Burn It Off: How Much Walking to Undo a Doughnut?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You know the situation all too well. After eating a healthy breakfast at home, you arrive at the office, only to face a box full of fresh doughnuts brought in by a co-worker. They look good. They smell good. Everyone is enjoying them except you. And even though you're not hungry, you don't want to be the odd one out. "I've been so diligent tracking my calories, staying away from tempting sweets, and hitting the gym," you tell yourself. How much damage could one strawberry frosted doughnut really do? Find out how many minutes of brisk walking you'd have to do at the office to undo that doughnut.

Your average strawberry frosted doughnut contains about 240 calories (not too bad) and 10 grams of fat (ouch!). That's not exactly a caloric nightmare—as long as you limit yourself to just one. (And we all know how hard it can be to stop once you get started.)

According to SparkPeople.com's Fitness Tracker, a 150-pound woman who walks briskly at a 15-minute mile pace (4 mph) will burn 5 calories per minute. To burn off the doughnut you'd have to walk around the office (at this quick pace) for 48 minutes, which is just over 3 miles!

When you think of food "extras" in this light, it can make it easier to stick with your healthy eating plan.

Personally, I'd have to really (I mean REALLY) be craving a doughnut in order to put in this extra exercise time.

How about you?

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KATHYJO56 11/28/2020
I'm so glad that I gave up eating donuts 11 years ago. They're just not worth it. Report
PATRICIAAK 11/16/2020
:) Report
CECELW 11/3/2020
I love donuts, but very rarely do I eat any Report
PATRICIAAK 11/2/2020
:) Report
Donuts are a rare tease because of the fat, now that I know how many minutes takes to work a donut off..they will be a holiday treat. Report
Thank you for the info. Report
I wouldhave to eat too many to burn them off! Report
Sorry, never was a fan of fried dough. Chocolate, however, applies in my case. Report
I'm going to make more calculations like this one...it's the why that helps to keep me on track like 3 miles for a doughnut in addition to my scheduled fitness activity. That would definitely make me think more than twice before taking one...lol! Report
I used to look donuts (and Snickers) that way too. But now I am more inclined to log it, track it, own it, make the macros fit. That is a big chunk of my fat & carbs for the day. We only have so much macro money to spend in a day. Some days I think it is worth it - most days I do not. It is not the donut that is bad. More important is portion control, total calories, and proper exercise. Report
WOW! Great info! Report
Well, this one certainly opened my eyes. Love me some doughnuts! Thanks, Coach Nicole! Report
I'm pleased I live in New Zealand where over saturation of fast food outlets is not such an issue. Don't know if I could resist if we had Krispy Kreme in NZ. Report
It would be great if food could speak their nutritional value out loud before you pick it up. Report
The thing about these costly calories is, if you engage in moderate to hectic workouts at least 5 days a week, you can eat a lot of this stuff and easily maintain your ideal weight. Although people say that foods such as donuts are killing Americans, lack of exercise is far more significant. Eating donuts and staying rooted to your seat is a deadly combination. Of course, you'll fare even better if you can get most of your meals from your own kitchen instead of at outside eateries! Report
Good to have an understanding of what is in things and such. are active because we can be and want to be. Having the mindset that you are doing anything to pay for or workoff what you ate will lead to failure.
I cannot eat gluten anymore, dairy and many other things because I have intolerance for them now. Plus throw in I am a 6'6" 235 pound male and well I burn 15+ calories a minute walking quickly and eat 4000 calories a day. But these are just numbers I am aware of and do not let them dictate what I do but guide me in my mind to make sure I eat enough and correctly but do not stress over it.
Live life, love yourself and be happy! Report
Personally I think 48 min of brisk walking is not that bad, I'll do it even if I didn't ate the doughnut LOL Report
The realization hit me hard when I first started Spark. I would track my calories, then hop on the treadmill and realize it took 30 MINUTES to undo a 300 calorie item. Just doesn't seem right somehow. But it made it clear to me that we have to THINK about what we are eating. I indulge....but now I make sure to work it into my calories and as long as I'm not over for the day and I'm maintaining my high level of activity, I'm A-OK with it. Report
That's a lot of walking to UNDO something. That's why I've learned to be the odd man out.. I learned how to say no to treats and now people don't bother with insisting :) Report
I used to eat a freshly-made jam filled donut every market day as a treat, because my partner & our little guy loved them.
I stopped that a few years ago, can buy it for them occasionally, but not for me...
Then, 2 weeks ago I was sold on buying a bakers dozen at the end of market... OMG - I ate 3 of those 13 donuts! I totally regret it. The taste was awesome, but I could feel the grease in my pores. I will remember this and say no thank you next time.
Okay, I'm still learning/newbie....the heavier a person is, do they burn more or less calories? I certainly cannot move as fast as a 150 pound person. so how to you figure that one out. (Not that i need to - just curious!)
My first job was in a donut shop and for years after that I couldn't eat a donut or an eclair. But now 30 years have past and I have been enjoying the occassional donut. This makes me think....it is alot easier not to eat it than it is to work it off! Report
If I pause and think, I'll usually end up passing. My problem is not taking the time to think . . . Report
I eat French Crullers. Donuts give me indigestion. I must look this up for calories.
206...maybe 2 miles at a fast pace? For a doe doe, hmmm makes you think twice. Report
For some really great low-fat donuts, visit www.holeydonuts.net Report
Most of the people I am around on a day-to-day basis already know better than to offer me things like doughnuts. It's the backlash from my Weight Watchers POINTS days, when I would stress about my POINTS all day long and then feel murderous because I'd been thinking about food all day without being able to eat it. Give me good old fashioned calorie counting any day. Report
I live where Krispy Kreme doughnuts rule. I better stick with eating just one glaze and that is only for a special occassion. Report
Oh my gosh that's alot.... people bring them to work every now and then and they look so good... Report
is this a yeast donut or a cake donut? I love cake donuts. yeast, not so much. last time i had a donut was on Easter. was a delicious donut indeed! Report
OMG! I ate a doughnut yesterday because I wasn't thinking and just started eating it and then was like OH NO! when I was done....ugh that's what I did to myself. That is so bad! and it was a frosted coconut cream filled one too so it was probably worse!! Report
Sitting here without any doughnuts in front of me I can say that it is not worth 3 miles of walking to burn off the calories....but until we are in a situation where they are THERE in the breakroom calling our name, we really don't know how we will react. However, armed with the knowledge of this information, hopefully we will make the healthy choice!! Report
I had our "Happy Friday" dough nuts every week at the office when I started working at this job. However 6 months into my job I noticed that I had gained 2 pounds every month... Thats 12 pounds! I have a new policy that I strictly enforce when I'm at the office. If I didn't buy it, I can't eat it! I've since lost 5 of the 12 pounds so something has to be working! Report
I LOVE donuts, but after reading this, 3 miles just seems like too much for me just to give in to 1 donut! What happens when you go even farther and eat 2? whoo! Just not worth it! Thanks for the info. I'll keep this in mind the next time I have my craving... Report
I can't turn down a doughnut! I know it's an unfortunate weakness, but if someone is going to bring doughnuts to class, I am going to eat one. I usually try to hold off as long as I can (so it's not RIGHT after breakfast) and then I just plan to lighten my afternoon snack to "make up" for some of the calories. They're a special treat, and I certainly don't let myself in to the doughnut shop on my own free will anymore, but when they're celebration doughnuts I figure I deserve it from time to time. Report
Oh donuts always get me when they are around. I had 4 this week and that is part of the reason why I only lost one pound this week! lol Report
This is why, when I feel I can't live without something like a donut for one more minute, I get the French Cruller from Dunkin Donuts...it costs a dollar and has 150 calories, so it's not so bad. It's so airy! lol...nutritionally, not good, but when you really really need one, it's good for satisfying the craving.
(For some reason, the website says 250, but all the stores list it as 150...hmm) Report
it is easier to just not eat one Report
I love doughnuts, but not that much to do all that walking.

LOL Report
Thank goodness the only doughnuts I have trouble resisting are the jelly kind - and most offices I've worked in never have that type! 3 miles for a few moments of sugary goodness is just not worth it. Report
I started a new job 3 months ago, and there are always doughnuts and sweets sitting around, smelling so great!!! It is a horrible temptation. Report
HUMMMMM Donut :^) I"m not often taken in by sweets - I'm more of a sour cherry pie kinda girl - I get sugar free pie from Walmart - Thery're awesome if you need a small "treat". B Report
Is there a hidden camera in my office? Someone brought doughnuts in for a project team. I had just finished breakfast. But an hour later, I was eating a pumpkin doughnut. Why? It was there no excuse I know but the truth. I can't be around sweets, I can't be around SWEETS!!!! Report
I, honestly, haven't had a doughnut in years. I'm rarely around them. The same thing with cake. But as time has passed and I haven't had any to tempt the cravings go down. This week my friend had a birthday and I indulged in a peice of cake... and it didn't make me feel good. Now that's another association I have with sugary foods. Chocolate is my worse enemy and best friend, though. Report
It's good to know the consequences of having a doughnut. It makes you weigh out exactly how bad you want it, and it's okay to have one every once in a while. (don't forget to do your 3mile walk to work it off) Report
Long ago I realized that a donut shop donut wasn't yummy enough to be worth the calories eaten. And I am a confirmed sweet addict. However, one warm from the local bakery poses a real threat. Report
I'm a reformed Dunkin Munchkin Daily addict so I can really relate to all of this! Just one little munchkin turned into 2, then 3 etc. and this went on for over a year. I still look at that tray of midget temptations every time and work at the decision to "stay clean." Report
Wow...Its articles like this that really get me thinking about what food is worth it or not. I pass a Dunkin Donuts on the way to church and was trying to find a reason to stop for breakfast rather than eat at home...so glad I ate at home first. It is still difficult to drive past and talk yourself out of turning in each time...for just one :) Report
I almost went to Dunkin Doughnuts after church this morning and after reading This I'm glad I did not. Getting Stronger day by day....................... Thank you for sharing all the comments and suggestions! Report
A year ago or so I could mindlessly plow through a box of donuts - or at least most of it - any kind, any flavor, the "goo-ier" the better, didn't matter!! Now they don't have the same appeal to me and am so happy it's pretty easy to pass them up at work. I did eat a good sized bite of a fresh apple cider one last week - it's a fall thing here in Michigan - enjoyed the bite -- didn't eat anymore and life went on. Report
I posted my new Mantra in one of my teams last month...so for you all here we go:


apparently this was written years ago for WW, and I heard it on the biggest loser a couple of months ago. Remember it, live it ! Report