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Finding food that's high in flavor and low in salt can be challenging. A few months ago, I shared my salt-free secret weapons--and you shared your own.

Soon after, the folks at Mrs. Dash reached out. As purveyors of salt-free seasonings, they know a thing or two about flavor. I asked them if they would be willing to give away some of their 15 flavors of their salt- and MSG-free seasonings to a lucky reader.

They are giving 5 bottles of seasonings to 5 readers. And they've shared 10 tips for reducing sodium intake:

According to the experts at SparkPeople, our bodies need sodium to help maintain water and mineral balances and blood volume. But too much of sodium can have negative effects on your health, such as an increased risk for high blood pressure, which contributes to heart disease and stroke. While most of us get enough sodium each day to meet our bodies' needs (about 1,500 milligrams), the average person consumes way too much! Experts recommend that adults consume less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium daily—that's about 1 teaspoon of salt. Read on to learn how to reduce your intake.

  1. Choose fresh, unprocessed or fresh, frozen foods
  2. Read food labels for sodium content
  3. Choose foods with less than 200mg of sodium per serving
  4. Consume pre-prepared foods that are “low in sodium” or “no added sodium”
  5. Limit processed foods such as canned or dried soups, canned vegetables, frozen dinners, “instant” foods and flavored rice/pasta packages
  6. Use less sodium at the table and in cooking
  7. Use no-sodium or low-sodium seasonings
  8. Flavor food with lemon juice, fresh garlic, spices, herbs and flavored vinegar
  9. Use only small amounts of condiments, like pickles, sauces, olives, etc.
  10. Ask for less salt or sodium to be added to your food when eating in restaurants

Find more great tips here.

To enter the contest, click here. (Be sure to read the rules!) You have between now and 2 p.m. EST on Friday, March 5 to enter.

Which of these tips is the most helpful? Do you have other tips for saving on salt?

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  • 132
    When I was in the hospital in 2008 to get a replacement heart valve, Mrs Dash was my prefered salt free spice blend and it was delivered in little one serving packets with my meals. I used Mrs Dash and lemon Juice for a dressing on salads. Now, I have a larger jar of the original at home as well as other salt free blends from Spike and from Pensey's spices in Wisconsin. The salt shaker has gotten dusty from non use. - 3/22/2012   11:46:56 AM
  • AMS04161
    ams04161 l love using mrs dash spice but i'm not able to find some of her spice in the supermaket i would love to win this i use spice ever time i could i love trying to use all types of spices in my cooking i would love to win these spice very much - 7/30/2011   7:49:07 AM
  • AMS04161
    i use mrs dash in everything i cook my roommate doesnot use any spices when she cook and everything taste lousy, i would love to win this contest - 7/12/2011   8:44:47 AM
    I have honestly never tried Mrs. Dash. This would be a good opportunity to try it!!! - 6/15/2011   9:12:33 AM
  • 128
    My mom brought me up on (was it just Dash back then or was it Mrs. Dash and I forgot??) Anyway I love the new flavors - the southwest chipotle is awesome! And I've been living on lemon pepper forever. And don't bother to use a different brand - most of the "lemon peppers" are loaded with salt even though it's not in the name - Mrs. Dash is something I can depend on - no weird salt substitute and no hidden salt. Yay! And if that's not enough - there's always recipes and tips on their website. - 6/13/2011   1:46:28 AM
  • 127
    Mrs Dash is a life saver!!! I just found two more flavors yesterday in a different grocery store and I can't wait to try them!! - 3/10/2010   11:17:44 AM
  • 126
    I never add salt to food I cook. - 3/10/2010   3:58:17 AM
  • 125
    I have tried a few of the kinds of Mrs. Dash. I love the ones I have tried. I have high blood pressure so lowering the sodium is always a good thing.

    Becky - 3/5/2010   12:41:27 AM
  • 124
    It would be nice to win! - 3/4/2010   6:17:58 PM
  • 123
    I wanna win!!!!!!! - 3/3/2010   11:36:52 AM
  • 122
    Thank you for this information. I will have to adjust my choices and tastes. I know too much salt isn't good and yet now I have to put into practise what I know is best. - 3/2/2010   3:41:09 PM
  • 121
    I'm not going to win so no use entering...but I have been using Mrs. Dash super seasonings for three years now..for making the best homemade soups....and for putting on meat meals...WOW !!! Mrs. DASH you have got the best cupboard has just about one or more of several different ones...I watch for sales or I do without ...... - 3/1/2010   11:35:54 PM
  • 120
    I used to eat plain chicken & broccoli....then I started adding some of Ms Dash's seasonings and my plain food became interesting!! LOVE not having to deal with the salt!! - 3/1/2010   10:37:51 PM
  • 119
    Since I have Lupus with Kidney disfunction I have had to watch my salt intake for a number of years. I like using MrsDash to get flavor in my food althought I have never added salt to anything it amazes me how much salt is in everyday foods. - 3/1/2010   10:09:01 PM
  • 118
    Would love to win it. My sister uses Ms. Dash and it gives the food a good taste without all the salt. - 3/1/2010   9:31:48 PM
  • 117
    I love Mrs Dash - she is always on my counter VS salt
    I never cook with salt ;o) - 3/1/2010   6:30:30 PM
  • 116
    Love my Mrs. Dash!!! - 3/1/2010   5:03:33 PM
  • 115
    Shocker- but I've never had Mrs Dash. I know I've seen it but never have bought it. I just tried some Victorian Epicure items- like the red garlic sansel and it is soooo awesome! I was THE salt queen. I used to salt my apples!!!!!!!! I know- how discusting!!!! I still miss salt though- esp when I have roast beef. Good luck everyone in knocking back the salt and sodium! - 3/1/2010   1:10:12 PM
  • 114
    Mrs. Dash is always in my cabinet. I love the lemon pepper when cooking fish. - 3/1/2010   12:51:34 PM
  • 113
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mrs. Dash! Never in a million years did I expect to like foods flavored with something other than salty seasonings. I tried Mrs. Dash about 12 years ago and just fell in love. - 3/1/2010   12:33:59 PM
  • 112
    I have alot of Ms. Dash flavors and use them all the time, I love them. - 3/1/2010   12:17:04 PM
  • 111
    I have alot of Ms. Dash flavors and use them all the time, I love them. - 3/1/2010   12:16:46 PM
  • 110
    I'm just getting into figuring out seasonings for my food so I can cut back on other higher sodium toppings. I'll definitely be buying some Mrs. Dash! - 3/1/2010   12:15:57 PM
    I try to limit my sodium intake. I know when I eat too much because I start to fel dehydrated. - 3/1/2010   9:52:39 AM
  • 108
    I try to limit salt if possible. Limiting prcessed foods has helped me, and my family. Good tips here. I love seasonings for meat & chicken. I will have to try some of the mrs dash varieties. - 3/1/2010   9:30:47 AM
  • 107
    I use Mrs Dash for all my seasoning needs, including grilling, vegetables, and main dishes. I love the Chipotle seasoning on pizza. Kroger also has their own version of the salt-free seasonings. - 3/1/2010   9:27:36 AM
  • 106
    They are great on grilled foods. I haven't used them much for other dishes. - 3/1/2010   8:46:45 AM
  • 105
    I was eating a friends house eating ribs. I never really liked ribs before but wanted to be polite. They were really good and I had to asked what he seasoned them with. He said only Mrs. Dash. I couldn't believe it, I used it on my salads. Since then I have experimented with all kinds of dishes. It's the best season on the market. I was drawn to this by all the varieties shown. My store only carries two. I am going to speak to the manager about getting them all. Think of all the different possiblities. I know just the two I have used have different tastes and love them both. My husband don't know how much sodium I have taken out of his diet. I just tell him I seasoned the cooking with seasoning. By the way it is a great seasoning on eggs too. I'm excited about trying all the different varieties. - 3/1/2010   7:55:55 AM
  • 104
    I have enjoyed Mrs. Dash so much that I have given bottles of various flavors to family and friends as a gift! They are a great gift for guys or gals with grilling accessories! Once they try the seasoning they are always impressed and continue to buy them on their own. I also share the tip of using Mrs. Dash to my clients - many who have high blood pressure, kidney disease, etc. and do not need sodium in their diets. - 3/1/2010   1:14:21 AM
  • 103
    I just bought a Mrs. Dash seasoning this evening. The parmesan herb blend. I added it to stir fry veggies and it was pretty darn good. I will have to try some of the other flavors as well. I don't add salt to the food but I end up getting it in other things. I am a big fan of Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers, and Healthy Choice frozen meals for portion control. I was very happy to see the blog said to look for 200 mg of sodium or less per serving. It gives me a guideline to follow. - 2/28/2010   11:34:00 PM
  • 102
    #1, Choosing fresh, unprocessed food is the best. This way, I control the sodium. And we love Mrs. Dash; have been using it for years. - 2/28/2010   8:48:49 PM
    We have used Mrs. Dash for a long time. We were definitely convinced it was a "Special" seasoning when I was in the Mayos Hospital and they gave me Mrs. Dash for my salt substitue. It has to be one of the best seasonings in our opinion. - 2/28/2010   4:02:33 PM
  • 100
    It would be nice to win this. My DH is a salt-a-holic. - 2/28/2010   3:59:22 PM
  • 99
    This is terrific! I've always been afraid to buy them because I hate to waste money. All I remember, is way back when they first came out, my Mom tried one and didn't like it. She was into Weight Watchers and trying all kind of light/reduced/free stuff that was really kind of new to the marketplace. OOOOo hope I win, lol. - 2/28/2010   3:44:15 PM
  • 98
    I didn't realize that Mrs. Dash had any salt free seasonings! I'd love to win this, just to try them! - 2/28/2010   2:40:28 PM
    I am a salt-a-holic.I hope I win this package as I try to cut back w/o much luck.The original Mrs.Dash was way too lemon-y for me, but I'm eager to try different flavors - 2/28/2010   12:25:48 PM
    I - 2/28/2010   12:18:38 PM
  • 12SPOOKY
    I love Mrs. Dash - especially the chipotle seasoning. It's nice to know that one can still season food without the extra salt! - 2/28/2010   9:16:24 AM
    I use Mrs. Dash often, and like the spicy variety as well. Thank you for the contest idea. - 2/28/2010   8:58:46 AM
  • 93
    I have never tried Mrs. Dash.... I will have to check it out. Such great ideas from you all. I rarely add salt to my food, we usually use garlic powder and fresh ground pepper to season. - 2/28/2010   1:30:01 AM
  • 92
    I really need to get more Mrs. Dash. It is a staple. - 2/28/2010   1:23:00 AM
  • 91
    #8 is my favorite. i'd like to learn to use herbs. not only o they substitute for unhealthful ingredients, but they contribute valuable nutrients. - 2/27/2010   11:20:48 PM
  • 90
    I love the southwest chipotle seasoning - 2/27/2010   9:59:39 PM
    One tip I've seen in many of the SP recipes is to rinse canned beans (and other canned vegetables) to remove excess sodium. - 2/27/2010   9:39:47 PM
  • 88
    I love Mrs Dash, but have never tried anything other than the original kind. I would love to try some of the others, and probably will some day. Good luck everyone! - 2/27/2010   9:11:45 PM
  • 87
    Mrs. Dash is a staple of my pantry. Everyone asks how I can eat the same foods over and over; I tell them that it's all in the seasoning. From grilling my chicken with the garlic herb to seasoning on my veggies.

    I love you Mrs Dash! Just don't tell my wife! - 2/27/2010   8:43:05 PM
  • 86
    I love Mrs Dash!! - 2/27/2010   7:08:17 PM
  • LAPORTE2006
    My hubby is a salt freak. He changed to light salt on the advice of the doctor. I do like Mrs. dash lemon pepper and somtimes use the extra spicy. Hubby is not easy to get to try anything new. - 2/27/2010   6:58:14 PM
  • 84
    We love,love, love Mrs. Dash at my home! My husband whips up grilled chikcen with olive oil and any variety of Mrs. Dash
    we are in the mood for that day. I didn't even think of asking restaurants to not add salt to my food when they cook it! why not? I've never added salt.
    I don't even know why I own a salt shaker! The other tip I use is to rinse canned beans and veggies to wash off the excess sodium. What a great offer,
    thanks Mrs. Dash! Thanks Spark people! - 2/27/2010   3:45:16 PM
  • MARSHA48
    I have always used Mrs. Dash and have reccomended it to many people. I still recommend it to you all that have not yet tried it. Once, like anything else, you get used to the taste (& it won't take long), you will wonder how you ever did without it. : )
    & You will see your blood pressure #'s come down along with your health getting better in no time. Like most things, SALT is mostly in your head that you have to have it. : ) - 2/27/2010   3:08:36 PM

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