A Simple Way to Recharge Your Workout Motivation

By , SparkPeople Blogger
In the past, I've blogged about how new workout clothes motivate me to exercise. I've also shared tips to buy high-quality workout apparel on a budget, which is fitting because I am very tight with my money, yet I tend to have expensive taste in just about everything (what a curse!).
I realized recently that it had been a couple of years since I bought any new workout clothes. So a couple of weeks ago, I went on a bit of a shopping spree for some new duds. I bought super cute (and full priced!) items: tank tops with built-in sports bras, two running skirts (my first ones ever), and some cropped tights that I can wear essentially year-round for a variety of workouts. Although I felt a little buyer's remorse when I handed over my credit card (don't worry, I pay the balance off in-full every month!), that initial sense of guilt gave way to an entirely different feeling in the days and weeks that followed: excitement to wear my cute new threads to the gym and during my runs.
While my new clothes were pricey—by far the most expensive workout clothes I had ever purchased!—it was also kind of nice to reward myself with something special and out of the ordinary. I've been exercising hard, training for several races, trying new workouts, and it felt good to treat myself to something as a reward for my commitment and achievements. But I also see them as tools (really, really CUTE tools haha) to help me continue moving forward. After all, I want to exercise forever, and even though I've made exercise a habit, I still struggle with the ambition to continue pushing myself.
But even weeks after my purchase, every time I think about the next day's workout, I'm thinking about which new item I can wear. I've regained my excitement for the gym all over again! And the fact that they were expensive to me only reinforces my desire to use them—I want to get my money's worth. The less I wear them, the more they seem like a waste of money rather than a good investment.
I also think there is something to feeling good and confident when you work out. Most people want to feel their best in any situation, and I know a lot of women (and men) who feel uncomfortable enough getting all sweaty and stinky during exercise—especially in public. So if dressing for your workout in a fashionable workout top or a running skirt that makes you feel good motivates you, then go for it! I strongly believe in treating yourself to stylish clothes regardless of your size or weight. In fact, the more you do that NOW, the better you'll feel about yourself and the better you'll take care of yourself (that means exercising!). That was true for me when I struggled with my weight in the past. When I stopped hiding under baggy clothes, and stopped telling myself that I didn't deserve cute clothes right now, I gained confidence triggered an upward spiral of self-love and self-care that led me to becoming the fit and healthy person I am today.
So if you haven't treated yourself to something new for your workouts, consider this your reminder. You deserve it—and you'll be investing in your health!
See some of the new items I bought in my Facebook photo gallery!
When's the last time you treated yourself to new workout clothing? Did it add to your motivation?