Oh, Your Face Will Glow! (Think: Oh, The Places You'll Go!)

By , SparkPeople Blogger
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By Beth Donovan (~INDYGIRL)

A parody of "Oh, The Places You'll Go," by Dr. Seuss.

Today go be happy!

Whatever you weigh,

You're trying Spark life!

Where the difference is made.

You change things in your head.

You put feet in your shoes.

You get yourself up,

and walk ‘cause you choose.

You're not on your own. You’ll learn more than you know.

And YOU step by step will decide where this goes.

Look over your body. Look it over with care.

Someday you will say, "I like that curve there."

Your heart filling with courage and SparkFriends you meet,

you find yourself stronger than a not-so-good treat.

And you may now find that your

Clothes start slipping down,

In that case, my friend,

Get to shopping in town!

More things to wear,

With a Spark in the air.

Spark’s where things can happen

and often they do

to people who try it

and use it like you.

And when things start to happen,

be happy. Go share.

You see what it is.

You're getting others to care.



You'll be on your way down!

Things are feeling less tight!

You'll join the gym goers

and work out with delight.

If you lag behind, you’ll soon build up speed.

You'll pass the whole gym and you'll be in the lead.

Whatever you try, you'll do your personal best.

Wherever you go, you’ll not give it a rest.

Except when you do

because, sometimes, you might.

It’s sorry to say this

but, sadly, ‘tis true

that slip-ups

can happen even to you.

You can get all hung up

in a terrible place.

Everyone else going on.

You feeling lost out in space.

You'll come down from above

with a bit of a fall.

And the chances are, then,

that you won’t be over it all.

And when you're a bit down,

you're not in for much fun.

Re-psyching yourself

is not easily done.

You will come to a place where your Spark is not Sparked.

Some thoughts are lighted. But mostly you're darked.

What place could you gain both your get up and go?

Do you dare venture out? Do you hide and stay in?

There is so much to lose! But by that you can win!

And IF you go out, should you start here or there…

Would you like to run K? Or just try the stairs?

Or go around the block and add in some weights?

Simple small steps, I know you will find,

Are a good-rever-upper of the ultimate kind.

You can get so worn out

if you start in with a race,

but get yourself going to any old place,

not eating just carrots, but balanced meals in their space.

Now you are headed toward a more healthful place.

The Healthy Place…

…for people just starting.

people training to go

people ready to start, people ready to go

people taking steps, in the sun or the snow

Step after step, that’s what it’s about,

So give it a holler, a whoopee or shout!

Begin your life’s journey and go step by step,

But don’t go too fast or you’ll lose your pep.

Just one more thing before this all ends,

I want to thank all of you, my dear Spark friends,

And hope my advice with the help of Doc Suess

Will keep you all fit and your clothes hanging loose.




What makes your face glow? What topics would you like me to write about each week?

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S-W-E-E-T ! Report
That was great! Report
What I would like... is for you to keep doing what you have been doing. You sharing your journey has inspired and empowered me. Report
Fabulous poem! Very inspirational! I look forward to reading more in the future. I would love to hear ideas about healthy eating as a family and healthy eating at social events. Thanks for all the help and inspiration. Report
THis is a super blog!!! Report
I really enjoyed this blog! I am sitting here eating my Cream Cheese Walnut and Raisin Wrap/salad, grinning as I read this. I am in my second week of following the menu plan, and have enjoyed it so far. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. You are really talented! It was a blessing and a joy to read. Report
Ahh... Dr. Seuss... That has always been one of my very favorite books. Thanks for rewriting it for us! This version is as inspiring as the original, and gives us a fun outlook on fitness and Spark People! Report
Your tribute, ala Dr. Seuss was just great
It is fun motivation to help us lose weight! :)

You asked what makes my face glow - the answer would be a smile & my granddaughter (not necessarily in that order - although she makes me smile just thinking of her!). But great health, good humor & inspiring scenes/words also help with the smile!
Love the way you think. Report
nice Report
Just Wonderful ! Report
Great blog! I LOVE it! Report
Excellent work ! You really summed it all up in an entertaining way! Report
Oh m gosh! This was awesome. I wish this actually came as a published children's book. I have read Suess to my children plently of times. I would even read this to them to get a "healthy living" message to them.

This was great! Report
Loved it! Report
Not only bad days but bad weekend (which I just left behind). I loved your blog. It is what I needed to today after the carb weekend I had! =) Report
I love it!!! Report
Love it and it is all so true. We will have good day's and bad day's, but it's how we choose to face them. We can either gve up or we can hit the road again and this time succeed. Report
Awesome!!! I love it! Report
TOTALLY loved this one! Report
Hi Indygirl, great piece of writing and motivation! contratulations you are on a role! Report
Dr Suess books were always one of my favorite reads. Thanks for *sparking* my memory! Report
this is awesome! i love it! :o)

http://dragonfly180.wordpress.com / Report
Thanks!! Need to read this everyday, great job!! Report
Very clever! Report
Bravo----I loved this! Dr. Suess would be honored by your homage to him and to SP. Keep up the great blogs! Thanks Indy! Report
This is great! Report
Very talented! Report
That was wonderful; thank you! Report
Awesome blog, thanx for sharing!! Report
Love the blog! Report
Great blog - I've always loved 'Oh the places you'll go' and your version of it is brilliant for us SPers! Report
Thank you for the encouraging poem!! Live Dr. Seuss even more now. Report
Loved it! Will be traveling for a month and then will be home and as soon as DH gets the internet hooked up I will get so with the program it will make my head spin. Report
Read it through and loved it! Report
Perfect! I need to read this everyday to get me up and running and not hiding away! Report
Looking forward to this blog every week! Thanks for the inspiration. I need it this morning as I'm starting out the new week. Report
Loved the blog! Report
Great blog Report
Awesome blog. Keep up the good & inspiring work. Report
I really ...really liked your words. .. and believe me, them made me fill more strong. Thank you! Report
I love this thanks! Report
Beth, somewhere in the heavens, Dr. Seuss has leapt to his tootsies and is giving you a thunderous applause! Congratulations on yet another very entertaining contribution to SparkLand!! And congrats on becoming a WEEKLY BLOGGER (!!) here, too! The honor was wisely bestowed, from the many columns of yours I've had the pleasure of reading here. (I especially love the way you managed to rhyme "Sparked" and "darked"! Adorable!) Report
I have long been a fan of your blogs. You sum the journey so well. I am looking forward what is ahead. Report
Love it. Great Job Report
Wonderful job! Congratulations on becoming a weekly blogger. You deserve it. Report
Great blog. Congratulations on becoming a weekly blogger. I look forward to reading yours! Report
So glad to see you as a weekly blogger! Congratulations! Report
So fun to read...thanks! Report
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