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Thanks to all of you for your kinds words, encouraging messages and excited notes about the launch of "The Spark."

Here at SparkPeople headquarters in Cincinnati, we celebrated the launch with a trip to a local bookstore to see the book on display and a group lunch. We were so excited that we actually got there as we the employees were bringing the new books out. By later that afternoon, we were getting emails, texts and tweets from friends, fans and members who had seen the book (and bought it)!

"The man checking me out asked if the book was featured on a show today because he has been selling them like crazy," Tanya told us when she went to buy more copies of "The Spark" for friends and family.

Coach Nicole's boyfriend snapped a photo of "The Spark" on display in a store near his office. And SparkGuy went to a bookstore in San Jose, California, to see his masterpiece on display!

He snapped a short (really short) video. Let's watch:

In addition to the team of professionals we have promoting and marketing the book, I also want to thank our grass-roots promoter, SPRING4FAL, whose photo and success story are in the book. She blogged about the launch yesterday, and she was on Twitter all day, telling every fitness professional she could about the book. Leah, you're awesome! Thanks for all the support from her and everyone else who has helped us "Spread the Spark!" As SparkGuy told us, this is THE most important thing we can do to Spread the Spark!

Have you seen "The Spark" in stores? When you do, snap a picture of yourself with the book and email it to, subject line: I Found "The Spark." You might soon see yourself on the dailySpark!

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    Good article! - 3/29/2010   4:26:37 PM
  • 151
    Saw it today at Barnes and Nobles at the information desk. - 2/20/2010   5:07:40 PM
  • 150
    I would love to get my hands on that book! Coming out of Christmas, I am strapped for cash, but getting a copy is a new goal. - 1/13/2010   11:17:39 AM
  • 149
    Love the book so far! Had to go to 3 bookstores to find it in stock. The other 2 had sold out and had more on order!!!! - 1/13/2010   10:51:11 AM
  • 148
    WOW! I joined sparkpeople on 11/20/09 after hearing you being interviewed on Hayhouseradio. I was so impressed, I looked on the website and signed up on the spot. I've been slow at utilizing the site to it's full potential, but simply the AWARENESS has helped me with what I put in my mouth. I'm currently on chapter 8 of the book and LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. Your encouragement about ALL areas, such as getting enough sleep, have really helped me so much.
    I'm planning to buy lots of extra books as gifts for friends. I also want to order the 10 minute work out DVD's - can you tell me how to order them? Thanks SO MUCH for being The Spark Guy. Keep up the GREAT work! - 1/12/2010   12:14:06 AM
  • 147
    Have started to read mine.....will loan it out to a friend later...Only, if she promises to give it back ....... lol..
    - 1/10/2010   2:14:32 AM
  • 146
    Can you say 'must read'?!! The book is phenomenal, the first self help book that I have ever wanted to read from cover to cover and the only one I know I will never lend out, instead I am buying copies for friends and shipping them as "just because I care" gifts! Whoo-hoo! Thanks so much Chris and the Sparkpeople family! - 1/6/2010   5:16:25 PM
  • 145
  • 144
    On New Year's Day I was watching the news on our local NBC station and they were talking about resolutions and how the #1 resolution was to go on a diet and they said instead of a diet why not try SPARKPEOPLE.COM. I screamed to my husband, "Oh my gosh ... they are talking about Sparkpeople on the news! HOW AWESOME is that??" It's like your best friend made the front page of the newspaper!

    I love Sparkpeople! - 1/5/2010   2:06:04 PM
    I got really happy when I saw an advertisement for The Spark in Shape magazine. - 1/5/2010   12:14:17 PM
  • 142
    Congradulations to you Chris and everyone at Spark for putting out the #1BestSeller. Sparkpeople has achieved the highest nomination on the seller's list of books. How proud you must feel, I for one am proud of you.
    I am still waiting for my book, with anticipation.
    You have gone way and above your expectations.
    That we should all keep the spark, and keep sparkling on.
    I am so excited and happy to be a part of sparkpeople as one of it's
    many members.
    After watching your video,i can see by your smile the happiness you are portraying.
    I wish you health, prosperity, and happiness in the New Year, and may all
    your dreams come true.

    God Bless Us All :)
    love and hugs, Paula :) - 1/4/2010   6:50:51 PM
    Got mine - enjoying the read. Thanks Chris and everyone at Spark. - 1/4/2010   5:17:37 PM
  • 140
    congrats on the release! I haven't gotten mine yet. - 1/3/2010   9:52:32 PM
  • 139
    Good news! I was in Barnes and Noble in Central Wisconsin and didn't see The Spark. I asked a clerk about it and they said they were SOLD OUT!!! The clerk said they have so many people on the waiting list for it that he thought much of their next shipment would go to people waiting for it ! Congratulations Chris. It's a hit! - 1/3/2010   5:09:46 PM
  • 138
    Tried to read slowly to make it last, then decided to just go for it - I know I will be rereading it again and again. - 1/3/2010   1:45:40 PM
  • KJK007
    Pre-ordered my book. Can't wait until it arrives and I get to read it. - 1/3/2010   12:18:00 PM
  • 136
    Just received my book today from Amazon! Very excited to get off the net soon and start reading. Have a great day all! - 1/2/2010   6:18:46 PM
  • JABMAC25
    Just downloaded "The Spark" to my Kindle and am thoroughly enjoying it. Looking forward to my new challenge. - 1/2/2010   11:21:58 AM
  • 134
    I can't wait to get my copy! Ordered it back in November! :) Congrats SparkGuy! - 1/2/2010   10:26:13 AM
  • 133
    I received notice from B&N that my book has shipped. I'm still anxiously awaiting it. I'm so tempted to take the 30% coupon and go buy another copy just so I can start reading it! If I had the extra money I would! I saw it in B&N the other day, when it was released. It's exciting to see the word spreading. Here's to a healthier 2010! Congratulations Sparkguy and all of the Spark Team!! - 1/2/2010   8:51:11 AM
  • 132
    New Year's eve I called our local book store to see if they had ordered "The Spark" as I had pre-ordered but hoping they would be available here. There was no order for the book! I encouraged the person I talked to to order some for customers here on island. Hopefully they will be here soon. My book has not arrived yet. I hope to see it by Tuesday or Wednesday, Friday at the latest. - 1/2/2010   4:16:59 AM
  • 131
    I was out shopping with friends today, and we decided we all wanted to pop into Barnes & Noble. I reeeeeally wanted to see the book (since I'm still *patiently* waiting for mine to arrive in the mail!) and it was right in the front on that same Diet & Health table pictured above! I was so excited! I was *this* close to switching the display around and putting the bright orange book on the front of the table so it'd catch people's eye when they walked in, but... I didn't want to get in trouble! Plus, working in retail, I don't think I'd be happy if a customer reworked my display of something! Anywho, I'm SUPER pumped for my copy to get here! - 1/2/2010   2:01:26 AM
  • 130
    Since I'm recovering from surgery, I have not been out in the stores but I truly believe that just the knowledge of this book being published will be one of the biggest things for SP! I can't wait to get mine in the mail. - 1/1/2010   9:23:08 PM
  • 129
    I got my The Spark book today at Barnes & Noble in the Lansing Mall, I asked an employee if they had it and she looked it up and went to get it off the shelf, came back and had to go back to the stock room, but I got it and used the cupon we could print off, which helped make it really affordable for me. I am excited to have this book and looking forward to getting it all read. With the book and all the on-line help I think 2010 is going to be a very successful year. Thanks for all the hard work that went into the book and for Sparkpeople on-line.

    Shirl - 1/1/2010   8:23:26 PM
  • 128
    Got mine in the mail this week. Yippee!!!! - 1/1/2010   7:34:45 PM
  • 127
    I am still waiting on my copy, I received an email stating that it has been sent. Thanks Chris! What a way to spread the Spark! - 1/1/2010   6:04:58 PM
    Got mine today,yeah!! - 1/1/2010   3:35:08 PM
  • 125
    CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT IT SOUND GREAT - 1/1/2010   3:28:18 PM
  • 124
    I was so excited my Spark book came on New Year's Eve. Last night I began reading it after watching Dick Clark' s Celebration. I really felt like it was a new year and I was starting off the best way possible. I read chapter 1 and was thrilled to get to know Chris's story. Can't wait to read chapter 2 today. Hope the rest of you that preordered get your book soon. Happy New Year! We can support each other, feel the love, lose the lonliness, and accomplish our goals! Oh yes, I wore my orange Spark People shirt as I read the book. - 1/1/2010   12:38:39 PM
  • 123
    Got my pre-ordered copy on the 30th and am plowing my way through it. Thanks for a great motivator. - 1/1/2010   12:32:26 PM
  • BERNIE22
    Pre bought it via at Barnes and Noble, received it in the mail yesterday (12/31/09). What a fantastic way to begin a new year and decade. - 1/1/2010   12:27:12 PM
  • 121
    I am still waiting to get the copy of the Spark that i preordered last year.
    - 1/1/2010   12:13:00 PM
  • 120
    Received my pre-ordered book on 12/30 & have enjoyed each chapter. What a great addition to the website and a great "go to" tool to have on hand to keep that Spark glowing! - 1/1/2010   11:03:32 AM
  • 119
    Happy New Year!!! I've not been to a bookstore yet (I live in a very small town); hopefully this coming week I can get to one. My copy was preordered & it's shipped but not to me yet.:) I can't wait to read it!!! - 1/1/2010   10:10:23 AM
  • 118
    I went to my nearest Barnes and Noble bookstore on the launch day and purchased a copy. It was quite exciting for me as not only did I get to purchase the book , but as the result of a Christmas gift certificate received, a Spark coupon I found out about on FaceBook and my member discount, I got it at a drastically reduced price. Thank you, SparkPeople! :) - 1/1/2010   8:23:19 AM
  • 117
    My preordered book has arrived. I plan on burrowing in with it and a warm cup of coffee today. Cant wait. - 1/1/2010   7:37:50 AM
    Mine arrived yesterday and I started reading it last night. Having been a member of Spark People for a couple of years now, I didn't think anything could be better than the website, but by golly, Chris, you've outdone yourself with the book. I have already set up a binder with a 28-day plan section for every month of 2010. No more dilly-dallying for me. This is the year that I reach my weight goal, start my writing career, get my house in order, and start living the life I've only dreamed about before.

    I can't thank you enough!

    Janet - 1/1/2010   7:16:54 AM
  • 115
    I preordered my copy and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I went out and bought copies for my two favorite aunts to send as a New Year gift so we can all head down the healthy lifestyle trail together. Who knows, maybe they will both become "SPARKER's" and join me here. - 12/31/2009   11:39:21 PM
    I preordered, and my order has shipped, but it's expected to arrive January 4. I can't wait! Congratulations to SparkPeople and especially to "SparkGuy"! - 12/31/2009   11:06:32 PM
    I received my book today. Just in time for the New Year! - 12/31/2009   11:02:27 PM
    Hey - Happy New Year - congrats and good luck! I purchased the book and it's on its way. I bought it to support this whole concept - I've gotten a lot out of this community and admire it quite a lot. I hope the book continues to inspire me. I've lost 85 pounds so far - and SparkPeople helps further motivate me to stay true to my health and fitness goals. Rock on for 2010! - 12/31/2009   11:01:15 PM
  • 111
    I've been reading some good things about the Spark. I have not ordered my yet but plan to soon. - 12/31/2009   10:40:55 PM
  • 110
    Saw it at a bookstore today! Exciting stuff! - 12/31/2009   9:36:50 PM
    Congrats SparkPeople!!!! Cheers to your 1mil sell :)

    Woo!Hoo! - 12/31/2009   7:57:42 PM
  • 108
    i haven't received my yet. i can't wait.they sent me an email saying it has been shipped. - 12/31/2009   6:27:06 PM
  • 107
    Just bought my copy of "The Spark"!!!!! I used the coupon from the computer, and I can't wait, to start reading it! I had to shovel snow, for 2 hours 42 minutes, before I could go to the store, to get my copy, so I hope it's worth the wait!!!!!
    - 12/31/2009   6:25:20 PM
    I got my in the mail today. December 31th.2009
    I also bought my best friend a book and she got her's in the mail today also... - 12/31/2009   6:13:37 PM
    a great location for the book right next to my girl elle krieger in the san jose bookstore. i'm still waiting for my pre-ordered book to arrive. - 12/31/2009   6:01:08 PM
  • 104
    i am so happy for you chris, your face is just beaming !!!!! congrats to you and all of sparkpeople!!!!!! my pre-order from amazon has shipped also, but with a jan. 9th delivery day. i had ordered a digital food scale as well, so i guess that's the cause of the delay. but can't wait to get them !!!!!! - 12/31/2009   5:10:46 PM
    SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!! and it really is such a wonderful book! I've been showing everyone I know! - 12/31/2009   4:29:17 PM

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