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Womanís Day SlimDown with Joy Bauer

4 Health Dangers of Summer

Nike Says Toning Shoes Donít Work

HG's Triple-Header! (3-Ingredient Recipes)

Women & Breakfast

10 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat More Vegetables

12 Health Myths your Doctor Believes

Motivate a Friend With a Fitness Gift

Can Doctors Fight Obesity By Teaching Patients to Cook?

Meat Labels: What Do They Really Mean?

Foods in TV Ads High in Sugar and Fat

Burgerville's Personalized Calorie Counts: Will Other Fast Food Follow?

Small changes steer kids towards smarter school lunch choices

Spin Bike Routine

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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    Thank you so much for sharing these. It makes for a quick simple read and I don't have to search the net myself! - 7/19/2010   4:36:44 PM
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    Thanks so. - 6/15/2010   6:11:41 AM
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    It's kind of scary that so many doctors believe health myths. But there are new studies seemingly daily that change things around. So I'm not really surprised that they are so confused! - 6/14/2010   11:05:58 PM
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    Since I live in the Pacific NW, home of Burgerville, I am thrilled with their adding calorie count to the receipt as well as having the info available in the stores and online.
    Kudo's to the Probstra Family!!! Not only are they looking for ways to help their customers, but they also purchase their ingredients locally, aiding our economy. - 6/14/2010   3:26:13 PM
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    12 Health Myths Your Doctor Believes.

    Third grandchild, third pediatrician, third way child sleeps safest. None of which have applied to our two sons or grandchildren. Both sons and all three grandchildren have slept best on their tummies.

    All have had very firm mattresses and no soft toys near the head of the bed. Babies rooms have been cool but not cold and all of them have only had baby blankets as covers.

    Our personal belief, different children have different preferences, just like adults. My wife prefers sleeping on her side, I prefer my back or stomach. - 6/14/2010   2:25:50 PM
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    I don't think that the point is "wear these and you don't have to work out" I think the point is "if you are wearing these when doing the walking around that you already do, it will do more for you than plain shoes". Nike's attitude about it is like saying you shouldn't ever swim in a pool because running a marathon burns more calories. Every little bit helps make a difference in someone and if they are comfortable shoes then all the better. - 6/14/2010   2:06:33 PM
    I think the article about NIke's response to fitness footwear is really interesting. Go, Reebok & Sketchers! - 6/14/2010   12:16:57 PM
    Nike article--I bought a pair of "toning shoes" called Thera shoes from Kmart when the idea first came out and didn't see a difference, then came sketchers etc..

    Spinning--I have my bike on a trainer with different resistance. Same effect but cheaper than a spinning bike and I can take if off the trainer for regular bike rides. Both were good articles. - 6/14/2010   11:38:26 AM
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    I've read several articles about how TONING shoes don't work, so the Nike article fits right in. If they did, NIKE would have introduced them first. - 6/14/2010   11:18:21 AM
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    I like the Nike article -- they're probably right, that the toning shoes don't actually do anything that putting real effort into a real workout can't do a million times better. Besides, the Reebok ads are so sexist and offensive.

    LOVE the Spin Bike routine.... now I just need a spinning bike, hahaha. I've got a real bike, but you can't really train on it the same way. - 6/14/2010   7:07:07 AM
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    12 Health Myths Your Doctor Believes. Very interesting. - 6/13/2010   10:24:48 PM
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    Most of the articles are interesting enough to make me clicked at them. But whatever articles that have number in the title, such as "3 Things You Need To ... " always perk me up to read. - 6/13/2010   9:25:18 PM
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    I'm glad Buggs2t posted the opinion. I bought a pair of LA Gear Shape Up shoes and wore them all day and really didn't notice any real difference or that my legs worked harder. But, then again, I have been walking/jogging/aerobics faithfully for over a year now, so perhaps this is why I'm not having any difficulty getting used to them. My legs are quite toned already. They are comfortable shoes though and I'm not sorry I bought them. - 6/13/2010   7:30:33 PM
    I think Nike is definitely a victim of sour grapes. I own 3 pairs of Shape-Ups. And, they do make you work harder when you are out for a healthy walk. It was also a bit of an effort to not feel a little out of balance just general walking. So, it does help strengthen your core. I liken it to the core strengthening you can get from using an exercise ball to sit on at your desk.

    Plus, the Shape Ups are so darn comfortable. I could stand and walk in them all day. Plus, they helped me tremendously to cushion my walk after a car accident. My chest hurt like heck while walking in normal shoes, but not nearly as bad or at all while wearing the ShapeUps.

    Now, maybe someone who is already fit as a fiddle wouldn't have a problem or feel the difference, but I sure do. - 6/13/2010   6:55:24 PM
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    12 Health Myths Your Doctor Believes - 6/13/2010   6:05:16 PM
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    I love my shapeups! Maybe it's because I was starting from zero in some respects but I really noticed a change in the way I walk and how I use my legs and my core when doing daily activities because of them! - 6/13/2010   5:56:24 PM
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    I don't know how well the "toning" part of toning shoes work. But if you have plantar faciaitis they will all but cure it. I have Sketchers Shapeups and they are worth every single penny. - 6/13/2010   3:47:16 PM
    You know, I'm surprized that NIKE hasn't come out with the own line of "toning" shoes. However, they are quite correct for complaining about the ones from Reebok and Sketchers, those shoes that claim to tone your muscles while wearing them, really don't work.

    - 6/13/2010   2:02:47 PM
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    Burgerville's Personalized Calorie Counts: Will Other Fast Food Follow? that article was interesting.They need to do that to all fast food chains,especially Burger King - 6/13/2010   1:31:32 PM
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    Women & Breakfast - 6/13/2010   9:04:48 AM
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    Kudos to Burgerville! Personalized calorie totals for your meal is an awesome idea. I wish they were in Texas. - 6/13/2010   8:16:40 AM

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