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Win 'Yoga for Small Spaces' Cards

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Today's giveaway is great for anyone who travels often, has limited mobility or spends a good deal of time sitting. (That's pretty much everyone, right?) We're giving away two sets of Yoga for Small Spaces cards (a $19.99 value)!

We say: Yoga is great for loosening up the body after a hours spent sitting at a desk, in a car, or on a plane. I have been known to stretch in cars, on trains, at my desk, and even in line at the supermarket. These poses are great for beginners, and the illustrations are fun and helpful for newbies. (You can find more seated yoga poses here.)

They say: Standing, Sitting and Chair Yoga for Offices, Schools and Planes!

Get calm and increase your attention and reception to learning.

No prior experience with yoga is required. This set of 52, large format (5¡å x 7¡å) cards will help your and your kids get moving. Verbal cues, modification, benefits, key element, affirmation and skill level are included for each exercise. All the exercises are specifically chosen to be done in a small space like a classroom, office or even an airplane!

Each card is color-coded for desired outcomes such as grounding, creativity, inner-strength, tolerance, communication and problem solving.

Cards are also marked for usage which makes yoga class planning and usage a breeze. Just select the cards for the exercises you desire, put them in order and your class/exercise set is planned.

All the exercises can be done standing or sitting in a chair, which makes the choice excellent if you don¡¯t have much space or are restricted in movement due to injury or in rehab. This set is a great for all¨Cchildren, teens, adults and seniors.

A sampling of included yoga postures are:
  • Woodchopper
  • Washing Machine
  • Lion
  • Proper Seated Posture
  • Chair Pigeon
  • Chair Down Dog
  • Seated Twist
  • Eagle
  • Starfish
  • Clam
  • Cow Face
  • Ocean Breath
To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end next Friday at 9 a.m.!

Have you tried seated yoga?

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i REALLY want to try this! i do have some mobility issues, plus i attend an irl weightloss group too, so i'd LOVE to SHARE this with others!!
if i don't win, i'll try to buy these anyway! Report
This sounds just perfect for me! Report
GREAT idea as a gift !!! thankyou
I can see how these could be a great asset during travel! Report
I tried it with you at the convention in Cincinnati! I would try it again. Report
Actually, I tried yoga this winter... and I LOVE it. It's my new favorite thing. I'd love to try the cards, thanks for the opportunity! Report
I borrowed those cards, once from my daughter in law, one time, when my husband and I took a holiday. They were great to do in our hotel room. I would have since bought some, but I never see them. I do love yoga. Report
Have never tried seated yoga either. Would love to try it since I live in a very small apartment and there isn't room here to do floor exercises. Report
I haven't tried seated yoga, it sounds good to me. I could use something to relax me while I am at work. I get stiff sitting too long. Report
Hmmmm, seated Yoga? Sounds interesting.....would love to try it! Report
Would love to try this. Says it is good for lower back issues and I am sooo there. Report
Great idea! Report
Now that's an interesting idea. I can't tell you how many times I've been on a plane and needed a good stretch. this might just be what I've been looking for ! Report
love it i so want it i never win anything so it would be supper nice to have Report
i sit for 8 to 10 hours a day at a computer this would be great to do on my breaks, I am not familiar with yoga, because of my size, but I am willing to try this Report
I haven't before, but I like the idea! Report
Sounds like that would be much easier on my problematic back!!! Report
I love yoga so much and have actually kinda invented my own "seated yoga" at work since I have to sit all night watching crazy people at the hospital. These little cards would be awesome, to see how these poses work and to actually be doing it right! Report
I love yoga!! Would love to finally win something here! Report
not yet but I will in the near future. I do a lot of the floor yoga & use a foot stool this looks great... Report
thanks for showing me where to find it, I would rather win it, but this is one I would buy. i used to to yoga but had to stop. I relaxes me and I get less stomach problems, so I need it. i have been doing Tai Chi but I still need the yoga, so thanks again Report
I would like to try seated yoga. Thanks for introducing it. Report
I have never tried seated Yoga - sounds like something that could get me back into Yoga consistently Report
This would be great for me! There are some days when it's hard for me to workout, I have sciatica and also going through chemo. Report
Perfect for my desk job! Report
No. I've never tried seated yoga. I had assumed it was for those who are unable to do regular yoga. Report
I have not tried these yoga moves,but will. Report
No, I have not but would love to try. Winning these cards would be so nice! Report
I'm thinking of trying hot yoga. I'm sure these cards would compliment that quite nicely. Report
I have been very interested in trying yoga. I did a video with a friend of mine, but it is more advanced than I can do at this time. Report
these look great!
Have not tried it would love to check it out. Report
Since I can't get down on the floor, this sounds great. Report
Great idea! Keepin' my fingers crossed... Report
This sounds cool! Eslteacher1...thanks for the info about the other yoga DVDs. Report
Peggy Cappy has a series of seated yoga DVDs called 'Yoga For the Rest of Us" that I use a lot! Especially since I broke my arm. I can still do yoga without the weight-bearing poses of Ashtanga or Vinyasa. Report
Right, Jibbie......I have 3 of Lilias's videos. They are quite good.
Lilias Follan had a series on PBS-TV where she did "Seated Yoga" as she said many people were unable to get down on the floor. Those shows are probably still available on YouTube or somewhere on the Internet. I know she had Videos for sale. Report
Would love to try seated yoga - I have tried the regular and I think I would like to learn more. Report
I haven't tried seated yoga yet, but it seems like an interesting prospect! Maybe it could actually get me to do my yoga! Report
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