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I'm biased.

I love everything in the SparkPeople Store. But there's one product that I'm absolutely head-over-heels in love with: the long-sleeved bamboo shirts.

We say: "Work out in comfort in our SparkPeople Ladies Long Sleeved Bamboo Performance Shirt. Bamboo is super soft for that worn-in feeling and naturally wicks moisture. The fabric also is naturally antibacterial, repellent to harmful ultraviolet rays, hypoallergenic and breathable without chemical additives. The StretchFlex technology provides comfort and freedom of movement, lasting recovery and great fit. 57% bamboo lyocell/38% cotton/5% spandex ladies long sleeve jersey t-shirt."

I shared these shirts with a few of my favorite bloggers, Anne (that's her in the photo above), Meghann, Gina, and Emily, who've been huge supporters of SparkPeople.

Within a day of receiving them, they were all wearing them, and I keep getting tweets, texts, and emails: "This shirt is so soft!" "I love it!" "I don't want to take it off!"

Me neither! (Did I mention they're on sale for $23.99?)

I have one in "currant" (magenta), and I wear it at least once a week (as evidenced here). Thin enough to layer under another shirt, and thick enough to keep a chill off your skin, I like this shirt so much that I refuse to wear it as a workout shirt. It's my go-to travel shirt, and I wear it to the office, too. (Tip: Spread the Spark by wearing a SparkPeople shirt when you travel. People always ask me about SparkPeople when I wear it. I also have SparkPeople key chains on my luggage and laptop bag.)

So why am I sharing this with you today? Well, because starting today and running through Saturday, Dec. 4, the SparkPeople Store is offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more! (Guess who's going shopping as soon as she clicks "publish"!)

Meghann in her shirt

You must use the promo code SP500 to receive the free shipping offer, and the offer is valid 11/29-12/4.

This offer cannot be applied towards previous purchases, it is not good on international shipping, and it does not include tax.

Me in my shirt last Wednesday, my first day back after being sick.
My other favorite shirt is the SparkPeople Ladies Fitted V-Neck T-shirt. It's made from cotton, so it doesn't have the sweat-wicking properties of the bamboo one, but this shirt is comfortable. I have one in black. I usually wear a size medium, but I went for a small with this. They run slightly larger.

The free shipping deal is good on everything in the store, from workout towels to fitness mats and bags.

If you've been eyeing something in the store, now is the time to buy it for yourself or someone else.

Have you worn clothing made from bamboo?

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  • 30
    So sad! I have been laid off for over a year...we are very limited to what we are able to do, and right now it is just barely pay the bills...We live in Southeast Idaho, COLD, and our heat is set at 60 to try and save money...
    Deep stabbing pain to see such a great deal that I am not able to take advantage of!!!

    I am not complaining...I am healthy this year , as well as teaching my family a healthier lifestyle, and that is a true blessing!!! - 12/3/2010   11:11:38 AM
  • 29
    yes have made clothes with bamboo yarn and cotton yarn tooo - 12/3/2010   12:10:48 AM
  • 28
    They look very soft and comfortable, but as a 'pudgy' person I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing something that looks to be 'form fitting'. - 12/1/2010   10:34:14 AM
    I've yet to purchase one, but, they are definately on my wish list! So cute! - 12/1/2010   12:19:10 AM
  • 26
    That shirt looks so cute! I want one!! Would love to win one on the Spark wheel. :) I won a bumper sticker once... - 11/30/2010   8:12:05 PM
  • 25
    Never owned anything made out of bamboo. Sounds nice! - 11/30/2010   10:33:48 AM
  • 24
    I have a Bamboo blend throw that I love. Those shirts look a bit thin & from the top pic, possibly sheer. Any pix of someone not so svelte modeling one? I'm aiming for bulge-free but we're not there yet! - 11/30/2010   4:24:00 AM
  • 23
    Just bought some key chains and a shirt! - 11/30/2010   12:53:08 AM
  • 22
    My new pillow-top mattress is made from bamboo material. It's heavenly. - 11/29/2010   10:55:47 PM
    I bought a bamboo nightgown at TJMaxx and was amazed that it could be so lightweight and yet warm at the same time. - 11/29/2010   5:32:20 PM
  • 20
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bamboo! It's totally fantastic! I have bamboo socks, underwear, and 2 tops. My mum has a bamboo nightie. I am looking at getting a bamboo singlet. You can get bamboo clothing for babies too. Bamboo rocks!! - 11/29/2010   5:31:22 PM
  • 19
    FYI - LIVINGONMYTERMS and JIBBIE49, bamboo is sustainable, fast-growing (enough for the animals and humans) and grows here in the USA as well as many other parts of the world. I grew bamboo in my yard and it grew fast, tall (over 5ft) and took over my yard. (Had to tear it all out, since I couldn't keep it under control - now it is in pots.)
    I have bamboo/cotton pj, they are wonderful. I would like to get a SP shirt and sheets. Happy Smiling everyone. - 11/29/2010   2:07:31 PM
  • 18
    i have all 3 colours of the long sleeve and they are perfect for winter workouts!! - 11/29/2010   1:32:56 PM
  • 17
    Have not tried wearing bamboo, going to though!! - 11/29/2010   1:19:49 PM
  • 16
    No, I don't think I ever have. But those shirts look cute and comfy! - 11/29/2010   1:03:27 PM
    Nice looking shirts but I think I will leave the bamboo for the wild animals that rely on bamboo as a staple to their diet. - 11/29/2010   12:37:59 PM
  • 14
    love, love, LOVE bamboo!!! i got bamboo socks--great for working out. i also have bamboo sheets which in case you were wondering, are GREAT for sleeping. - 11/29/2010   12:03:34 PM
  • 13
    Bad timing, as I ordered them when they first went on sale, so no free shipping. But I am glad to have them, they are SO soft and comfortable. If you want to get them, don't procrastinate, order now before they are gone ;-) - 11/29/2010   11:48:19 AM
  • WHEELS54
    It would be very helpful to add reviews for the products at the spark store regarding fit etc. Any other sparkers agree? - 11/29/2010   11:28:33 AM
  • 11
    I made my gift purchases last week and NOW there's free shipping, DOH!
    I do like the bamboo shirts thou, might hafta order more now... - 11/29/2010   11:24:52 AM
  • BLANK214
    I didn't know bamboo was an option for clothing! Good to know! - 11/29/2010   11:14:38 AM
    Nice infomercial. - 11/29/2010   11:09:16 AM
  • 8
    I have bamboo underwear (Jockey for women makes them). They're very comfortable. I'll have to look for the socks! - 11/29/2010   10:24:46 AM
  • 7
    I havent worn bamboo, but my sheets are bamboo and I LOVE them. - 11/29/2010   10:07:39 AM
  • 6
    While it may or may not be the source of the bamboo for the Spark shirts, Bamboo grows here in the US too, Jibbie. - 11/29/2010   9:48:17 AM
  • 5
    Very interesting...and helpful - 11/29/2010   9:42:51 AM
  • 4
    No. I wear COTTON, as it grows in America. LOL - 11/29/2010   9:28:14 AM
  • 3
    I got hooked on bamboo via socks... oh so comfy. I have them on right now... and sometimes even sleep in bamboo socks.
    I have wanted those long sleeve shirts... now I better go shop before it sells out. - 11/29/2010   8:12:53 AM
  • 2
    I have bamboo bedsheets that are so soft and lightweight that falling asleep is never a problems for me. - 11/29/2010   7:50:25 AM
  • 1
    I have several pairs of bamboo socks and they feel great. - 11/29/2010   6:32:14 AM

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