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7 Quick Mood Boosters

By , Abigail Cuffey, Woman's Day
Brighten your spirits in no time flat with these easy tricks.

Reach for the sky
Get on your feet, look to the ceiling and stretch your arms straight up, spreading your fingers. "The simple act of standing prompts a boost in circulation, delivering oxygen- and energy-rich blood to your cells," explains psychotherapist Kimberly Willis, PhD, author of The Little Book of Diet Help: Expert Tips and Tapping Techniques to Stay Slim for Life. And smile as you hold the stretch: It will trigger the release of feel-good brain chemicals. 
Turn "to-do" into "it's done!"

Turns out that just having a to-do list can seem overwhelming and make you feel tired instead of inspired to finish the tasks. So, create an "it's done" list to give yourself a sense of achievement, suggests Tamar Chansky, PhD, author of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety. Take a minute to write down 10 quick things you've accomplished today or this week.
Use your imagination

Has a hectic day left you longing for a relaxing beach vacation? Go there—in your mind. "Your brain responds the same way to a vividly imagined experience as it does to a real one," says George Pratt, PhD, coauthor of Code to Joy: The Four-Step Solution to Unlocking Your Natural State of Happiness. Close your eyes and focus on the sights, smells and tastes (the sensory parts) of your chosen escape.
Go for the good carbs

To boost your levels of serotonin, a calming brain chemical, try a carb-rich snack. No, this isn't a free pass to binge on chips: It only takes about 30 g of carbohydrate (4 cups of air-popped popcorn) to get the lift. Try half of a whole-grain English muffin with 1 Tbsp jam, or 1/2 cup oatmeal.

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ROBINRS 8/9/2019
Music - upbeat "oldies" or Contemporary Christian. A momentary Dance or just a body wiggle ( maybe even in a bathroom stall if others are around} Love the "done list idea. Report
KHALIA2 7/13/2019
Thanks! Report
Thanks Report
ELJAYBOLAY 6/28/2019
I walk through thrift stores. I look for the best silly treasure I can find for my home. Something that makes me smile or sparks a good memory or reminds me that everything is good.
KHALIA2 6/28/2019
Great tips! Report
CECELW 6/5/2019
Worshipping God is the best mood lifter for sure Report
KEITATP 5/2/2019
These are some great suggestions!!! Report
Great suggestions, thanks for sharing. Report
Thanks for a great article! :) Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Thanks. Report
I agree with praising God as the best way to lift a mood. Report
Such helpful ideas! Report
thanks. Report
Such GREAT advise & real, doable things that can work quickly! Thank you so much! Report
I the mood booster Report
WOW, this was the best article I could have ever read! I always feel overwhelmed by my "to do lists." It felt so good to write down 10 things I had already accomplished. I just realized how much anxiety I have been putting on myself. Time for a change. Report
Great article. Love the 'It's done list' idea..........will try! Report
I second Cierapoet's motion. I too find that I get quite a boost when I read or listen to the woRD of God. It's the best way to start my day. It too keeps me feeling positive. It also keeps me grateful and humbled. After I get my spiritual exercise I get my physical exercise with a brisk walk. I always invite God to join me as I go. It's the best way for me to go. Report
I'll have to try this. Report
I'll be sure to use these at work! Report
Listening to Christian music helps me re-focus about what's important. Laughter always helps - sometimes reading a funny story or comic. Report
Hmmm...Great article! Report
If I just smile for a few seconds and do a silly little "dance", even if I'm sitting in my chair at work, it makes me giggle at myself just enough to brighten my mood. And if I can keep the smile going for a little longer, the good mood really sticks around. :) Report
I like to go for a walk when my energy or mood is low. The fresh air does it everytime! And increase my water!!! Report
Great article! Best idea is turning "to do" into "it's done." Report
I agree with Cierapoet (commented above). Report
Praising God is My Main Way To Change A Down Mood. Reading The Word of God. Listening To Music. Smiling. Dancing. Thinking Happy Thoughts. Being Thankful for Life. Staying Positive...Look On the Brighter Side. Thanks for Sharing! :))) Report