Go Red for Women Tomorrow, Feb. 4!


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What if I told you that heart disease kills more women than the next four causes of death, would that encourage you to change your lifestyle?

What if I told you heart disease takes the life of one woman every minute, would that encourage you to change your lifestyle?

What if I told you that 1 in 3 women die every year from heart disease compared to 1 in 30 who die from breast cancer, would that encourage you to change your lifestyle?

What If I told you 90 percent of us have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease, would that encourage you to change your lifestyle?

What if I told you 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented, would that encourage you to change your lifestyle?

While these statistics provided by the American Heart Association are quite alarming, they are a reminder of the changes we can all make to reverse or at least slow down the progression of heart disease. Hope is not loss. And this is where the Go Red for Women campaign comes into play. The Go Red for Women campaign was designed to help educate women of the importance in making lifestyle changes now so that they may deter the staggering effects of heart disease later in life.

This Friday, February 4th is National Wear Red Day which encourages women, men and children to wear red to help raise awareness to this number one killer of women. And in doing so, you may inspire your mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and friends of the necessity to change the path we, as women, are on. This is no longer a journey to fit in a smaller size, but a journey for many women to embrace living a life of health, especially as we grow older.

When women take control of their health, like participating in programs like the Go Red program, they literally change their lives. According to the American Heart Association's Go Red research, women who participated in Go Red made amazing health transformations when they adopted healthy lifestyle choices. Not only did one-third of these women lose weight, but nearly half of them increased their exercise. Six out of 10 women changed their diets, while 40% of them made monitoring cholesterol levels a priority. These small, yet powerful changes these women made had a huge impact on their heart health.

So tomorrow don something red and let's all help raise awareness to this number one killer of women. If we can all encourage and support one another, maybe just maybe, future generations will no longer be fighting this battle.

For more information and education resources visit: Or you can call 1.888.MY.HEART

Do you plan on wearing red tomorrow to help raise awareness and inspire action to this disease?

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    RED is my favorite color. I also wore red on Friday. We need to pass on the meaning of wearing red.
    - 2/6/2011   3:26:34 PM
  • 96
    I forgot until I got to work and 1 person had on red - made me feel bad because I like showing support for thoe type of things. - 2/5/2011   4:30:07 PM
  • 95
    I wore red :) - 2/5/2011   10:20:05 AM
  • 94
    I wore red!! - 2/5/2011   8:47:38 AM
  • 93
    I did it!
    Jocelyn - 2/5/2011   2:56:55 AM
  • 92
    Still wearing red! I wrote a blog Friday about my heart health ! - 2/5/2011   1:46:32 AM
  • 91
    I knew I should have set my clothes out Thursday night! I was in such a rush Friday morning that it slipped my mind to wear my red sweater. I will wear my red today and paint my nails a lovely red. - 2/5/2011   1:09:16 AM
  • 90
    I not only wore RED today, I also wore a large gaudy red enamel heart necklace, and participated in a Facebook challenge that has women posting about their hearts to their status. - 2/5/2011   12:24:04 AM
  • 89
    I wore red today! - 2/4/2011   11:16:41 PM
  • 88
    This hit home! - 2/4/2011   8:54:21 PM
  • 87
    Yes, I wore red today! - 2/4/2011   8:45:24 PM
  • 86
    Didn't know about this until too late; however, I am shocked by the information. Thank you for bringing this subject to our attention. - 2/4/2011   7:47:14 PM
  • 85
    Yes, I wore red and many of my co-workers did too. Participation is growing! - 2/4/2011   4:08:21 PM
  • 84
    I'm wearing RED!! - 2/4/2011   3:53:07 PM
  • DEBC29063
    I wore red and so did most of the women in my office - 2/4/2011   3:52:49 PM
    I am wearing red, so are both of my kids (13 and 15). Everyone in the office has it on too! - 2/4/2011   2:41:06 PM
  • 81
    Today is Feb. 4th and YES I have my red on and so does my young son. My mom suffers from heart disease currently and is doing what she can to slow its progression by living more healthy and following the guidelines of her doctors. - 2/4/2011   2:04:32 PM
  • 80
    Tonight our HS is having Classical Music Night and the theme is red/Valentine's but MY red dress is going to remind me to advocate for heart health for all women! - 2/4/2011   1:11:11 PM
  • 79
    Am wearing red today. I did not know there is even a "red dress pin". - 2/4/2011   12:49:16 PM
    I am wearing red today! I was born with a heart defect and 6 years ago had open heart sugery, and as a bonus, got a pacemaker. But today I am alive and healthy because I saw my Doctor in time. One more month, and it may not have looked good. Take care of your heart, we only get one! - 2/4/2011   12:08:53 PM
  • 77
    I certainly will wear red, I love the colour, and have a few tops, to wear. I also have red track pants, for around the house. Women don't get the same care that men do, with heart disease. I know, my best friend died at 38, of a massive heart attack. She was tiny, not menopausal, and she just slipped through the cracks. I will wear red, in her memory, my Dad's as well. - 2/4/2011   12:08:33 PM
    Red is on!! - 2/4/2011   11:57:06 AM
  • 75
    I don't a single thing that is red (because I HATE that color!) But I will gladly wear a heart and if anyone asks why I can spread the word that way :) - 2/4/2011   11:40:43 AM
  • 74
    Heart disease is a serious problem in my family. My father, one aunt, and several uncles all had heart disease, which killed the aunt and an uncle. A cousin died after a heart attack in 2004 and my brother had open-heart surgery in 2008. I definitely wear red and my pin! - 2/4/2011   11:21:54 AM
  • 73
    My red is on, and my workplace takes photos of each department's red clad employees and posts it on the company website! - 2/4/2011   10:58:48 AM
  • 72
    Red sweater, red toenails, and red dress lapel pin... check! - 2/4/2011   10:18:13 AM
  • 71
    My red dress pin is broken, but I wear a red shirt every Friday in support of our troops. Today it is doing double duty. - 2/4/2011   10:15:58 AM
  • 19PITSY53
    I couldn't find my red dress pin but I am wearing Red top and sweater today. Hope this counts. - 2/4/2011   9:41:35 AM
  • 69
    Have my red on and even my red heart dress pin and even painted my nails red :-D - 2/4/2011   9:36:15 AM
  • 68
    I've got my RED on! - 2/4/2011   9:28:35 AM
  • 67
    Yes I will be wearing red today! I am a firm believer in this initiative by the American heart association.I always wear red on national go red day/ today is a little more personal since having a stroke and being diagnosed with atrial fib Know the signs of stroke and heart attack/ it can happen to anybody/ and you could save a life!!!! - 2/4/2011   9:26:54 AM
    thanks for the great post - 2/4/2011   9:05:03 AM
  • 65
    Will be wearing red today! - 2/4/2011   8:36:02 AM
  • 64
    I will be wearing red today - 2/4/2011   7:52:18 AM
  • 63
    RED is RAD! - 2/4/2011   7:27:09 AM
  • 62
    I had no idea that heart disease in women was so common until I seen Barbara Striesand on Oprah talking about it. - 2/4/2011   7:20:31 AM
  • 61
    I have red on right now. - 2/4/2011   6:31:09 AM
  • 60
    Got my AHA Red Dress Pin! - 2/4/2011   6:30:02 AM
  • 59
    I am wearing my red today! - 2/4/2011   6:29:43 AM
  • 58
    Absolutely! Got out my red pants, scarf, hat and gloves. - 2/4/2011   6:08:52 AM
  • 57
    I will be wearing red- for me (my doc told me my cholesterol #s are what she sees in 60+ y/os!), for my mom (high blood pressure & probably high cholerterol), for my poppop (died of a heart attack), for my 6 y/o son (congenital heart defect/surgery @ 6 weeks old)- and most especially for my 4 y/o daughter in hopes that she will not have the same problems the rest of the family has had.
    Awareness of heart disease in women helps bring awareness of heart disease in all. Go red!
    And I'll wear pink for breast cancer, blue for prostate cancer...I've been wearing orange this week for Leukemia in honor and now in memory of a little girl we know who died yesterday morning. I don't have any problem helping to bring awareness when it's sometimes one of the few things I can do to help. - 2/4/2011   6:00:56 AM
  • 56
    Wearing my Red Dress Pin today - 2/4/2011   5:47:58 AM
  • 55
    I've got my red on! Also going to eat healthy today with some RED foods!
    I'm not in the USA but healthy hearts is a world wide goal! - 2/4/2011   4:17:51 AM
  • 54
    I will be wearing my favorite red shirt and my red dress pin that was given to me while I was in the hospital recovering from heart valve replacement and aneurysm repair surgery. The surgery was the result of a genetic condition but had I taken better care of my body prior to the surgery, my recovery would have gone much better. I will most likely need another surgery in the future but I plan to be as healthy as possible before that time comes. - 2/4/2011   1:43:50 AM
  • 53
    Red sounds good, since my mother died from a heart attack at 58 and I'm now 61. She smoked and I never have, so that is a big difference. - 2/4/2011   12:37:53 AM
    Yes, I will wear red tomorrow! I most likely will be home most of the day, but I will wear red to remind myself to eat healthy and to exercise. I will also remind others to wear red! - 2/4/2011   12:30:01 AM
  • 51
    Yes, I will. Thank you! - 2/3/2011   11:51:50 PM
  • 50
    Do you plan on wearing red tomorrow to help raise awareness and inspire action to this disease?
    The company I work for did this on Tuesday, and I wore red that day in recogniton Women's Go red.
    - 2/3/2011   11:46:11 PM
  • 49
    Sure will! - 2/3/2011   11:42:43 PM
    I will most deffinately be wearing red tomorrow. - 2/3/2011   11:22:53 PM

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