SparkPeople Mobile Gets a Makeover!

By , SparkPeople Blogger

UPDATE 8/17/15
Today we released a new update for our iOS users that should fix the issues some of you have been having with the app. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a complete list of changes we made in this most recent version of the app.

Hey, Everyone!

You might have noticed something a little different about your SparkPeople Mobile app recently! Our goal for this most recent update was to make the app easier and more fun to use--and we think we achieved that!

If you haven’t seen it yet, we think you’ll love it; go check it out. You can download SparkPeople Mobile at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Things We Improved

The biggest change we made to the app was to streamline navigation. 
Many of you told us that you found it hard to get around the app, so we made a new home button that lets you get through the main sections of the app in just a tap. 
We also put a plus button at the top right of most screens in the app. Tap the plus button while you’re in the chat section, and you’ll start a new chat; hit the same button on the Food Log screen, and you can add your most recent food. Just think of that little plus as your way to add more to SparkPeople to make it more useful for you. :)

We think that the improved navigation makes getting around the app even more fun! We also made a few other changes we think you’ll like:

We simplified the Nutrition Tracker so you can log your food faster. We made it easier to access recent foods, and moved the old servings screen inline to get rid of an extra step. And if you find yourself eating the same food day after day, you can now create food groupings--collections of foods that you can add to your food log with one click.

You can now track and monitor your exercise, nutrition and water consumption from one place on the log screen. Check this screen daily to get a big-picture idea of how you’re doing for the day.
We also made it easier to see extra nutrients in the app if you set them up on the site. From folic acid to iron, we have over 75 nutrients you can now track in the app. Click here to see a full list of nutrients. Best of all, we don’t charge for this information--you can see how your nutrition stacks up for FREE. :)

Some of you had mentioned that the barcode scanner was a little hard to find in the old version of the app, so we moved it to a more prominent space--you can find it right at the top of the food log screen.
Our tech team did some work on the back end to make our community sections (blogs, mobile chat, and Friend Feed) faster and easier to use. We made a few small tweaks to how this section looks, but most of the changes just make the community sections work faster.

Looking for exercise inspiration? You can now browse our full collection of exercises if you want to try something new. (In the old version of the app, you had to search for a specific exercise to find it.) To make this even easier, we’ve put together a bunch of new fitness demonstrations so you can make sure your form is correct and get the results you want!

SparkPoints have a much stronger place in the app (WooHoo!). We really went all in on SparkPoints, making it easier to get SparkPoints from the app and giving you more details on how to earn points. We did this because sometime in the next few months, we’re going to start giving out prizes to members who earn more than 300 SparkPoints per month

Stay tuned for the kickoff announcement coming to this blog later this year - it’s going to be awesome!!

Things We Took Out

While redesigning the app, we realized we couldn’t keep everything in it. We wanted to make the app load as fast as possible and ensure the navigation was more intuitive and easier to use. While we were able to keep almost all of the features in the app (and add a few new ones, too), there were some features we took out. So you don’t waste time looking for them, we thought it would be more helpful to list them here:

  • Quick Track: We got rid of the Quick Track option because it’s even easier to track your nutrition and fitness with our simplified navigation.

  • Goal Board: The Goal Board function wasn’t used much in the app, so we took it out. But don’t worry: if you love your Goal Board, you can still find it on the Start page at

  • GPS: As we’ve rolled out more integrations with other apps like Runkeeper, more of our members have been using those apps to track walks and runs and then feeding that information over to their SparkPeople accounts. Instead of trying to keep GPS in our app, we encourage you to try one of our partner apps--they’re great!

  • Reports: The nutrition report is the most-used report in our app, so we improved it (click on the “Full Nutrition Report” button on the Log screen to see it) and removed the rest of the reports. But never fear--you can still access more detailed versions of other reports on our desktop site.

  • Customizable Home Screen: We eliminated the ability to customize the home screen of the app. Most of our members didn’t use this and it caused the home screen to load more slowly.

We’re very excited to bring you this newest version of SparkPeople Mobile. If you like the app, give us a great review in the app store--every positive review we get from our members helps us spark even more people to live healthier and happier lives. Or if you’re not the app-review type, feel free to tell your friends about it!

UPDATE 8/17/15

After releasing the newest version of SparkPeople Mobile, you provided feedback about some features you missed and some bugs we missed. We pushed out a mini-release to our app to address some of these issues; the Android update went out last week and the iOS update went out today. Some of the changes we made in this small version release include:

  1. We increased the font size throughout the app, making the words easier to read on your phone.
  2. We added the Calorie Differential Report back into the app. You can now find this report by going to the "Log" screen and scrolling to the bottom. There, you will find a button that says "Full Nutrition Report." Click on the button, and you will find another button that will take you to the Calorie Differential Report.
  3. We added the ability to change the dates on your weight entry screen, giving you the option to enter your weight for previous days.
  4. We enabled the ability to view comments on your own profile, a feature that you can access from the "Social" tab.
  5. We fixed a small bug that was causing issues if you were trying to manually enter a strength exercise.
Thank you so much for using our app, and thank you for letting us know ways in which we can make the app better for you. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please email us at!

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FITNIK2020 4/18/2020
So, like how old is this. ?
LISAMARIE2015 3/14/2020
Over 5 years old lol. Why are y’all posting this as the first article that popped up? Report
kinda old for an update lol Report
THE ARTICLE IS ALMOST 4 1/2 YEARS OLD — “the recent app updates” ??? Seriously? If “recent” is 4 years ago, we got issues!!! PLEASE DELETE THIS SERIOUSLY OUTDATED “NEWS”. Report
Thanks for this great info! Report
Thanks! Report
I'm not thrilled with the app! I can't get to teams and I can't give goodies. This app is only good for tracking.
This is great! Report
I still want the goal board back, especially as it is no longer on the start page either! I also miss an even older goal-setting feature which let us set personalized short term, medium term, and long term goals with action steps. Report
I also want the goal board back. I even don't like having to click it open on the main site. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. Report
Can we have the goal board back? It was a useful tool to keep motivated when temptation strikes. Report
Seems I'm not the only one who misses the goal board. Don't like the idea of having to track the goals only on PC Report
The app is still very useful, but I'm so disappointed that the goal board is missing. It was encouraging to have see that bit of positivity and motivation whenever I hopped on to plug in my meals. Report
OK, didn't know about the second update yesterday. About the only thing I was really missing was the GPS feature, since I did use it and had gotten disgusted with MapMyFitness since it didn't play with the SparkTracker app. As far as I know, the other mapping apps do not calibrate with the SparkTracker app? or has something changed recently?? Guess it hardly matters since SparkPeople isn't supporting and selling any more of their own trackers. My FitBit died and I don't like the wristband type trackers - so once my tracker dies, I'm back to the stone age of calculating my own mileage and time the quaint old-fashioned paper and pen way. Oh well. The other thing I missed was the water tracker and being able to quickly post water for the upcoming 8 days - that way I'd keep my streak going even when I might have some days where I was too busy to track it all every day. Report
I love the new app and use the social tab often. I cannot find a way to get to my teams though. Am I missing it? Report
I haven't updated my Android app yet, but can you please pass along that I will really miss the Goal Board access from within the app. I'm often away from my computer and have my goal board set up with great reminders to keep me in check throughout the day. I actually think we should get points throughout the day for reading through our goals since this is an important step in the weight-loss and maintenance process. You have a SP video dedicated to how important posting your goals where you will see them is! I suppose a lot of people don't have them set up, but please pass along it will be missed by some users and seems like it could easily be added back from the SparkPoints page. Thanks! Report
I love the new app. Thank you for your up grade.. Report
I like most of the new features, but have no interest in either the mobile chat or member blogs. I would love to be able to remove them from the home screen. Report
Why is it that nobody ever like change when it first comes? Well done and good luck going forward?
Since most things end up launching a browser window anyway now, what is the purpose of the app? Quick tracking was taken away, along with many other features we used the mobile app for. Might as well just use my shortcut to the mobile sight, and delete the app. Report
The bar code scanner still doesn't work for me on my iPad mini. What's up with that? I have a different tracker app and theirs works just fine. Report
Could you please list your partner apps that can be used in place of the GPS tracker? Thanks. Report
There is a way to add your own exercise or custom food item but it's not as easy as before. You have to search on it first and find that it isn't already listed. Then you'll get the Add an exercise not listed button. So for example, if you start typing "sleep" into the initial Exercise Search box it won't come up and then it will allow you to click the button to add your own custom one. Adding in a non-listed food item works the same way as well. You need to run a search on something that won't give you an actual result to get to the button. Report
I really like the log with everything together but I very much miss seeing my goal board in the mobile app. I used to visit my goal board in the app anytime I was out and about and found myself in a challenging or tempting food situation as a good reminder of my goals and the bigger picture beyond that moment. Report
I don't like the update at all... I really miss the goal board, find the 'today's top stories' thing annoying, and don't want to see all the blog and mobile things... I looked for a way to remove them, but the customization option is gone, too.... I was maintaining my Spark people app mostly because of the goal board... I've tried to use the meal tracker but it is beyond a hassle... I guess I'll just keep my profile online to keep getting my daily emails, but I don't need the mobile app anymore.... Report
It's a learning curve but just a small one. Now it makes sense to have food and exercises for the day on the same page! It'll be confusing at first because I'll think 'I should go to exercise first to view what I've done today' but no, that doesn't work. I need to go to Log first to view that.

You have all the nutrients available on our reports! Yay! EXCEPT! If you search for a food, you still can't view the vitamins for that food. Bad yay!

New app is helpful.. Log is great!
I would like the Goal board back & show minimum of social (5 blogs w/pics took up a lot of room) since cant be un selected like before.
!!! Is there a way to enter foods not listed INSTEAD of bar code? I like to make my own titles. Report
Is there a way to add your own exercise? I used to get a link towards the bottom of the exercise link to add my own exercise but do not see it now. Report
I miss being able to track extra goals with the app. I used the app every day for those goals since that section does not work right in Chrome. Report
Steph, can you make sure you have the latest version of the app? We put a fix out a few days ago to better keep members logged in when reading resources. Report
Love the new look food & exercise tracker, but when I want to read articles it keeps telling me to log in, yet I am logged in. Then I can not access feeds, it keeps again telling me to log in and for recipes it also tells me to log in, but does not allow me to log in. Keeps returning to the log in page. Hence I can not track recipes.
Since yesterday the exercise tracker only shows about 1/3 of the calories it was showing before for exercise logged. My morning walk, usually 162 kcal burned, shows now 48kcal burned Report
I miss the quick tracker and my goal board :( Report
I would like to plan what I'm going to eat, then check it off (or edit it) - I don't see a way to do this and don't see that yo've added it to new app....any ideas for me? Report
Thank you for your response, Dave. I'll pass that information on to the ladies on my team...and let them know that I *did* read it correctly the first time. ;) Report
RISNGSUN24, the SparkPoints contest will be for both app and site usage. Also we may vary the points level different months.

GWKNYS, the update is available on Android now. We submitted the update to Apple, but they manually approve each app. We expect the Apple/iOS version to be available to download next week. Report
When are you going to make the new mobile for ipad and other ios dvices.I can download google play, but when i try to download the new mobile , it tells me i am not connected to google play when I am using the
google play application. Is this for android devices only? Report
I agree with the others about tracking water consumption. I've tried it a couple times since the changes but it's not worth the hassle. If I remember, I'll log it when I'm on my computer instead but being able to do it on my phone was so much easier.

One question: Is the giveaways for 300 points going to be mobile app only thing? Or for ALL and computer? On one of my teams, it seems that I'm the only one with a smartphone (of the actively chatting members) so many will miss out on this opportunity if it's mobile only. Report
Please add the Quick Tracker back.
I agree with WaynePH, the water tracker is bit time consuming. Click wait ... click wait ... click wait. Report
Overall, I'm really torn on the new update. While I certainly think that there have been some good improvements in the food tracking, many of the "unused" features that were removed were the ones I used the most.

Question: Are the "Checkboxes" on the Food Log an iPhone only thing? I don't see them. Food tracking would be even better if I could Copy or Create a group from only part of the items in a meal. It appears it may be available, but I can't find it.

Biggest misses:
1. Loss of quick tracking and sliders. I used to be able to add 4 cups of water (32 oz bottle) with one click directly on the home page. Now I have two clicks to get to where I can add water, and 4 more clicks and syncs to add each cup individually. I also seemed to loose all access to tracking fruits/veggies, sleep and other goals since the quick track was the only way to get them on the phone.
2. Loss of customization on the home page. For better or worse, I don't follow a lot of the community aspects on the site. I had turned them off and the page seemed to load faster when I wasn't getting all that data. The new home page seems slower to me and I have to scroll past so much more to get to things at the bottom that it takes me longer to get around now than it used to.
3. Loss of the goal board. While I don't have a lot, I did take the time to set goals for myself that scrolled through the app. Not anymore. I try not to use my computer every day, but I'm on the phone. Now I lost that little reminder and motivation boost of what I'm working towards.
4. While I certainly think the prizes for 300 points a month or more is a potentially great new item on the site, there are a lot of points that aren't available from the app forcing users to a different device (or mobile browser). Examples: With the goal board gone, you can't earn the "review" points"; the Bonus spins for getting to 25 points in a day could be added since the daily spin is already set up; the inability to get points for tracking your "other/team goals" seems like it would be good as well. Report
Thank you! The ranges were my most used part of the app. Perfect for when I find myself out and wondering how much wiggle room I have. Report
Thanks for the comments! A few notes on some tweaks we will likely make soon:
- Add the Calorie Differential report back in
- Put in calorie/fat/carb/protein ranges on the bottom of the food log Report
I will be removing the app since other than tracking food & exercise, there is nothing on that page I use. Disappointed in a major way. Took me 15 minutes to find where to post water...and the explanation in this article is not helpful at all. SP has many of us older folks but seem to care about the digital age people only. Sad. At least leave the ability for us to customize the front page. Bah humbug. Report
I will miss the calorie differential report as well. It has been the #1 contributor to my success, and I use it daily. I may just delete the app and go back to strictly using the desktop site. The other changes seem to be good, but I'm wishing I hadn't updated it now. Oh well, you can't have everything! Report
I will miss using the calorie differential report on a daily basis. That's my only complaint about the update. I understand the reason for removing it, I know enough about IT to get it, I just wish more of us had used it in the past so that it would have remained on the development roadmap. Report