500 Reasons to Join the New YOU Bootcamp Today

By , SparkPeople Blogger
If you're resolving to tone up in '09, then I have some news for you. It's going to take hard work, will power, dedication, and some sweat (but not necessarily blood or tears). But you can make it easier—even fun—by joining SparkPeople's New YOU Bootcamp, a challenge that includes a workout plan, built-in support, and motivating prizes!

We created the New YOU Bootcamp Challenge and Contest to motivate and inspire you to reach your fitness goals in 2009. We call it “Bootcamp” not because it’s highly intense, but because it involves daily exercise and commitment so you can get real results.

That may sound daunting, but each workout can be tailored to your own fitness level, and you also get to pick activities that you enjoy! Following our 4-week fitness program will help you look good and feel great in a matter of weeks—and also help you build momentum to make fitness a priority all year!

Here are 5 reasons to join today—and tell your friends!

  1. It's simple. I designed the New YOU Bootcamp workouts to take the guesswork out of working out. You'll follow one of my online 10-minute workout videos each day, and do your favorite cardio activity 5 times per week. Because there are seven different Bootcamp videos and you get to pick your cardio, working out will never be boring! All you need is a stability ball, a set of dumbbells, and a computer to follow along with the free workout videos.

  2. It's free. You'll save money because you won't need a gym membership or any fancy equipment to get in shape. Like all SparkPeople resources, joining Bootcamp is completely free!

  3. It's motivating. Every day, I will post your daily workout and a challenge that will help you reach your goals. I'll also send weekly SparkMails to participants! Other Bootcamp members will root you on, answer questions, and offer support when you need it, too.

  4. It's fun! By taking part in the challenge, you're doing something new every day. Plus, we're giving away weekly prizes to participants and 10 iPod shuffles!

  5. You could win $500 cash! One lucky—and newly fit—participant will win the grand prize: $500 to use towards new clothes, a gym membership, or whatever you want! All you have to do is join the challenge and log your workouts on SparkPeople.com to be eligible for the $500 grand prize!
    For more information about the New YOU Bootcamp and contest, click here. To join the challenge right now, go to www.SparkPeople.com/NewYou. Hurry, Bootcamp starts January 4, 2009!

    You've set your goals for the year, resolving to get fit, eat better, tone up and lose weight for good. Are you ready to uphold your resolutions once and for all?

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why doesn't the three points work I have read six articles now and none of the three points works and I haven't read them before..this is the second time this has happened... Report
I hope Spark People does this again. I wanted to join but don't have the ball and other things you needed to do it. Report
I just found this and joined. is it way too late to catch up? also, is there something new every month from this blog? Report
I start today and just watched day 7 abs and did it-yea! With new bike, weights, stars in alignment, a Saturday, and sparkpeople community I am ready. Oh yeh, I also watched the feedbag video on onion and still LOL-hilariously helpful. Report
I'm ready to start . . . a little late but I'll try and catch up. Report
Better late than never! Count me in. Report
Good Luck everyone Report
Me, my daughter and sisters are all in this. I thought I had signed up for this, do get daily emails with the exercises and challenges? Report
Count me in too Report
I would LOVE to give it a try but noticed that there are video's involved.....anyone that is on dial-up can tell you that is almost impossible....geez Report
I'm in! Report
This is day 3 for me....and I am actually doing it!!!! This BootCamp challenge has really "sparked" my motivation once again.......Thank you, SparkPeople, for helping me get my energy level back into high gear, and inspiring me to get healthy. Report
I'm looking forward to a fit 2009!!! Report
Count me in! Report
I am so glad that I found this site! It was meant to be. I've already told all of my friends about the challenge. Report
Sounds like just the thing to get me started Report
Hi last year was bitter sweet, We have a new grand baby born Nov 10th two months early. I had gastric bypass and my husband was diagnosed with Esophogeal cancer. He has had chemo, radiation, and surgery and has been given a clean bill of health. I have lost 50 lbs since Sept 22nd. I am so much healthier than you can imagine. I wish I had done this a long time ago. We are starting this year like no other with a goal of living like we might die tomorrow. We are so blessed and have so much more to be thankful for.
Sandy Report
Well this is my first day with BootCamp and I'm all ready to go with my granddaughter next to me. She loves to workout with grandma. We're excited.. Report
It's always good to have a little extra incentive! Sure hope I win...not only the camera but also the new body! Report
I've just finished the Day 3 workout & it feels great. Thanks, Coach Nicole! Report
Hi. A few days into this challenge and I am lovin' it! With all the cold weather up here in Alaska, what better way to pass the time then to exercise! Thankyou Coach Nicole. Report
While I was really excited about doing this and enjoyed the first few workouts, I have removed myself from the team and contest, due to the people with the inability to follow directions. I have discovered that I can access the video workouts through the Healthy Lifestyle-Fitness section and will continue to do them on my own.

A suggestion for the computer/internet/webpage brains there at SparkPeople - figure out a way for someone like yourself to post a message that people CAN NOT reply too, since they seem to have an inability to follwo instructions.

Anyway, thanks for all that you do, very frustrating as I try to "get back on the wagon" of exercising, losing weight, and being healthy! Report
This has been a fun added addition to my other workouts Im loving it thanks so much Report
Joined the bootcamp and love it so far. However, the streaming interruptions on my computer are driving me crazy (stop/start/stop/start). Any suggestions? Are the segments on the cardio DVD the same as the bootcamp workouts? Report
Thank you for putting together an activity to help us jump start a New Year of health and well-being!! Report
I had already joined but I had set up my account with out a weight loss goal and had to delete it and create a new one. Anyway, this has totally improved my motivation. Somehow challenges and a goal help tremendously! Report
The idea of doing a series of exercises to start out the New Year is such a great idea. I've been so motivated by everyone's excitement, and I feel like I am part of something special. Thanks Sparkpeople for making this site available for free. It has made a huge difference in my life. Report
I am so excited about this I know I am gonna do great and I am ready!!!!! Report
This should be fun. I just finished day one of Boot camp. I am so excited to finish and see my end result. : ) Report
I am extremely excited about coming to this website to help track all of my healthy changes. But, I am even more excited about what I will be able to do being a healthier person! Report
I'm very interested and excited! Report
Good luck with this everyone, lets all see how the end result are. Report
Sounds great to me. Report
Coach Nicole is great - very clear instructions, so I can understand what she's doing without staring at the screen! I'm psyched, and ready for bootcamp! Report
I've done my video for the day and am getting excited about a New ME! Report
I started the program today. Really liked it and plan to continue. Report
I joined and loved the first workout today! Report
I joined and I see so has sooooo many others! Go sparkpeople! Report
I'm in ready to get moving Report
I have all my equipment and I'm psyched Report
Signed up for it, and I'm ready to do Day One! Report
I just joined in this morning and looking forward to the first video. I had a stability ball, just never used it. lol - Thanks to Spark People for all of what they have to offer! Report
Delighted there is a new bootcamp but very disappointed to find one of your motivators - the prizes - are not available to those outside the US. This information is there but buried, it should be right up front whenever a prize is mentioned. I for one feel like a second class participant that you could not even be bothered to inform. Spark people are all over the world, courtesy alone means you should keep us in mind to let us know when things do not apply outside of the States. This site is no longer SparkAmerica, it is SparkGlobal! Report
I'm ready and pretty excited! I need some serious help and I'm feeling optimistic about this boot camp. Report
I am ready and I will just Do IT!!! Thanks Spark for the tools to be a winner! Report
Hey, you all could end up looking as great as URBANMOMMY. Report
I signed up, and bought a stability ball. I'm ready to give this a try. Report
Ready to lose weight, inches and maybe win the contest too! Report
I've joined to get out of my rutt & maybe a boost to my fitness programs! Oh, & the money! *LOL Report
Is it possible to develop a boot camp for those with physical disabilities/handicaps? It is very frustrating for those of us who can't fit in. Report
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