Best Iced-Coffee Drinks for Your Waistline

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Does the hot and humid weather this summer have you reaching for iced coffee instead of your favorite hot brewed variety? If so, are they having a positive or negative impact on your weight goals? Although an iced coffee can be as simple as brewed coffee over ice (usually around 15 calories as with Starbucks Grande Iced Caffe' Americano), there tend to be many choices and varying degrees of nutritional value when you order them on the run. If you are enjoying frequent iced coffee drinks and having difficulty reaching your weight goals, there could be a connection. 

How Can You Reduce the Calories in Your Favorite Iced Drink?

Typical recommendations when ordering iced coffee drinks and trying to limit calories is to select the smallest size, request skim milk, and hold the whipped or chocolate topping. Sometimes it can be very difficult to remember to keep everything straight when you are trying to order in a hurry. Here is a quick list of nine 16-ounce choices that can help keep you cool while helping to maintain your waistline.

The 9 Best, Low Calorie Iced Drinks We Found at Major Chains

Starbucks Grande Iced Skinny Flavored Latte (select from many sugar-free flavored syrups)
Calories – 80
Fat – 0 grams
Sugars – 10 grams
Starbucks Grande Iced Skinny Mocha
Calories – 100
Fat – 1.5 grams
Sugars – 8 grams
Starbucks Grande Mocha Light Frappuccino
Calories – 140
Fat – 1 gram
Sugars – 19 grams sugar
(You can also purchase these in a 9.5-ounce bottle from a local supermarket that are 100 calories/3 grams fat/11 grams sugar).
McDonald's McCafe' Medium Iced Nonfat Latte with Sugar-free Vanilla Syrup
Calories – 50
Fat – 0 grams
Sugars – 6 grams
Dunkin' Donuts Medium Iced Hazelnut Coffee with Skim Milk
Calories – 20
Fat – 0 grams
Sugars – 2 grams
Dunkin' Donuts Medium Iced Roast Coffee with Skim Milk and Splenda
Calories – 40
Fat – 0 grams
Sugars – 2 grams
Panera Large Iced Vanilla Latte with Skim Milk and Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup
Calories – 140
Fat – 0 grams
Sugars – 18 grams
Panera Large Iced Cappuccino with Skim Milk
Calories – 80
Fat – 0 grams
Sugar – 11 grams
Burger King Seattle's Best Medium Cold-brew Vanilla Latte with Skim Milk
Calories – 90
Fat – 0 grams
Sugars – 26 grams

6 High Calorie Iced Drinks You Should Probably Skip 

Here are some higher calorie options that it would be best to skip unless you select the smallest size, request skim milk, and hold the whipped or chocolate toppings.

Starbucks Grande Java Chip Frappuccino
Calories – 460
Fat – 19 grams
Sugars – 55 grams
McDonald's McCafe' Large Iced Caramel Mocha
Calories – 390
Fat – 14 grams
Sugars – 48 grams
Dunkin' Donuts Large Caramel Turtle Iced Latte
Calories – 450
Fat – 12 grams
Sugars – 67 grams
Cold Stone Creamery "Gotta Have It" Iced Raspberry Truffle Mocha Latte
Calories – 520
Fat – 19 grams
Sugars – 71 grams
Baskin Robbins Large Iced Cappy Mocha Blast
Calories – 610
Fat – 10 grams
Sugars – 86 grams
Seattle's Best Large Cold-Brewed Marble Mocha
Calories – 540
Fat - 23 grams
Sugars – 68 grams

Do you select iced coffee to keep cool or other cold options? What is your favorite cold drink to enjoy on hot summer days?

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I make my own. A shot of espresso, a dash of flavour syrup (perhaps a tablespoon), ice cubes and fat free milk to fill the glass. Pure bliss. Report
never thought about making my own iced coffee...HMMM...thanks for the great ideas! Report
I've made my own at home with the decaf instant granules (1 t), 1 heaping t fiber powder (clear and natural), 1/2 T Hershey's syrup with calcium and 1 1/2 C skim (fat free) milk. It is wonderful. I don't like McD, something chemically tasting about the chocolate syrup or whip topping, I'm not sure. I've tried DD a couple times and just can't get a taste for it. Homemade is cheaper and better. I don't do it all the time anyway. I mostly do it because I need the protein and sugar after a workout. But it sure does taste good, too.

rumbamel Report
I typically make my own...I use a 16 oz water bottle half full of leftover coffee, add a couple packets of sweetner (of choice) and or some sugar free syrup. Freeze the bottle and then top off with skim milk in the morning. Help to keep my lunch cool in my lunchbox (in my locker) and when I shake it well around lunchtime, make a delicious, affordable treat! Report
Many years ago, when I was in Europe with my husband, I saw a small jar of instant coffee with a free shaker attached. You put in a spoonful of instant coffee, a couple of ice cubes and cold water. (I sweeten it with Stevia). Close the container and shake like crazy. Drink. The shaking causes a foam to form on top and it's pretty good with 0 calories. You could add milk or half and half but I don't even though I use cream in my hot coffee. Report
WOW the calorie content of some of these iced coffee is terrible..
I make my own, only 30 calories cause I use Almond milk unsweetened & Splenda with brewed flavored coffee. Report
memo to self. drink less starbucks. Report
I don't drink fancy coffee drinks, just plain, black coffee for me. Maybe a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream or Kahlua Report
I don't drink coffee (I prefer tea) but my husband does. He likes to go to Starbucks but after I have him read your article, I am sure he will make his flavored coffee at home! Report
I make it at home by putting cold coffee, a packet of sf Swiss miss hot cocoa mix, and a cup of ice in a blender. So good and guilt-free! Report
I like the iced drinks from Starbucks but I can't do the skinny ones cause it uses milk, so I get the iced lattes with soy and never the largest size. Report
Yes I've been making my own at home. And yes, I've been enjoying them a great deal on these hot days.
-- I blend in International Delight 1/2 gal. Iced Coffee...sweet & creamy coffeehouse drink. (1 cup = 150 cal. 2.5g fat, 23g sugar 4g protein) So I have to be careful NOT to drink my calories!
I add 1 cup brewed coffee, chilled, + some milk & water. Place all in 1 qt bottle filled w/ ice. Report
Tap water from the fridge Report
My daughter needs caffeine because she has a condition (I don't know the condition) that needs caffeine in her body. She needs to uses fioricet. I don't want her using that medication all the time. My family aren't coffee drinkers. I buy for her in the military exchanges the coffee that comes in boxes with 16 or 18, etc of K-cup. It comes with one flavor or different flavors in the same box. I buy when the exchange have the K-cups are in special. She say the coffee in the K-cup are great. She prepare the coffee in different styles. Now, she doesn't need the medication everyday and she is happy because she have different kinds of coffee taste. She makes 2 cups with one K-cup. If she is happy with the coffee and happy with her with/out medication. Report
I'm with you, IOWADEB, I'll make mine at home and save $$ along with calories.
I mean, these things may look good on paper, but have you ever tasted an " iced skinny flavored latte?" BLICK!!!!!! A nasty, artificial, and overly flavored concoction! Report
I like my homemade iced coffee. Less calories and great savings on the cost. Report
Thanks for the reviews! For my next splurge, it'll be Starbucks Java Chip frappuccino. The last one I had, had toasted coconut in it!!! Report
This is why I drink my coffee black. Hot or iced. I love sweets and can't be trusted...Drinking coffee black not only saves calories and fat, but it's also a great time saver - just dump it in a cup and go! Report
To be honest, these drinks are so expensive that I prefer iced coffee at home. I make it with black cofffee, ice and a drizzle of good vanilla extract. Because it's super cold, I do add a sugar-free sweetener to bring out the taste of the vanilla, generally one of the stevia extracts. Since it's my left-over cold coffee from breakfast, it doesn't break the bank either. Report
Coffee is my weakness...I love this! Report
Best choice--make your own iced coffee drinks. Then you know exactly what's going in it. As with anything else, it's always best to make your own rather than going fast-food. Not only better for your waistline but for your pocketbook too. Report
Well, I don't add ice to it, but my favorite cold drink these days is my protein fruit smoothies. The "ice" is the frozen strawberries or other fruit I add.

And no, I don't drink coffee (or tea) - have always found them too bitter for my taste buds. Report
I make my own iced coffee with a cold-brew system, so I KNOW what I'm drinking! Usually 2% milk, cinnamon, and a dust of cocoa (b/c I like the taste of coffee). Report
Iced decaf with nonfat milk latte - yum!!!!!!! Report
Whoa! Looks like im staying away from the Mcdonalds Mochas from now on! Do the sugar free syrups and skim milk still taste good? Report
Well the drinks I get weren't mentioned but I enjoy a Skinny Iced Caramelizer at dutch bros and if I'm at Starbucks I do a Iced coffee w/o milk or cream and add syrup. Report
I love sucking down a giant iced coffee, but any time I've ever gotten a smaller size, I haven't felt cheated. I can't stand artificial sweeteners though, so I stick with the real thing and treat it as a dessert for the day. Certainly not suitable for my daily caffeine fix! Report
Of course my favorite....Starbucks Grande Java Chip Frappuccino has 19 grams of fat!!!! anything really "good" has sssssooooommmmmmmeeeeeeeee fat in it, right? Guess I had my last one...let me see when was that?
I am not into iced coffees but this really has some good information. I will give it to my daughter. Report
The iced skinny mocha at Starbucks really satisfies that chocolate craving without to much damage. Remember, no matter what you have to hold the whip! So not worth the calories! Report
I always choose Starbucks Grande Iced Americano, but ask them to leave a little room and then I add just a bit of half-n-half for that creamy taste. Also, half-n-half has less carbs than even skim milk! Report
I also enjoy Mcdonald's Iced coffee with sugar free vanilla- a medium has 90 calories. And the Starbucks Coffee frappucino light is another yummy treat. A grande has 110 calories. Report
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