Burn it Off: How Much Gentle Yoga to Undo the Angry Whopper?

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Surely, you've seen the commercials for Burger King's new fast food sandwich, the Angry Whopper. It's just like a regular Whopper, but with even more caloric toppings stuffed between the buns. Onions, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, and "angry sauce," (their words, not mine) make it "the hottest Whopper ever," according to Burger King's website. If you're a fan of fast food, spicy food, or fast food that's also spicy, then you may be tempted to try this one. But before you bite, ask yourself this. Just how much damage will the Angry Whopper do? Find out how much gentle yoga you'd have to do to undo the wrath of the Angry Whopper sandwich.

The Burger King website does include the nutrition facts for the Angry Whopper, but it's in a separate PDF document than their regular menu items. (You can see it here, too, if you can Adobe Acrobat Reader.) So you might be wondering: Is the Angry Whopper higher in calories than a regular Whopper? See for yourself.

If I ate this sandwich, I'd be pretty angry to discover these nutrition facts afterward. I'd be so upset that I'd need to calm down with some yoga. How many downward facing dogs would it take?

According to SparkPeople.com's Fitness Tracker, a 150-pound woman who does yoga burns 3 calories per minute. It would take over 293 minutes—nearly 5 hours—of yoga to burn off the Angry Whopper and find a happy place. Even though yoga can be gentle, calming and feel great, that is far too much for most bodies to handle. I say skip the Angry Whopper—and the regular one, for that matter.

If you want to spice up your food without getting mad at yourself for blowing your diet, use zero-calorie herbs and seasonings like cayenne and chili powder, or hot sauce, which has about 5 calories per serving. Even jalapeno peppers and onions are low in calories, so I'm not sure why the Angry Whopper has to be so high in calories to be spicy. What do you think?

Do the nutrition facts of the Angry Whopper make you mad, or are you less than surprised by them? Do you think the Angry Whopper is worth the calories?

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I agree with you! Spicy doesn't have to come with more calories, unless you are adding jalapenos or red peppers. This is a scam! Report
Why on earth would I eat angry food? Don't I have enough issues, lol?? Report
Working at a Burger King was my first job when I was 16. It pretty much cured me of my taste for fast food burgers and fries. On the rare occasions I do indulge, I always feel kind of ill afterwards, so I would much rather have a burger made at home. Report
Two hundred more calories? For the anger?

Ommm...... Report
It's meals like that giving all fast food a bad RAP!
There should be a fat tax on such potential artery blockers. No way Burger King has always been the last fast food place we could enter. MacDonald's and Wendy's are the only choices for us seniors. We have already learned the consequences of this kind of fast food offerings. Obesity and heart disease.The smart younger ones should heed our warnings to eat healthier we did not have that advantage. We had no nutritional information to guide us. We rarely knew what went in to these offerings. Regrettably too many were unaware of the dire consequences to our health. However freedom of choice is the name of the game and if they choose to clog their arteries with this stuff its their own choice. I wish we had known these facts, many of us would not be grieving losses of family members to heart disease. Pat in Maine. Report
I used to eat a regular whopper for a long time. Since I've been thinking more healthy in the last 5 years, I'll treat myself to a Whopper Jr instead. It's just enough to satisfy the taste and is lower in calories and I only have it once every few months. Everything in moderation. Report
When i first started my weight loss journey I was upset. this allowed me to be rational and not beat myself up to bad for gaining so much weight. I had no idea of what I was really eating. Now that I know better I make different choices. Report
Yes you will be Angry at yourself if you eat this and have to burn off all those calories and if you end up in ER with a heart attack from all the bad food you eat Plus a reminder of the $$$$ spent on the hospital bill because of BAD choices.... Report
I thank God I am not a fast food person, I can pass, though I have other cravings that get in my way Report
One more reason to stay clear of fast food. Not worth it in a million years! Report
If it truly makes someone angry...talk to a therapist. If you don't want to eat it, then don't. One in say, a year, won't kill you.

But if some of you are really feeling enraged because of this sandwich that no one is forcing you to eat, then you have some deeper issues to work on. Seriously.

And I agree with the other poster who has indulged in this, though I have not; but if we felt guilt, disgust, and rage everytime we dared to indulge in something like this (or worse things) then life would be miserable. I refuse to be one of those people who eat something bad every once in a while, then hate myself for a week or whatever. Its called "moderation!" Oh, and I have lost 45 pounds. *whispers* and I ate two whoppers this year. Report
No, the Angry Whopper is not worth the calories! Report
How clever! Report
It doesn't make me mad...but at least they are showing us what the calorie count and fat count is, and its up to us to be responsible with what we put in our mouths...its a business as all they care about it making the money...so whether we eat it or not someone else will and put that money in their pockets....I personally only like the regular whopper, and still eat it if I have a craving for it...I am not into spicy stuff...I eat, enjoy it and move on...at the end we are responsible not Burger King Report
I like this blog because it frames the eating of calories with the burning off calories. I'm certain that I've eaten something that is 900 calories or more but I'd pick my poison: cheesecake or layer cake, done well! Plus I never kid myself...I can't burn that many calories in any exercise in a day! Just count it and move on.

BTW, my fastfood hamburger trick is to always get it without mayo or other creamy dressing. It cuts the calories by about 100. If you skip the cheese, cut out another 100 or so. Report
Perhaps in addition to giving the calorie counts they should post how long it would take to burn it off.........would definatley make us think twice!!! Report
Not worth the calories. But I do appreciate that BK puts up a nutrition calculator on their website. I'm am so not ready to eat fast food again, but if it happens in the future, I can at least go prepared. Report
Wow, that's a lot of calories! BK is not very healthy-conscious so we don't go there very much. I have little ones so the fast-food thing is mostly all we do when we go out. I make the best choices I can for me and them. Luckily, there are better options out there. McD's (apples, yogurt), Wendy's (oranges) and Taco Bell (fresco options) have some "better" choices and I always pack some applesauce and milk for them just in case. I do prefer to eat at home so that I truly can control what we are eating. Report
Doesn't sound good to us either. Haven't been to a Burger King since our "kids", who are in their 30's now, were in elementary school. Back then, the burgers were smaller too. Report
everything you eat has a million calories in it . when you think of how long it takes to burn off what you eat its a wonder we eat at all . Report
Yuck!! I think my arteries just slammed shut! Why do people eat this garbage? Just so NO!!!! Report
Built it and people will eat it! Report
What is it with BK anyway - their burgers are always higher in fat & calories than Mcd's & Wendys. I used to do the whopper jr - but no more... Report
I'm just waiting for Hardees/Carl Jr.'s to come out with something like the "Homicidal Thickburger" since this company routinely introduces burgers with enough calories to account for a full day. Report
No temptation here for me. I've never been a fan of BK, anyway. Report
I'm not surprised. Since watching my calories I can have a regular 1.00 burger with no cheese and still be in my calorie range. No french fries and maybe I'll have a salad. Pick and choose what works for you. Report
When I get a whopper, I eat the middle and throw away the ends, but still 5 hours of yoga - whoo Report
I do the atkins diet, how much carbs for it without the sauce,buns, fries and other junk? Report
I'm not mad at all. I fully expect fast food chains to pack as much fat and salt into their food as possible in order to make more people buy it more often. It's up to me whether or not I will eat it, and I am NEVER so hungry that I have to eat Burger King.

In fact, I indulged in a McDonald's Happy Meal the other day. It was a modest 500 or so calories without the cookies and drink, and yet I probably ate more cooking oil in those four cute little nuggets than I usually eat in two weeks. I felt crummy and nauseous for hours. It was delicious, don't get me wrong, and much better than any kind of Whopper, but not worth the nasty feeling afterward.

CMINDYC: My boyfriend also calls this a "slightly annoyed" Whopper. He loves it but the BK run by our university's dining service no longer carries it. No great loss to me (I go to Subway across the quad) but he was depressed all afternoon when they took it off the menu. Report
Before you eat any food from Burger King or other corporate food purveyors, please read the David Kessler's book "The End Of Overeating." I assure you, you will never look at this kind of food again. They intentionally design these foods with a crafted technique of layering fats, sugars, and salt to hook your brain so that you will want to eat this kind of food over and over. The more calories from fat, salt, and sugar they build into the food, the greater the craving for more.

These foods do more than add calories. They really mess up your hormones as well. You are better to make something similar and yummy at home where you can control the ingredients. You will feel better the next day, too. Report
Great info. To bad the weight would not leave as easy as it can go on. Report
Sounds good, as I love spicy foods. I don't think I would buy it, but if I ever have a splurge day, its a possibility. Sometimes I have to watch out for ingredients as my ulcer could flare up. Report
The angry one is not for me, although once in a great while I enjoy a good burger. With me, it can be quite small, if it is a good one! Report
Yeah I'm mad at the angry whopper!!! What were they thinking with that one. Normally I don't eat a regular whopper so I would never eat an angry whopper. Report
Sure am glad I do not like whoppers of any kind. Report
Smells good and looks good but not worth the calories. On the rare occasions I have a whopper, I always have them cut it, this one I'll take a quarter and pass the rest on. Report
Great info to have.. I think I'll stick with my low calorie sandwhich instead!!! lol. Report
they should sprinkle french fries on top. maybe hot fries or something.

never had an angry whopper. never will. but i have a weakness for fries. :) Report
I have enjoyed the Angry Whopper on a number of occasions. My theory is that angels make it. At some point divine intervention took place in the Burger King R&D labs and this was the result. It is ok if it has 200 more calories and almost twice the saturated fat. What they don't tell you is that you burn off almost twice that much smiling because of just how delicious this burger truly is. Job well done Burger King Gods!! Report
My husband loves that sandwitch. It look totaly nasty to me. But he calls it the "The mildly upset Whopper". LOL It's not hot enough for him. He also has had the double one. YUCK!!! Report
While I haven't had the angry whopper burger king is my weakness. Every once and a while I go and treat myself to a kids cheeseburger meal with milk. It is honestly worth every calorie to me but definatly not something I would eat on a daily or even weakly basis. Report
If you are going to indulge in something like this, I would reccomend walking or running to Burger King and working off the calories. I usually burn about 600 calories walking to McDonalds and back. Of course, I'm not tempted to eat something bad for me because I just worked so hard to burn the calories and I don't intend to put them back in! The only reason I ever go to McDonalds or Burger King is to take my 3 yr. old there to play at the playplace anyway. I pull her behind me in a large Radio Flyer wagon that is a comfortable height for me. Report
I'm not surprised. I'm assuming (since I haven't tried it) that the sauce is mayonnaise or processed cheese base as these tend to be high calories and probably not just the tablespoon that either o f these choices would suggest as a serving. I say pile on the jalapenos and add some cayenne to a true serving of steak fries and you'll get more heat with less calories! Report
I quite enjoy the Angry Whopper and I checked out the nurtitional info before I tasted my first one. When the mood for BK (or any fast food) strikes, it usually takes a few days before I decided to give into the temptation. I do so with no guilt or regret. The Angry Whopper isn't the fireball the commercials lead it to be, but it is might tasty in my book. I have only purchased this hunk of greasy goodness from one establishment and have been happy the few times I indulged. Is it worth the calorie expenditure? Depends on how you look at it and yourself. If I felt guilt for every little thing I ate, I would be a miserable person. I don't understand how something can be so high in calories and fat, and I am sure I could mimic the same thing from my grill (of course it wouldn't taste as manufacturedly good). Now and then, it's good to be a bad girl and pull into that drive thru. Don't think about what you have to do to burn it off. Think about that moment, enjoy your burger and then start the next day with healthier habits. Keep the fast food jaunts into a MINIMUM, like once every few months and you will be fine. :) Depsite not understanding how they make things so high in fat and cals, I was suprised this Angry Whopper was not angrier in those two depts. Report
Burgers are my weakness....I love them but I hate BK (in Canada anyways) it's really gross and they do a horrible job of slopping the grease bags together. I also enjoy spicy food but I wouldn't make this my first choice.

The values for this burger - as well as the regular wooper - are they serious??? that is just the burger what about the fried and pop? not worth it in my book. I could see how many men would be Ok with this if it was just the burger but i'm a girl with about 1200 calorie per day limit. I wouldn't waste it and I would be angry with the amount of excerise it would take to burn that "food" off. Report
No I'm not surprised. I read an article a while ago about the CEO of BK who decided to turn the struggling company around by targeting the 18-45 male demographic where big is better.

Scary thing is it worked!! They stopped the push for healthy options and just worked the hungry man angle and he turned the company around.

For me, 5 mintues on the tongue is not worth 5 days of working it off! Report
It sounds good and it looks good. Unfortunately, I don't feel good afterwards. Funny, because homemade hamburgers don't make me ill. It must be all the chemicals, food additives and second-rate food that the chains use. Report
I am not a Burger King fan myself. If I am going to indulge in fast food a McDonalds quarter pounder is my big weakness. It actually has fewer calories and less fat than a whopper too.
I find putting hot sauce on just about anything makes it more satisfying. It will also make you eat less because the burn accumulates. Also spicy foods give your metabolism a small boost as well. Eat your peppers! Report
I'm not sure why the Angry Whopper has to be so high in calories to be spicy. What do you think?

The reason why is that's how america has always liked it. BIG AND BIGGER. In these times of financial mayhem we should be focusing on getting healthy to limit our health care burdens on the economy. Getting healthy to be more active and productive members of the community.

Businesses who market such crazy loads of fat and calories only help to give those who are unhealthy and unable to move off the couch their fix of fat and calories.

We have to be strong and stand up to these businesses and say NO. If we weren't buying they wouldn't be selling.

In Japan most of the cheeseburgers on the menu are smaller than they sell in the US. A taste is satisfying, a boat load is gluttony. Report
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