8 Upper Body Resistance Band Workouts

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Last week's fitness round-up blog featured eight lower body resistance band exercises. As mentioned earlier, resistance bands are a great investment to add to your fitness arsenal. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are quite convenient to tuck away in your luggage when you travel. And studies have shown that resistance bands can offer many of the same fitness benefits as using free weights or gym machines.

Abs, Arms and Chest

Punch with a Band

Shoulders and Back

Split Lunge Row with Tubing

Back, arms, obliques and hips

Pull Downs


Seated Rows


Biceps Curls with Band


Triceps Extension

Shoulders and Triceps


Rectus Abdominus (abs), Transverse Abdominus, Obliques

Standing Cable Rotation

Below are a links to Coach Nicole's Video Exercises using resistance bands.

7-Minute Upper Body Resistance Band Workout

Intro to Exercising with Resistance Bands

20 Minute Resistance Band Workout

Do you own resistance bands? Would you be willing to bring them with you the next time you have travel plans?

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