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We're kicking off a new feature on the dailySpark: food reviews written by you, our loyal readers!

Jessica Dudley aka MRSDUDLEY celebrated her first Spark-versary on July 7! Shortly before that remarkable day, she wrote the dailySpark to share with us a new product that she just loves. She wanted us to review it, but we asked her to do the honors, as she has such an affinity for this product. Read on to learn more about the food that gave bread the boot in her house!

By Jessica Dudley

What is the product called?
Arnold Select 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins. They are also available in Multi-Grain, Whole Grain White, and while I have not seen them in the store, their website shows them being available in Seedless Rye. (yummy...I'm thinking Reuben)

Where did you buy it?
Super Wal-Mart in Collinsville, IL (10 minutes east of St. Louis, MO)

How much did it cost?

How did you eat it?
I first used the sandwich thin as the bun of my now favorite grilled turkey burger. (Editor's Note: Find the recipe here!) In order to get my cheese fix and my love of mayo on a burger, I use a wedge of Light Garlic & Herb Laughing Cow Cheese and spread it across the bottom and top bun. I then snuggle my grilled turkey burger along with a thick juicy slice of tomato and some nice crisp lettuce inside the sandwich thin. WOW....simply amazing!

Since then I've had several very successful experiments with the Arnold Select Sandwich Thin. Here are a few:

Mini pizzas: Using each side of the roll as the bottom "crust" of my pizzas, I use about 1T of pizza sauce on each, I then divide 1 serving of turkey pepperoni and 2% shredded mozzarella on top of them both....zap it in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds...voilą! Two individual pizzas all to myself! Great for lunch at work!

Breakfast: I use it in place of an English muffin or toast and it's great with my scrambled eggs. I also love a good ole' egg sandwich. The protein from my eggs along with the whole grains in the Sandwich Thin are sure to hold me over all the way until lunch.

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich: I don't think there is much explanation needed, but wow, is it good.

Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich: Again, no explanation... just pure ooey gooey goodness.

They hold up FANTASTIC on a panini press and that pretty much makes the possibilities ENDLESS!

Why did you like it?
Like them...I love them! Truly what isn't there to love? It's conveniently pre-sliced, only 100 calories, 100% whole wheat, no HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), 5g of fiber and most importantly.......THEY TASTE GREAT!!!!

I love the fact that I can have my bun and eat it, too! I normally come across a whole wheat bun only to discover that the bun itself is so big that it has around 300 calories in it and because they are so large you practically need a half pound burger to fill it! Geesh...talk about racking up the calories! With my now favorite grilled turkey burger the total calories come in right around 300 for the ENTIRE burger, which leaves room for a side dish too! (By the way...also try out the Rice Roni Lower Sodium Chicken Flavored Rice Mix.) Normally I am not a heel of the bread kind of gal; however, that is kind of what these remind me of, but WAY better. It really is the BEST thing since....well.... sliced bread. Try them out today!

Don't forget to try Jessy's simple turkey burger recipe. It's this week's Speedy Supper!

Have you tried this product? Would you? If you're seriously interested in sharing your favorite healthful food product with the dailySpark, send a SparkMail to SP_STEPF. (Serious inquiries only, please!)

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  • 439
    I love the wheat toasted with a little fruit spread. - 9/1/2009   4:36:20 PM
    I LOVE THEM!!!!!
    I used them last week to enjoy my uncle's homemade sloppy joe's, a regular bun was 200 calories, this allowed me to enjoy TWO sloppy joe's. (I know you're thinking sloppy joe's, but it's a great source of tomatoes and you can use ground turkey) - 9/1/2009   1:23:40 PM
  • 437
    I read this blog a few weeks ago, but it took me awhile to find them. I finally googled them and discovered that in my neck of the woods (Oklahoma), the brand is Orowheat -- same company, different name! I LOVE them!! This is the ONLY bread I eat now. I told my Weight Watcher's group about them and several tried them and loved it too! Thanks for the head's up! - 9/1/2009   10:02:54 AM
  • 436
    They have totally replaced my bread also. We love them. - 9/1/2009   7:17:55 AM
  • 435
    I have been looking for these everywhere! Hopefully they get to me soon.. - 8/31/2009   7:20:23 PM
  • 434
    I've been eating these ever since I first saw them in the store and I love them! It's the only "bread" I eat now! - 8/31/2009   6:43:00 PM
  • 433
    I'll have turkey or ham slices on them for a low cal lunch. They're pretty good. One of the gals here at work puts a thin layer of peanut butter on a toasted bun for a mid-morning snack and it really keeps her going. They're pretty good!! - 8/31/2009   1:58:04 PM
    They don't seem to be available in Central Florida - 8/21/2009   8:34:39 PM
  • 431
    I frist ate this at my sister inlaws she made pizzie on them.I went and bough some and I toast them put tuna on each one .I really like them becaus ethey dont fall apart - 8/21/2009   3:55:46 PM
  • GUARD2603
    I found these at walmart. I like them because they are low in calories (100), carbs (21) and fat (1)! I like to take a Johnsonville Turkey & Cheddar brat and slice it & put it on these along with all the sandwich fixings. YUM! - 8/21/2009   1:45:36 PM
  • 429
    I got the Orowheat version for $2 at my local Kings Soopers and we do love them. My only complaint is that they contain sucralose, so I can't serve them to my grandson. An organic version would be perfect for little kids. - 8/19/2009   11:35:29 PM
  • 428
    I went out and brought this bread. I really like it. I've eaten it everyday since I brought it. - 8/19/2009   11:09:40 PM
  • 427
    I didn't like these they taste strange and smell funny. I couldn't help but turn my nose up at them every time I tried to take a bite. - 8/19/2009   8:27:00 PM
  • 426
    Does anyone know if these are marketed under the Orowheat brand in other parts of the US? The packaging information is quite similar, and so is the nutritional information. If so, I'm in love, also! Indeed, they are great for burgers. Allows you to get the real taste of the meat and a little of the bread without being overwhelmed by a huge, thick bun! Will be a staple in our household - I'm always finding new things to do with them. - 8/19/2009   11:56:45 AM
  • 425
    I have tried both the 100% WW and the Rye and I love them. I love to make a sandwich with these fixings: alfalfa sprouts, tomato, onion, no mayo. Very good. - 8/18/2009   8:59:18 PM
  • 424
    I googled these to see why anyone would think they are evil and I found that they contain an ingredient called polydextrose, which is a synthesized product that is added to dietary products to help raise the soluble fiber content. Although this product is synthesized, it seems to still be benificial.. here is an excerpt from wikipedia.com...

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Polydextrose is a food ingredient classified as soluble fiber and is frequently used to increase the non-dietary fiber content of food,[1] replace sugar, reduce calories and reduce fat content. It is a multi-purpose food ingredient synthesized from dextrose, plus about 10 percent sorbitol and 1 percent citric acid. Its E number is E1200. The US FDA approved it in 1981.

    Contents [hide]
    1 History
    2 Commercial Uses
    3 References
    4 External links

    [edit] History
    Commercial manufacture of edible polydextrose originated with a process developed by Hans H. Rennhard.

    [edit] Commercial Uses
    Polydextrose is commonly used as a replacement for sugar, starch, and fat in commercial beverages, cakes, candies, dessert mixes, breakfast cereals, gelatins, frozen desserts, puddings, and salad dressings. Polydextrose is frequently used as an ingredient in low-carb, sugar-free and diabetic cooking recipes. It's also used as a humectant, stabiliser and thickening agent.

    Polydextrose is a form of soluble fiber and has shown healthful prebiotic benefits when tested in animals.[1] It contains only 1 kcal per gram and therefore is able to help reduce calories.

    Polydextrose is known in the US by the brand names Litesse, Sta-Lite, and Trimcal.

    I'm all for helpful probiotics, so I will continue to eat these, eat these, and eat them some more! - 8/18/2009   2:56:00 PM
  • 423
    I love these things! I use them for most of my sandwiches:) - 8/18/2009   2:14:43 PM
  • 422
    Lo-cal and good taste...two thumbs up!/Sold by name orowheat/west coast - 8/11/2009   2:41:42 PM
  • 421
    I tried these and thought they were terrible. To me they tasted like cardboard - 8/5/2009   3:18:31 PM
  • 420
    love them too!!! - 8/4/2009   12:05:28 PM
  • 419
    I really love these. They are great for sandwiches as well as a good breakfast item as they make great crunchy toast. I like the fact that you can consume a burger without all of the calories of an entire bun.

    I purchase mine at Sam's because you can get them in larger packages. I have recommended them to many people. - 7/31/2009   2:36:49 PM
    yes these are the best...I jsut recently stumbled apon them and man are they good..I use them for anything I would use bread for. I am a sandwich freak and these really are awsome! They don't taste like cardboard either!! - 7/28/2009   12:07:53 AM
  • 417
    !!!!!!!! - 7/26/2009   10:36:05 PM
  • 416
    I found these in the store a couple of months ago and gave them a try. I love them too! They work great for any sandwich, and besides being healthy they do taste amazing! - 7/25/2009   4:50:51 PM
  • 415
    Available in Canada? If they are I will look for them next time I go to a larger city, they aren't available in my town. - 7/25/2009   11:00:51 AM
    I read the article and then I bought the thins! I like them and will continue to use them! Thanks for letting us know about them! - 7/25/2009   6:59:07 AM
    Found them at Sam's Wholesale! Delicious! - 7/25/2009   1:01:13 AM
  • 412
    I started buying these as an alternative to buns. Now my 12 yr old daughter, who really doesn't like bread wants nothing but the thins. She uses them for nearly every meal! We love them! - 7/24/2009   9:37:01 PM
    I love the multi-grain ones! - 7/24/2009   3:56:19 PM
  • 410
    I just bought these last night and tried it with a PB&J, and it was great! Can't wait to try it with my veggie burgers and making mini pizzas. - 7/24/2009   3:26:17 PM
  • MOM36A
    I love these! I have made mini pizzas, breakfast sandwiches and lunch sandwiches with them. I haven't tried them with hamburgers yet, but I'm sure they will be great! - 7/24/2009   11:50:31 AM
  • 408
    I bought these wheat ones for a memorial day picnic and have not gone back to regular buns or even just bread. I use these for everything. a little olive oil butter and garlic and pop them in the toaster oven for garlic bread.. yum!
    I love that they are thin, but dense. They are filling without being bloating. The taste is good without being overpowering like some wheat can and the fiber count is awesome. I cut these up and make "pita" style wedges and use them with hummus or veggie dips. I just really love these! - 7/24/2009   10:36:22 AM
  • 407
  • 406
    I love them too, toast just half w/pnut butter as a snack, have my salmon burgers w/honey
    mustart and Mexican chicken burger w/cream cheese salsa on them. I brought them on
    vacation for the family and describe them as pita like in use, but softer and tastier or like a bun without all the insides! - 7/24/2009   9:37:48 AM
    Great review! I especially loved the " I then snuggle my grilled turkey burger along with a thick juicy slice of tomato and some nice crisp lettuce inside the sandwich thin..." You've got a future as a food writer! We love these thins...my husband likes his with bacon and a slice of Velveeta melted over it. - 7/24/2009   7:00:47 AM
  • 404
    I tried to find these today at my local supermarket, but only found the Pepperidge Farm ones that appear similar. Hopefully they taste just as good! - 7/23/2009   5:30:30 PM
    I really like these Thins too - and bought them at Costco. I use fresh spinach in my sandwiches and will try the Laughing Cow too. I saw a turkey burger recipe that called for taco seasoning in it - now that's a taste sensation. - 7/23/2009   1:39:00 PM
  • 402
    My mom gave me some to try and they are GR8! I saw all the wheat pieces and thought they would be awful, but to my surprise I didn't even taste them! This is a great sandwich. Thanks for the possibilities. - 7/23/2009   1:29:01 PM
  • 401
    I think that these are awesome, I was not expecting them to taste as good as they truly do!!! - 7/23/2009   12:55:45 PM
    It's funny that I saw this because I just got back from the store and had bought these. I havent had a chance to try them just yet but after reading your article I cant wait now! Thanks! - 7/23/2009   11:15:38 AM
    I am going to have to try these. Once I started tracking what I ate everyday I was surprised how much of my calories come from plain bread---but I like to eat it! If I can save a few calories and still enjoy it--you bet I am going to try it! - 7/23/2009   10:48:37 AM
  • 398
    I've been meaning to try them. I love Arnold's light bread (big fan of anything sans HFCS). Now I'm going to have to! - 7/23/2009   9:58:28 AM
  • 397
    I've been buying these for months and find they make a sandwich appealing.. I am not a huge bread fan, so this works well for me. - 7/23/2009   12:26:13 AM
  • 396
    I LOVE the multi-grain sandwich thins and have been eating them for quite a while now...I get my fiber in a low calorie, delicious and healthy treat! Costco sells them in a 16 pack, so I freeze them and only defrost 2 at at time so they don't go bad. When I eat the 2nd one, I take 2 more out to defrost. The Best! - 7/22/2009   9:20:53 PM
  • 395
    For any of you that couldnt' find these things in your area....try OROWEAT, after I couldnt' find it through the company locator in my King Soopers (under Kroger) sales paper they show a picture of the Arnold Thins but say it is OROWEAT, I bought the whole grain and whole wheat I love them both! - 7/22/2009   8:58:53 PM
  • 394
    Awesome bread toasted with Smart Balance Natural Peanut Butter for breakfast my favorite! Yum! - 7/22/2009   8:09:24 PM
  • 393
    These sound great :D I am going to try them the next time I go to the grocery - 7/22/2009   7:57:49 PM
  • 392
    Thank you. I've been eyeing them in the supermarket and wondering if I should try them. - 7/22/2009   4:13:48 PM
  • 391
    Thanks for the review!

    I will get these and check them out, your ideas are wonderful! Im sure they are better then the pita pockets that I tried, they were dry and tasteless. - 7/22/2009   2:37:48 PM
  • 390
    Thank you for the review! I found this at my local grocery store and had them for breakfast. Yummy! - 7/22/2009   2:12:28 PM

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