Guiltless and Sweet Holiday Treats You Have to Try!


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Food is by far one of the most challenging obstacles one faces during the holiday season. Since many of our celebrations revolve around eating seasonal and traditional favorites, food takes center stage. While you can vow to never eat another Christmas cookie in order to stick to your diet, chances are that you will eat more than your share of treats in the next few weeks.

One solution to the holiday food dilemma, besides straight-up portion control, is to make your own healthier treats. When these better-for-you treats are in the house, you'll save on calories and fat when you nibble, and you can also make deliciously healthy snacks to take with you to parties—and even give as gifts! To get you started, here are some treats that are fun, flavorful and guilt-free!

Traditional Eggnog
What would the holidays be without eggnog? Forget the calorie-laden store bought kind. You can easily make it yourself with a few simple ingredients! Wow your guests with a cool and creamy delight that's homemade.

Winter Crisp
This mouthwatering dessert features apples, cranberries and whole grains. Talk about a good-for-you treat!

Take Comfort in Cold Weather
Balance all that sweet with a little heat! You'll feel all warm and fuzzy when you cook and enjoy these comforting cold-weather recipes.

Bring on the Bread—Gingerbread, That Is!
Your family will love making these gingerbread recipes! (Bonus fact: Did you know that ginger also aids digestion?)

You Better Watch Out!
Sharing special foods and desserts is a holiday tradition. But you don't have to feel guilty about it when you follow these healthy eating tips for the holidays.

Gifts of Good Taste
Nothing warms the heart like these simple food gifts. Making food for your friends and loved ones is the ultimate DIY gift that's sure to please!

Baked Goodies for Parties
Muffins and quick breads make great party favors and last-minute gifts. Check out our top-rated recipes!

Berry Good for You!
Cranberries are popular during the holiday season for a reason—their nutritional punch! Find out how to incorporate these tart and tangy berries into your cooking this month.

Do you make healthier sweets during the holidays? What is your favorite guiltless holiday treat?

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