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As you might imagine, working at SparkPeople is pretty amazing. Not only do we get to talk and write about healthy living all day long, we get to interact with our wonderful and inspiring SparkPeople members. Plus we get to work with a really incredible group of people.

The SparkPeople team works incredibly hard to keep building new features to help members reach their goals, but we practice what we preach: All things in moderation. All work and no play is not SparkGuy or SparkPeople's way. When we get the chance, we step away from our desks and have a little fun.

From the software guys' midafternoon foosball games to the pushups challenge that Rachel, Nicole and I have been pursuing and our Friday afternoon Wii games, we try to have some fun in the office. And while we're serious about healthy living, we don't take ourselves too seriously.

So when our Software Engineering Manager, Paul, took paternity leave, the other guys in the "tech" department decided to surprise him with a new office. With a newborn and a ridiculously cute and intelligent 3-year-old daughter at home, Paul was bound to need some privacy and "me time" at the office. And that's just what he got. (That's Paul in the main photo on this blog post!)

Paul's desk was turned into a fort (or a padded room, say the pessimists in the group). (SparkGuy thought you'd love to see this!)

This is perhaps the second best desk makeover here at SparkPeople. Another co-worker's desk was shrinkwrapped while he was on vacation. He just cut some holes so he could use his keyboard, mouse and other necessary items and left the shrinkwrap intact. His desk was clean and all wrapped up for weeks!

From the folks at SparkPeople, this has been your daily reminder to not take yourself too seriously.

Do you take yourself too seriously? How do you kick back and break loose?

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    I work in Customer Service and I have good with my coworkers. There is always a joke, a song or a good weekend where we share more than the work issues ... after working for several years with them, rather than co-workers are like family ... - 3/12/2009   2:29:35 PM
  • 129
    Even though I'm technically the President of the company - I'm also the toilet scrubber and snow plower....LOL!! It's pretty hard to take myself too seriously.....

    The nice thing is that if I need a break, I can simply walk out the back door and take a short walk with my dogs in the woods :-)

    Deb - 3/12/2009   2:25:40 PM
  • 128
    It's so great to be able to work in an office where you can do things like that! I love the makeover, we've done a few of those around here. One of our techs went on vacation, and when he came back his office was total retro-70's. We replaced the following:
    Chair = beanbag
    floor mat = shag carpet
    computer = antique typewriter
    We put vinly albums all over the cubicle walls, smiley face stickers everywhere, Farah Fawcett & Princess Leia posters, a beaded curtain and a macrame wall hanging. It was tremendous fun, and he still has some of the things in his office 2 years later!

    I think everyone should have a little fun at the office, it makes work much easier! - 3/12/2009   2:14:25 PM
    That was great! I need to get beyond all the seriousness here and have some fun! - 3/12/2009   1:21:38 PM
  • 126
    That's hillarious!! Thanks for your example. I think as the fat cells have shrunk I am finding the humor in life again. I heart SparkGuy for having you share this! I am going to think of something funny to do today. - 3/12/2009   12:53:57 PM
  • 125
    Where do I fill out an application? Just a couple days ago I was trying to figure out how to apply to work for SparkPeople. - 3/12/2009   12:53:25 PM
    We put sticky notes up all over a girl's office and another got her office foiled. Everything in her office was covered in tin foil. It was so funny. - 3/12/2009   12:19:59 PM
  • 123
    I can't be bothered to take myself to seriously. I laugh at everything. I'm beyond optimistic (I don't know if I spelled that right). Life is way to short not to enjoy. This is not a a run through, this is the real thing so make it happen. - 3/12/2009   12:14:51 PM
  • 122
    I'm sure that I take myself too seriously. - 3/12/2009   11:42:34 AM
  • 121
    What a wonderful place to work. I'm luvin it!! - 3/12/2009   11:27:20 AM
  • 120
    Just want to say "THANK YOU" for all you do and all you give! - 3/12/2009   11:26:14 AM
  • 119
    Hey are you guys hiring?!?! LOL. I can work remotely from WISCONSIN!

    Thanks for the smile today!

    Janey - 3/12/2009   11:20:14 AM
    Just one more reason to appreciate Sparkpeople. They look out for our EVERY need. Fitness and fun should go hand in hand. "Make it fun or it won't get done!" - 3/12/2009   10:51:47 AM
  • DOWN2EARTH2009
    Wow, you guys at Spark are getting a lot of job applicants from this blog! LOL. What a great place to work. "They" say "do what you love, love what you do."
    Where can I get a job application??????????? Sounds like a great place to work. Thanks for sharing! - 3/12/2009   10:22:07 AM
  • 116
    Ditto on the "Are you hiring?" I wish we could have that much fun in our office... :-\ Lately I've been doing a really bad job at letting loose and releasing stress... These are very stressful times for all, but I guess we should be lucky to have jobs! - 3/12/2009   10:11:53 AM
    All work and no play is BORING! Way to have fun at the office. - 3/12/2009   10:10:21 AM
  • 114
    Wow, you guys at Spark are getting a lot of job applicants from this blog! LOL. What a great place to work. "They" say "do what you love, love what you do." You guys are the epitome of that credo! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on the new baby. - 3/12/2009   9:58:36 AM
  • 113
    As the office manager I try to have a "party with a purpose" at least every other month. Last August we had Office Olympics...had SO MUCH FUN we're getting ready for the Winter Office Olympics. And we raised $1000 for TN Special Olympics. This month we're kicking off March Madness with a St Patty's Potatoe Potluck (all the toppings you want)!

    When you spend more time with your co-workers than your family, its best to have some fun to keep the sanity! - 3/12/2009   9:46:55 AM
    What a nice way to start my day off, this Blog certainly made me smile. If more work places where like this then more people would enjoy their jobs better. - 3/12/2009   9:14:08 AM
  • 111
    Now I know I take myself WAY too seriously. I need to work in a place that is more fun than where I'm at. - 3/12/2009   9:00:52 AM
  • 110
    I work in an auto garage. We've had snowball fights in the winter and water fights in the summer. And, when we were slow one spring day I brought my bike in for my annual tune up (air in tires, check the brakes). I had planned on stopping on my way home to put the air in myself, but one of the guys offered. There were three tech's working on my bicycle! Then they all rode the bike around the garage! It was funny! - 3/12/2009   8:58:30 AM
  • 109
    Are you hiring? :) :) - 3/12/2009   8:57:31 AM
  • 108
    The Team that plays together, stays together AND turns out a fantastic, fun-filled, inspiring weight loss program.

    Go Spark Team !!!!! - 3/12/2009   8:53:57 AM
    I play with the grand kids. Nothing like a night at Chuck E Cheese to bring the silliness out of you....... - 3/12/2009   8:50:24 AM
    I always seem to work harder for a boss who appears "human" and is not afraid to have some fun with his employees every now and again. A good atmosphere also keeps me from calling in "sick" quite as often. - 3/12/2009   8:49:38 AM
  • 105
    Its nice to be in such a place & make your work place fun. - 3/12/2009   8:44:31 AM
  • 104
    I read that work places that have fun are the most productive! - 3/12/2009   7:57:16 AM
  • 103
    Blessed are those who love their jobs - even more blessed are those who have work these days! Thanks for the sneak peak and the reminder to have fun. Where can I apply to work for SP?!? - 3/12/2009   7:43:33 AM
    Aw, Stepfanie...thanks for this "insider's view" :) What a fabulous place to work you have...and I LOVE Paul's "fort" ;) I hope this blog might have some sequels... Sara - 3/12/2009   7:28:47 AM
  • 101
    I would love to have seen the office pranksters in live action..... Is there a Video ??
    I bet everyone was laughing so hard that nothing got done. If there is a VIDEO can you post it on you tube??
    love to see it.!!!!

    I would love to would in an office like this !!
    - 3/12/2009   7:05:55 AM
  • 100
    LOL Thanks for the great article. I have thought that was how things worked at SparkPeople. What a great place to work! I love the foam blocks around that desk.

    A side note: Thank you for EVERYTHING! I love all of you and appreciate the help you give us. You are all "SparkAngels". - 3/12/2009   6:46:41 AM
  • 99
    Where can I get a job application??????????? - 3/12/2009   6:28:54 AM
  • 98
    Wow, can you guys over and do a make-over on my desk......

    You guys are great! Am looking for a job, any openings?...Lol

    Keep up the fun spirit!
    steph - 3/12/2009   6:17:06 AM
  • 97
    Too funny -- let me know when you expand to New England!
    : )

    - 3/12/2009   6:00:02 AM
  • 96
    Thank you Paul and the rest of the people at spark people for a wonderful place to draw motivation and inspiration from.

    You guys are the best...serious or not!

    Tim - 3/12/2009   4:13:35 AM
  • 95
    Congra on the newborn.

    Have fun and keep up the good work for us SP members.

    I love this sites and would like to thank you all for all the help you have given me. - 3/12/2009   1:30:30 AM
  • LWORLEY416
    And you guys get PAID to do this, right? Talk about a perfect job!
    And where can I get a desk like that?! Oh for some peace and quiet!
    (mom of 6 and grams of 3) - 3/12/2009   1:12:00 AM
  • 93
    totally awesome!!! 1. having fun 2. sharing.... BUT a real fort is a quilt thrown over the table... I have actually built such a fort at work.... uh oh.... TMI.... blessings - 3/12/2009   12:42:46 AM
  • 92
    I have been reading the daily blog for quite some time now and once in a while leave a comment. I just had to leave one here today.
    What a wonderful job everyone is doing at SP and to have fun and love your job at the same time is absolutely wonderful!
    To kick back and relax I do a few things. I will pick up a good book and read. Writing is another form of relaxation for myself and I have been known to write a story or two and many forms of poetry. I love to do crafty things. Most and foremost I love spending time with my grandson. He is the apple of my eye and is sooooooooo adorable. I just have to look at him and my day is brighter! - 3/12/2009   12:16:39 AM
  • 91
    I'm glad to know you all have a sense of humor. Does Paul know about this yet? - 3/11/2009   11:12:58 PM
    This is great- I think I will do this for some of my staff! - 3/11/2009   11:04:49 PM
  • 89
    What a great place you guys have. Sounds like a wonderful place to work!! If there's ever an opening for ....... let me know!! - 3/11/2009   11:02:29 PM
    Love it! I've just finished four hours of hard, physical labor pitching wet sawdust out baby goat pens. I think I want to come work at SparkPeople!
    Great blog post.
    Jani - 3/11/2009   10:56:26 PM
  • 87
    Good thing you all get along with each other, but it is all clean fun, sounds like what my sister and her bosses use to do, they where always playing tricks on each other, she moved to another state and I am sure once she got to know her boss, they probably got a few laughs, which everyone needs. - 3/11/2009   10:46:05 PM
  • 86
    Working at in an office, everyone is part of a central team. You have to take things in stride and not be so serious all the time. Every so often, someone may send a humorous e-mail to brighten everyones' day or our boss may decide at the last minute to serve snacks at the weekly staff meeting. Then, there's the (low key) practical jokes, friendly teasing, the monthly birthday parties (which include pie or cake w/ singing), holiday events, etc. which make working in the office all the better. - 3/11/2009   10:17:46 PM
  • 85
    I love this. So many people, especially in this country, take themselves WAY too seriously. Even us teens! What's the point of being alive if you're not living? It's like the Germans say: Work hard. Play hard. - 3/11/2009   10:10:06 PM
  • AMBY86
    Rehab tech looking for a new job here! Just kidding! - 3/11/2009   9:57:51 PM
  • 83
    I read this and thought, once again, that I just love SparkPeople! - 3/11/2009   9:47:41 PM
  • 82
    crazy and fun!! - 3/11/2009   9:13:15 PM
  • 81
    What a neat place to work. Everyone should have a fun place to work in. - 3/11/2009   9:08:12 PM

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