8 Great Stability Ball Exercises

By , SparkPeople Blogger

One of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment found in the gym, or even in your own home, is the stability ball. Not only does it help you to build better core stabilization, while aiding in balance and flexibility, it also allows for a more challenging workout to your every day strength training routine.

If are unfamiliar with the stability ball, please click here as to what size ball you will need for your height.

Equipment needed for these exercises: Stability ball, dumbbells and weighted medicine ball

Arms, Chest, Shoulders

Balance Push Up

Weight Press


Seated Reverse Fly on a Stability Ball

Hamstrings, Quads and Glutes

Single-Leg Squat


Glute Lifts


Seated Calf Raises on a Stability Ball


Seated Stability Ball Rotation

Twist and Shout

For more stability ball exercises see the following links below.

Click here for Coach Nicole's Introduction Video on how to exercise on a stability ball.

Click here to view Coach Nicole's 15-Minute Ball Workout.

Do you have a stability ball? Do you use it regularly? Do you find using a stability ball makes your strength training workouts more challenging?

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ARNETTELEE 5/30/2021
thanks Report
Maybe I should give this a try Report
MJPFITNOW 3/11/2021
The links do not work 😢 Report
JANIEWWJD 3/6/2021
I love stability ball workouts!!! Report
CATE195 1/22/2021
The links do not work for the core exercises. Report
MUGABI123 1/8/2021
I am just not good with a stability ball....hip replacements and back issues.... Report
JDSMMS 12/13/2020
Good article yet some of the links no longer work. Report
thank you Report
I don't even know where I put mine Report
Excellent great Report
Thanks Report
Thank you Report
thanks Report
I'm going to get mine out of the laundry room and use it Report
I love my stability ball. I usually sit on it after work when I'm winding down for bed. I like to lie on my back and stretch it out since I sit on my butt all night. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
thi sit Report
A number of the links are still no working and may need to be removed. Report
Some of the links are working properly. I love my stability ball Report
A lot of these links no longer work. :( Report
Is it just me or does the link that is supposed to tell you what size ball to get take you to the WRONG page?? Report
thanks.... Report
I have two stability balls and I use them at least two or three times a week for 30-55 minute workouts, a mixture of strength and Pilates-based exercises. I love them and find that they are a good complement to my running training. Report
I love my stability ball! Best piece of workout equipment I own! Thanks for these exercises! Report
I would love to use a stability ball every day, unfortunately, the only one's that are currently available to me are far to small for me. When I sit on them, my knees are higher than my hips! Very uncomfortable. I might try some of the other positions on a small one though. Report
I use a stability ball as part of my fitness routine. I do all sorts of exercises to improve my over all strength, balance, core strength, etc... a ball can be a great way to challenge your body. I still find plank on the ball to be extremely challenging. Report
I do have a stability ball but I use it as a chair :/ I also use it to stretch out my back after work and it works wonders!!!! I will try these exercises to get more out of my SB....
Thanks Report
I do have a ball and use it as my computer chair. I also have been using it in my strength exercises and have found that with my back problems it makes crunches and push ups possible. Will not be without one now. Report
I do have a stability ball, and used to use it a lot more than I do now. I do other things now. It wouldn't hurt me to use the ball, once in awhile. Report
I absolutely love my stability ball, it was the best purchase I've made for my at home workouts besides dumb bells! I love Coach Nicole's boot camp videos that use the stability ball, I do them regularly when I can't get to the Y. I would recommend it for anyone, you can get them at a reasonable price in different sizes at Walmart. Report
I love my stability ball! I tried one in physical therapy two years ago, and it was so much I bought my own; it's one of my favorite ways to exercise now. I have health problems due to complications from cancer, and the ball makes it easier for me to do things like crunches and is also very gentle on my joints. Report
If I tried that exercise...someone would have to be on standby to call 911!!!!! Report
Yes, it is my favorite exercise too. I use it more for yoga/pilates type exercise but need to expand to more exercises as suggested here. I also use a stability ball as my office chair at work. Report
I think I need to get a ball..... Report
It's my favorite piece of equipment! My core has strengthened greatly since I started using it. Report
I love using it while I watch TV. Report
Just last night, the second night I pulled out my dusty ball to do backbends before sleep (to counteract taxes), I thought, I should look up medicine ball exercises on SparkPeople. I love my ball! Thank you thank you thank you for this terrific article. Report
I have one. Report
I have chronic lower back problems so the stability ball is a fun necessity! Report
LOVE my stability balls! Report
I own two balls and have not used them in awhile. I need to fill at least one of them and put it to good use. I need to add some additional kick to my workout and this may be a good start. Report
I have one at home that I've had for years!! However, I think it might be too big for me. Never had to say that before : ) Usually everything is too small for me! I do also need to blow it up more so that it is firmer. I always wonder just how firm it should be. At physical therapy, they were squishy just a bit, but at the work out clubs, they are hard as rocks most often... so I am confused. Help! Report
I use a stability ball for my desk chair at work. It took everyone a while to get used to seeing me sitting on it but now a co-worker is also using one! Report
I won a stability ball and other fitness equipment in a SparkPeople bootcamp random drawing. I do use it. I used it this week. I don't use it regularly but I can feel my core work when I use it. I should try to use it more often. I use it with Coach Nicole videos or picture articles I cut out of magazines. Report
This is a great compilation of one of my favorite exercise tools. Thanks. Report
I must admit that the stability ball is one of my favorite workout tools. It is unbelievable how I've become stable on it over time. I strongly recommend this. Report
I LOVE my stability ball and the workouts that Coach Nicole has for it are my favorites! Sometimes I use it as my desk chair which really confuses the cat... :) Report
My favorite workout tool! Report
No but I use one at the gym! I want one at home!! Report
I have one but I need to use it more often. I need to clear a bigger space to work out. Report