Confession: I'm a Food Snob

By , SparkPeople Blogger
My BFF called me a food snob when I gave her the evil eye at her suggestion of stopping for fast food on a trip.  We had done that too many times already, I thought.  I asked if we could eat somewhere healthier and she called me a food snob, saying I looked down on other people's way of eating.  That is not the truth; the truth is that I have learned what makes my body lose weight and feel its best.  I still have fast food, just every now and then.  It is no longer habitual.
Here is where I definitely am a food snob though:  I like to eat the best first, not save the best for last.  Then I don't eat extra calories to get to the good part.  If you find yourself forcing yourself to eat the crusts of the bread to get to the yummy middle, cut them off and save the calories. I like the middle of a pancake the best, so I eat a pancake from the middle out.  Most of the time, I don't finish my pancakes.
Be a food snob.  Don't just take food because it's there.  Take the BEST single serving of what you want. You deserve the best!  Just scooping up something without thought doesn't give you any empowerment. Speaking of empowerment, leave a bite on your plate to prove you control the food and it does not control you. 
I also buy food differently.  I don't see a fruit tray as expensive anymore.  That is the same amount of money I would spend on fast food for two people for a single meal.  That cut up fruit will last two days.  I shop for more whole grain items and cereals and very lean meat.  I often use canned beans for a quick salad at lunch time.
If healthier food is pricier and you have a hard time affording what you would like, you are in my neck of the woods.  I have to pick my battles.  Vegetables and whole grains like brown rice make wonderful bases for meals.  Whole grain pastas also make fast and cheap meals. 
Consider joining a food co-op or shop from farmer's markets where foods are the freshest and best tasting.  Not only will you get delicious produce, meats, and milk depending on what farm or co-op you visit, but the prices are usually much lower.      
No matter what food plan you are using, food snobbery doesn't have to be a negative thing. It keeps things out of your mouth that you know aren't going to help you reach your goals.  Have leftovers?  Pack them up and save them for another time, or donate them to a lonely neighbor or a food pantry. Food snobbery also includes not using your body as a human garbage disposal.  You are worthy of no such thing!  Waste those calories, don't waist them. You will just end up lugging them around in the form of weight and will have to work at burning them off.
Many of my friends are vegan or vegetarian. Others are overweight and trying various eating plans.  I would say I'm a ''flexitarian.''  Oh yes, and a food snob. I save the best for first.

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I have no problem admitting that I am a food snob. Why opt for fast food ? It's convenient. It's quick. Sure, it's cheap too. exactly. When you eat at a fast food chain, you're eating cheap food. Don't settle for the junk.

If you are going to treat yourself, then pay extra for good quality food. I can't tell you how many times I was out with a friend who wanted something quick, only to be disappointed by the taste.

Now that I am more snobby about what I eat, I do taste the difference. Fast food is awful. You end up wasting your money after you throw out the food because you can't stomach it.

no thanks. I'll pay extra for better quality.

DAWNGW 6/29/2021
I'm a food snob too!! Have been for several years now. Report
I like this, thanks for sharing. Report
CECTARR 6/29/2021
Thanks Report
AZMOMXTWO 6/29/2021
thank you Report
SES823 6/29/2021
I tend to be, too Report
LEANJEAN6 6/29/2021
It is a great way to look at food-Interesting! Report
JENNAAW 6/29/2021
Inspiring article! Thank you. Report
PIKA1319 6/29/2021
"Here is where I definitely am a food snob though: I like to eat the best first, not save the best for last. Then I don't eat extra calories to get to the good part. If you find yourself forcing yourself to eat the crusts of the bread to get to the yummy middle, cut them off and save the calories. I like the middle of a pancake the best, so I eat a pancake from the middle out. Most of the time, I don't finish my pancakes."

Um, NO. That's not being "snobby", that's just being straight-up wasteful. So disgusting when so many go hungry. If you're that concerned about "wasting" calories, just don't eat that food to start with! Report
FERRETLOVER1 6/29/2021
Thanks. Report
JANIEWWJD 6/29/2021
Thank you for sharing!!! Report
INGMARIE 6/29/2021
snob or not,,,, your pancakes = my pizza. i eat the good stuff first too.. no snobbery ust doing what is best for us.
DEE107 6/20/2021
thANKS Report
MRSPW2000 5/4/2021
Love this!! Thank you for sharing. Perspective is everything.. I'm so owning snobbery now! Report
PATRICIAANN46 4/23/2021
Thank You.............. Report
FISHGUT3 3/14/2021
thanks Report
JUSTJ2014 3/8/2021
Oh yes, I agree. Eat the good stuff and throw out the bad. If I am only allowed so many calories they will be worth every bite. Report
JAMER123 10/24/2020
Thanks for sharing. Report
ELRIDDICK 8/11/2020
Thanks for sharing Report
great. Report
Just another food snob here ✌ Report
I guess I'm a food snob! I figure why waste the calories on something I don't care for. I.e. My husband ordered a pizza from a local place and said it was good for a cheap pizza. I took one bite and figured it wasn't worth the calories. If I'm going to use my calories for pizza, it better be a quality pizza with fresh veggies and tasty. Report
Always best to eat "the best" of what you want, instead of eating more of what you don't. Report
Always best to eat "the best" of what you want, instead of eating more of what you don't. Report
Food snob=self care! Report
thanks Report
Great blog! Report
thanks for sharing like this Report
fantastic article Report
If I am choosing to have cake it's not going to be box mix cake or regular grocery store cake (unless it's there black forest that one is good). It has to be good quality dessert. If I am going to have fry chicken then it can't be KFC (because it tastes good but it makes me feel sick after). So I don't do eat best first but I do try to choose the better quality "unhealthy" stuff which also means eating less of it because I don't have the money or time to be buying bakery cakes or making them from scratch at home and same goes for other foods. Report
I fall into social eating sometimes. Thank yo for your great example. Report
No shame in eating things the way you prefer. Report
So how petty do you have to be, to not eat the crust of bread? Report
I like the crispy edges of a pancake. I'll save you the middle. *grin* Report
Have the best first, usually means have dessert first, then skip the meal....... Report
I am a food snob, and pretty much all of my family are food snobs. Their choices are not often waist friendly, but they refuse to eat run of the mill garbage out there. It is a huge step in the right direction for them because they are willing to try my awesome healthy recipes. Where as the non-food snobs I know won't even try my homemade grain free crackers. To be nice I call the non-food snobs food amateurs. Report
I was just talking to someone the other day about this very thing. If you know what your nutritional goals are for the day and keep track as you go, you can pretty much eat anything you want. You just can't eat everything in the quantities you want. It forces you to evaluate your choices - I am constantly deciding if something is worth the calories. If I feel meh about something that is high in calories and lower on nutrition, I'll just skip it. Report
Better to have a little bit of healthy foods, rather then a lot of unhealthy foods. If my friends want unhealthy foods, that is their choice. My choice is healthy food choices, Vs. Unhealthy ones. When my friends comment, in order to get me to side with them, I have to tell them I choose to be healthy & that it matters what I put into my own mouth. I'm not responsible for anyone else!! Report
There is nothing wrong with being a food snob. Fast food doesn't even taste good to me any more. If I want a burger or hotdog or pizza, I prefer to create it myself at home.

However, I will say, that any leftovers ought to be kept for eating later. As somebody who has had to go hungry in the past, I definitely do not condone food wastage. It is the one behavior that has a guaranteed punishment in my home. Report
Wow, I would love to get over my compulsion to save the best for last! I'd have to change my definition of "best," though for this to work. To me, the cheese is the best and the veggies are less than. :) And the tip to leave a bite on the plate just to prove to yourself that you are in control of the food you eat - genius! I'm tired of being controlled by food. Report
I'm a food snob, but my meaning is different. I will not compromise taste for health. I have made improvements to my diet, but I refuse to eat some of the gross things others do, just because they are good for me. But to each his own. Report
REALLY Great Blog! I have never even considered eating the best part first! I'll definitely be thinking about that during my next meal! :) Report
I'm a food snob, but I won't waste food. I only take what I intend to eat. If there are leftovers, save them for later. Amercia wastes too much food. We throw too much food in our landfills. People go hungry every day, and the idea of wasting food just to prove it doesn't have power over me seems fairly self-centered. Report
I am definitely one of those "get the worst over with first" people. What a waste of calories! A few people have indicated that they don't like to waste food, I agree. I do not like cooking so I make huge batches and freeze them so I don't have to cook more than 3 days a week. At restaurants, I've started to gain the courage to ask for what I want (no bread basket please or I know I won't eat x could you leave it off the plate?). Report
Well said! :) Report
I really like this blog and the comments from HONEYLISSABEE. I don't like to waist or waste food! My parents lived through the depression and were conservative ever after. I don't want for much, but I try to conserve when I can thus it's hard to throw away food. I compost what I can and serve grandkids a small helping first to see if they like it. They can always put more on their plates, and then I expect them to clean their plates if they are of school age. I like and eat all kinds of food from several cultures and want my children and grands to be aware of the diversity of food that people eat to be both healthy and be happy. Report
think it is okay to be a bit of a food snob .. LOL our health dictates that we can and should be food snobs ... Report
The toughest time to control my diet is definitely when I'm out with friends, while they're buying every unhealthy thing under the sun, and I feel like I'm crashing the party by not joining in. Report
I loved this except for the flextitarian part, but I won't let my "the word is omnivore!" pet peeve ruin the good advice. Really, truly, don't let it ruin the good stuff, self. Okay, out of my system. I'm a vegetarian (hence the pet peeve) and I've been living in a foreign country for about 5 months. I have been relying on fast food on base and pastries off base because I just don't know where to go yet and I'm up a pants size because of it. It hasn't been easy to explore with a little one in tow, but this article shows that I can return to my food snobbiness with little decisions, and take the time to find healthier eateries with some preplanning. Thanks for the pep talk! I needed it! Report