12 Delicious Ways to Use Blueberries

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Looking for some new ways to use your blueberries? We've rounded up a variety of healthy and delicious blueberry recipes for you to try.

Fat Free and Sugar Free Blueberry Sorbet

Personal Blueberry-Peach Cobblers

100 Calorie Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Scones

Vegan Blueberry Waffles

Spinach and Blueberry Salad

Twisted Zucchini Bread

Blueberry Compote

Runner's Oatmeal Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Syrup

Blueberry Smoothie

Lusciously Sweet Berries

Which of these blueberry recipes will you be trying? Do you have other favorite blueberry recipes?

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Before I even claimed my 3 points for reading the article, I was at the grocery store buying the fillo dough for the blueberries and peaches I have on hand to make those Blueberry Peach cobblers. Great dessert for 4th of July! Report
great ideas! I definitely will make some of these recipes! Report
I saved nearly every recipe to my recipe book! Thanks so much for sharing these. Perfect timing! I bought a giant container of organic blueberries today because the $5.99 price tag was just too awesome to resist. (I love Trader Joe's.) :) Report
I'm trying the blueberry muffins tomarrow and oh yes those blueberry scones sound tasty! Report
We love blueberries and we eat them all year long. I will be trying all of the recipe's. They look very good. Thanks for posting! Report
These recipes look really good. I really like blueberries and I have to be in the mood for them. If I buy blueberries I have to use them the same day-they get moldy to quick for some reason. I cannot wait to try some of these though. =) Report
Last year I picked somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 lbs (2 separate trips). That's about 27 dry pints. I did give away maybe 4 or 5 pints. Ate the rest straight up. I now have a chest freezer, so I will probably freeze some this year for cooking during those 10 or 11 blueberry-less months. Report
Blueberries are in season in Ohio. They are ready to pick. We tons and freeze them. Eating frozen blueberries are the best. I can't wait to make a blueberry smoothie. Report
I will be trying most of these recipes..I love blueberries..never tire of them..Today I will be making the sorbet! Report
I WILL TRY THEM ALL! I love blueberries - i could eat them on, with or under any thing. thanks for all the great suggestions - and the best part BLUEBERRY SEASON IS HERE!!! BB Report
I loooove blueberries! Report
I love to take frozen blueberries and put in a dollap of vanilla yogurt, stir it until the yogurt ices up around each blueberry. This was especially good with my homemade crockpot yogurt. Report
I can't wait to pick blueberries again. tried planting my own bushes this year, but they are still too small, so maybe next year or the year after! We go to a u-pick place nearby and the kids have so much fun. I try to make sure they don't eat too many. HOwever, usually someone ends up dumping their picks! Report
Another person already mentioned marrying into a blueberry field on a farm. That was also my "blessing" I guess. As far as health and nutrition, it's been wonderful! We eat them year-round.
As to management, that has been challenging. (Many u-pick people seem to think that farmers are rich and eat their way through our fields, and then buy some. The crazy is when they bring large families and everyone eats the crop. We try to tell them it is like a store where you buy the groceries and then go home to eat them!

My three favorite ways to use blueberries are plain, in smoothies, and with a blueberry topping sauce (for anything!). Report
I will have the luscious sweet berries but I will have them with sweet and low instead of sugar. Report
When ever I have my homemade waffles I use frozen blueberries or some other berries and heat up about 70 grams in a small bowl in the microwave. The I add 1-2 TBSP of real maple syrup. I have plenty of syrup for my waffle and a lot less calories while still getting that real maple syrup taste and some fruit. So I guess this would be my version of the compote Report
I take mine straight up, as often as I can get to the farm to pick them fresh, then store them by the bushel and make blueberry sauce all winter. Report
I have 3 blueberry bushes in my yard - not quite ripe yet, but am looking forward to trying out the oatmeal/blueberry pancake recipe...I must say, though, I might use just a little bit of real maple syrup instead of the honey....mmmmm Report
yummm blueberries, must be summertime! Report
I absolutely LOVE blueberries--I just wish they weren't so expensive. I usually just eat mine straight from the carton, on cereal or in yogurt. I may have to consider some new recipes though...blueberries are just super versatile. Report
I need to try some of these Report
great choices. I think I'll go for the cobbler. . . Report
I will definitely be trying the vegan blueberry waffles! Go vegan food, yay! Report
I think I just love eating them plain too much that I won't even try any of these! Report
for the Celiac or Gluten challenged I modified one of my favs from Gram.

2 cup Almond flour, 3 tablespoons cream (have subbed whole milk and coffeemate in a pinch), 2 tablspoons brown sugar. Blend these in processor.

fill bottom of 8 x 8 with 1 inch or more blueberries (my fam has learned more fruit the better) lightly drizzle honey across berries (approximently 2 tablespoons) put the crumble mix from on top on berries then cut 2 tablespoons butter into small pats place evenly acroos top.

Bake 350 for 25 minutes.

We subsititue peaches, pears, plums, cherries, raspberries and some many more that we grow here in MI. Have fun this summer trying this topping. Report
i want to try the twisted zuchinni bread Report
None, only because I HATE blueberries! =P But I could always sub it out for a different berry. Report
Love blueberries. Thank you. Report
The twisted zucchini bread sounds interesting. Always looking for ways to use zucchini...my hubby put in 6 plants in garden...I'll be swimming in zucchini shortly. Report
Upon my marriage, I inherited 5 acres of blueberries on a 40 acre farm. After 25 years, I have gone from not caring for them, to having them almost every day of the year. We pick hundreds of pounds in the summer, freeze them by the quart, and give hundreds of pounds away to friends. It is hard work in July - Sept., but well worth the effort. I have four "blueberry cookbooks" (one recent one from the Mall of America in Minneapolis at "Minn-a-sot-ah" store) and am always looking for new ways to use blueberries! Found a few great recipes here! Thank you very much! Report
I look forward to trying some of these, with adaptations (as per my dietary restrictions. Wheat free & low- acid) Report
I never cared so much for blueberries until I went to a farm for a pick-your-own. Now they are one of my favorite fruits! Seriously, if you're anywhere near a farm, it's worth the effort! Report
Don't care much for BBs as they are too expensive IMHO. Report
The Twisted Zucchini Bread sounds delicious. I saved it to my recipe box. Report
Prefer them by the handful or on my cereal Report
You know what I absolutely LOVE? A handful of fresh blueberries and then top off with Activia's fiber vanilla yogurt. Satisfies that sweet tooth! Report
The Smoothie has too many calories for me. The Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins sound great, but the recipe doesn't list whole wheat flour as an ingredient! Can't get enough tasty and healthy muffin recipes, though —thanks! Report
Added the Twisted Zucchini Bread to my recipe book, also will be trying the Spinach & Blueberry Salad. So many healthly ways to eat. Report
The personal blueberry-peach cobbler and the smoothies, sound good. Report
I love my blueberries plain. Best place: on my cereal in the morning! Report
Personal cobbler, smoothie and sweet berries all got added to my spark recipe book. Thanks for the ideas! Report
100-Calorie Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins and the Spinach & Blueberry Salad both sound fantastic! I will definitely be trying those sometime very soon =) Report
Twisted Zucchini Bread
Blueberry Smoothie look like they be favorites to make. Healthy but good to taste.
What more could one ask for. Thanks for the great ideas. Report
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