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14 Products to Make Running with Your Dog Easier

Dogs make excellent running partners. They're happy to go out for a jog no matter what the weather is like, and they'll never call you at the last minute to cancel because they stayed up too late watching reruns of the The Real Housewives. But before you start training with your pet, check with your vet to make sure your dog is fit enough to keep up with you. Once you've determined that running is an activity you both enjoy, you can make it even more fun by adding one or more specialized accessories to your usual collection of running gear.
If you prefer to run very early in the morning or after sunset, you probably have a reflective safety vest or belt. You'll want to get one for your canine companion since they're even lower to the ground and can be especially difficult for drivers to see. Here are three options that you can use separately or together:
This simple orange safety vest includes two reflective strips that will catch car head lights.

The 6-foot Petflect Reflective Dog Leash is reflective on 
both sides and designed to be visible from more than 500 feet.

Rather than reflect the light from oncoming cars, the Nite Dawg Light Up Dog Collar includes a red LED with a glow that's visible up to 1,000 feet.

To make running more natural and comfortable for you, there are several great hands-free leash options that allow your pet to run beside you safely without you having to grip a leash.

The Buddy System Belt and Leash
is a simple system that lets your dog to run beside you without getting tangled in your feet. You can add an optional, shock-absorbing Lunge Buster for dogs who tend to pull.

Another simple leash/waistband combo, the Olly Dog Mt. Tam Hands Free Pet Leash, comes with a built-in, shock-absorbing bungee section.

The Outward Hound Hands Free Leash puts more emphasis on the waistband, which features both front and side pockets, as well as a mesh water bottle holder and D-rings on each side to connect the included leash or optional accessories like a treat holder or collapsible water bowl.
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