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Welcome to the dailySpark, your healthy lifestyle blog. I'm Stepfanie Romine, the blog's editor and one of its contributors. Brought to you by, the other dailySpark experts and I are very excited to offer you fresh doses of fitness, nutrition and health news each day! Our bloggers and their areas of expertise are diverse, but you'll notice a common thread: you! This is your healthy lifestyle blog, so we want to hear from you. In comments or emails, we want to know what you think. What do you like so far? What do you want more of? Recipes, tips, Q and A's—you name it, we'll do it. To get the ball rolling, just leave a comment on this post with your suggestions!

Here is some of what we’re planning at the dailySpark:
  • Summaries of the health, fitness and nutrition news that matters to you
  • Quick tips to balance healthy living with your busy lifestyle
  • Motivational stories about real people who have lost weight and kept it off
  • Reviews of food and fitness products, including packaged foods and fitness equipment
  • Quick and painless ways to save calories and eat healthier
  • Expert answers and opinions on the latest health trends
  • Comments and reactions from others like you

Our bloggers and their areas of expertise are diverse, but you'll notice a common thread: you! This is your healthy lifestyle blog, so we want to hear from you. In comments or emails, we want to know what you think. What do you like so far? What do you want more of? Recipes, tips, Q and A's—you name it, we'll do it.
Suggest topics! Is there a healthy living topic we're not covering? Tell us about it. Spot a new product on your supermarket shelves? We'll review it.
Chime in! Do you have a tip or additional info on a topic? Share it. Want us to further explain something? Ask us.
Speak up! Do you like (or dislike) a certain post and want to see more (or less) like it? Tell us.
Leave your feedback in a comment on this post. See you tomorrow at the dailySpark!

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  • 118
    I'd love to hear the bloggers' thoughts on team sports. Last night I played soccer as part of a social sports league for the first time since grade school (I was one of those people who hated gym class and sports so this is quite monumental) and I had a blast so I'd love to read some musings on team sports. - 9/25/2008   3:23:13 PM
  • 117
    Great info so far that I've seen and read! Wonderful Site. Thanks!! - 9/25/2008   12:38:53 PM
  • 116
    More motivational articles! Get us thinking! - 9/25/2008   6:15:46 AM
  • 115
    I agree with DUBBLEDOGS. It would be great to see some kind of comparison for calories taken (food) in and calories used (activities). I used to see this in a different tool and it makes a very positive impression when you see it! - 9/24/2008   3:30:43 PM
  • 114
    they say that sex is one of the best exercises, but you dont have it on your fitness tracker- I think you should - 9/21/2008   7:15:01 PM
    I'd like to be able to see how my fitness tracker affects my nutrition tracker. At what point should I increase my caloric intake to meet my exercise routine? If there was a way to see how my activities and nutrition are working together, that would be great! - 9/19/2008   8:42:41 PM
  • 112
    I would like the daily spark emailed to me. Sometimes I get lost in Spark People and can't always find what I want to find and sometimes I just forget about things that are already available.

    I love this site and say, Keep up the already good work. This site is awesome and by reading blogs one can quickly find great inspiration and see success at work on a minute by minute basis.

    - 9/18/2008   9:44:29 PM
  • 111
    I would love to see comparisons. Like which bike is better recumbent or upright, and why. Which treadmill is a better purchase and why? Is there a workout that you just discovered that really got you excited? What was it? I'd also like to hear about some common obstacles and their solutions. Cooking a healthful meal at 6:30pm after a long day at work for a family of four that are begging to eat NOOOOOOWWWWW! What did you do and did it work? This is a great platform to reach a little bit in everyone, and you guys are doing a GREAT job! I love the blog and read it often! - 9/18/2008   10:49:50 AM
  • 110
    Reading points should be unlimited. I feel that I learn through reading..and often time I read on one day a week when I have time and I am only allowed a few points. Can you go back and apply it to another day, the points?

    It would be nice if there were more articles/blogs on budgeting and money matters (since our economy seems to be having issues). Also it would be nice to see more "green" articles.

    On the fitness page. Is there any way you can enter the miles you walked/cardio manually (like there is for calories). Often time I don't go by the clock but by the number of miles. I usually just log on the note part at the bottom of the page (since I do not know the calories or how long it took). So I feel that I am not getting credit of cardio time.

    Great site otherwise! Keep up the good work Spark! - 9/18/2008   7:59:14 AM
  • 109
    I agree with a previous commenter -- it would be nice to earn points for more than two read blogs a day.

    I would like to hear about more eco-friendly news, and would LOVE more articles related to veganism. Heck, I'd be happy to WRITE articles of a vegan nature for Daily Spark! - 9/18/2008   1:08:22 AM
  • 108
    It's frustrating that you can only earn points for reading two blogs entries a day. Perhaps when this was planned you had no idea how much would be posted? How about dropping the point value to one but allowing six a day--same total, less frustration. - 9/17/2008   4:31:29 PM
  • 107
    I would love to learn more about the macro biotic diet. Is it better for us to eat raw veggies, or cooked? Also in our alkaline, acid levels in our body, I was told some foods would change the levels, and chewing 40 times abite would make it more alkaline. Is this true? I believe it is better to eat whole grain foods over the processed, but having a hard time when traveling or eating out. Looking for good resorces for whole grain snacks, with out sugars. I also found that eating sugar ( in any form) makes pain level go up, don't understand why that would be, do you? Food to me is much more than if I gain or loose weight, it is how can I keep my body at its healthies state. I am trying to learn more about how each food works with my body and also what does my body need to function and be healthy - 9/17/2008   3:22:52 PM
  • 106
    I really enjoy the blogs - particularly the reviews of the fitness gadgets. How about reviews of some of those ever so popular "magic diets" and "magic pills." I see people asking about these on the discussion boards that I think we need someone to remind our members about the false hopes being sold via television and the Internet. - 9/17/2008   12:47:29 AM
    Always interested in Health,Fitness,Recipes,Exercise tips & equipments,Money & Food saving tips,etc. - 9/14/2008   4:40:31 PM
  • 104
    Maybe more on Food and Exercise Myths. Like - the calorie counts on most machines are greatly exaggerated. And you can not spot reduce. And is there any truth to negative calorie foods? And do you burn the same number of calories walking a mile and running a mile? - 9/13/2008   11:30:52 PM
  • 103
    I would love to see my water intake tracker on my fitness page as well as my nutrition page. - 9/13/2008   10:07:34 PM
  • 102
    I am not over weight: never have been. I DON"T like to eat and I DO like to exercise. It sounds like I don't belong with the SparkPeople crowd...sometimes I FEEL like I don't belong.

    However, before I joined SparkPeople I ate one meal a day and exercised over two hours daily. I had no health problems and rarely became ill. Since I joined, I learned that too much exercise is as bad as too little. My cardio routine was too harsh and was burning up the muscle mass I’d hoped to gain through strength-training. Although I was maintaining a good weight eating only 800 to 1000 calories a day, I learned I wasn’t getting enough of the vitamin and minerals that my body needed. I learned proper nutrition balanced with a healthy amount of exercise will help prevent diseases like diabetes and cancer. I learned that some night-blindness can be reversed through proper nutrition. I learned that I could train myself to eat three meals a day and limit my exercise to 120 minutes a day or less. I learned that being healthy physically meant being healthy mentally.

    I didn’t join SparkPeople to lose anything; I joined to gain. What I gained was knowledge and the power to make the best choices to help me reach my personal goals. I also I gained back some of my night vision after realizing what nutrient were need to support healthy vision. I gained the muscle mass I wanted. I gained stamina. I gained a good-night’s sleep. I gained a healthier lifestyle that could result in my gaining a few extra years with my family.
    - 9/13/2008   6:37:56 PM
  • 101
    Have you seen those commercials put out by the "Corn Refiners Association" asserting that High Fructose Corn Syrup is not bad for you because it's natural and is made from corn?!? Yes, it's a company desperately marketing their product (which HAS gotten a bad rap in recent years), but is there any truth to this commercial? What do you think of it?

    Here's the commercial at YouTube:

    and the Corn Refiners Association's HFCS website: - 9/13/2008   4:45:34 PM
  • 100
    Would like to see something on food you may not eat or be aware of. How to fix them, why there good for you, and where to find them. - 9/9/2008   7:51:58 PM
  • 99
    I am new at computers and hope that I can get here again. Always wear a smile - 9/9/2008   8:55:30 AM
  • 98
    Recently, I’ve been trying to eat foods that are in season, that way I can cut my food costs by buying food that is in season, and get food that is full of flavor because it hasn’t flown thousands of miles to get to the grocery store from some other part of the world. The only snag in my plan is finding recipes (especially ones that end up being keepers)! I’d like to see the dailySpark perhaps do a weekly feature/review of a recipe for some veggie that is in season at the time (perhaps a northern hemisphere and a southern hemisphere as SP is international). - 9/8/2008   4:18:08 PM
  • 97
    I just Found this today. One week left - 9/8/2008   2:10:38 PM
  • ARPS2011
    I love Spark guys have done a great job all along and you guys are making our community healthy....thumbs up to SP!!

    Here is something u may want to add in SP:
    The exercise favorites saves same exercise multiple time instead it would be good if it pops some window saying that u already have similar item in ur favorites, do u want to save multiple items?? This should help from saving same exercise multiple times (and for those who wants to save it multiple times can do that too by clicking yes in the pop up window).

    Secondly, it would be good if u can add some of the Indian food and Indian spices/ingredients in the food listing that u have, becoz I always have to add substitute to balance the total calories or I have to save it from some other site's info.

    These r just suggestions. Thanks.

    Arpita - 9/8/2008   8:32:47 AM
  • 95
    Love Spark--and you are always coming up with new improvements--so keep up the good work!!!
    BB - 9/7/2008   12:53:39 AM
  • 94
    I can't say enough good things about SP. So much pertinent information, sound advice and sincere encouragement. I am a new member, still learning to navigate my way around the website. I love the tools, especially the fitness tracker. However, I tend to switch up my days for cardio and strength training from week to week, and it won't allow me to bring up my exercises on a day which is not scheduled. So I have to input every exercise individually instead of just checking it off my list. Could you possibly adjust it so I can pull up my list of exercises on any day?

    I can tell you really put your heart into this website. Thanks and God bless you. - 9/1/2008   6:09:50 PM
  • 93
    I love SP and am grateful for all of the help, support, information and so on that I've received's been a great help to me in getting to where I am today.

    One tiny request from me would be in regards to the Fitness Tracker. I walk an 18 min. mile at a 15% incline on my treadmill, but the option to track that isn't jumps from 15 to 20 min. Could that option be added or could someone tell me how to figure calories burned so I can manually enter it rather than using the 20 min/15% incline option.

    Keep up the good work SP!!!! - 9/1/2008   8:31:20 AM
    Well this is the icing on the cake. I can always use of the help I can get. Even though I feel don't know much about computers. Just doing what I do over here is a giant step for me. I believe one day I will get it all.
    I am still not in my rutine at home so I am just trying to keep up.
    I am glad I am able to be here every oportunity I can
    Cattrina - 8/30/2008   12:18:16 AM
  • 91
    I have a suggestion, but not really on a healthy lifestyle topic, but the profile image topic. We can either have and image/photo or some icon from a list provided. The milestone icons are great, but it is more fun to see photos people put on their profile! Why can't we have a place to put the milestone markers with out profile picture so we can trumpet our success along with our happy picture! Thanks for listening and I agree, scrolling to the bottome to make a comment is a pain especially for a well blogged article! CMY (Carol) - 8/29/2008   1:06:21 PM
  • 90
    I agree with having to scroll down to leave a comment is a pain. Love it beside this minor complaint. - 8/29/2008   12:09:22 AM
  • RGP222
    I would love a review of the YoPlus line of yogurts by Yoplait. It is supposed to similar to Dannon's Activia in terms of its digestive aids. For some reason, I never took to Activia, but I just love YoPlus. I'm curious as to what others and what a reviewer thinks. Thanks. - 8/28/2008   2:46:38 PM
  • 88
    This is a great new feature but I agree that scrolling right to the bottom to elave a comment is a pain! Could you add a button to the bottom of the topic instead of the bottom of the comments. Reading the comments is interesting too but there can be a lot to get to the bottom of. - 8/25/2008   10:40:42 AM
  • 87
    I really like the new site, but I don't like the fact that it's hard to get back to my Spark stuff once I'm here. Maybe I'm just lazy and crazy! - 8/25/2008   9:47:57 AM
  • 86
    I really like the blogs and the info. I do have a comment regarding the page set up. When I go to comment on an article, I need to log in, which is fine, but I must scroll down to the bottom of the page to do so. I think it would be nice if we were able to log in at the top of the comments, instead of the bottom. Sorry, not trying to be picky, I just think it would be a little more convenient. - 8/24/2008   9:17:43 AM
    Fantastic forum! I am interested in getting some information on how to handle hungry days and not so hungry days. There are days where I am constantly hungry and max out my calorie limit regardless of what I eat. Other days I have little or no appetite at all. I have a difficult time meeting protein requirements on those days. I understand that is why there is a "range" to be in, but sometimes I am just out of range! It is all a matter of learning to listen to our body and taking care of it. It is still a bit confusing for me. - 8/23/2008   5:10:12 PM
  • 84
    This is a great addition to Spark People and I love it. I started at SP in Jan,2008 and met my goal in May, 2008. Since I have lost an additional 10 lbs but SP helps me to maintain and gives a lot of info. This site will even be a bigger bonus because it adds to what we have already. Thank you for caring so much. I am letting everyone I know about this site and SparkPeople. Keep up the good work. The information is what keeps us going.
    - 8/23/2008   4:51:39 PM
    I am addicted and sommetimes my husband feels neglected. This site is a life saver and I know that I will always have to watch and journal everything I eat. I am nearing a goal and will see what happens. I will never gain the weight back to hard to loose and we all scrafice so much to make the scale crawl to another low. - 8/23/2008   1:35:25 PM
    I would like to see more on non-dairy meal options for people like myself who have severe allergies to dairy. I need a lot more calcium in my diet, and I am finding it hard to find good sources of non-dairy meals rich in calcium. - 8/23/2008   3:17:27 AM
  • 81
    I would also love to see more info on fruits and veggies. Maybe you could highlight a different one everyday, tell how much of it equals a serving (like 1/2 of a large apple or 63 grams) and give us some unique recipes to use. I am trying to carry over my healthy eating to my three young children and extra help with using fruits and veggies would be greatly appreicated! - 8/22/2008   7:43:28 PM
  • 80
    This is a wonderful new idea. I am looking forward to being able to pop in, join a discussion, and pop out whenever I have the need for a morale boost or connection with other healthy living journey"men".

    I do have one request/suggestion. It is very frustrating to scroll down the long blog list to post a comment. Could you move the "Leave a Comment" option to the top of the blog, like the forums on spark? It took me a couple minutes to figure out how to leave a comment since I was so used to the option being on the top as it is on the original spark pages. - 8/22/2008   7:35:27 PM
  • 79
    I joined this site in July and I have been on it every day. I love all the features of this site and how the system programmed to motivate people. I have to say "job well done". - 8/22/2008   5:12:19 PM
  • 78
    This is a great site and I've enjoyed looking around the past few days. One question is that I used to like to subscribe to different blogs like Coach Dean's and Coach Nicole's. Maybe I'm not technical enough to figure it out, but is there still a way to access a blog by author on this site? - 8/22/2008   11:06:38 AM
  • 77
    I joined Sparkpeople in April when I was fed up with my unhealthy lifestyle and body. I was looking for a free site to help with the weightloss and Sparks is what I found first. I joined and LOVE it. I am now down 25 pounds and feel ooooooo so much better and know I'm getting back to healthy. Thanks Sparkpeople!! - 8/21/2008   8:37:41 PM
  • 76
    I really spark people but I am having trouble switching out foods It won't let me change on my computer. am I doing something wrong. Thanks - 8/21/2008   4:58:54 PM
  • 75
    Good job, SP. All the tools here are very helpful and have been just what I needed to start losing. One wish: I wish that on the nutrition tracker, where I have the option to "copy this meal", that I could copy the meal to a DIFFERENT meal on another day. Say I want to copy a "snack" to the next day's "lunch", right now as it is set up I can't do this. I can only copy it to another "snack." Is this possible for the tech people to do, or am I wishing for the impossible?
    Thanks for all you do. - 8/21/2008   3:50:32 PM
  • 74
    I also like the new site, awsome job, SP! I would LOVE to see more product reviews, especially fitness equipment and videos. I think it really helps to get a biased opinion from someone who has used a product before I decide to buy it. I have been burnt before with exercise videos. Thanks and keep up the good work. - 8/21/2008   1:38:01 PM
  • 73
    I would like to see more recipes that reflect real mexican/latino food. Eating food that has never been part of my diet is really difficult. I don't even know nutrition info for some of the stuff i eat. It would be awesome to have some commentary on dieting and ethnic food. - 8/21/2008   1:37:09 PM
  • 72
    I really love this site - WTG SP!! - 8/21/2008   10:45:08 AM
  • 71
    This is a great addition to Spark People, but at the same time I did hate to loose the healthy life calculator. That is a bit off topic but I think it is tied to this blog. Is there a way to keep both? - 8/21/2008   8:46:33 AM
    I really love this new site addition...the format is awesome. It is very easy to stop by and get some quick info and motivation on a daily basis.

    I love the quick food reviews...maybe add a quick "exercise of the day" where you can earn points for trying it out?

    Thanks for making Sparkpeople even MORE fabulous! - 8/21/2008   8:34:52 AM
  • 69
    I absolutely love sparkpeople. & the fact that they continue to provide us with additional resources to assist us in our weight loss journey is FANTASTIC!! - 8/20/2008   9:51:32 PM

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