Bring Your Walking Shoes to Work on Wednesday

By , SparkPeople Blogger
How many of you use your lunch break to go out to eat with your co-workers, run errands, get your hair done or even catch up on some much needed work?

What if you took a little time away from your desk to lace up your shoes to go on a nice walk with your co-workers?

On Wednesday, April 28th people across the United States and Puerto Rico are being encouraged to use their lunch break to celebrate the 4th Annual National Walk @ Lunch Day by using this time to walk--to just get up and move. In a world where time is a premium, we must learn new ways of integrating activity into our day and this may very well be a start.

It has been reported that as many as 60% of all adults do not participate in any exercise or activity needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is where using those small pockets of time can help you develop healthy habits which can make a huge difference in your overall well-being.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise, getting in 10 minutes of exercise several times a day can be just as beneficial to our health as doing a one-time 30 minute session. This can be especially helpful to those whose lives are jam packed full of things that must get done, but just don't feel they have the time or energy at the end of the day to exercise.

And we know that even small amounts of exercise can benefit our weight loss efforts, lift our moods, raise our energy levels, allow us to sleep better, even maintain better blood sugar levels.

With the rising rates of cancer, heart disease and type II diabetes, we must all start taking accountability for our health. Using these small pockets of exercise can be a great start, so bring your walking shoes and encourage your co-workers to do the same.

Do you plan on taking part in the Annual National Walk @ Lunch Day? Would you be willing to talk your co-workers in to joining you? Do you currently use your lunch break to exercise?

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I'll be out of town but walking is on my schedule. Report
I started walking every day on my lunch break two weeks ago and it has been GREAT. I can even walk when it's raining because our office is in the lower levels of a parking garage... walking the ramps is a GREAT lunchtime workout.... I usually skip my 2pm crash when I go for a walk on my lunch and I love it. Everyone should make the effort. Report
On Wednesdays I eat lunch at home, then, mid afternoon I go to work. There is a nice park near work. I'll leave home early to walk in the park first! Report
My work has a "Walk at Work Day" on Wednesday - with some guided walks! Report
I don't plan on walking at work. I do all of my workouts at home every day after my son goes off to school. It fits great into my day! However, if my day became busier to where I didn't have time to do that, then yes I most certainly would make an effort to walk at work. I see a lot of the teachers at school walking during lunch time. I think it's a great way to build activity into a busy schedule. Report
I bring my walking shoes and my gym bag to work everyday. Report
I don't work often, when I use to work we had a lunch walk program. On a
good day I some time call a ex co-wkr we chat on our phone and walk together from a distance. This is a lot of fun & seens like old times. Report
I keep a pair of sneakers at the job and do walk with co-workers on occasion. It's a part of my weekly schedule and makes a difference in my day to day routine. Yes, I did walk with my co-worker as it was our scheduled day to walk. Report
I work construction for "Habitat for Humanity" on Wednesdays and we get plenty of exercise. I doubt I could convince anyone to take a walk in addition to all the other physical labor we already do. But I applaud this concept and hope people who have sedentary jobs will take advantage of the day! Report
I do this regularly when weather permits. Not sure I will be able to on Wednesday because it is suppose to rain this week starting tomorrow. But, if it isn't raining I will for sure. Several of my co-workers walk at lunch, also. Report
I already do this on a regular basis, weather permitting. It's especially helpful when having a stressful day. Report
Absolutely! My coworkers have all been talking about starting to walk at lunch, and this would be a wonderful kickoff! I'm doing it! Report
I love walking at lunch. Its a great break during the day.
I try to walk at least 20 minutes around the parking lots. Report
Sounds like a great idea. I will try to get a few friends to walk with me on Wednesday. Report
Don't have a job but I always go to the gym on Wed. and spend at least 10 min on the treadmill as well as getting in walking at home. Report
I only get half an hour lunch to begin with, and I sweat a LOT when I work out at an aerobic level. So I don't take walks on my break and I don't plan on starting! Report
A team of colleagues at my office have been walking for at least 3 years. Not all of us can go every day and often one of us will be so busy that we'll miss for a full week. We have several routes between 30 and 60 minutes, on city streets or through a park with a reservoir. We keep walking shoes under our desks and change our socks occasionally! Good to know this is a nationally recognized day. Report
Because I work at a hospital with long hallways, I walk before work and sometimes at lunch to get in extra exercise. Works wonders for my attitude !! Report
i don't get a lunch break unfortunately, i just eat when i can... if i did though, it would be great to take part in this! Report
I'm currently unemployed, but I am meedint my Dad for lunch, I'm planning to take a 30 minute walk before hand! Report
I already walk between 4 to 11 miles each day so I usually sit at lunch but I do walk 3 miles on my days off Report
I don't need to bring my walking shoes to work either, because I wear them. I have foot problems and my podiatrist told me to wear only athletic shoes, so I get to wear them even though our dress code says they are only allowed on dress down days. I walk almost every day during my morning break and at lunch. The only times I don't walk are in a thunderstorm or when it is very icy. I carry an umbrella and/or wear a rainsuit in the rain and I walk in snow and cold, although if it is bitter cold the walks are shorter. Some of my co-workers also walk, but I normally walk alone. I think they are trying to organize a group to walk on Wednesday, but I might not join them because I expect it will be a shorter walk than I usually do. Report
I walk 48 minutes every day by just walking to work: 12 minutes to work, 12 minutes back home for lunch, 12 minutes back to work from lunch and then 12 minutes walking back home at the end of the workday. I love that I can work locally and get in that type of exercise as part of my daily routine. It's wonderful being able to exercise and not feel like I'm actually exercising! Report
I walk for 30 minutes minimum during my lunch hour. Now that I've heard of this promote walking for Wednesday, April 28th I'll share this with my co-workers. I know a few walk but more could. Thanks Report
I walk at least 1/2 hour during my lunch break, unless it's teaming rain!...It relaxes me, clears my mind & prepares me for the next half of my day.... Report
I currently try to walk about half an hour of my one hour lunch break, and also during at least one of my 15-minute breaks. We have a large parking lot in back of us that if nearly empty so I walk around it. If it is raining outside, we are in an atrium building, so I walk the sixth floor as if it were a track. Report
If I got a lunch break I would do this. At one of my previous jobs I was able to do it and I did. Now there is no one to cover me so I don't get to leave work. (I do eat but I can't leave). Report
I don't work but I do exercise regularly to try to keep fit mentally and physically. At our mental health awareness center they have some of us participating in exercise regularly at the YMCA. Report
My lunch "hour" is 30 min, so if I'm going to eat there's not time to go for a walk. But I wear my walking shoes anyway and stay on the move. Since joining spark people and getting a good pedometer I wear it every day and usually don't have any trouble making my 10000 steps! Report
My workplace has a fitness centre on site, with a few machines such as treadmills, elliptical and stair climbers, a range of free weights and a series of weight training machines. I recently bought a membership and have been going there on my break. It's a great way to get my day's workout in, and I don't have to make time to do it later in the day. Report
I already walk during my lunch time and have talked to my co-workers about doing the same thing. We all have desk jobs where answering the phones is all we do. I think that it is a great idea though. Report
I work in a nursing home. By the time lunch time comes around, I am so tired of walking I could die! LOL So, lunchtime is my time to sit and rest from all the walking. When I am working as a writer though, I do talk walks to get myself moving again. It helps to keep me motivated. Report
I've done lunchtime walks lots of times before, but it gets harder when your office is short-staffed and you are doing the work of three, as I am right now.

As to taking coworkers, I've tried that before, but it gets more difficult when time is short. Many of them don't want to go ("I don't have time", "I'm not wash-and-wear", "I don't want to perspire", "It's too hot", "It's too cold", "I don't have the right shoes", "It messes up my hair", "I'd like to, but not today", and the list goes on), and the ones who do usually aren't ready to go on time, or don't want to walk very far, or have to be back before you do.

It's a nice gesture to try and include others, but sometimes you spend the time you would have been exercising just getting them organized, so I try to lead by example. Report
I am not allowed to leave work premisses for lunch unless I clock out and make up my time. I will however grab those sneakers and walk the parking lot for a few minuites of my 30 min lunch. Report
Yep, our employee wellness program has been promoting this heavily. I'll be glad to have some company on my walks! Report
I think this is really a great idea, and I plan to share it with my coworkers and friends! Report
Yes. I'd love to. I exercise regularly anyways, but I have no problem bringing some friend out to get the blood flowing. Sounds like fun! Report
I think this is an awesome idea. Companies should be doing this every week instead of once a year. It would lower health care costs and promote longevity and productivity in the work force.

Trust the process. Do right, things go right. Report
On Wed I work in a small architect's office in the smallest city in the country. We can get up any time and walk out, come in late, go home early, take a long lunch. We are all professionals and put heart and soul into our work, even me, the bean counter. Many late nights even it all out. Our downtown location allows for picking up at the engineer's, printer's, banking etc on foot and a person taking a late lunch might come back with an unscheduled coffee run. Oddly I have never walked 'around the block" our building occupies. So Wed I will walk around the block fersure. I will email a copy of the blog, maybe others will be inspired. No rain in the forcast for 5 days and the only Tender closing this week is Tuesday. Report
I don't work outside my home, but now that the weather's nice, I'm making it a point to go walking/playing in the park with my kids every evening after dinner. We return home tired and happy. The kids go straight to bed (they're babies) and I have a wonderfully relaxing evening with my husband! Report
I don't work on Wednesdays, but I will have to plan to do a walk anyway!

I don't get a lunch break at work (my shifts are only three hours at a time), but I do work in a child care so I spend 75% of the time on my feet already. Report
Great idea!!! I will walk on Wednesday instead of Curves!!!
Might do me good to change it up a bit ! :-) Report
I wish I had a long lunch break to do some walking, but being a teacher I barely get 20-25 minutes to eat lunch, get a bathroom break, and check my mailbox. I'm trying to get my workouts done after work though :) Report
Currently among the unemployed, but one of my favorite outdoor activities is walking through the Boston Commons midday to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city (and the Public Gardens, too). Very therapeutic in so many ways! Report
Will do Report
Ok, so this blog is targeted to those who work in an office right? My work is walking. I average 15,000 to 16,000 steps every day to work, or I did until Fri. I am now on seasonal layoff, so during these 4 months, I have a goal to continue to average that number of steps, otherwise the lbs will settle on the hips. Report
I normally have Wednesdays off. Even so, my job as a caregiver requires that I not leave the job site. Report
I just started this 2 weeks ago. i walk at my lunch, but also before work. I have my boyfriend drop me off at a certain point and I walk the rest. I have been enjoying it. Report
I wish I could do it, but I only have 1/2 hour for lunch and I usually spend it eating lunch, lol! Besides, I'm on my feet all day and it's pretty much the only time I can sit and relax. Report
I use my lunchtime to de-stress from the morning and to plan my afternoon - I usually read the paper and eat. Report
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