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Coach Nicole Has One Cool Career, Says Local Paper

By , SparkPeople Blogger
A few weeks ago, I received an email from a local reporter who wanted to interview me for a feature story about cool careers. The reporter's co-worker is an avid SparkPeople member who suggested that she interview "Coach Nicole" at SparkPeople. I was flattered! Of course, I think I have an awesome job, but I didn't know that others felt the same about it as I do.

The story, "10 Cool People, 10 Cool Careers," published yesterday in Cincinnati's Cin Weekly paper, featured 10 young professionals who love what they do. Like Stepfanie, working at SparkPeople is my dream job, so I was excited to talk about my "cool career" and Spread the Spark at the same time. Here's a link to the article, as well as some behind the scenes info that didn't make it into the story.

Nicole Nichols, Editor and Content Manager
(You can see all 10 cool careers here, too.)

With all the talk about the Wii Fit, office gym and "Beer Fridays," at the end of the article, it may seem like working at SparkPeople is all fun and games. Sometimes it is (we don't take ourselves too seriously), but we are serious about what we do. Every person on our small team works hard to help others, putting in long days at the office and checking in on nights and weekends, too. I think everyone here has a cool career—our work directly helps millions of people realize their goals and dreams.

I wouldn't trade what I do for almost anything, and although I dreamt of writing for a fitness magazine when I was in college, I'm here to stay. Where else would I get to write healthy lifestyle articles, design workouts, create cool features, answer questions, shoot videos, blog about fitness, make DVDs, meet new friends, review new products and feel inspired every day? (It's a busy job but someone has to do it.)

The fact that every time I do one of those things, I'm directly helping someone learn how to live healthier—that is the only thanks I need for doing the job that I love. So thank YOU for making my cool career possible! Keep Spreading the Spark!

Do you think Coach Nicole has one cool career? What is your dream job?

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Congrats on the article, Nicole! I envy your being able to do what you love and love what you do. Good for you! I wish I could have that in my life. I'm hoping I can, someday! Baby steps....:) Report
Great Job!!! and as you can see we all love you, Please keep up the great work Report
"But many of the readers may not relate to her workplace."

That sort of makes it look negative to have those things. Otherwise good article. And I do think Coach Nicole has a cool job (for her :-) ).

I enjoy all that you offer to us, Coach Nicole, and always enjoy reading the information that you share. Report
Congratulations on being featured in the paper! OF COURSE you have a cool career!! I'll admit I'm a little jealous of it :) :) Congrats!! Report
Congrats!!! I think being a fitness instructor is awesome! Right now, my dream job is to become a photographer. I am currently taking some courses so, we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck! Report
You sound so happy in your job, which matters the most! Report
This would be a dream job for me. Report
Coach Nicole does an awesome job. Love the fitness DVD's. Love the bootcamp videos I've had my dream job. Retired now from that, Working on the next. Report
Sounds like a cool job & UR in the ideal shape to keep up with physical work outs. I think it would be ideal to have a job like that.

Right now, I have something very important to do & that is to get in shape, so I do not feel like a big ape: L.O.L.

I just found me a Spark Buddy, after a long while & I'm so happy & blessed with it. She just wrote me my 1st letter today & I have yet to check it, after this reply. Then off to work I go, @ my workout, etc.......!!

Cyndi Report
My perfect job would be one that allows me the flexability to make my own hours; that I am not tied to a desk; I would really like to be a special events coordinator. Anyone have an opening for that type of job anywhere? Let me know.

Thanks, H Report
Coach Nicole, you are too cool! You do have a great job, I think all of you at Spark have a great job! Very nice article in Cin Weekly. Report
I think working for Spark People would be one of the coolest careers! How perfect is it to get paid for helping people achieve their goals and dreams every day while simultaneously developing your own health and wellness. I would love that opportunity! Report
I think that is great. I love what I do as well and I love getting up going to work. I help people everyday and go beyond what is expected because I want that type of service. My job is important because without my documents many can't get a job, license, go into the service or even get an apartment. I am also into the fitness thing and have been for quite some time. After I finish using myself as a test model and I will look into becoming a fitness trainer. My GF says I will make an awesome aerobics instructor. She believes my personality will have the peeps in the class more than the workout. Will see.... Report
Congratulations on the article. What an honor. I read it and your picture is cute too. Report
That's awesome you have your dream job! I'm still thinking about mine...
I've been contemplating becoming a fitness instructor since I lost weight. But first I want to maintian for at least a year before I think about such a career seriously. But I like encouraging others to get/stay fit and healthy, so I think it'd be a job I'd enjoy. Report
You are very lucky indeed! I'm getting laid off this year due to a bank merger, and at my age will probably not get anything else, or anything I like, so hang on to your job whatever it is right now! Report
Coach Nicole has an awesome job and does it extremely well. I also love the idea of helping others and have recently enrolled in a course to receive certification in Fitness and Nutrition as a Certified Personal Trainer. I am loving it! I do work full time in sales and do not love that. Report
Are you kidding? Working for SP is one cool career! And Coach Nicole, you do your job so well - like another reader said - it's win-win for all of us! Report
Most definitely a cool career!

At age 61, I wouldn't call mine a career, but definitely a cool job. After spending 40 years of my life career building, I am now in a position to have a really cool job. Not a big money maker, but I'm doing what I want, when I want to, and having a blast. I took courses and classes to become a nutritional consultant, fitness instructor, personal trainer, and cooking teacher. I teach nutritional/cooking classes and fitness classes (aerobic dance and Pilates at the moment), as well as working with individual clients. I get paid to do what I would be doing anyway....doesn't get any better than that! Report
Read the article and it was good. Report
I am glad that Nicole is a part of Sparkpeople! I love reading her articles! Report
You get to have a cool job and we're lucky to have you. EVERYBODY wins!! Report
Congrats!!! That is much to be proud of =) Report
Congrats Nicole on the article! And thanks for helping us live better too!!!!!!! Report
Congrats Coach Nicole
You not only enjoy what you do, but it also keeps you healthy as well. What a 'Win-Win' situation.
In a couple of years I look forward to retirement and I hope to find a job (part-time or full) that is different, challenging and satisfying.
Not too many people can say they like their J O B. You need a raise for all that you do. :) Report
Congrats! Report
Cool! Congrats Nicole! I, too, love my job and it makes all the difference in the world. Report
Coach Nicole has one of the coolest jobs, that is for sure. I would like to work for a company that would appreciate my amazing work ethic and stability. One where I would be trusted to promote the company as a whole. Their business is only as successful as the employees who are willing to promote them... SP must have made out lik a 'bandit!' Report
Of course, It is a cool job, and my dream job would be to step into her shoes! :) Report
You do have an awesome job! Thanks for working every day to help all of us lead better lives. I am so grateful to you and everyone at SparkPeople for putting time and effort into this great site! Report
Yes, Nicole's job is awesome and she sends the right vibes in her presentations, articles, videos, etc. WTG Nicole.
I would love to work from home or anywhere except the office everyday. Report
Yes, she does! And so do I :) I work at my local YMCA at the front desk as well as a Fitness Trainer (teaching Women on Weights classes are so much fun! I can't believe I get paid to do it!) Report
Do you need a nurse at SP? Report
Coach Nicole DOES have one cool job! Her "students" want to be here, and we generally listen. Personally, I enjoy my job working as an English teacher of eighth-graders. This is year 28!!! However, I would like a job at SparkPeople when I "grow up." Report
To have a job that is healthy, fun and close to being a hobby is wonderful. My job is like a hobby. I would like to see everyone be able to enjoy their work because it makes life more enjoyable. We should be able enjoy all aspects of life. Congratutions Nicole! Report
Being a part of a team that does so much to help people improve their lives has to be one of the most rewarding careers that I can imagine. Report
Great job Nicole!!! Report
She does have a great career. I envy being her age and doing such a fun job with such a great company. Report
Very cool indeed. I do like my job; but can't say it is all that interesting to most people. :-) Report
Good Job, Coach Nicole. You should be able to work your passion. Report
Great article. Congrats to you, Nicole for being featured. Love to hear when the Spark is being spread! Now, is anyone else curious about Beer Fridays? Report
Now if only you were located in the Chicago area? : ) That would be my dream job helping thousands of people on a daily basis! Report
Does Sparkpeople need an HR Director? Because I would LOVE to work there. Report
Wow....sounds awesome. I have just recently expressed that one of my secret goals is to one day work as a Spark People employee.......I just figure out how/where.......but I am thinkin about it. Report
Coach Nicole I enjoyed reading your article and is happy to know that you enjoy what you do. Keep up the good work. Report
Coach Nicole does have an amazing career. As for me, I've been inspired so much by this site that I'm looking into going back to school for a Bachelor's degree in Nutritional Science. I'd love to be able to help people the way this site has helped me! Report
How awesome! What a fun and cool way to help others!!! I am currently working my dream job...stay at home mama to two awesome little guys. Someday when they are a little older and don't need quite so much from me durring the day I would love to work as an art teacher! Life is too short to not love what we do!! Report
Great article - it was fun to read through all 10 people that were interviewed too! It's an amazing thing when you can find a job that you LOVE...there aren't many people that can say they have that. I'm happy with my career but always fee like something is missing...gotta spend some time to figure out what might make me happier! Report
Nicole has a great job! I think any job that supports a balanced lifestyle is a great job. Report
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