Confession: I'm a Food Snob

By , SparkPeople Blogger
My BFF called me a food snob when I gave her the evil eye at her suggestion of stopping for fast food on a trip.  We had done that too many times already, I thought.  I asked if we could eat somewhere healthier and she called me a food snob, saying I looked down on other people's way of eating.  That is not the truth; the truth is that I have learned what makes my body lose weight and feel its best.  I still have fast food, just every now and then.  It is no longer habitual.
Here is where I definitely am a food snob though:  I like to eat the best first, not save the best for last.  Then I don't eat extra calories to get to the good part.  If you find yourself forcing yourself to eat the crusts of the bread to get to the yummy middle, cut them off and save the calories. I like the middle of a pancake the best, so I eat a pancake from the middle out.  Most of the time, I don't finish my pancakes.
Be a food snob.  Don't just take food because it's there.  Take the BEST single serving of what you want. You deserve the best!  Just scooping up something without thought doesn't give you any empowerment. Speaking of empowerment, leave a bite on your plate to prove you control the food and it does not control you. 
I also buy food differently.  I don't see a fruit tray as expensive anymore.  That is the same amount of money I would spend on fast food for two people for a single meal.  That cut up fruit will last two days.  I shop for more whole grain items and cereals and very lean meat.  I often use canned beans for a quick salad at lunch time.
If healthier food is pricier and you have a hard time affording what you would like, you are in my neck of the woods.  I have to pick my battles.  Vegetables and whole grains like brown rice make wonderful bases for meals.  Whole grain pastas also make fast and cheap meals. 
Consider joining a food co-op or shop from farmer's markets where foods are the freshest and best tasting.  Not only will you get delicious produce, meats, and milk depending on what farm or co-op you visit, but the prices are usually much lower.      
No matter what food plan you are using, food snobbery doesn't have to be a negative thing. It keeps things out of your mouth that you know aren't going to help you reach your goals.  Have leftovers?  Pack them up and save them for another time, or donate them to a lonely neighbor or a food pantry. Food snobbery also includes not using your body as a human garbage disposal.  You are worthy of no such thing!  Waste those calories, don't waist them. You will just end up lugging them around in the form of weight and will have to work at burning them off.
Many of my friends are vegan or vegetarian. Others are overweight and trying various eating plans.  I would say I'm a ''flexitarian.''  Oh yes, and a food snob. I save the best for first.