Calorie-Free Treats for Your Valentine

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Isn't it time we all start to figure out how to celebrate holidays, birthdays, promotions and other special occasions without always focusing on food?

Yes, Valentine's Day only comes around once a year, but if the person you love has been working hard to prioritize healthy eating, why tempt him or her to stray from those goals with an abundance of candy and sweets? Instead, show how much you really love your partner by choosing a gift that isn't bursting with sugar and fat.

Here are 16 creative alternatives to treats that will make your valentine's heart beat a little faster. There's something for everyone in this gift guide!

The sweet scent of a Bath and Body Works Frosted Cupcake candle will make your valentine's house smell like someone has been baking without leaving any calorie-filled temptations behind.

If your valentine has a good sense of humor or is under 10-years-old, these adorable cupcake bandages will take the sting out of any scrape.

Help your valentine relax with a stress ball shaped like a cupcake. Who knows, maybe this will become his new strategy for squashing pesky carb cravings!

Does your valentine enjoy long morning walks or jogs before the sun comes up? Then she'll love this warm hat and won't be embarrassed to wear it in the dark!
Chocolate (in the form of cocoa butter) is an amazing skin moisturizer. Treat your chocoholic valentine to softer skin with The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Scrub and Moisture Set.

Make sure your valentine is ready for a kiss with Ora's Amazing Herbal Lip Balm in Minty Cocoa. This unisex balm is made with organic, fair-trade cocoa along with spearmint and eucalyptus oils.

Get your valentine in the mood for some serious romance with the movie "Chocolat" starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. Plus, this is one movie that's actually better than the book it's based on!

What valentine couldn't use a Chocolate Bar USB Flash Drive to bring files home from work or to backup important documents?

The Stackers Chocolate Brown Jewelry Box has a pretty pink interior just like a strawberry but can be used to conceal a very special Valentine's Day gift. (Seriously, you better put something shiny in here!)

Does your valentine love dogs? Surprise him with a special gift for the 4-legged love of his life. This Max & Zoey collar features strawberries on a field of chocolate brown and is made of durable nylon webbing.

To give your valentine all the sweet flavor of a chocolaty treat with zero calories, offer her a tin of Talbot Tea Chocolate Strawberry Temptation. It's made with real bits of dried strawberry and dark cocoa.

Guarantee your valentine a relaxing (or romantic) bubble bath with Body Truffles Sinfully Sweet Bubble Bath in Chocolate Strawberry.
Your valentine will think that you're as sweet as candy when you present her with this Sweethearts Heart Pendant. If "Ur Hot" is not the sentiment you're after, there are other sayings available.

Surprise your valentine with a bouquet of balloons shaped like the classic candy--all of the sweet with none of the sugar!

If your valentine is a boxers kind of guy, these Conversation Heart Candy Boxer Shorts are the perfect romantic gift.

Measure your valentine's fitness with a new heart-rate monitor. The Polar FT4 tracks your intensity and calorie burn during any activity and is water resistant (30m).  

Would you prefer sweets--or a calorie-free treat--from your valentine this year?