Bigger Butts = Better Health

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Researchers at Harvard University have found that body fat just below the skin (called subcutaneous fat) on the buttocks, hips and thighs may help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Although the study was done on mice, they are finding the same kind of results in humans.

Researchers took some of the subcutaneous fat from these areas and transplanted it to the mice's abdominal area. The result was a drop in body weight and blood sugar levels in these animals (even though their diet and exercise levels remained unchanged.) It seems that there's something in this kind of fat that improves glucose metabolism.

They've found that women with larger backsides and smaller stomachs have a smaller risk of developing type 2 diabetes. If the women had larger backsides and larger stomachs, the same was not true. But the type of fat in the backside has as certain hormone that tends to promote weight loss in other areas of the body.

It's still important to eat healthy and exercise regularly for overall health. But if you carry a little more "junk in the trunk" than you'd like, maybe that's not such a bad thing after all!

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This article is a little silly. It's an interesting statistic. Based on the article, I must be in awesome health because my butt is always a size or so bigger than my top half. lol
I think no matter what we should still be eating right, exercising and ensuring we receive age-appropriate check ups on a regular basis (plus whatever else we need to treat other conditions). I don't see how it really changes that need. Report
Uh...sure. If you're that exact body type, nice for you for being born with that. In the meantime, the other 2/3 or whatever of the population has to work out other evolutionary strategies (after all, if that body type were the best then why would there be SO many other kinds of body types? It would have died out a loooong time ago.)

Hey, GODIZMUVEN1 (comment # 230) , has said what I think to be the most insightful thing I've heard in a long time, so much so that I'm re-posting it here:

"I agree, This study seems like an absolute waste of good brain power. Let's use research money to cure diabetes not make observations about something that cannot be changed or controlled like a person's body type. Good grief, what is up with you guys at Harvard? "

Word. Report
I also remember reading something along the lines of women with hip fat have smarter children. I guess there's some pros to having a pear shaped body! Report
I agree, This study seems like an absolute waste of good brain power. Let's use research money to cure diabetes not make observations about something that cannot be changed or controlled like a person's body type. Good grief, what is up with you guys at Harvard? Report
So, why do women get pissed when they ask their husbands if their butt looks big? Sorry, I don't need any reinforcements. My butt didn't get big till I had a kid--then it was all over. Wide load forever-lol Report
Well atleast there is a benfit. Does the muffin top have a benefit? Report
Haha, awesome! Report
Guess Sir Mix-A-Lot was on to something lol. Well @ lest this justifies me having to get pant two sizes larger than my shirts. Report
So - what about a small waist and a small butt? It's waist size and fat that predict diabetes. Report
My maternal grandmother's last name was Moore, and all of us women have "Moore" Butt. I'm so proud!!! Report
Haha, well big booties run in my family and I'm no exception...encouraging to know that it lowers risk factors, but why does it have to be the hardest area to slim down!! lol Report
Great news for me. I tend toward a slightly larger back side, and have a family history of diabetes. Maybe one side of my family genes is canceling out the other side. Report
I think the research is interesting, but it's also a good example of drawing broad conclusions minus scientific evidence. If someone is genetically prone to diabetes and trying to develop a better (and healthier) lifestyle to prevent it, how does "have a larger backside and a smaller waist" help? What if someone falls in the obese category, but has a waist that is smaller than his/her butt? Anyhow, I think this is good encouragement for people to love their bodies, but it doesn't provide good advice for a healthier lifestyle (and isn't that what we're all after here?) Report
It doesn't actually make any kind of obvious sense that transplanting fat from a mouse's butt to its abdomen should improve body weight & blood sugar. Not clear at all how that proves the conclusion! The conclusion itself (pear shape has advantages) has been known for a long time. Report
And here I have been trying to lose the booty I aquired a year ago... lol Report
And CLMONSTER3 (and others with similar comments), I don't think this article was meant to bash people who have small butts and bigger bellies. More like reminding us that there are advantages to our body type as well as disadvantages. We need to think about the positives since we really can't change how our body decides to store fat, even at our ideal weight. Report
I've always appreciated my big booty. However I know most people with big butts don't, so I'm glad that some of those people were able to read this article, and hopefully improve their self esteem a little! I think any body shape we have is beautiful. Becoming the healthiest we can be should be the goal, not acquiring someone else's idea of beauty! Report
So, to summarize, your likelihood of getting diabetes is basically genetic. Not helpful. Report
I am IN ! Finally, something on this old girls body that will help me live longer! Report
Yay! Even when I was a skinny little thing, I had quite the booty. It is encouraging to me to know that I when I lose this weight and still might have a booty, that it isn't all bad...also, my husband likes my booty and apparently my body doesn't hate it. Report
Interesting, my older sister has a relatively small butt but a HUGE stomach and type 2 diabetes. I have a sizeable behind and a bit of a stomach but not exactly huge. (unless you put me in a bikini). We share some medical ailments but diabetes is not one of them. Report
Articles like this serve no purpose. We can't control where our body decides to store weight, so bashing certain body shapes is really counterproductive. The pears reading this are jumping for joy, but the "less desirable" types are pinching their love handles and wishing for different parents. The point of this site is to help people be as healthy as they can, not give some people an excuse to skip the elliptical while others feel like they may as well not even try because their body shape is bad anyway. Report
HaHa--GREAT news! Report
Re: Bigger Butts = Better Health

That means I'm REALLY heatthy!! Report
Lol I'm loving this! Report
Ha! I guess having my momas big butt isn`t so bad after all! Report
Ha! REAL MEN love big butted women!! Large breasts, narrow waists and big breasts, the classic hourglass figure, are associated with fertility and health. But not "beer" bellies and "love handles!" Report
Yay -- although in my dream world I can eat all the hagen daaz I want and not have a big butt or type II diabetes. Report
well, my big bottom is serving some good after all! Interesting lol! Report
oh well...guess I am doomed...I don't have a big butt.... Report
That is where my junk accumulates- good to know it isn't all that bad Report
I love my assets!!! lol Report
I think this is a fabulous article. Give me something to be proud about; who knew that all this "junk" in my trunk would be useful for something. LOL Report
Thank you, grandma Lene :-) Report
It must be nice to have some junk, I wish I had some junk in my trunk.
This has to be the most encouraging word that I have heard since I started my new lifestyle! Thanks for the article! Report
yay for having a little extra booty! Report
This is great. For years, I was told that my booty and thighs were to big and contributing to my weight. On some level they were right. But, as I am getting slimmer, I notice that my booty and thighs are big, but more on the curvy side. So, I am gonna give a "Hell yeah!" For big bootys and thighs. Report
Who wrote the law that says that big breasts are better than big butts and skinny legs better than shapely legs.??... Who wrote that script?" Not Real Women.
Lets get healthy and strong and stop comparing ourselves to stick insects!
No kidding. Go figure....a real health reason for a big booty! Report
How fabulous is that? I love science! Report
Hmmm... point well taken! I should embrace my shape more. OK!!!!!! Report
I have always been an extreme hourglass, even more so when I was smaller so this is great! husband loves my butt! He'll have a lot more ammo with this article for when I complain pants don't fit right! haha Report
I've always had a lot of back in proportion to my waist - until I had a baby eight years ago. Now I'm working hard to get my flat belly back, and my husband considers my big booty to be a "design feature". Now I can rest easy that it's not a liability! Report
whew! Thank the Lord for what he has given me. And all this time i thought i was being punished for something. guess not! Not that i am going to give up on losing wt. because I am going to " Keep on Keeping on"!!

Wow, if big butts are correlated with good health, there's a good chance that I may live forever!! : ) Report
maybe this is wives' tale, but the old folks always said, "bigger butts & hips mean can give births easily". though, never try that theory yet, hehe. one thing for sure, I'm starting to appreciate my big backside but have to find out how to tone more my abs, glutes, hips - major issue right now, haha Report
I will just keep on the treadmill and my nutrition plan and let nature take its course. Big fanny? So be it!!!! Report
This isn't news to me. It's been long known that the Pear shape is better for health. I am actually a "barrel" shape myself, I am almost even all up and down. Great legs though, if that's any consolation. And yes, I have Type 2 and all the other health issues that go with it. Report
This is related the the waist to hips ratio and the difference between having a apple or pear shape. For women to be healthy it has to be .80 or less I think and for men it's .95 or less. In my case I have 30 inch waist and 41.5 inch hips .. definitely a pair. My ratio is a healthy .72. Great if you want to look like a pear. Personally, I'd rather be a little less pear and more uniform... But despite weight loss, I am and always will be big bottomed..... oh well.

When I was over 200 lbs, my waist was 43 inch and hips 52 so my ratio was an unhealthy .83. Report
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