Winter-Proof Your Skin: Our Winter Skincare Guide


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Winter can do damage to even those with usually great skin. Get soft, smooth skin all winter with this personalized winter skincare plan.
Stay Soft All Over
Try these smooth moves to have soft skin all over.
  • Buff before bathing. To soothe roughness in winter, apply a creamy scrub to dry, not wet, skin before showering, King says. (A good one: Vickery & Clarke Ginger & Clementine Body Scrub, $8.95, Or use the pros' secret weapon, a body brush. "The -bristles loosen and remove dead skin cells without any mess," King says. (The Body Shop Cactus Body Brush, $15,, is gentle.)
  • Conserve water. Hot H2O ranks high on the moisture-stripping scale, but a long shower is worse. "Pruny skin signals that your natural levels of oil have been washed away," says David Bank, M.D., a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York. His suggested time: ten minutes, tops. (It's a greener choice too.)
  • Slather up. Apply body lotion or cream immediately after a shower. "Like a wet sponge, damp skin absorbs moisture more readily than dry," King says. Intensify your lotion by mixing it with a teaspoon of body oil (try Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil, $10.99, drugstores).   

Care For Dry Skin

  • Cut back on cleansing. Face wash is designed to remove debris, but it can take away a bit of moisture in the process. "In winter, limit washes to once a day," says Judith Hellman, M.D., a New York City dermatologist. The best time: "Do it at night, when you need to remove dirt and makeup," Dr. Hellman says.
  • Soften in two steps. Apply an SPF moisturizer all over; UV rays are drying. Then add a richer formula to cheeks, says Heidi Waldorf, M.D., director of laser and cosmetic dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. (Use a gel? Try a lotion. Use a lotion? Try a cream.)
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What do you do to keep your skin healthy and looking great in winter?
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  • 6
    The ONLY thing that helps my dry skin is Aquafor. It is amazing! - 11/28/2011   9:07:30 AM
  • 5
    lots and lots of hand lotion. other wise its terrible. I get cracked hands and fingers. - 11/27/2011   9:22:35 PM
  • 4
    A friend just introduced me to plain coconut oil. It's amazing. Solid at room temperature, but it melts onto your skin and soaks in without leaving an oily film. At least as good as my expensive moisturizers for "mature skin." And so much cheaper! - 11/25/2011   1:00:10 AM
  • 3
    When i lived in wonderful CHICAGO and dealt with the cold, I always had a coat with a hood and I kept a scarf up around my face so I didn't get the full blast of the cold on my skin. Best to protect yourself. - 11/25/2011   12:57:09 AM
  • 2
    I am eczema and am finding now dry weather/winter is making my break out badly. Coconut oil (100% virgin compressed) helps a lot - I've used it for a few years now. - 11/24/2011   11:56:41 AM
  • 1
    It's my hands that really suffer in the cold. I'm trying Arctic Butter (from a seller on etsy) for the first time and so far it's working! - 11/24/2011   11:41:35 AM

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