction. However, rather than empathize we must "reframe" the positives and simply move forward. I liked the following spark blog about falling off the wagon to help me reframe.

Fall down 6 times, get up 7. :) Report
I have recently fallen off-track with every single goal! However, unlike previous "diet" attempts, while unhappy with that, I am not discouraged. I dont' feel the need to "start over" or give up. I am in this for life - which means making mistakes, occasionally failing at goals and picking myself back up and moving further down the road to better healthy. The things I'm doing to help with this - I joined (through SparkTeams) the 2010 5% Winter Challenge Community, whose goal is to "have fun as we lose 5% of our weight, make new friends and improve our health," signed up for a 10K and a training team for it which starts in January and I have committed (and so far stuck with) recording everything in my Nutrition Tracker - the good, the bad and the ugly. SparkPeople has helped me so much with changing my mindset. Report
I hit a bad spot about 3 months ago when I started running. I found that I could eat more sweets & not gain weight. Only I finally realized I wasn't losing hardly either. Now it's Christmas & the 12 days of desserts @ the office & Holiday parties & cookie exchanges.

Today is my day for contributing to the 12 days of Christmas.... my co-worker & I made smart choices though... fruit, hummus & pita chips. I figure I'll give myself a good chance for today to staying healthier.

I'm happy to say that I'm stilll losing about a lb a week but I berate myself every day when I put something else bad in my mouth. How do I condition myself back to not eating the sweet stuff?

Thank-you for voicing so eloquently what so many of us are currently experiencing, or are trying to deal. You've pegged the nail on the proverbial head.

I fall off the bandwagopn on average twice a week. But I still keep going. My motivation is mainly my 17 month old son. I want to be around to spend as much time as I can with him. Report
You have said everything in this blog that I was/am thinking and going through! THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this.

Sweets are my downfall as well and I am trying and working really hard on this and I did do well at one point and then BOOM (work stress). I am working on my goals again by giving myself little rewards along the way (i.e., books, CD and my big one Day at the Spa). Report
Thank you for posting this. I am in that same boat ever morning I say I am going to do better and don't. It is always a struggle. Report
YOu are helping me to get thte motivation to control the sugar craving ..your blog post was so me!!I have just got started but have lost no weight because of this! Report
I, too, thought I'd left my sugar addiction behind. I was doing SO good! But then the last couple of months, I've been bombarded with, its back on the wagon for me. Nice to know that I'm not the only one :) Report
Oh my, oh my, oh my. I am not alone. Your blog and each of the comments spoke to me and my weaknesses. You will get back on track. I will get back on track. These lovely folks who have admitted to this, they too, will get back on track. It just takes time. Thank you for sharing.
TerrBear Report
Thank you so much for sharing. I've fallen off the bandwagon myself. The difference is I have a french fry addiction. I find myself grabbing fried potatoes of somekind at every meal! I work at a remote camp where all of the meals are prepaired for me. When I go through the food line and see the fries, it makes it next to impossible to avoid grabbing them. Out of sight out of mind is my moto and it doesn't work when I'm at work! Report
Crying as I write this. I live so many of your comments. I had lost 70 gave up soda( still not drinking it), was eating fruit and doing so well and then so many things happened that I ue them as an excuse but the real culprit is me. I have low self esteem, self-=control and no watso ever willpower to say no. I still amoff soda but sneaking other things and keep asking myself why? No answer of course because avoidance is my specialty and if confronted, I make like a turtle til it gives up and does away. So today I am committing myself to stopping, detoxxiong and admitting that I have a sugar addiction. I know that sugar leads me back into depression and today is the anniversary of my grandmother passing away and I want out of my pit. Let go we can do this one step at a time. Report
I had always heard that if you did something for 2 weeks, you will have established a new habit. I've gone for more than a month and then drifted off. I feel better that I'm not alone. Report
Great post, Thanks! I need to know that I am not the only one who has slid back into old habits. I also have not been exercising for several months. I had lost 45 pounds and had run a 1/2 marathon and was feeling good about my body and my health. Then I just kind of quit. I have gained back 15 pounds that I promised myself I'd never gain back! I was going through rough times with my elderly mother and her poor health but that is just an excuse, not a reason. She did pass away and I know it was hard during that time. But, much of the time, it is just laziness on my part. I decided yesterday that I had to quit all the sugar and start a bit of exercise or I'd gain more back over the holidays. So, now I have had 2 almost sugar free days and I did workout today! Your post is motivating to me! Report
Oh, Jen. I cannot thank you enough for posting this. You managed to knock me off my "refusal to admit" plane where I've been parked out. I realized a couple of years ago that I really am addicted to sugar. I've read so much about how limiting yourself to a bite or a little slice of cake or one cookie is the best way to go. That if you deny yourself sugar, you will just begin to crave it and then fall off and begin to binge. Well, I realized finally that that does not work with my chemistry. I am addicted to sugar in the same way that an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol. And you would NEVER suggest that an alcoholic should just take one drink.
It is actually true that once I give it up and then go through the misery of ridding my body of it and the effects of it, the craving goes away. I just have to make sure I have good fresh fruit in the house as a replacement. Because white sugar sabotages everything I do.
I fell off the wagon about a year ago and have not been able to get myself back up there. I think if we all jump together, it might help.
Thank you, Jen, for your open in-your-face honesty. It always helps to know you aren't alone out there. Report
Ugh! Another post to which I can relate. I know I could do better and loose more. With that said I'm pleased that I now eat only one slice of cake (maybe even a large slice) instead 3 or the whole cake! I've come a long way and it will always be a learning process. Report
Thanks for "confessing" your sugar addiction. I too was doing great and since Halloween, I've been eating far more candy, cookies, pie, cake, etc. than I should. I've regained about 7 pounds, but I've already committed myself to getting back on track after the New Year...and I'm going to loose that last 20 pounds!!! Report
It is hard this time of year...isn't it? It is also difficult when things happen to cause stress, anxiety or sadness.

The bottom line is there are always going to be reasons to eat things we shouldn't. There is also always going to be something on our "to do" list that seems more pressing than exercise.

What isn't okay is that you are allowing yourself to feel guilty. You can do it! You have already accomplished so much and you have certainly proven you are capable of gaining control over those tiny little M&Ms.

Maybe the problem is that you are too focused on the areas where you are falling off the wagon and NOT taking the time to focus on those things you ARE doing well. I challenge you to take a moment to list 5 things you did great today. I bet you will feel more control over those scary M&Ms then :-). Report
you're singing my song sister! i say that very same thing to myself everyday..and i've yet to go to bed thinking, "You did good today, kid!" Maybe tomorrow.. Report
Thank you for sharing your frustration with sugar addiction. I'm going
through same, sneaking brownies.. chocolates. I was 197 got down to 125 have gained 15 back !
I do good for most part, but even a little piece of sugarfree gum has
a snowball effect on me .... I crave more sugar.
I have read eating protein helps curb sugar cravings. Well best of luck for all
of us who fell off the wagon. Report
I sure have fallen off. Since mid-summer I have gone off and on again. Sugar has been my downfall. It is like a drug to me...I can't stop (yes I can...). I plan on easing up on myself and waiting until Christmas is over to get back on track. Report
After a three month break from routine on a camping trip I found it really difficult to get back to my healthy routine. At last I am beginning to get things together and the biggest motivator for me was to reassess my goals, looking forward to an event, reconsidering my health and why it was going downhill, were just two things that helped me get back on track. Report
i always try getting back on track by taking small steps until they turn into bigger steps and become a habit. Report
I too like sweets too much. But now I just eat the fun size candy bars in three small thin cut pieces and that is usually enough for me to get thru the craving...

I could not imagine not eating sweets at all it would be way to hard but I have managed to keep my sweet urges under control on most days Report
Stop buying the stuff because you cannot trust yourself. We all fall off but the important thing is that you get back on.... Report
I could have written this blog myself! Words cannot describe how happy I feel reading this. Not because I am happy that your sweet tooth has reared its ugly head. Thta's not it at all. It's just that for the last month or so I have been doing EXACTLY the same thing and it's so nice to know that I am not alone.

Today is the first day in more than a month where I can look back and say 'I've done it'! (plenty of water, fruits and veg and exercise) and that feels amazing. Long may it continue-and for you, too! Report
Jen, thank you so much for your honesty. It's so good to hear about people's struggles as well as the victories. I reached my first year anniversary on Dec 15 of having started my weight loss journey. It has not gone as I have planned at all, but the main thing I have learned, esp from SparkPeople, is the importance of consistency. Just keeping on keeping on. I wish you the best in your goal of getting sugar out of your life. You're an inspiration! Report
Thank you for this confession, Jen. I too have fallen off the wagon and regained more than just a few pounds... Like you sweets but also crackers, chips and such are my downfall. I know what to do but I don't feel motivated enough... :-(
I woke up this morning telling myself that today was the day I would get back to my healthy habits of eating, just like yesterday and the day before... [sighs] Report
It seems like this is a common problem.. almost 200 resposes.. I too fell off the sugar wagon in September and even though I have only gained a few pounds I feel so much better staying away from sweets than I do induldging in them... I am trying very hard to stay away from them and I will be more diligent about it when the holidays are over... I hope we can all kick our sugar addictions and I know that bread is a culprit too.. once we start with those starchy foods the need for sweets intensify's.... Best of luck everyone.... Report
This article is perfectly timed as I have had some issues lately. I am refocusing on me. I recently joined Planet Fitness with my husband and we have been going at least 3 times a week. I have started, again, to journal daily and recently upgraded my phone to a I have the SparkPeople app on my phone...that REALLY helps! Report
I think I threw myself off a 3 story bandwagon and the climb seems so high and rewards so low at times it's really hard to convince myself to even start the climb back up. I have told myself all year how wonderful I was doing. Following a diet plan and exercising a little here and there. Not losing a ton of weight but doing it the 'healthy' way right? I got tired of the no results part and started a gym early Oct. thinking the structured exercising would help push my weigh on down. It did help me knock off a few pounds from Oct to the beginning of Dec but by the beginning of Dec I started gaining again? I gained 8 pounds between 2 and 3 weeks! That's with staying on plan and exercising 5 to 6 times a week at the gym! (You can see where this is going right?) First week I made excuses, just fluid, right? Second week? Gain again...what is the excuse? Third week totaled up 8 pounds and still couldn't find a reason in sight. Sooo.... Here comes anger...and resentment...and crased into the sweets.... If I'm gonna gain the weigh anyway, why not enjoy what I've been missing for a year now? I went on a sweet binge...and now it's so hard to stop. All this week I'd almost rather eat sweets than eat a regular meal. Each day I tell myself I'm going to regret it if I dont get back on track but it's hard to convince myself to get back up again after working so hard and trying to do everything the right way. It would have been ok to stay at the same weight or even do like it had been doing all year.... Loose a pound or two one week and gain it the next... But I always knew I would loose it the next week. That's just how my body seemed to handle this. But a constant gain? That's almost put me back to 200 pounds again and turned me into a two year old screaming "That's not fair!!" Report
Oh my gosh, as one who is addicted to sweets and has tried to substitute the habit, I am always woefully on the loser end rather than the winner side. I also have realized that much of my eating is due to boredom and not to hunger. I have also tried to work on that with substitution - it is a long, onerous road! Report
I could have written this blog - especially the part where every morning I start with a "This is the day I get back on track" attitude, only to slip back into my old habits. ((((big sigh)))) Report
Wow, I have such a huge problem with sugar too! Especially baked goods!!! Report
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