Combating the Nighttime Feeding Frenzy

By , bmiSMART

It’s Not Your Willpower That’s to Blame

Ever eat healthfully all day just to go on a feeding frenzy at night? You may have fallen into an all-too-common scenario: You whip up a green smoothie for breakfast; bring your water and carrot chips to work; and eat a healthy dinner; only to have it all go downhill after the sun sets.

It’s no secret that many of us turn into snackaholics after dinner (sometimes inhaling more calories in those evening hours than we did all day), and the frequency of nighttime snacking is increasing. In fact, it’s up 92 percent in the last four years with 90 percent of adults (aged 18-34) indulging in after-dinner treats. But why do so many strong-willed dieters fail at night?

Unfortunately for nighttime snackers, biology is working against you. Cravings rise up and will power comes crashing down. It’s a nighttime roller coaster ride that can sabotage even the most diligent.

What Turns Willpower into a Weakling? Too Many Choices.

Believe it or not, making choices all day can turn the most iron-willed person into a nighttime weakling. Even simple choices, like choosing which brand of jam to buy at the grocery store can drain your resolve by evening. Researchers at Columbia University discovered that as you make more and more choices throughout the day, each one becomes harder and harder for your brain. Why? Because willpower is a mental muscle that fatigues just like other muscles.

Other research studies have shown that the brain doesn’t stop working when fatigued; it simply stops doing some things and starts doing others. So what does a tired brain do? It starts acting impulsively. It responds more to immediate rewards and pays less attention to long-term healthy goals.

Why Killer Cravings Strike at Night

When your brain gets tired, it also highjacks your hormones and neurotransmitters to ramp up cravings—all in an effort to get you to consume glucose (usually in the form of sugary snacks). That’s why you can start the day with the most virtuous intentions…only to end it slumped on the couch with a bag full of chips or a bowl full of ice cream by nightfall.

Fortify Your Willpower with I-CONTROL

I-CONTROL is a clinically tested, plant-based supplement designed to reduce appetite and minimize cravings. When taken an hour after dinner, the supplement’s ingredient, Redusure™, absorbs water, keeping your stomach feeling more full longer. In addition, the complex may slow the intestine’s absorption of glucose, which helps your body manage glucose levels, allowing you to feel satisfied, even while consuming fewer calories.

So when the sun sets and cravings hit, restore drained willpower supplies with the stabilizing, satiating effects of I-CONTROL from bmiSMART