Kim Kardashian Admits She Has Cellulite


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Pick up the latest issue of any women's magazine and you'll likely see a beautiful model or celebrity on the cover. They all have smooth and flawless skin, polished teeth and perfect curves. It's easy to look at those images and become discouraged because you feel like you'll never live up to that standard. But are those images real? Is that how this person would look if you saw them at Starbucks or working out at the gym? Probably not. It's called the magic of "Photoshopping," and one celebrity recently spoke out about what she really looks like.

Kim Kardashian recently did a
photo shoot
for Complex magazine. When the original picture leaked onto the Internet, she decided to post that picture on her website next to the retouched version that was intended for the magazine. The differences are pretty significant. The retouched picture takes inches off of Kim's legs (removing all cellulite), makes her waist smaller and brightens her skin.

Kim says she's proud of her body and her curves and admits that yes, she does have cellulite. "What curvy girl doesn't?" she asks. It's hard to know if she would have posted those pictures, had the before picture not leaked out accidentally. But Kim gets credit for being brave enough to admit that she doesn't look perfect. Maybe if other celebrities would do the same, the average woman wouldn't feel pressure to aspire to look like and image that's unattainable.

Do you think magazines should stop retouching their cover models? Are you affected by these images in the media? How so?

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    I understand touch-ups to make the skin or hair look better, but to completely change the shape of a woman's body sends the wrong message. Yes, mags should stop shaving lbs off of women's bodies! Give the rest of us a break!!! - 7/21/2013   5:48:31 AM
  • MARIE554281
    Kim Kardashian has a beautiful body. She is a very curvy woman. And for the countless people on here that like to think curvy and fat are the same thing, it is not. A woman can be 100 pounds and still be curvy. A woman can be 200 pounds and not have any curves. Anyways, going back to Kim, she has a banging body. But honestly, if the photo hadnt been leaked out in the first place, she wouldn't have put the real picture up. She is only saying these things because now she has to deal with the problem. When all the other countless pictures and posters of her were put out, she didn't say anything about cellulite. But now that the real picture is out, she acts like she is proud of it and whatever.

    Oh and lets not forget, she gets treatment for the cellulite and botox so she can't be really that proud of herself. - 10/28/2010   4:44:23 AM
    Kim Kardashian is my role model and I think that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, - even without make up - she is truly getting more and more points for being honest with the public about who she is. - 10/12/2010   1:10:20 PM
  • 166
    I think photos should just have a tag that say "retouched" or "dramatization" - if the images aren't real then why should they get to advertise they are? - 10/11/2010   12:33:39 PM
  • 165
    Yes! Please stop airbrushing the photos. It is impossible to live up to the standards and many girls, young ladies and women feel that is what they are suppose to look like. - 3/17/2010   6:17:37 AM
  • 164
    Go Kim! Sometimes these celebs don't even ask to be airbrushed, magazines just do what they want to sell magazines! - 2/8/2010   1:45:28 PM
  • 163
    Who is Kim Kardashian and why should I care? - 2/7/2010   5:06:34 PM
    I like the idea of letting the pictures show the model in an honest way, but quite frankly I'm addicted to the idea that perfection is attainable. Without hope, what do we have? ;-) - 2/1/2010   10:41:00 PM
  • 161
    It's about time celebrities admitted that magazine publishers are misleading the public with these touched up photos. - 1/25/2010   9:50:54 AM
    I don't understand why this is such a big deal? Maybe because people aren't taught from an early age that NO ONE looks like this in real life? I have some students who moan about how they want a perfect body like Celebrity X. I found a video to show them just WHAT photoshopping can achieve.
    - 1/24/2010   11:48:53 AM
  • 159
    With all the controversy over retouching lately, one would think the magazines would keep hold of their photos better. The biggest disappointment to me is Self magazine and the cover shot of Kelly Clarkston. The magazine is supposed to promote Total Body Confidence.
    / - 1/18/2010   12:58:42 PM
  • 158
    I don't mind that they photoshop the images because it motivates me. It doesn't discourage me because I already know that I'll never look that flawless (no ones does, right?), but still gives me something to strive for. I think if they didn't photoshop the images, no one would buy them and they'd be out of business, so... whatever. - 12/3/2009   5:45:23 PM
  • BLUE82
    Did anyone see that picture of the model for Calvin Klein? The models' head was bigger than her pelvis. Then she got fired for being 'fat'. Kim owns up to having cellulite. What would happen to this world if magazines like that didn't exist? Would people have different expectations of each other if they had nothing to hold it to? Would men think differently of women if they never saw celebrities like they do now? If the photo had never leaked, would she have said anything? Doubtful since nobody would've seen it. Celebrities make their living on how they look, men and women alike. Why is it that women freak out about this and not men? Or do they, just not make it as obvious? - 12/2/2009   11:13:33 PM
  • 156
    So, drop the mags. They don't do anything but promote unhealthy lifestyles. Leave 'em on the rack! - 11/24/2009   5:25:05 PM
  • 155
    Who. Freakin'. Cares? - 11/10/2009   7:59:12 PM
    I can't click on the photoshoot but it doesn't matter to me (lol, to answer the question posed) if cover models are retouched. It is what it is, the world of illusion, why do we pick at this stuff all the time? Who cares, the only figure that matters is one's own figure.

    I don't know much about Kardashian, have seen some photoshoots of her doing gym workouts in fitness mags. She has never looked small to me and I've never had a doubt the photos are touched to eliminate the cellulite.

    I don't know, therefore, whether it is brave or not brave for her to have made a public statement about it.

    She's beautiful in the pic on this blog but not small by any stretch of the imagination. She makes a living by her "curviness." That is her thing, more power to her. - 10/24/2009   5:40:08 PM
    'curvy' okay, how is that an 'issue'? you mean she looks like a real person and hollywood thinks that is an issue, so it becomes front page news. what has happened to humanity?
    - 10/19/2009   11:55:37 PM
  • 152
    glad to see this... Kim is SO beautiful - it is good to know that even she isn't perfect! They even "fixed" her hair in the photoshopped version! - 10/6/2009   8:24:59 AM
    I SO wish that magazines stopped photoshopping women. It makes women feel bad for being human and makes men have ridiculously unrealistic expectations of women. - 9/29/2009   1:19:31 AM
  • 150
    Most people, except the sickly thin ones, have or have had it at one time. Without liposuction it is a part of life.

    L : ) - 9/19/2009   9:52:56 PM
    I'm so devastated! - 6/8/2009   8:02:08 AM
    Untouched, realistic photos might go over well here, but maybe no so much in the rest of the country. I remember one time, Seventeen magazine had a "realistic-looking" teenage girl on their front cover (I believe she was a size 5 or 6). The magazine sounded pretty proud to be promoting a healthier body image, but the subscribers (fellow teen girls) blasted it for the "ugly" photo. Some of the girls that commented were really, really abusive and the word, "fat" was used a lot. Until the public actually WANTS to see realistic people in the media, the media will continue to display fantasies. - 6/2/2009   10:34:06 AM
    Yes, I do wish that they would stop retouching the models in magazines. I am 36 years old and have an 8 year old son and I struggle on a constant basis to try to keep weight off and keep the cellulite down and i can't seem to get rid of the cellulite even after 800 dollars worth of dermasonic treatments. I get so depressed that I end up saying screw it! and eating cookie dough. Which I know doesn't help, just makes it worse and is a vicious cycle. Over the last 2 years I have kept down to between a 6 and an 8 but it doesn't matter how much I loose or how much I work out it never seems to be enough because I can never look as perfect as those magazines or movies. It just gets really depressing for me. - 5/27/2009   11:14:40 AM
  • 146
    This is news! Hearing about this is beneficial to those of us on Sparkpeople - how? Everyone already knows that photoshopping is a fact of life. Celebrities are in the business of marketing themselves. They are still getting the benefit of all the attention regardless of whether the story is considered negative or not. I also agree with the comments by MISSAROSA1, BREN0412, TUB-O-DEE, SCRUFFYLOVE.
    - 5/23/2009   6:01:29 PM
  • 145
    She's beautiful... and human. All of the photoshopping does tend to warp reality for women and I think some men have unrealistic expectations for women because of it too. - 5/19/2009   10:25:09 AM
  • 144
    It depends on what the model wants as far as the retouching of their photos go. The images on the media do not affect me at all. I am my own person, and by God I am wonderfully made, so my only concerns would be to stay at a healthy weight, and be toned and fit to my own standards. - 5/4/2009   2:37:13 PM
  • 143
    If you follow her on Twitter, you'll see that Kim talks about getting "glammed up" for photo shoots, which shows that she realizes, and tries to convey to her followers, that those publicity pictures are created with lots of special effects. The real Kim goes to the gym faithfully, and she also talks about how hard that is. She seems very down to earth. I really enjoy reading her tweets and I wish her the best of luck and much success. - 5/1/2009   6:57:21 PM
    Kim is a an ethinic women. She is not that typical american beauty. Her boyfriend likes her the way she is. Go head Kim and keep your curves but be healthy doing it. - 4/29/2009   7:14:26 PM
  • 141
    I would rather have Kim's body then the body of the Beaty Contest Winner whose ribs u can c. REAL WOMAN HAVE CURVES & So do I.Hubby loves it that way - 4/29/2009   2:24:26 PM
    The poor girl. Leave her alone.Hollywood. She is beautiful. Who is perfect in body image. get real. . I was surprised when years back Oprah let everyone see her without make up or hair done. I think those who seen her was totally shocked. Yet deep down. She was honest like Kim. She wanted to let people see the real beauty of Oprah was inside not outside. Everyone with makeup to go somewhere is different, Without it like myself profile here. That is me.
    People respected Opra and Kim. Has a heart of gold. I like up front people in Hollywood. It gives us a example. Beauty is only skin deep. It is the inside of a person that really matters. Just like. Dont judge a book by its cover. Read it.
    you may love it. - 4/28/2009   7:05:53 PM
  • 139
    I applaud her for being so honest. We need more people who are in the spotlight to just keep it real. I'm tired of them putting women down anyway do they ever say anything when a man is overweight or underweight? Different people make up the world that's why we are different. - 4/28/2009   5:01:48 PM
  • 138
    Come on ladies... We may get cellulite, but that doesn't mean we're ugly! It's a natural process so it's great to read that someone in the public eye can step up and admit a flaw that is rarely shown on those magazines we often fall for! Stay positive and know that we can rock it with or without cellulite!!!! - 4/28/2009   2:46:13 PM
  • 137
    This doesn't surprise me either, every magazine retouches!! And most women have cellulite and not just the curvy ones!! Have you seen this

    Check it out! - 4/28/2009   12:42:54 PM
  • 136
    This is no real shock. Really who doesn't have cellulite???? - 4/28/2009   11:20:02 AM
  • 135
    I've been inspired by images of Valerie Bertinelli in a bikini. We are about the same size, we have both lost 50 lbs and she is way (8 years) older than I am so if she can wear a bikini, so can I. That said, I know her pics are probably Photoshopped, but I don't think the goal of wearing a bikini is unrealistic. I've seen women here on Spark People achieve even more amazing things with their weightloss and fitness and they are motivational to me, too. I don't expect it to be easy, but I'll get there.


    PS I think Kim looks great even without the Photoshop. Good on her! - 4/28/2009   1:06:13 AM
    wow. I always knew about airbrushing and the fakeness of photos in magazines but this really surprised me. It is quite a relief to see these pics side by side. It gives me hope that i am really actually not doing so badly. I mean, i didn't realize the scope of airbrushing. This really opened my eyes. Thanks! - 4/28/2009   12:13:07 AM
  • 133
    Keep information like this coming! I love that it's now becoming vogue for celebrities to be open about what they're really like. It gives me hope for my daughter in that she might have a more realistic view of what is healthy both from the examples I set for her and from those set by the media. - 4/27/2009   9:51:24 PM
  • 132
    What do they mean she was brave enough to admit it , what choice did she have? It doesn't matter to me that they retouch photos. It's just like the food commercials. That burger doesn't look like that when you buy it! - 4/27/2009   9:40:13 PM
  • 131
    well I sure wish they would stop retouching photos- I've had such a bad self image of myself all my life, and even when I'm at a good weight I never want anyone to see me with little or no clothes on. I feel it would help many people of all ages feel better about themselves - 4/27/2009   8:42:24 PM
  • 130
    If magazines *must* show perfect figures on the cover, I'd rather have their models photo shopped than expect them to go on unhealthy diets or surgeries! It's been known for a long time that these modifications are taking place. It's not all that different from what goes on when models use tape, padding etc to change their appearance ... and so many people dye their hair that it is almost expected nowadays. And makeup is considered the norm. So how much change is okay and how much is not? The best we can do is to make sure that young women and girls understand that what they are seeing is not 'real', and to teach them to enjoy and respect their own bodies as they are naturally, so that they will not harm themselves in the search of false beauty. And we can best do this by showing examples like this one to them, by not casting aspersions on how other people look, and by being proud of ourselves. Easier said than done. - 4/27/2009   8:18:38 PM
    A lot of people say this doesn't mean she's brave or that honest, but hey... she could've gone the other way and tried to hush it all up and ignore it. Instead she turned it into something positive. Even if it's just one thing that's better than nothing.

    Besides, knowing Kim Kardashian has cellulite, regardless of how things went, makes me feel a lot better about my own :) - 4/27/2009   12:38:32 PM
    I really doubt Kim would've said anything had the photos NOT leaked. Everybody knows about photoshop, but I don't think people are aware how prevalent it is. It really is quite damaging to our perception of what beautiful is, I don't think it's healthy.

    Perhaps I'm being a bit overboard, but I really think that magazines should be required to post non-photoshopped images on their website or something. A healthy dose of reality is what we need. - 4/27/2009   11:54:16 AM
  • 127
    You know, I was kind of undecided about the whole photoshopping issue, until I actually viewed the pictures side by side...What a HUGE difference!! As a mother of teenage girls, I personally think it would be better for them to see the original untouched photos. She is still gorgeous and beautiful in both photos, but, yes there are visible imperfections in the before photo and young women all over the world should be able to SEE that even celebrities are not perfect. I tend to think it would make a huge difference in how young women perceive themselves. - 4/27/2009   11:24:59 AM
  • 126
    It doesn't matter much to me. Let them retouch. No one wants to see untouched photos much anyway. These are celebrities... of course they do not want to be talked about, who does? I'm not affected by it at all. It's how they sell or market their merchandise. It makes me want to buy it! - 4/27/2009   10:47:30 AM
  • 125
    I'm not sure where most people are finding this new admiration and respect for her over this issue. Had the original photos not been leaked, she would not have been so "brave" in admitting this!!!! - 4/27/2009   10:26:07 AM
  • 124
    At least someone was honest enough to admit that they have flaws. I know some of the magazines take it too far, but there are some celebs that refuse to admit that they have had bad hair days. I'm glad one of them finally decided to say " you know what- those images that you see on the magazines aren't exactly true." I'm okay with a little photoshop to get rid of blemishes (I'm glad that will be happening for my wedding photos) but whittling away legs is a little too far! - 4/27/2009   10:18:11 AM
  • 123
    I have no problem with retouching when you are trying to fix a lighting issue, a tan line etc. But I do have an issue if they are litterally taking inches off a persons figure. You hired this person to do the a picture because you thought they were beautiful and attractive, so why are you trying to change the way they look and appear. - 4/26/2009   10:03:08 PM
  • 122
    Good for her for owning it. But she should have had the mag run the natural photo instead of the photoshopped picture.
    - 4/26/2009   9:32:11 PM
  • 121
    Maybe they should indicate that the photo is touched up. Like most people, I would love to be the perfect size and shape for my small frame, (I was almost there a few months ago at my goal of 129, with maybe only a few more to lose for insurance of staying out of the 130s for me) and I respect the people who get there the healthy way, even if they sacrifice more than some people feel they should have to. I mean sacrifice the nice to haves that are not necessary for life, not skipping healthy meals. I don't mind having them for inspiration, but I'd feel better knowing that they are real untouched up photos. - 4/26/2009   9:24:45 PM
  • 120
    Yes!! I understand that there a great looking women out there that are a size 0. Fine, not a problem. Put their picture on the cover of a magazine (it gives me something to shoot for!). But by making these women a perfect ideal that can never be reached is harmful to everyone, including the women themselves. (Have you looked at the eating disorder rate of models lately?) - 4/26/2009   6:27:15 PM

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