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With all that's been going on around the office lately, we haven't had much time to review many new supermarket foods. But one of my New Year's resolutions is to find more time to try new products and pass the good ones along to all you wonderful, hungry readers.

Recently, we tried a few good new products that companies sent us.

Red Curry Chicken and Veggie Chana Masala from Kashi's Ethnic-Inspired Entrees line:
Kashi sent us a case of each, which surprised us. However, after tasting these, we were ecstatic that they sent so many. These are some of the best frozen meals we've ever eaten! They both tasted more like take out than a frozen meal. They're on par with the Amy's line in terms of quality and taste. We gobbled down those two cases in a week or so. The meals were spicy but not hot--and full of flavor. We might have asked for a few more vegetables (we think all frozen meals skimp on the veggies), but Kashi offers a wider, fresher selection of veg than other brands.

What they say: "Veggie Chana Masala is topped with tangy garam masala sauce with chickpeas, red peppers, fire roasted eggplant, carrots and edamame, while Red Curry Chicken combines zesty, Thai red curry sauce with fire roasted sweet potato, bok choy, red peppers, bamboo shoots and kale."

Red Curry Chicken Nutrition

Veggie Chana Masala Nutrition

Find more info here.

Odwalla Chocolate Chip Trail Mix bar
These Odwalla bars are the offspring granola bars and trail mix. The bars are filling enough for a light breakfast and light enough for a pre- or post-workout snack. They have just enough chocolate to satisfy a sweet craving, but they've got enough other good stuff to not feel like you're eating a treat. We will eat almost any bar that is sent to us, and this one is in the middle in terms of taste and price. (We'd give it a 7.) The bars are $1.39 each.

What they say: "Odwalla has taken the very best chocolate chips and masterfully mingled them with rolled oats, peanuts, raisins, coconut, and sunflower seeds in its new Chocolate Chip Trail Mix bar… As with all Odwalla products, Chocolate Chip Trail Mix bars contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, so you can enjoy them and feel good about it at the same time.”

Find more info here.

Annie Chun's Rice Express Black Pearl Rice and Multi Grain Rice
Annie Chun's has sent us a few different products, but we've had to turn down offers to review them due to sky-high sodium levels. (Soy sauce is usually the culprit.) While the products are tasty and convenient, I didn't dare review a product that has almost 50% of your daily sodium recommendation in one serving (half of the container), now did I? Then, Annie Chun's sent us some of their heat-and-eat rice bowls.

These, we liked. Though they're pricey, it is very convenient to have a variety of whole-grain rices ready to eat in just a couple of minutes. We tried two varieties, and we liked the nutty, fresh flavor. Both were a nice change from plain brown rice.

We also love the Annie Chun's Sushi wraps!

(Suggested Retail Price: $2.99 for 6.3oz)

What they say: "Black Pearl Rice is one of the most exotic of the dark grain rice varieties. Once reserved solely for the emperors of ancient China, this complex, medium-grain rice was revered for its bounty of nutritional qualities. It’s rich in amino acids and high in vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium."

"Annie Chun’s flavorful and wholesome Multi Grain Rice is a unique combination of Sprouted Brown Rice, Black Pearl Rice, Millet and Indian Millet."

Find more info here.

Have you tried these foods? Will you? What products would you like us to review?

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  • 70
    I will definately have to try the Kashi meals. I really like their cereals, and love Thai food. I may try the rice bowls, but I am pretty frugal so price is a factor for me. As always, thanks for the information. - 1/2/2010   9:59:53 AM
    Im definitely going to try the Kashi meals and also the Annie Chung rices. Im not a big fan of chocolate or coconut so I will pass on the bars. - 12/30/2009   11:48:43 AM
  • 68
    I have not tried any of these brands, but I am going to stop tonight and buy a Kashi. It shounds tasty...anything that reminds me of a good take out meal needs to be sampled! - 12/29/2009   4:23:39 PM
  • 67
    what a great detailed review! I'm always on the look out for a good quality go to quick meal for days i just dont have time to prepare anything (usually when i am working both jobs in one day and have a ten minute break inbetween the two of them!) - i am excited about those Kashi meals; i think i may pick up a few with a bag or two of steamable frozen veggies to prepare for one of my ultra-busy days.

    I would love to see some more reviews on all the bars out there- maybe some flavor comparisions for different brands? (for example: EVERY brand has chocolate chip, or peanut butter, but which ones are the best and why?)

    also- i'd love reviews on all the "buffed up" pasta out there. "plus fiber" "heart healthy" and even just some comparisons on the differences of whole wheat and multi-grain, etc.

    :) - 12/29/2009   10:56:57 AM
  • 66
    I love the Kashi brand frozen meals--they really are the next best thing to homemade. I would like to try the black rice, which I had never heard of until just last week. Thanks for featuring it. - 12/28/2009   7:47:34 PM
  • 65
    I prefer to make my own frozen meals. Better on the budget. Plastic containers that can be re-used several times (great for the enviroment), I know what goes into it, and make many varieties... - 12/28/2009   12:36:21 PM
    I'll stick to homemade! - 12/27/2009   5:15:32 PM
  • 63
    I have been eating lean cuisine, but I will have to give these ones a try for some variety. - 12/27/2009   2:48:56 PM
  • 62
    I have tried Kashi cereal but I will have to check out their dinners. - 12/27/2009   7:15:46 AM
  • 4SCOTT
    my problem is really the price, it is too high for my budget when i can eat tuna on sandwich thins for the same price for 2-3 meals. i admit it does sound good and might splurge to try one. thanks - 12/27/2009   4:15:26 AM
    Thanks for the tips. I will try the Kashi dinner, it is the only item reviewed that is available in my area. - 12/26/2009   8:56:27 PM
  • 59
    Thnaks for the tips! I will have to try! - 12/26/2009   2:27:16 PM
  • 58
    Love Kashi. This company makes a nice change in T.V. dinners. - 12/26/2009   9:56:15 AM
  • 57
    Kashi Chicken Florentine and the Pasta Pomodoro are absolutely delicious. The Odwalla bars are good too and you can find them at Trader Joes for 99c or a case for less than $12. I do agree the veggies are on the skimpy side and you may still be a little hungury if you havent prepared something on the side. - 12/25/2009   3:21:05 PM
  • 56
    THESE RECEIPES SOUND GOOD - 12/25/2009   5:48:52 AM
    Overall, I like Kashi's product line, but why does every natural food manufacturer (Kashi, Amy, etc) have to follow in the foot steps of every mainstream food line in regards to sodium content (especially canned & frozen foods). I have a salt shaker, I can adjust the sodium content to suit my taste - thank you! - 12/24/2009   10:03:47 PM
  • 54
    I do like Kashi products but I've never tried their frozen meals, only the cereals and bars. They sound like they could be tasty, don't like the sodium levels but they are as low as one can get with foods that are preserved. Thanks for the info. - 12/24/2009   6:44:38 PM
    I love the Kashi Red Curry meal. The rice surprised me- 0 sodium? I'll be trying that one. - 12/24/2009   5:22:00 PM
  • 52
    So far the Kashi things are still just a LITTLE too hot for me......the ideas and flavors are neat, but I have to be very careful about the spices - 12/24/2009   5:09:09 PM
  • 51
    I have tried Kashi dinners before, but I haven't tried any of these items shown. I think I wll try them. - 12/24/2009   3:32:24 PM
  • 49
    Kashi must have stepped up their game; I found their frozen entrees rather flavorless and definitely lacking in the "filling-me-up" dept. unless I added my own beans and vegetables to primarily what is their 7 rice mix with little addition. - 12/24/2009   1:48:45 PM
  • 48
    No Thanks.. I rather cook what I eat. I dont even like going to resturants UNLESS I know the business. - 12/24/2009   1:06:09 PM
  • 47
    Although I enjoy the flavors, some Kashi meals have too much sodium for me; but these sound good. I'll check the labels. - 12/24/2009   12:54:20 PM
  • 46
    Neither of these appeal to me but thanks for sharing. - 12/24/2009   12:53:54 PM
    THANKS for the new ideas ... I'm excited to locate/try some of the rice. I'm pretty sure my local big box store will have the Kashi products :o)
    LOVE the low sodium feature!!! - 12/24/2009   12:20:14 PM
  • 44
    I Loveee Kashi frozen meals... perfect for those nights that I do not feel like cooking, but want a light flavorful meal! I can't wait to try the veggie one! - 12/24/2009   11:59:54 AM
  • 43
    The Kashi chana masala is quite good. - 12/24/2009   11:50:17 AM
  • 42
    Not so crazy about the Kashi meals (or Kashi products in general really...) but those rices sound interesting. I'll have to see if my local store has it. - 12/24/2009   11:49:30 AM
  • 41
    Thank you for refusing to review products with sky high sodium levels and letting manufacturers know that your readers don't want them! - 12/24/2009   11:39:20 AM
  • 40
    My hubby brought home some Kashi meals a couple of weeks ago, as he has taken to reading labels to find foods that I will eat. We both agreed that it was the best frozen meal we'd ever eaten! We have tried several varieties, and they all rule! They are our new favorites, when we don't have the time to prepare a meal. - 12/24/2009   10:53:10 AM
    I haven't tried any of these as of yet, but I will. I am all for convenience and taste. I don't do much home cooking so I am always looking for taste and nutrition made easy. Thanks. - 12/24/2009   10:50:12 AM
  • 38
    I have tried the Kashi meals and they are great. The rice sounds intresting. I will try it if I can find it. - 12/24/2009   10:26:26 AM
    The Kashi site gives a lot of free trials-which has led me to try things I might not
    be sure about-and have ended up loving & buying over & over! - 12/24/2009   10:04:11 AM
  • 36
    I haven't tried these foods yet but I will definitley try the Kashi product because I know Kashi has some other great products out there....cereal and a super healthy pizza that I just love! I am not much for chocolate so the bar might get passed up but I would love to try the rice! Thanks for bringing these knew products to my attention... I am always up for trying new foods.
    Ruth - 12/24/2009   9:31:09 AM
  • 35
    I love your food reviews. Keep 'em coming! Thank you! - 12/24/2009   9:11:03 AM
  • 34
    I buy very few convenience foods but these sound great if you don't have time to cook and don't mind spending the money. - 12/24/2009   8:09:59 AM
    I would definitely love to try Kashi's Veggie Chana Masala, their Mayan Harvest Bake is the only frozen entree that I eat. Unfortunately, Kashi's store locater couldn't find a retailer or etailer within 50 miles of me, and they don't sell their frozen entrees in their online store. - 12/24/2009   8:04:02 AM
    Most of the cereal I eat is Kashi, and their bars are great also. I haven't tried their frozen foods; still too much sodium for me. Thanks to Billmc23 for recommending Tastes of Asia; will definitely go look for that brand. - 12/24/2009   7:37:02 AM
  • 31
    Haven't tried their frozen meals yet, but I love their cereal. :) - 12/24/2009   7:36:21 AM
    I buy Kashi cereal and Kashi fruit & grain bars they are delish. I don't buy any packaged meals so even if its a Kashi frozen food I wouldn't buy it. - 12/24/2009   7:22:48 AM
  • 29
    I love all of Kashi's frozen meals! I have one for lunch almost every work day. - 12/23/2009   9:52:19 PM
    I'm most intrigued by the Annie Chun rice bowls - I like trying different whole grain products. Kashi also has a great whole grain blend that you can heat up in the microwave. - 12/23/2009   9:43:05 PM
  • 27
    I LOVE Kashi products. We eat their bars and cereals. Thanks for the info on their newer products!
    - 12/23/2009   8:25:18 PM
  • 26
    Kashi has some very good products. I like the nuttiness of the whole grains that you don't find in other frozen dinners. - 12/23/2009   8:23:54 PM
  • TERRA56
    I think Kashi is wonderful too. I wish local stores would carry a wider variety of that brand's products. I congratulate myself when I have a Kashi meal. - 12/23/2009   8:07:28 PM
  • 24
    I didn't know Kashi had frozen meals. I'll have to give them a try. Sounds real good. Any reviews on pizza? - 12/23/2009   8:00:08 PM
    On a whim the other night I picked up a couple of Kashi meals in case I got too busy to pack a lunch this season. After spending the day with my sick mom I decided that must be why I bought them. I had one of them at work today and it was heavenly. It said for Vegans on the box. I bought that one since I am not the greatest at eating my veggies. This was so good AND lasted me through the day. I definately will keep these meals for when things get to hectic to make a healthy lunch.

    I also have the Kashi bars in my house all the time they are very filling also . - 12/23/2009   7:16:39 PM
  • 22
    "There seems to be a lot of carbs in each of these items!"

    LOL. Maybe because they are all grain based?
    Love carbs. Do not get the low carb thing at all.
    Carbs make my running better. YAY carbs. :D NOM. - 12/23/2009   5:49:15 PM
  • 21
    No, I haven't, but I would love to find the homemade recipe equivalents for them! - 12/23/2009   5:29:47 PM

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