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Beats That Inspired Us to Move in 2015

By , Alicia Capetillo, Staff Writer
From a song that got every man, woman and child to embrace the funk and a new anthem that had everyone shutting up to dance, to Adele's much-anticipated and oh-so evocative return to the spotlight, high-energy, jive-worthy songs were in no short supply this year. No matter if you're staying the course in 2016 or getting off to a fresh and healthy start, a bumping playlist is a must. Which is why SparkPeople teamed up with Yes! Fitness Music to create a remixed playlist featuring all the best 2015 had to offer on the music charts.

Between the empowering "Fight Song" getting you through that last squat rep or Fetty Wap's song of summer pushing you to the finish line, this playlist has a little power for every workout personality. Add this nicely nostalgic, high-energy mix to your music library to fuel all the 2016 workouts ahead of you.

Take these 2015 gems with you in to the new year and be excellent, folks.

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SparkPeople's Top Workout Songs of 2015 - Yes Fitness Music