Easy Asparagus Recipes

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Asparagus is delicious when prepared simply: steamed, roasted or grilled. I like to blanch and shock the asparagus before grilling.  Boil the asparagus for 1 minute (this is the "blanch" part of the process).  Immediately plunge the asparagus into ice water to stop the cooking process (this is the "shock"). The asparagus will turn bright green and retain all its taste and nutrition. Dry it off and then grill it. Serve alone or on a pizza. Or serve it cold with vinaigrette.
How do you prepare it? Easy--Mother Nature gave you a guide. Pick up a spear, hold one end in each hand, and snap it. It will naturally break at the spot where it turns from woody to tender. You can either snap each spear or use the first one as a guide and cut them all off at the same spot.
Don't throw away those tough ends. You can simmer them for stocks or puree and use in soups. If all your spears are thick and woody, use a vegetable peeler to trim the outside and expose the tender interior.
You'll love these easy asparagus recipes:

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Crab and Asparagus Crepes

Asparagus Tart with Ricotta

Strawberry-Asparagus Salad

Roasted Salmon with Lemon Couscous and Asparagus

Easy Asparagus Au Gratin

Asparagus Wrapped in Phyllo Dough

Chicken & Asparagus Pasta

Almond Chicken Salad with Asparagus

Broiled Asparagus

Creamy Asparagus Soup


Asparagus 101

Though asparagus can be found in supermarkets year-round thanks to crops flown in from all over, it's in season for most of us in North America in the spring.
This flowering perennial plant is a cousin to onions and garlic, but it has a much sweeter taste.
As the days grow longer, its tiny edible shoots will start to emerge from an underground crown. Those shoots don't stay tiny for long--asparagus can grow quickly (10 inches in a day!), with spears ready for harvest every few days. But don't hesitate when you see the shoots have reached 6-7 inches; once the tips start to open and they begin to "fern" out, the base of the shoots become woody and inedible.  
Asparagus sticks around: One plant, if cared for correctly, will produce shoots for up to 20 years!  In my family, the caretaker of the asparagus is my oldest brother, John.  Over the years, he has planted long rows of asparagus on our farm so that there will always be a new crop around the corner.
Most of the asparagus we see here is green, but in Europe--especially France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland--white is what you're more likely to see.

This albino variation isn't natural; farmers create it. They loosely mound dirt over the asparagus. As the shoot grows, it is deprived of sunlight and photosynthesis cannot take place. White asparagus must be peeled but can be eaten raw or cooked, just like its verdant counterpart.
If you can find purple asparagus, pick it up.  Not only is it very pretty, it has a fruity flavor. 
Once harvested, asparagus should be eaten within 24 hours for optimal taste.  After that, it will start to lose flavor and juiciness. 

Prolong the life of your asparagus by trimming 1/4 inch from the stalks as soon as you bring it home, place the asparagus upright in a vase or bowl of water and add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar.  Cover the tips loosely with a cotton towel or plastic bag and store in the refrigerator.
What's your favorite way to eat asparagus?

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KATHYJO56 7/14/2020
Such yummy recipes-I love asparagus Report
HEDSTS58 5/18/2020
I love asparagus especially grilled Report
Great article with an excellent selection of varied asparagus recipes. I especially enjoyed the tips for cooking - shocking the stalks to keep them from wilting and also peeling the base or using it for stock. Report
JUDY1676 2/24/2020
Thanks! Report
EVILCECIL 2/24/2020
Looks good. Report
Fresh Report
Boiled for 2 minutes, drained, with a squirt of lemon juice. Report
I really enjoy fresh asparagus, thanks for the recipes! Report
I have learned to really love asparagus and appreciate these recipes. Thank you! Report
I haven't had it much, but like what I've tried of asparagus. Having a husband who is not a great veggie eater - and that includes asparagus!! - means I need to try recipes in small servings for myself. Report
These are great. I absolutely love asparagus. It has become one of my favorite vegetables. For me I love it a lot of different ways, but my absolute favorite is sauteed in a little olive oil with a little course salt and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. YUM! Report
I love asparagus so much too and we have it here also, on our farm! It's such a wonderful feeling when it finally starts poking it's heads out of the soil after a long, long Winter here in Minnesota! Report
I ~LOVE~ Asparagus!!! Report
My new favorite recipe is to roast asparagus drizzled with a little olive oil and sea salt, then chop it up and add it to Trader Joe's Fettuccini with Mushrooms (frozen section). Each bag has 3 150-calorie servings of savory goodness and the asparagus perks it up a notch. :) Report
I like to saute it in olive oil with greek seasoning, pepper, red onions and fresh mushrooms. Report
Great ideas, thanks. Report
Love asparagus, raw or cooked.
We usually steam it and serve with fresh lemon juice added to a little melted butter. Report
I "dry fry" asparagus - just heat a nonstick pan, toss in washed asparagus, and kind of dry roast until spears are a bit browned on the edges. Delicious plain, or toss in some eggs for a fabulous omelet or fritatta! Report
I love fresh asparagus in almost every way. Cannot wait to try this for an appetizer. Report
I love asparagus and have some in the refrig to cook. When we were stationed in Germany, we ate the white asparagus which was delicious, especially the soup. Report
I like asparagus but my husband hates it so we don't have it often. I am always happy at an opportunity to eat it though! Sometimes they have it work in our cafeteria and I always get it then. Report
I like asparagus but my husband hates it so we don't have it often. I am always happy at an opportunity to eat it though! Report
I just found a recipe for Asparagus soup. It was cooked with a potato, I added Carrots in stock and blended it then added a few dollops of sour cream was a great cream soup - loved the flavor. Report
Thank you for the recipes Chef Meg. I am learning to eat asparagus because my family likes it. I recently tried it grilled and enjoyed it that way. Can't wait to try other ways to serve it. Report
We grow our own asparagus. I love it! Last year we got over 40 lbs of it and ate every bit of it! My favorite way is to pick it, wash, snap, wrap in a damp paper towel and microwave it for 1 minute. No salt or anything else on it! Love the natural sweet flavor! Report
Love it grilled with a splash of lemon vinegar. Report
thanks so very much for all the details, especially on selection and storage. I had asparagus and halibut last night for dinner and look forward to FRESH this season Report
Love asparagus. Perfect roasted with a little olive oil and coarse salt or freshly grated parmesan Report
Thanks!!! Report
Asparagus is much to expensive for my budget. Report
Asparagus is my FAVORITE! I add it to my omelettes, grill it, roast it, pan fry it, add it to pasta dishes and enjoy it in salads. I haven't found a way I don't enjoy asparagus. Report
Asparagus is my favorite vegetable. Report
I enjoy roasted asparagus. Quick and easy. Yum! Report
It should be a crime to do anything other than steam or grill asparagus...it doesn't need a sauce. Report
I can tell you the purple is great. Ate it last night! Report
I love it roasted with a little garlic powder and oil. Report
Mixing it with Farro makes a wonderful salad. And wrapping a thin piece of roast beef with horseradish makes a wonderful appitizer Report
I make an asparagus salad with Purple Passion asparagus(it really is purple), yellow an red peppers, mushrooms & pea pods, all cut into bite sized pieces. Then marinaded in olive oil, lemon juice, ushed garlic and basil. YUM! Only negative commment I have had about it was at a Master Gardener potluck, and that was there wasn't enough of it. Report
Great article. I will use some of the tips for sure. May even plant a few. Report
We LOVE Asperagus, almost any manner, but like grilled w/ parmesan & lemon pepper Report
Due to our unseasonably warm winter/spring, Michigan asparagus is already available, a month early. I like it best plain boiled for 2-3 minutes, with a dab of butter. Report
Asparagus is a vegetable that frequently is eaten in my household. We tend to look for thin spears since the thick ones can be rather woody. It is easy to prepared them in the microwave or chopped at placed in the steam basket of a rice cooker.

Thanks for the tip on the woody ends - they had been going into the food/yard waste bin. Report
I love it grilled. Report
I love to roast asparagus in the oven with a little oil (olive or canola) and a little salt, pepper, and/or garlic! (I, too, dislike the "after effects" of eating asparagus!) Report
I'm from Europe and I used to HATE the white asparagus. It looks gross, is often woody and my mother used to cook it to a slime. Green asparagus is much better; it's more tender and we roast or stir-fry it. Report
My dad used to grow fresh asparagus in the garden. This was before he moved to Florida. He kept the same section going with it year after year. Nothing is so much better than eating asparagus fresh from the garden! That and sugar snap peas. Report
Love roasted asparagus with tons of garlic.. a drizzle of olive oil and some salt and pepper. I eat it like french fries... ! Report
I LOVE LOVE LOVE roasted asparagus. It rarely makes it off the pan... Report
I'm a midwest girl at heart and have been eating asparagus for as long as I can remember. My favorite way to eat it is to steam it until tender crisp. My husband likes it cold with a little Italian dressing on it. I also like it raw with a veggie dip (whatever you you use for celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, or jicama). Report
Grilled with & thank you for sharing the recipes, Chef Meg can't wait to try them. Report