New Year's Fitness and Weight-Loss Tips Roundup


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Editor's note: The ladies behind Fit Bottomed Girls, one of our favorite health and fitness websites, have generously shared some great tips to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions.

By Jenn (above, left) at the Fit Bottomed Girls

'Tis the season for making your fitness and weight-loss dreams come true! After all, the New Year is the perfect time to look at where you've been and set some goals for where you want to go. The good folks at SparkPeople asked us to compile some of our best New Year's tips for this guest post. Read on for how you can make the most of this motivational time of year!

5 Ways to Keep Your Resolutions on Track: We all know how easy it is to start the year full of inspiration only to have it disappear by February 1. Follow these tips to keep your resolutions on track and that motivation high!

Top 10 List of the Best Beginner Workout DVDs: We review a lot of workout DVDs, and this is a list of our all-time favorite workout DVDs that are perfect for newbies!

Weight-Loss Tips from Dr. Oz: We just love Dr. Oz because he gets so scientific about weight-loss yet he always explains it in a way that is easy to understand. And he's totally down to earth. In this interview he shares his top weight-loss tips and tricks—a must-read for anyone with a weight-loss goal or resolution!

7 Newbie Must-Haves: While it doesn't take much more than a pair of sneakers and a fridge full of healthy foods to get your weight-loss started, we think that these seven gadgets, gizmos and pieces of equipment sure do help!

5 Fitness Feats Worth the Training: If you need a new fitness goal for 2011, why not choose one of these? Perfect for beginners and seasoned exercisers alike!

Haven't Set Any New Year's Resolutions Yet? No worries! Even the Fit Bottomed Girls aren't perfect! Read Fit Bottomed Mama Erin's resolutions for 2011.

What do you think about New Year's resolutions? Have you stuck with your healthy living goals for 2011?

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  • 8
    The beauty of new years resolutions is that we can have as many "new years" as we need. Right now it is June 30 so it is the end of the financial year in my country. This could be a time for resolutions about money and finances but the most valuable thing we have is our health. So this is as good a time for new resolutions about all things to do with our health like nutrition and exercise. Great post with plenty of places to start at anytime. - 6/30/2011   2:39:34 AM
  • 7
    I don't make resolutions. But I do set goals that may be for a month, 6 month or year, whatever is appropriate. Yes, I have maintained them so far!! - 2/1/2011   10:51:50 PM
  • 6
    So far so good! - 2/1/2011   10:28:04 AM
  • 5
    Yes. - 2/1/2011   12:14:29 AM
    I'm deffinitely working on mastering push-ups this year, and hopefully I'll be able to do a pull-up soon too :-)

    No thank you to Dr. Oz though. He's running a dangrous business mixing real medical science with CAM (aka Woo...aka Quack Medicine). - 1/31/2011   3:46:58 PM
  • 3
    Howdy LRKNOBs -- just fixed those links. Thanks for the heads up!

    -FBG Jenn - 1/31/2011   9:23:00 AM
  • 2
    Great site, thanks....but wanted you to know that I tried to click on two of the sites listed in the "7Newbie must-haves" and the sites did not work- one had expired and the other one just listed something about being moved. (Habitwise and Knock Knock's Plan-a-meal bundle"). I tried to contact "Fit Bottomed Girls" on their site but the email came back??? Is it Monday or what??? I hope to re-visit their site, maybe it's just a glitch today?? - 1/31/2011   7:51:12 AM
  • 1
    really enjoy and learn from dr Oz - 1/31/2011   7:28:32 AM

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