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One of the perks of working at SparkPeople is a kitchen stocked with healthy foods: cereal, fresh fruit, granola bars, peanut butter, healthy frozen meals, and bags of frozen vegetables.

Back when I was training for my second half-marathon, I suffered from a bit of knee inflammation. After my mid-day winter runs (another perk of working at SparkPeople--the flexibility to schedule fitness breaks into your day), I would sit at my desk, ice pack on my knees to ward off pain. I usually remembered to bring one from home, but I have a confession: Sometimes I used a mini bag of frozen peas as an ice pack. So as not to waste food or subject my co-workers to eating peas that were melted and refrozen, I used the same bag.

I found that bag of peas recently, after a longer-than-usual run, when my knee felt a little wonky. After about 15 minutes of icing while I worked, I noticed a strange smell--like dirty feet, or something "off." I looked down, and my bag of peas had leaked (pea-d?) on my leg. It smelled rank. I guess frozen vegetables as an ice pack only works for so long. Gross, right?

Needless to say, when Paradice Ice Packs reached out to us and offered to share their products with you, I jumped at the chance. Their ice packs are awesome: They offer the flexibility and not-so-cold-your-body-part-will-fall-off iciness that frozen veg bags do, without the smell or worry of ruining perfectly good food.

Plus, their ice packs are custom designed for various parts of the body--including some that are like sleeves for elbows and knees, and others that are bags of different sizes. In short, these are super cool--no pun intended.

Today, you can enter to win your own Paradice Ice Packs.

Three lucky winners will each receive one include one flat ice pack and one cuff.

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end exactly one week from today!

What's the strangest item you've ever used as an ice pack?

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    I won! I can't believe it because the last thing I won was a frozen turkey in 1995!
    The box came today. No note or anything inside just the two ice packs. They're really cool (no pun intended.) There are balls about the size of grapes inside spandex tubes.
    Today nothing hurts - that never happens, but as soon as I need an ice pack I'm trying them. They seem great!!! I'm so happy. Thank you, thank you!. - 9/12/2011   2:07:03 PM
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    I can't tell you how many times my thera-peas have been incontinent!!!
    I now seal them in a ziploc and include a note in the freezer bag that these are thera-peas and not to be eaten
    - 9/2/2011   2:33:24 AM
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    Well seeing how I have had 3 knee surgeries I can say I have used some pretty interesting things as Ice Packs...I have used the frozen veggies, a latex glove filled with ice cubes, a ziplock baggy filled with ice cubes(which melts really quickly) It is a good idea to had an ice pack that can strap around your knee and stay in place, so you don't have to worry about it falling off...I used to apply an ice pack then either wrap tape around the pack and my knee to keep it in place, or use an ace wrap to hold it in place. Not only does it help hold it in place it also applies pressure with helps with the swelling and pain. These ice packs sound like a good idea...3 lucky winners will enjoy this awesome invention. - 8/28/2011   5:08:04 PM
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    I bought a set of these a while back and I love them. The cuff is great for knees. It would be great to have another set for work. - 8/25/2011   10:23:30 AM
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    I use hard ice parks (think lunch ice packs!) almost every time I run. Not only would something like this feel better on sore tendons than a hard pack, it would wrap around my ankles better! Worst case, I don't win anything but I know these are out there to buy! - 8/22/2011   3:49:11 PM
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    I hope I win I had the leaking bag but it was carrots and yes the smell is beyond nasty. I have had most of my ice packs borrowed and never returned, so I could really use them. - 8/22/2011   2:23:28 PM
  • 38
    Actual snow. I slipped on an ice patch at university and packed snow into a bag to ice my knees during class. Not pretty but effective - 8/22/2011   10:31:04 AM
    Strangest thing? Definitely a maxi pad - this was recommended at our hospital in early days of recovering from childbirth. 'Nuff said. Similar to diaper trick in #20.

    I used to have a belt that held a pliable gel pack that could be used hot or cold. We had two of the gel packs and kept one in the freezer. It was great! Lost it in a move. I'd love to have this as a replacement, because I haven't seen them in stores recently (although I haven't looked that hard, either). - 8/21/2011   11:51:00 PM
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    Like GIANNA345 I have used latex gloves, but rather than freezing them, I just filled them with ice water. They're not so cold they could injure tissues and they are pliable so they can easily conform to the area on the body they are applied to. - 8/21/2011   8:17:18 PM
  • 35
    Two weeks ago during a trip to Duluth, MN, I lost my balance when I stepped on an uneven place in the sidewalk and landed on one knee, one elbow and the heel of one hand. On the way back to our motel, we stopped at a McDonalds for softserve cones. While my husband ordered the cones, I grabbed several napkins and filled them with ice chips from the beverage dispenser. As the ice melted, it loosened the bits of sand and small stones imbedded in the base of my thumb. Sometimes you just do what you gotta do. - 8/21/2011   8:08:45 PM
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    Having read the first 33 comments, I know this is going to be a weird one. Unfortunately, I can't claim credit for inventing it. The health center at one of the universities I attended used these: latex gloves. Think about it for a minute. You can fill it with water and freeze it, and when it's frozen, it retains the shape of a hand, slightly curled to fit around, say, an arm. The allergy clinic used them for people like me who sometimes reacted to their allergy shots.

    When my daughter was playing soccer, I used to keep a few in the freezer for her, but we haven't needed them for a few years now.

    Tell me I'm not the only person who has ever done this! - 8/21/2011   8:08:03 PM
    I have used a bag of frozen raspberries which I then used for a smoothie - 8/21/2011   1:01:40 PM
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    The wierdest thing? An actual ice pack, of course. I was at a friends place and she told me to try it. Boy was it cold! - 8/21/2011   11:54:37 AM
  • 31
    Peas, corn, and a frozen water bottle for my plantar fasciitis pain. Also a baggie of ice...old school!!! - 8/21/2011   11:03:46 AM
  • 30
    I have also used the alcohol & water trick, but my plastic bags leak and drip all over. This certainly looks like a better option. - 8/21/2011   9:33:29 AM
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    I've used the bag of peas, but usually freeze a small paper "bathroom" type drinking cup and use it. The paper can be torn off as it melts. A real ice pack would be great! - 8/21/2011   6:56:28 AM
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    Frozen peas are great! We've used them because they are so easily molded to the injury. - 8/20/2011   11:38:34 PM
    I too have used frozen peas, corn, etc. I won't use frozen meat, and if I am using the vegies I write all over them 'do not eat' and then throw them away if I have used them 2-3 times. That's way more than enough! - 8/20/2011   10:04:00 PM
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    I used an unopened bag of cranberries to ice a sore ankle. - 8/20/2011   9:32:10 PM
    We're a frozen peas family ;) My husband noted that they're a great post-vasectomy pain reliever :) - 8/20/2011   7:33:47 PM
  • 24
    Any bag of frozen vegetables, fries or what have you, will do. - 8/20/2011   4:29:03 PM
  • 23
    I hurt my knee at a game but didnt think it was bad enough to go home so I went to the "after party" where I took turns drinking from my beer and holding the bottle to my knee. It wasnt the most flexible but it helped at the time (as did the beer). - 8/20/2011   3:44:53 PM
    I know a lot of people who swear by frozen peas as an ice pack!! And beings that peas are one of the FEW things I don't like, that would be the ONLY reason I would buy them!!

    Thanks for the opportunity. - 8/20/2011   3:15:19 PM
  • 21
    When my boys were running track we always kept styrofoam cups in the freezer. Fill them a little more than half full of water. After a workout, score the cup and peel away the top to expose the ice and massage the sore muscles. The cup gives you something to hold onto.

    But yeah, these would be soooo much better!
    - 8/20/2011   3:04:28 PM
    Another thing to try is a disposable diaper. It is great for hot moist heat, just pour hot water into a new, unused gel type diaper. It makes a great pack. Then when it cools off, throw the diaper into a bag and put it into the freezer. Not quite as pliable as a fresh bag of frozen peas, but almost. Can be reused or let dry out on put on a shelf until needed again or just tossed. - 8/20/2011   2:38:52 PM
    I long long time ago, I used a box of frozen corn on a bruised knee. - 8/20/2011   1:58:55 PM
    I am (currently) using a freezer bag with two frozen turkey burgers in it, stuffed in the back of my bra! I have 3 packs made like this, so I rotate them as they thaw. It not only helps with my back pain, but also cools me off in this extreme Florida heat! And, yes, one has leaked all down my back before!! Disgusting!!! - 8/20/2011   1:03:39 PM
    At a carnival once, I bumped my knee good enough to need ice so I bought a Sno-Cone to put on it. Probably shouldn't have bought red because as it melted it looked like i was bleeding and everyone kept asking if I was ok. - 8/20/2011   12:34:18 PM
  • MELLY3183
    The funniest thing that I have used is a popsicle. Anything works if you need it. But, pliable would be nice!! - 8/20/2011   11:52:55 AM
  • 15
    Pliable icepacks are always handier than flat ones. I work in therapy and often tell patients to use frozen peas or corn for shoulders, ankles, knees and elbows as they conform to the body part. They have trouble finding pliable icepacks. - 8/20/2011   10:10:20 AM
  • 14
    would love to have these on hand ....will look for them in the stores
    - 8/20/2011   8:12:06 AM
  • 13
    This looks like it could really be a life savor. Very simple yet would do the trick very well if you had inflammation or any type of energy. It wouldn't slip and would stay in place.. Donna - 8/20/2011   6:54:41 AM
  • 12
    This would work for DH ... he's the king of make his own icepack. I am going to enter, should I win ... I will re-gift. shhhh don't tell him.

    ;) - 8/20/2011   5:53:53 AM
  • 11
    I use an ice pack which lives in the Freezer. But it can also be warmed in boiling water. - 8/20/2011   4:28:53 AM
  • 10
    I have used ice cubes in a towel. I had no baggies! - 8/20/2011   2:10:48 AM
  • 9
    i'd like to try these. i make my own with alcohol and water in a ziplock, they work but these look great!! - 8/20/2011   12:28:50 AM
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    I know that many people use frozen peas, but we always found that corn stood up to the freeze/thaw cycles better and it comes in larger bags. We've never had the corn go bad, but after about a year, the plastic bag tends to develop enough holes that we replace it.
    - 8/19/2011   11:14:50 PM
  • 7
    Strangest thing? I use a bag of frozen peas. The peas are pliable so they contour to your ailing body part. - 8/19/2011   10:42:18 PM
  • 6
    This would be really nice to have since I'm always having troubles with my calf and ankle. My trainer and foot doctor are always telling me to ice it. - 8/19/2011   9:49:31 PM
  • 5
    I entere! I hope I win; Free is my language! - 8/19/2011   6:52:14 PM
  • SHEILA-45
    Sounds COOL! I could use one in my mini fridge at work. - 8/19/2011   6:51:17 PM
  • 3
    I have always just had a regular "ice pack" that you put ice in if needed, like I have a Hot Water Bottle, if I need that. You can use both of them over and over again. - 8/19/2011   6:48:07 PM
  • 2
    - 8/19/2011   6:45:46 PM
  • 1
    Well, I entered. I hope I win because I am always hurting something these days!! - 8/19/2011   6:28:56 PM

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